Parks as Classrooms

Curriculum Materials

Teachers looking for help have come to the right place. Learn about the challenges that helped shape the fundamental Character of William Howard Taft and his Life of Public Service. The William Howard Taft National Historic Site ultimate goal is to assist educators and students with lessons relating to the Constitution, Civic Responsibilities,Transportation, Immigration, and Fine Arts and Leisure.

Field Trips

Bring your class to The William Howard Taft National Historic Site and immerse your students in the history and the culture that only a first-hand experience can deliver. Walk the hallways of the future President & Chief Justice William Howard Taft. Learn about the historic artifacts in the Presidents birth home, and the daily life of the Taft family.

Guest Speakers

Send an invite for a Park Ranger to visit your class and provide curriculum-based educational programs. Visits can be tailored to multiple classes to discuss William Howard Tafts' Life of Public Service.

Guest Speakers

In addition to classroom visits, The William Howard Taft Park Rangers are available to attend your organization's meetings or special event. Rangers can present programs to college classrooms, community organizations such as Scouts and Senior groups, after-school programs, and many more. All programs are free of charge and availability depends on driving time and staffing requirements.