• Yorktown Battlefield

    Yorktown Battlefield

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

Bicycling Safety

Your Bicycling Safety

Bicycle accidents can occur anywhere - even in a national park. We want your visit to the park to be safe and enjoyable. Please observe the national park regulations and safety suggestions on this page. Parents and group leaders: Please set an example of responsible cycling.

  • Bicyclists must obey all the same traffic laws as motorists. Ride to the right side of the road, with traffic in single file. Observe all traffic signs, including speed limits.

  • On tour roads, ride only in the direction indicated by the one-way signs. Be alert for walkers, other bicyclists, vehicles and wildlife.

  • Ride only on paved roadways. To protect natural and cultural resources, including archaeological sites and earthworks, off-road bicycling is prohibited.

  • Ride with at least one other person if possible. All bicyclists should wear a helmet and proper eye protection.

  • A few joints in the pavement along the Colonial Parkway may be wide enough to catch a bike tire and affect your balance or control.

  • Wear brightly colored clothing for improved visibility. Avoid riding at night or during times of reduced light.

  • Virginia can be very hot during the summer. It is wise to carry and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Did You Know?

Yorktown National Cemetery

During the Civil War, 632 Union dead were buried in the heart of the 1781 battlefield. In 1866 this cemetery became a national cemetery. Within a 50 mile radius, the remains of over 1500 Union soldiers were disinterred from their war burials and honorably placed in the Yorktown National Cemetery.