Yellowstone: Wilderness Classroom

Containing half of the world's geothermal features, and bursting with wildlife, Yellowstone provides for one-of-a-kind classroom-based or experiential education. Whether your class is in the park, or visiting online, unique opportunities for learning and adventure await your students. Here you can learn about using the park as a classroom, plan field trips, or participate in distance learning.


Grand Prismatic Spring, a geyser is shown with orange, blue and green hues and steam

Curriculum for Your Classroom

We've created these lesson plans to help you teach students about Yellowstone's unique geology and hydrothermal features, wildlife and more.

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four youth in uniforms and hard hats pose in front of a waterfall

Youth Conservation Corps

The YCC is challenging, educational, fun, and offers participants the opportunity to expand horizons while building skills that will last a lifetime.

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