AKOMA - Endurance, understanding



Akoma comes from the Asante of present day Ghana, and it symbolizes endurance and understanding, and can be recognized as the modern day standard heart. It's literal meaning is "the heart" and represents love, unity, endurance, patience, tolerance, goodwill, and faithfulness. It also symbolizes tolerance in the face of frustration and stresses the need for patience. According to the Agbo people, a person who is very tolerant is one who is said to "have a heart in his stomach". It is drawn as a union of two hearts and with it lies the secret of mutual understanding and lasting love. The heart serves as a part of all of us that elicits emotions making us more human and more connected. The Akoma symbol is significant in many cultures and is very popular among weddings throughout Ghana. At the African Burial Ground Monument and Museum, the meaning of Akoma can be seen throughout the structure as you learn about the journeys of thousands of Africans who came along the Middle Passage.

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Last updated: November 10, 2015

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