• Yorktown Battlefield

    Yorktown Battlefield

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia

Water Quality

Back River, Jamestown Island
Back River from Jamestown island
Chuck Rafkind
Preliminary findings indicate generally good water quality in most surface waters within the park. Most of the water bodies and wetlands in the park have major portions of their drainage basin upstream and outside of park boundaries. The park, in cooperation with researchers from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science conducted a study to investigate the effects of adjacent urban and agricultural development on the shallow groundwater and selected surface water resources of the park. Testing indicates potential local sources of groundwater contamination from nitrate and ammonia at several sites near Jamestown Island, Williamsburg and Yorktown. Salinity and phosphate concentrations were low or below detectable levels.

Did You Know?

Victory Monument

The Yorktown Monument to "The Alliance and Victory" was the first monument authorized by the Federal Government. It was authorized on October 29, 1781, just ten days after the victory at Yorktown. However, construction on the monument did not begin until 1881. It was completed in 1884.