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    Route MM is closed at Exit 70. Bridge reconstruction is scheduled at Exit 70 from Friday, August 8, 2014 to Saturday, November 8, 2014. Visitors should exit I-44 at Highway 360 (exit 69), then exit 360 at MM Highway and continue south to US Highway 60. More »


    The battlefield Tour Road will close to all foot and vehicle traffic at 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 25, 2014 in order to prepare for the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation's "Bloody Hill Run" event. The road will reopen on Sunday, October 26.


    The National Park Service and the Springfield Library continue their observance of the Civil War Sesquicentennial with a series of programs focusing on 1864. Open the current issue of "Bookends" Magazine (pdf file) in the link for a full schedule. More »


    The Ray House will be closed intermittently through the fall of 2014 while a new roof is installed. We regret any inconvenience. Visitors may wish to call the Visitor Center at (417) 732-2662, ext. 227 to check on the status of the project.

Order of Battle

Wilson's Creek Order of Battle

Army of the West
Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon

First Brigade

Companies B, C and D, 1st U.S. Infantry
Wood's Company of Recruits (U.S. Regulars)
Strength: 300
Casualties: 80

2nd Missouri Infantry
Strength: 150
Casualties: 55

Kansas Rangers (Company I, 2nd Kansas Infantry, mounted)
Company D, 1st U.S. Cavalry
Strength: 350
Casualties: 7

Company (Battery) F, 2nd U.S. Artillery
Strength: 84
Casualties: 11

Brigade totals--
Strength: 884
Casualties: 153

Second Brigade

3rd Missouri Infantry
5th Missouri Infantry
Strength: 990
Casualties: 293

Company I, 1st U.S. Cavalry
Strength: 65
Casualties 4

Company C, 2nd U.S. Dragoons
Strength: 60
Casualties: 0

Backof's Missouri Light Artillery
Strength: 85
Casualties: 0

Brigade totals--
Strength: 1,200
Casualties: 297

Third Brigade

Companies B and E, 2nd U.S. Infantry
Lothrop's Company of Recruits (U.S. Regulars)
Morine's Company of Recruits (U.S. Regulars)
Strength: 275
Casualties: 61

1st Missouri Infantry
Strength: 775
Casualties: 295

Du Bois's Battery (U.S. Regulars)
Strength: 66
Casualties: 3

Brigade totals--
Strength: 1,116
Casualties: 359

Fourth Brigade

1st Iowa Infantry
Strength: 800
Casualties: 154

1st Kansas Infantry
Strength: 800
Casualties: 284

2nd Kansas Infantry
Strength: 600
Casualties: 70

13th Illinois Battalion
Strength: 21
Casualties: 0

Brigade totals--
Strength: 2,221
Casualties: 508

Army of the West totals--
Strength: 5,431
Casualties: 1,317

Western Army
Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch

McCulloch's Confederate Brigade

McRae's Arkansas Infantry
Strength: 220
Casualties: 9

3rd Louisiana Infantry
Strength: 700
Casualties: 57

South Kansas-Texas Cavalry (3rd Texas Cavalry)
Strength: 800
Casualties: 27

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles
Strength: 600
Casualties: 197

2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles
Strength: 400
Casualties: 54

Brigade totals--
Strength: 2,720
Casualties: 344

Arkansas State Troops

3rd Infantry
Strength: 500
Casualties: 109

4th Infantry
Strength: 550
Casualties: 0

5th Infantry
Strength: 650
Casualties: 14

Carroll's Cavalry
Strength: 40
Casualties: 0

1st Cavalry
Strength: 350
Casualties: 27

Fort Smith Battery
Strength: 73
Casualties: 1

Pulaski Battery
Strength: 71
Casualties: 3

Brigade totals--
Strength: 2,234
Casualties: 154

Missouri State Guard

Third Division

Burbridge's Infantry
Strength: 270
Casualties: 98

Major's Cavalry
Strength: 273
Casualties: 11

Fourth Division

Hughes's Infantry
Strength: 650
Casualties: 142

Rives's Cavalry
Strength: 284
Casualties: 12

Sixth Division

Kelly's Infantry
Strength: 142
Casualties: 49

Brown's Cavalry
Strength: 320
Casualties: 5

Guibor's Battery
Strength: 61
Casualties: 14

Seventh Division

Wingo's Infantry
Foster's Infantry
Strength: 605
Casualties: 146

Campbell's Cavalry
Strength: 40
Casualties: 0

Eighth Division

Weightman's Infantry
Strength: 1,316
Casualties: 160

Cawthorn's Cavalry
Strength: 1,210
Casualties: 87

Bledsoe's Battery
Strength: Unknown
Casualties: Unknown

Missouri State Guard totals--
Strength: 7,171 (includes an estimated 2,000 unarmed participants)
Casualties: 724

Western Army totals--
Strength: 12,125 (includes an estimated 2,000 unarmed members of the Missouri State Guard)
Casualties: 1,222

Did You Know?

1963 photo of Bloody Hill

The Wilson's Creek Foundation, a local grass-roots organization, began the preservation of the battlefield by raising $1,600 and purchasing 37 acres of Bloody Hill in 1951.