• Yorktown Battlefield

    Yorktown Battlefield

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

Getting Around

Yorktown - The Yorktown Trolley provides service by York County, throughout the village of Yorktown from the Yorktown Battlefield to the Yorktown Victory Center, as well as several stops in between, including Riverwalk Landing (NOTE: The trolley does not travel the Yorktown Battlefield tour roads).These buses are handicap accessible.


Inquire at the Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center for more information.

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Did You Know?

Painting of Colonial Yorktown

During the period of its peak prosperity from 1740-1770, the town of Yorktown contained 250-300 buildings and had almost 2000 residents. Approximately 80% of the town were damaged or destroyed during the 1781 siege. Today Yorktown is still an active community of about 200 residents.