Visitation Statistics

Yellowstone hosts close to 4 million visits each year. Most of these visits happen between the months of May and September, but people do come to the park year-round. Whether you are a crowd-lover or a solitude-seeker, the table below will help you see how busy the park is each month of the year.
Visitation graph

The average visitation to Yellowstone per month from 1979-2014. Raw numbers are included in the table below.

Month Average # of Visit (1979-2014)
% of Average Annual Visit
January 28,534 1.00%
February 35,681 1.26%
March 19,141 0.70%
April 27,186 0.96%
May 204,495 7.19%
June 763,053 18.43%
July 758,790 26.84%
August 677,691 23.85%
September 401,270 14.12%
October 127,907 4.50%
November 12,734 0.45%
December 19,908 0.70%

Want to see more? The Public Use Statistics Office based in Denver, Colorado has all kinds of numbers related to visitation in Yellowstone and across the National Park Service.

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