• Wupatki Pueblo at sunset


    National Monument Arizona


Storm over the desert

Storm over the desert.

NPS photo by Dallas Larsen.

Wupatki is high desert; at elevations of 4,280’ to 5,720’, weather conditions can be unpredictable. In general, here’s what you can expect:

: Dry and windy. Brief daily thunderstorms from July-September provide most of Wupatki’s annual 8” of precipitation. Daytime temperatures are in the 90s and occasionally over 100° F. Lows are normally in the 50s.

: Very pleasant, with mild to warm daytime temperatures, some precipitation, and light winds.

: Mostly mild daytime temperatures, and nights often below freezing. A few small snow showers.

: Unpredictable, and often windy. Mild to warm days, but occasional rain or small snow showers.

Did You Know?

People gathering watering from spring

In the 1100s, Wupatki residents harvested rainwater to supplement springs and seeps that dot the arid landscape. Today, drinking water comes from wells drilled 900 feet deep.