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Visitation Statistics

This table describes how many people visit Yosemite each month, so you can get a sense for which months are busier than others. (Data are from 1985-2007.)

If you're looking for more in-depth statistics for Yosemite, you can get them from the Public Use Statistics Office.


% of visitors # of visitors
January 3% 104,257
February 3% 110,257
March 4% 145,275
April 6% 215,700
May 9% 348,839
June 13% 447,740
July 16% 559,904
August 17% 590,475
September 13% 445,971
October 9% 325,419
November 4% 160,466
December 3% 114,660

Did You Know?

El Portal Boulder Bar

At the east end of El Portal, just west of Yosemite National Park’s boundary, changing river gradients, glacial history, and powerful floods have created a boulder bar with boulders much larger than typically found in such deposits. This is no ordinary boulder bar, however, for it contains massive boulders over a meter in diameter and weighing many tons.