• An aerial view of Old Faithful erupting taken from Observation Point with the Old Faithful Inn to the side.


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  • Construction Work To Result In Yellowstone Road Closures After Labor Day

    Two sections of Yellowstone’s Grand Loop Road will be closed due to construction after the Labor Day holiday weekend. Travel between some points will involve long detours and significantly longer than normal travel times. More »

Visitation Statistics

Yellowstone hosts more than 3 million visits each year. Most of these visits happen between the months of May and September, but people do come to the park year-round. Whether you are a crowd-lover or a solitude-seeker, the table below will help you see how busy the park is each month of the year.
Graph showing average visitation to Yellowstone per month from 1979-2012. Raw numbers are included in the table below.
Month Average # of Visit (1979-2012)
% of Average Annual Visit
January 28,584 1.01 %
February 36,036 1.28 %
March 20,014 0.71 %
April 27,139 0.96 %
May 198,780 7.06 %
June 516,577 18.36 %
July 758,790 26.97 %
August 673,768 23.95 %
September 391,648 13.92 %
October 128,303 4.56 %
November 12,815 0.45 %
December 20,029 0.71 %

Love numbers and want to see more? The Public Use Statistics Office based in Denver, Colorado has all kinds of numbers -- sliced and diced every which way -- related to visitation in Yellowstone and across the National Park Service.

Did You Know?

Lake Trout Illustration

Lake trout are an invasive species of fish that is decimating the native cutthroat trout population in Yellowstone Lake.