Dune Life Nature Trail

Distance from Visitor Center: 2.5 miles (4 km)

Length of trail: One mile (1.6 km) loop

Description of trail: This is your first opportunity to walk on the sand. The trail is marked by orange posts buried in the sand. This trail is located along the edge of the dune field and is more heavily vegetated than other sections of the dunefield. The trail starts down on the desert plain and is level for the first 300 yards before going up a steep slope onto the sand dunes.

Trailside exhibits interpret the wildlife of the White Sands. Each exhibit panel has two sets of information--one for adults and one for kids.

This is NOT a play area. The trail is for nature study. You may play out in the Heart of the Sands near the picnic areas, away from plants and away from the road.

Did You Know?