Bear Facts

May 24 to June 6, 2015
updated as often as possible

Fascinating Bear Fact

Bears are excellent climbers and cubs scramble up trees to avoid danger.

Bear Incidents

Location Biweekly total
This year
Parking lots and roadsides
1 1
Campgrounds 4 15
Other areas 2 8
Residential 0 1
Wilderness 2 4
Total 9 29

Number of incidents last year
To date: 42
Total: 165

So far this year, incidents are down 31% compared to the same time last year, but down 90% since 1998.

Activity Update

Recently, the most significant damage to visitors' property in Yosemite occurred in wilderness areas. Always store your food and any scented items in a locked bear canister while in wilderness areas since bears can come through camp any time of day or night.

In Yosemite Valley, bear activity was focused in picnic areas and campgrounds. A bear successfully obtained food from visitors on several occasions in picnic areas after visitors walked away from their food for a short amount of time. In Valley campgrounds, bears ate campers' food after they failed to store it in a food storage locker. Always keep food in arms reach or in a secured locker, and be sure to take food with you when you walk away, even if you plan to leave for only a short time.

Slow Down!

This year, 3 bears have been hit by vehicles! (25 bears were hit by cars last year.) One of the three bears hit and killed was a cub along the Glacier Point Road. Please protect wildlife by obeying speed limits and paying attention while driving.

Let us know if you see a bear, no matter where it is or what it's doing. Call 209/372-0322 or send an email.

Learn more about bear biology and bear management in Yosemite.

Other Wildlife Sightings

Several mountain lions have been reported throughout the park recently including: El Portal neighborhood, Wawona Campground, and Yosemite Valley. For more information on mountain lions in Yosemite National Park, please visit

Note: A bear incident occurs when a bear causes a monetary loss to a person--that is, if the bear causes property damage or obtains food. Bear incidents also include cases of bears causing injury to a person (which are fairly uncommon).

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