Take the Hike 100 Challenge

In honor of the 100th birthday of the National Park Service, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail invited everyone to get outside and hike 100 miles on the Appalachian Trail during the year 2016.

The Challenge

In 2016, the A.T. Hike100 Challenge invited everyone, regardless of skill level (novice to professional), to complete 100 miles of hiking - with at least one hike being on the Appalachian Trail. This included solo hikes solo as well as group hikes; extended trips or multiple trips involving only one mile at a time. However people choose to complete their 100 mile challenge, the goal was to encourage people just to get outside and have fun!

Those who completed the 100 mile challenge by the end of December 31, 2016 are eligible to receive an awesome limited edition A.T. Hike100 decal sticker.

We are still processing completion reports. If you completed the challenge in 2016 and submitted your information, please be patient, you will recieve something. For those that completed the challenge but have not submitted your information yet, you may still do so. Below are the materials you will need to download and return to show your COMPLETION of 100 miles in 2016:

*Please submit both your registration and hiking log forms together at once if you completed the challenge in 2016 to prevent delay in receiving your swag. It is not necessary to pre-register for the A.T. Hike100 Challenge!

Once you have completed the above forms, please e-mail or mail them to:

Appalachian National Scenic Trail
A.T. Hike100 Challenge
P.O. Box #50
Harpers Ferry, WV, 25425

What is Next?

The Hike100 was a 2016 initiative. We are considering having a similar challenge again. Until then, there are plenty of opportunities to hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and we encourge you to get out there and hike! Check out our trail map to find the closest location to you, and make sure you review our hiking safety tips. Want to learn more? Check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" below for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean "not all 100 miles have to be on the Appalachian Trail?" I thought this was an A.T. challenge?

Yes, the Hike100 is an A.T. challenge! We also recognize that it would take a lot of traveling to do 100 different miles of the Appalachian Trail, so we only require one hike take place specifically along the Appalachian Trail.

You say 100 different miles... Can I do the same hike twice?

Absolutely! Hiking 100 different miles is not a requirement. Hiking the same mile a hundred times could get a little repetitive, but if that is what gets you hiking - go ahead! The goal is to get everyone outside, moving and enjoying our natural resources - no matter where we are.

Do we need to plan our own hikes or will there be led hikes on the Trail?

You can hike in whatever fashion you like! Plan a hike with friends or go solo - just make sure to plan ahead, be prepared for weather, and tell someone where you are going! We also encourage you to find one of the 30 Trail maintaining clubs in your area. Many hold activities open to the public each month - a great chance to learn about the Appalachian Trail from the people who maintain it!
Find out which clubs are in your area.

How do I get my super-cool once-in-a-lifetime decal sticker?

After completing your 100 mile Hiking Log, with one hike being along the Appalachian Trail, e-mail or mail (mail to the address provided on the form) your completed hiking log and registration form to AT_hike100@nps.gov. Once we receive your forms we will pop your loot in the mail and you will be all set to rock your swag!**

**NOTE: Currently, this challenge is only for 2016. We are considering having a similar challenge again, but as of now we are only providing swag for those that completed this challenge in the year 2016.

Share Your A.T. Hike100 Experience!

We would love to hear from you. Share your A.T. Hike100 challenge photos and stories on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail Facebook page, and tag your photos with #Hike100AT!

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