• The Slaven's beach on the Yukon River

    Yukon - Charley Rivers

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  • Caribou Hunting Emergency Order

    Alaska Emergency Order 03-03-14 closes the southern portion of Unit 25B to state subsistence and state general hunts for caribou. This emergency order does not apply to federally qualified subsistence users within Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. More »

Plan Your Visit

As you begin to plan your visit to Yukon-Charley Rivers, you will find yourself challenged with logistics. Since access to the preserve is limited to water or air travel during the summer season and air or various means of adventurous options (including snowmachines) during the harsh winter months, planning is your first challenge. Many visitors find that driving a vehicle or flying into Eagle and floating the Yukon is the most reasonable option. Air carriers to return the visitor to the site of the "put in point" are available. Some visitors choose to drop their gear and vessel and other party members in Eagle and drive to Circle in order to have the vehicle at the end of the journey. Those hardy souls who choose to travel the Yukon from the headwaters to the mouth at the Bering Sea often begin planning this long journey years in advance. Those who plan to experience the premier whitewater adventure of the Charley River will find that air carriers are a necessity. In any planning efforts, the Visitor Center in Eagle or the Information Center in Fairbanks will be happy to assist.



Yukon-Charley Rivers is a remote preserve, located along the Canadian border in eastern Alaska. Find out how to access this region by one of two long gravel roads, the Yukon River, or by airplane. All options are adventurous!


Operating Hours & Seasons

Learn more about the timing of your trip to Yukon-Charley Rivers, the services available, and the conditions you will experience.


Fees & Reservations

Yukon-Charley Rivers does not charge fees for use, but Public Use Cabins are first come-first serve, so proper planning is essential for your journey to the preserve. Learn more here.


Things To Do

Learn about the many forms of recreation and responsible use of the preserve and how to plan a safe adventure.


Things To Know Before You Come

Planning is everything when you are traveling to a place as remote as Yukon-Charley Rivers. Learn what to expect and how to be prepared for an Alaska-sized adventure through this wild region.

Did You Know?

Aerial view of Calico Bluff

The 1,979 mile long Yukon River flows through Yukon-Charley Rivers for 128 miles at 6-8 mph, to eventually empty into the Bering Sea.