• Rainbow over Half Dome


    National Park California

Yosemite Deaf Services

Welcome to Yosemite Deaf Services! We are dedicated to connecting the Deaf community to everything Yosemite has to offer. Sign language interpreting and assistive listening devices are available for free for all park programs. If you would like to make a request, or if you have other questions, contact us at 209/222-3944 (VP), 209/379-5250 (v/txt), or by email. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions and check out our blog for updates. We also have a handout [240 kb PDF] with more details about the Deaf Services Program.

Currently, all videos are presented in American Sign Language only with transcripts available for each video. Email us if you have a question you wish was answered here in sign language.







Did You Know?

Low intensity fire in Yosemite

Natural fires in Yosemite are often no more than a single burning snag (standing dead tree) or a slow moving, low intensity fire that cleans underbrush from the forest floor. These fires prevent unwanted fires by removing accumulating forest debris that can fuel a larger fire in hot, dry conditions.