American Battlefield Protection Program
  • A portion of the battlefield landscape at Little Bighorn

    American Battlefield Protection Program

    Cultural Resources National Park Service

The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) promotes the preservation of significant historic battlefields associated with wars on American soil. The goals of the program are 1) to protect battlefields and sites associated with armed conflicts that influenced the course of our history, 2) to encourage and assist all Americans in planning for the preservation, management, and interpretation of these sites, and 3) to raise awareness of the importance of preserving battlefields and related sites for future generations. The ABPP focuses primarily on land use, cultural resource and site management planning, and public education.

American Battlefield Protection Program Authorization [as of 2014] (54 U.S.C. 380101-380103)

THE PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED. The American Battlefield Protection Program invites public comment on a draft Nationwide Programmatic Agreement regarding Section 106 Review for its Battlefield Preservation Planning Grants and Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants. The draft is available online for public review through August 22, 2016. We ask that you to look over the background information for this project and the draft Programmatic Agreement on that website.  Please submit comments through the web-based comment form at the above address. Thank you and we look forward to your comments.