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McCarthy Road Information Station

McCarthy Road Information Station
Located at the end of the McCarthy Road, the McCarthy Road Info Station is a great place to get oriented to the local area and plan a visit to Kennecott and McCarthy.

McCarthy Road Information Station
Mile 59 on the McCarthy Road

Self-Service Kiosk. There is no staff stationed here, but during the summer there is a phone that will connect you to the Kennecott Visitor Center from 9:30am - 6:00pm.


The McCarthy Road Information Station, located at mile 59 McCarthy Road is the information gateway to the communities of McCarthy and Kennecott. As you arrive in McCarthy, stop by to view the latest information on parking, shuttle service and park and community events.

Restrooms and day-use parking are available at this site. Overnight parking and camping can be found at a variety of local private companies.

Kennecott is located 5 miles from McCarthy, with no vehicle access or shuttle service during the winter. During winter, the only access to Kennecott is via foot or skiing the 5 mile road from McCarthy.

Did You Know?

Iceworms exist in Alaskan glaciers

No hoax, iceworms do exist. These small, threadlike, segmented black worms, usually less than one inch long, thrive in temperatures just above freezing. Observers as far back as the 1880’s reported the tiny worms on the surface of glaciers. When sunlight strikes, ice worms burrow into the ice.