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Learning from Challenges & Successes in the Field: Case Studies

Here is a sampling of curriculum from the field. These are brief and, we hope, engaging. In each case, teachers and their students have gone beyond traditional classroom boundaries and, in partnership with diverse community groups and volunteers, created experiences that are valuable for students, communities and partners in ongoing ways. We have taken examples from urban, suburban and rural settings, various academic disciplines, and grades to show the breadth and depth of what is possible. We know there are literally hundreds of success stories out there and that this sample only scratches the surface. At the heart of every case is an enthusiastic teacher motivating students and other teachers, making connections with partners and persuading administrators and volunteers to get involved. The cases are included in part for the ripple effect: we hope you are inspired by your colleagues to share your exciting story or to try something new in your community. Programs represented in these case studies include TTEC: Trail to Every Classroom, FFEC: Forest for Every Classroom, iTREC!: Iditarod Trail to Every Classroom, and PEC: Park for Every Classroom.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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