History and Wildness

Located in Interior Alaska, Yukon-Charley Rivers offers exploration in a largely untouched landscape. Whether you float the mighty Yukon River or paddle the Charley River's whitewater, your memories will last a lifetime. Geology, cultural history, gold rush remnants, wildlife, and vast scenery will be a part of your experience. But, the strongest element will be solitude. Your adventure awaits.


Aerial view of the Yukon River in fall

What is Yukon-Charley Rivers?

Learn about what makes Yukon-Charley Rivers special and why it is preserved

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Screen capture of the Coal Creek Dredge virtual tour showing the dredge in summer

Virtual Tours

Dog mushing the Yukon River, four historic mining sites panotours, & a 100-mile Yukon River hyperlapse.

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Floaters on the Yukon River in fall

Floating the Yukon

For 130 miles, the Yukon River flows through this wild Interior landscape full of rich history and culture.

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A public use cabin in fall

Public Use Cabins

Public Use Cabins are located throughout the Preserve and are free to use on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Rafters on the Charley River

Floating the Charley

Rafters on the Charley River challenge themselves and their adventurous spirit.

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A hunter with a caribou rack on his boat and Yukon River bluffs in background

Hunting in the Preserve

Learn more about hunting and trapping in Yukon-Charley Rivers

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Gelvin's Airstrip showing heavy damage

Gelvin's Landing Area Safety Advisory

The National Park Service has determined that an unmaintained gravel bar commonly used for airplane landings on the Charley River is not safe.

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Sediment layers on Biederman Bluff

Geologic History

What is special about the geologic history of Yukon-Charley Rivers? 600 million years of unglaciated geologic history at your fingertips! Dig deeper.

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Salmon drying at a Yukon river homestead.


Visitors to Yukon-Charley Rivers NP are likely to see subsistence efforts in action. Learn more about this characteristic Alaskan lifestyle here.

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