Visiting in Summer

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Old Faithful.



The summer season runs from approximately mid-April to the beginning of November but July and August are the peak summer months in Yellowstone. Refer to Opening & Closing Dates of Facilities to check opening dates by area for campgrounds, lodging, services, and more. Also check Park Roads and Entrance Stations for more information.

Visitation in the park increases as the weather warms up. Summer months are great for hiking and camping, but bring some bug spray. Plan your visit in advance and make sure to consider all the Things to Do and Places to Go.

If Wildlife Viewing is part of why you come to Yellowstone, get out in the park early and late in the day. Animals can be hard to find on hot days. July and August provide great opportunities to see bison; it is their rutting or mating season. Huge herds gather in both Hayden Valley and Lamar Valley; these areas can be good bear and wolf watching areas as well, if you go early.


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