Discovering Diversity to Advance Inclusion, Accessibility, and Equity in Charlottesville

Data on demographics of the Charlottesville community, like data for many other communities, fall short of providing an accurate, detailed picture of the city’s population. The City of Charlottesville’s project will provide a creative, collaborative process that encourages input from many community partners connected to marginalized populations to develop accurate data for Charlottesville. The process may be transferable to other communities across the Chesapeake Bay watershed to improve the understanding of local populations and promote inclusive engagement activities. In addition to building relationships with partners, the project will result in a report and geodatabase files for enabling inclusion, accessibility, and equity in public engagement and planning City programs (including, but not limited to stormwater and floodplain management, climate action/adaptation/resilience, human services, and others).

Part of a series of articles titled 2023 Chesapeake Gateways Grant Recipients .

Chesapeake Bay

Last updated: October 3, 2023