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    Whitman Mission

    National Historic Site Washington


accessibility symbol: stylized person in wheel chair

Reserved parking

Curb cuts

Ramped entrances

symbol of accessibility: stylized person sitting in wheelchair

Wheelchair available for loan, no charge

Picninc area accessible: paved path and accessible tables

Paved paths

Restrooms accessible

access for the blind symbol

The self-guiding trail through the original mission grounds, the mass grave, and the monument on top of the hill all have signs that include audio information. This information can be heard after pushing a button.

Cell phone tour: Meet the Sagers. The Whitmans took in the seven Sager orphans. Hear their experiences. Language level aimed for children, but of interest to all ages. Dial 509-956-3263. Press 30 to get started.

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Assistive listening receivers available for park movie.
open caption symbol
The park movie is open captioned.
large print symbol

Large print text of the trailside recordings

Large print text version of park brochure

Large print text of park movie

braille symbol
A Braille version of the park brochure is available for use while at the site.

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