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Customize your own ranger station, hike trails, earn rewards, and play games! For kids of all ages. Become a WebRanger...


Animal Alphabet Book

Read the ABC's of Yellowstone animals. For younger kids. Read the Book...


Coloring Book

Print and color illustrations of Yellowstone. For kids of all ages. Print Your Own Coloring Book...

Website Scavenger Hunt

Website Scavenger Hunt

Look around the Yellowstone website and collect answers to five questions. For older kids. Start the Hunt...
Antler or Horn? Game

Antlers or Horns? Game

Ever seen a Mooselope? Learn what makes antlers and horns different. For kids of all ages. Play the Game...


In the Park


Junior Ranger

Kids aged 4 years and up can learn about Yellowstone and their own role in preserving these wonders for the future. Learn More...


Young Scientist

Everyone ages 5 and up can become a Young Scientist. Books are available at Old Faithful and Canyon. Learn More...


Expedition Yellowstone

Students in grades 4-8 can participate in a 4-5 day curriculum-based residential program. Learn More...


Youth Conservation Corps

Young people ages 15-18 can participate in a month-long residential program. Learn More...


Additional Resources

  • Inside Yellowstone Video Series: Join park rangers as they describe Yellowstone's features and processes in these two-minute videos.
  • Old Faithful Virtual Visitor Center: Explore exhibits, watch movies, learn about the park's hydrothermal treasures.
  • Minute Out In It Video Series: Got a minute? Enjoy our series of short videos documenting a variety of events and phenomena in Yellowstone. We hope they'll be the next best thing to being here in person.
  • Photos & Multimedia: Watch our webcams, browse photos, and watch videos where park rangers and other experts answer popular questions.
  • Nature: Learn more about Yellowstone's geology, animals, plants, issues like climate change and air quality, thermophiles, and research.

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