Archeology ABCs Coloring Book

Title reads "Archeology ABCs coloring book" and has illustrations of crayons, an outline of a plate, and a photograph of the plate.
Title page for the Archeology ABCs Coloring Book from the Northeast Museum Services Center


Archeology paints a colorful picture of the past! Artifacts help archeologists reconstruct a picture of what life used to look like. Archeology tells us about ALL people, not just the ones whose stories made it into the history books. Everyday objects such as plates, toys, utensils, and tools teach us about everyday people and how they lived.

The National Park Service preserves archeological sites and artifacts from all over the United States of America. The Northeast Museum Services Center works with museum collections from National Parks in the Northeast of the United States. We hope you enjoy the Archeology ABCs and learn about the objects and important sites that they came from.