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    Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail

    National Historic Trail MA,RI,CT,NY,NJ,PA,DE,MD,VA,DC


Historic Route Map

NPS map, 2006

The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route NHT encompasses over 680 miles of land and water trails through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. We are still in the process of defining the routes, and the maps will be updated as the NHT progresses. The following maps per state are available in the format of Google Maps. GIS files are available by request.

Please note the following maps per state are guides to the auto route of the NHT. Pedestrian and bicycle maps for the NHT are not available at this time.

Links to Google Maps are below:


Rhode Island


New York

New Jersey, route 1

New Jersey, route 2




Washington DC


Did You Know?


On June 27, 1781, a French soldier of the Royal Deux-Ponts regiment wrote in his journal, “As soon as we reached another camp we were immediately surrounded by Americans. Among them one saw very few male persons however but only women folk: if one saw a man among them it was unfailingly an old man or a cripple because all men folk from their 14th until their 60th year had to join the colors.”