Three Cultures Center at Handsell Historic Site

Located in Dorchester County, the grounds of Handsell consist of a preserved colonial house that was built on the site of a once sprawling Native American village called Chicone Village. It is also the setting for a monument to the African Americans who lived both as enslaved people and sharecroppers from shortly after the Revolutionary War to well into the 20th century. Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance’s project will utilize existing historic structures and support the development of a new Three Cultures Center, in the style of a 19th century barn, with facilities for programming and events, ADA accessible restrooms, and storage. The center will advance the mission of the Alliance, which is to educate the public, through living history events, on the history of three cultures: Indigenous people, European settlers and those of African descent who have lived in the Nanticoke River region of the Eastern Shore.

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Last updated: October 3, 2023