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Yosemite Fires (Update #12)

October 26, 2012 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information

Cascade: (37 46.173 x 119 40.519; 7800'El., Mariposa Co., 6.15.12). The fire is at 1705 acres, based on a reconnaissance flight by Helicopter 551 on October 17, 2012.  Although the fire area received rain and snow during the early part of this week (October 22), the fire has not been declared out. 

Before the storm, the west and northwest flanks of the fire were the most active, and showing very light fire activity.  Little future growth is predicted for the Cascade fire. The fire will continue to be monitored. 

Currently, no smoke is visible.  Air quality has remained in the good range with no significant health impacts in nearby smoke sensitive areas.  Air quality monitors are located in the communities of Foresta, Yosemite West, Yosemite Valley, El Portal and Lee Vining. The park's webcam, located at Crane Flat Helibase, captures fire images, which can be viewed at:  http://ssgic.cr.usgs.gov/dashboards/WebCam.htm.

Firefighter and public safety are always the primary importance and consideration with all fires.

Did You Know?

American Indians use traditional ignition methods on a prescribed fire project

The indigenous people of Yosemite Valley have used fire as a tool for thousands of years. Fire was used to encourage the growth of plants used for basket making and to promote the growth of the black oak--a sun loving species--and a staple food source for American Indians from this region.