Thomas Moran's Diary - Page 1

You will notice Moran's diary begins in the middle of a sentence on what is thought to be the second page. It is suspected that a first page exists, because it was included in an earlier transcription; however, its current location remains a mystery.

... of the route lay through a magnificent forest of pines & firs all growing straight as a ships
mast, & growing but a few feet apart. passed over the debris of a great land slide. where the whole face of the Mountain had fallen down at some time, laying bare a great cliff some 500 feet high. The view of the lake, as we approached it, was very beautiful. It is a small pool formed by the widening of stream at this point, it is not more than half a mile in any direction. The Mountains surrounding it are about 11,000 feet high & about 3000 ft. above the level of the lake having snow still upon them The foot hills are all heavily

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