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How to Make a Reservation

Before making a campground reservation, visit the campground reservations page for information about when to make your reservation. Recreation.gov also has tips for making a reservation.

To make a reservation, visit Recreation.gov and follow the instructions below.

1. Type in Yosemite and choose “YOSEMITE  NATIONAL PARK.” You will receive more options if you search for Yosemite National Park instead of a specific campground (but you can limit your search to a specific campground).

2. Change “Interested in” to “Camping & Lodging”

3. Change “Looking for” to the type of campsite you’re looking for.

4. Enter your arrival date. If you have flexibility in your dates, choose one of the flexible options. Being flexible increases your chances of success.

5. Enter how many nights you want to camp.

6. Check if you need a wheelchair accessible campsite.

7. Check if you will have a pet. (All reservable campgrounds in Yosemite allow pets, except group and horse sites.)

8. Search!

Still Having Trouble Finding a Reservation?

Another approach is to try to get different campsites each night (rather than one campsite for your entire stay). To do this, change the arrival date to your first desired night, specify that you're flexible for the next two weeks, and change the length of stay to one night. With this method, you can search campgrounds in and near Yosemite all at once. If you're only interested in a specific campground, you can change the length of stay to one night and then click on the date range availability choice (see below) once you have chosen a specific campground. If you don't find availability using these methods, it's worth checking back as often as possible: cancellations will appear on the website immediately.

Facility details - Facility map - Site list - Date range availability [highlighted]

It's common for no reservations to be available from spring through fall. If you are unable to find a reservation, you can try camping without a reservation.

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