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  • Craig Pass Closed for the Season; Mammoth to Norris Closed Sept. 14-30

    The road linking West Thumb and Old Faithful is closed for the season—traffic should detour through West Thumb, Lake, and Canyon. The road from Mammoth to Norris is closed for two weeks—traffic should detour over Dunraven Pass. More »

Current Activity of Selected Geysers

All geyser activity changes with time; this list was compiled May 25, 2014. Predicted geysers are marked with an asterisk (*). You may also call (307)-344-2751 for current predictions.
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Upper Geyser Basin

Location Average Interval Duration Height (ft/m)
*Old Faithful 94 or 62 min
(+/- 10 minutes)
1.5-5 min 106-184'/30-55m
Artemisia Irregular (9-31 hours) 5-25 min 30'/9m
Aurum Irregular (4-22 hours) 70 sec 20'/6m
Baby Daisy 35-55 min 3 min 25'/8m
Beehive Irregular (intervals range from 11-19 hours to over two weeks) 5 min 150+'/45+m
"Boardwalk" Irregular 5-10 min 20'/6m
*Castle 13 hours (+/- 1 hour)) 15-20 min (frequent minor eruptions) 75'/24m
*Daisy 2 hours 45 minutes (+/- 30 min or longer if windy) 3.5 min 75'/24m
Depression Irregular (2.5 to 4+ hours) 6 min 10'/3m
Fan & Mortar

Irregular. Summer 2013 intervals ranged from 3-6 days. Last eruption 03/14.

35 min 100+'/30+m
Giant Last eruptions: 10/3/2008; 2/8-9/2009; 1/15-16/2010; 1/22/2010 - electronic 90+ minutes 200+'/60+
Giantess Last eruptions: 1/3/2011; 5/7-8/2011; 9/13/2011; 1/29/14 4-48 hours 150+'/45+m
*Grand 6 hours 45 minutes (+/- 2 hours) 8-12 min 160+'/48+m
Lion Variable intervals between series; 60-90 minute intervals within a Lion series

6-7 min initial

3-5 min succeeding



Little Cub 30-45 minutes when regular 3-5 min 5'/1.5m
Oblong 3-7 hours 5-7 minutes 25'/8m
Plume Irregular. Dormant since 2012. 1 min 25'/8m
*Riverside 5 hours 50 min (+/- 30 min) 20 min 75'/24m

Lower Geyser Basin

Location Average Interval Duration Height (ft/m)
Fountain 4.5-7 hours 25-50 min 50'/15m
*Great Fountain 11.5 (+/- 2 hours) 45-60 min 70-200+'/22-60+m

Norris Geyser Basin

Location Average Interval Duration Height (ft/m)
Echinus Last known eruption: 6/18/12; 5/5/13 3-5 min 30+'/9+m
Steamboat Last eruptions 5/23/05; 7/31/13 10+ min (water phase)
hours to days (steam phase)

Did You Know?

Fishing Bridge.

You cannot fish from Fishing Bridge. Until 1973 this was a very popular fishing location since the bridge crossed the Yellowstone River above a cutthroat trout spawning area. It is now a popular place to observe fish.