• Winter in the Wrangells

    Wrangell - St Elias

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Guided Tours

Visitors learning about Wrangell-St. Elias
During summer months, Interpretive Park Rangers regularly present guided walks, talks, and evening programs.

Throughout the summer months, Park Rangers present free guided talks, walks, and evening programs. The Junior Ranger program is available too!

Ranger Programs at Headquarters
Copper Center Visitor Center
Programs offered Mid May - Mid September

Ranger Programs at Kennecott
Kennecott Visitor Center
Programs offered Memorial Day - Labor Day

Other Guided Programs at Kennecott
Tours offered by private companies, including tours of the historic Kennecott Mill Town.

Other local outfitters and guides offer a variety of activities, including river trips, flightseeing, glacier hikes, and backpack adventures. Click here for links to these commercial services.

Did You Know?

Arctic Ground Squirrel

Arctic Ground Squirrels have the most unusual hibernation among mammals. During winter hibernation their body temperature plummets to negative 3 degrees Celsius and then every two to three weeks they shiver to warm themselves back up to normal mammalian temperature (37 degrees Celsius).