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Aniakchak is truly a wild and unpredictable place. For the well-prepared visitor, however, these very characteristics can make for the adventure of a lifetime.

Visitors are encouraged to (and should expect to) invest a significant amount of time and energy in planning their visit. For more information, contact Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve headquarters in King Salmon, AK. The King Salmon Visitor Center, in partnership with the Alaska Geographic Association, offers maps, books, and other useful trip planning literature.

tundra hummocks over a rolling volcanic landscape as a float plan sits on a lake in the middle distance
More people summit Mt. Everest each year than visit Aniakchak.

courtesy of A. Ramos


Park Passport Stamps

We are offering a Virtual Visitor stamp for our online visitors!

Print this stamp and tape it into your passport book if you've been following us on social media or exploring our website. You can experience the park from wherever you are!

circle with the words reading virtual visit 2020 aniakchak national monument
Right click and save this virtual passport stamp, then print and paste into your passport book

Last updated: June 14, 2020

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