The image above shows the video screen for What Cold Storage is and Why We Need It

Introduction: The purpose of this program is to provide an understanding of cold storage and how to implement it for long-term film preservation of photographic collections. This introduction gets you on your way in learning what cold storage is and why we need it. Continue to Introduction

Film Identification: The Film Identification section discusses some basic characteristics of various film types and the history of film. It is important to be able to identify the types of film in your collection in order to care for them appropriately. This section gives you the necessary characteristics needed in order to properly do this. Continue to Film Identification

Preliminary Preparation: An important part of preparing for cold storage is to complete a survey of all the film-based photographic materials in your collection. The preparation process involves surveying, housing, and documentation. This section provides some guidelines on how to approach this process. Continue to Preliminary Preparation

Cold Storage Packaging: Proper film packaging is important to preserve your materials. Using proper packaging such as vapor proof double bags will help prevent your materials from deteriorating. This section will provide information on double bagging and the supplies you need to preserve your collection. Continue to Cold Storage Packaging

Cold Storage in Upright Freezers: After you determine the volume of your film-based materials, the next step is to figure out how much freezer space you need. This section will go over Upright Freezers and why they are beneficial. It will also provide an outline on how to pack the freezer for proper and safe storage. Continue to Cold Storage in Upright Freezers

Cold Storage in Vaults: When film collections are large and require more then 150 cubic feet of space then the installation of a cold storage vault might be your best option. Vaults are an efficient option when the collection size gets very large or could within the future. This section gives an idea of Vaults and why they might be the right choice. Continue to Cold Storage in Vaults

Monitoring and Accessing Collections in Cold Storage: Even though you visually inspected your packaging it is important to monitor the freezer conditions. Using humidity and temperature gauges are important to make sure the conditions stay constant and safe for your collection. This section provides an idea on how to monitor and access your collection in order to keep it safe and useful to you through time. Continue to Monitoring and Accessing Collections in Cold Storage

Conclusion: This section gives closing remarks on the importance of cold storage. It also provides contact information for interested parties. Continue to Conclusion