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In addition to river access, fields and woods, Anacostia Park has support structures such as bathrooms and support staff by reservation to help you with programs. The education coordinator will work with your group, at the park or at your school, to facilitate or arrange a quality education experience. Call (202) 472-3873.

Some programs ready to roll in the Rolling Ranger series are on climate, trees and water. These are suitable for early learners. For middle and upper grades, the Weather or Not It's Climate Program can be done in class, through a ranger visit, or on a field trip to the park. This program can include a field study on microclimate.

Curriculum materials include program ideas you can do at the park or in the school. If you are a math teacher, you can find a program there that takes advantage of the park's reputation for turkey habitat. It uses a spreadsheet and data on turkeys to reach those students who turn off at the sight of numbers.

Anacostia Park is part of the Bridging the Watershed education program for high school students. It is also a suitable site for service learning projects on sedimentation, water quality, bird and aquatic life.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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