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Order of Battle

Wilson's Creek Order of Battle

Army of the West
Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon

First Brigade

Companies B, C and D, 1st U.S. Infantry
Wood's Company of Recruits (U.S. Regulars)
Strength: 300
Casualties: 80

2nd Missouri Infantry
Strength: 150
Casualties: 55

Kansas Rangers (Company I, 2nd Kansas Infantry, mounted)
Company D, 1st U.S. Cavalry
Strength: 350
Casualties: 7

Company (Battery) F, 2nd U.S. Artillery
Strength: 84
Casualties: 11

Brigade totals--
Strength: 884
Casualties: 153

Second Brigade

3rd Missouri Infantry
5th Missouri Infantry
Strength: 990
Casualties: 293

Company I, 1st U.S. Cavalry
Strength: 65
Casualties 4

Company C, 2nd U.S. Dragoons
Strength: 60
Casualties: 0

Backof's Missouri Light Artillery
Strength: 85
Casualties: 0

Brigade totals--
Strength: 1,200
Casualties: 297

Third Brigade

Companies B and E, 2nd U.S. Infantry
Lothrop's Company of Recruits (U.S. Regulars)
Morine's Company of Recruits (U.S. Regulars)
Strength: 275
Casualties: 61

1st Missouri Infantry
Strength: 775
Casualties: 295

Du Bois's Battery (U.S. Regulars)
Strength: 66
Casualties: 3

Brigade totals--
Strength: 1,116
Casualties: 359

Fourth Brigade

1st Iowa Infantry
Strength: 800
Casualties: 154

1st Kansas Infantry
Strength: 800
Casualties: 284

2nd Kansas Infantry
Strength: 600
Casualties: 70

13th Illinois Battalion
Strength: 21
Casualties: 0

Brigade totals--
Strength: 2,221
Casualties: 508

Army of the West totals--
Strength: 5,431
Casualties: 1,317

Western Army
Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch

McCulloch's Confederate Brigade

McRae's Arkansas Infantry
Strength: 220
Casualties: 9

3rd Louisiana Infantry
Strength: 700
Casualties: 57

South Kansas-Texas Cavalry (3rd Texas Cavalry)
Strength: 800
Casualties: 27

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles
Strength: 600
Casualties: 197

2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles
Strength: 400
Casualties: 54

Brigade totals--
Strength: 2,720
Casualties: 344

Arkansas State Troops

3rd Infantry
Strength: 500
Casualties: 109

4th Infantry
Strength: 550
Casualties: 0

5th Infantry
Strength: 650
Casualties: 14

Carroll's Cavalry
Strength: 40
Casualties: 0

1st Cavalry
Strength: 350
Casualties: 27

Fort Smith Battery
Strength: 73
Casualties: 1

Pulaski Battery
Strength: 71
Casualties: 3

Brigade totals--
Strength: 2,234
Casualties: 154

Missouri State Guard

Third Division

Burbridge's Infantry
Strength: 270
Casualties: 98

Major's Cavalry
Strength: 273
Casualties: 11

Fourth Division

Hughes's Infantry
Strength: 650
Casualties: 142

Rives's Cavalry
Strength: 284
Casualties: 12

Sixth Division

Kelly's Infantry
Strength: 142
Casualties: 49

Brown's Cavalry
Strength: 320
Casualties: 5

Guibor's Battery
Strength: 61
Casualties: 14

Seventh Division

Wingo's Infantry
Foster's Infantry
Strength: 605
Casualties: 146

Campbell's Cavalry
Strength: 40
Casualties: 0

Eighth Division

Weightman's Infantry
Strength: 1,316
Casualties: 160

Cawthorn's Cavalry
Strength: 1,210
Casualties: 87

Bledsoe's Battery
Strength: Unknown
Casualties: Unknown

Missouri State Guard totals--
Strength: 7,171 (includes an estimated 2,000 unarmed participants)
Casualties: 724

Western Army totals--
Strength: 12,125 (includes an estimated 2,000 unarmed members of the Missouri State Guard)
Casualties: 1,222

Did You Know?

Ben McCulloch

Benjamin McCulloch, the overall Southern commander at Wilson's Creek, did not wear a uniform. He preferred to wear a suit of black velvet instead.