• Yorktown Battlefield

    Yorktown Battlefield

    Part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia


Cannon on British defenses

Cannon on British defenses

NPS Photo

The Siege
Renenactors on British defenses

Re-enactors during 200th Anniversary in 1981

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Unit Lists and Casualty Lists
Cannon firing during the 200th Anniversary

Cannon firing during the 200th Anniversary in 1981

NPS Photo

Time Lines
Civil War earthworks

Civil War earthworks

Matthew Brady

Civil War Yorktown
Marquis de Lafayette

Marquis de Lafayette

Artist: Charles Wilson Peale
Independence NHP

Lafayette and the Virginia Campaign

Battle Off Virginia Capes

Battle Off the Virginia Capes

19th century painting owned by the U.S. Navy and on display at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, VA

Battle of the Capes

Did You Know?

Painting of Colonial Yorktown

During the period of its peak prosperity from 1740-1770, the town of Yorktown contained 250-300 buildings and had almost 2000 residents. Approximately 80% of the town were damaged or destroyed during the 1781 siege. Today Yorktown is still an active community of about 200 residents.