NPS Green & Gray Report

screenshot of an issue of the NPS Green and Gray Report

The NPS Office of Communications publishes the Green & Gray Report as a tool for sharing brief, timely, and newsworthy content with employees, partners, friends, stakeholders, and anyone who is interested in keeping up with the National Park Service. Named for the familiar colors of the NPS uniform, the Green & Gray Report generally includes news and information, partner news items, and a few fun social media posts.

The report is published via email every Monday afternoon, with occasional exceptions such as federal holidays. Anyone can subscribe. You can opt out by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the report email itself.

Parks, NPS programs, and park partners may suggest items for inclusion in the Green & Gray, but they should be brief (usually one sentence), timely, and generally newsworthy and useful to a broad audience. All submissions must include a link to a page on or an official park partner website, not a third-party site. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used, but we especially love to share creative examples of inspiring stories across the parks community!

Last updated: April 23, 2024