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  • Asan Beach Unit Closed Off a Section Due to Little Fire Ants

    Due to the presence of the invasive Little Fire Ant, War in the Pacific National Historical Park has closed a part of the Asan Beach Unit. More »

  • Additional Closure in Asan Beach Unit

    The park has closed an additional area along Asan Beach due to the invasive Little Fire Ant. More »

  • Temporary Closure of Asan Bay Overlook

    Renovations have begun at the Asan Bay Overlook, including removal and replacement of panels at the Memorial Wall. To ensure visitor safety and provide space for equipment, sections of the site will be closed to the public through mid-July. More »

Asan Bay Overlook

Asan Bay Overlook - Memorial Wall

Asan Bay Overlook - Memorial Wall

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Completed in 1994 in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Liberation of Guam, Asan Bay Overlook serves as a memorial to those that lost their lives or suffered atrocities during the war. This unit features beautiful views of the sea-side villages of Asan and Piti and a perspective of the landing beaches used by Marines during the battle. The Asan Bay Overlook includes landscaped walkways, established view sheds, and several commemorative bronze sculptures which depict the events on Guam during the World War II Japanese occupation and battle in 1944.

The Memorial Wall of Names

Often monuments and memorials contain the names of the leaders of nations or high ranking military officials and rightfully so. This memorial wall of honor, sacrifice, and remembrance, however, includes the etched names of ordinary men who fought with extraordinary bravery on the front lines and the names of the civilians; the men, women and children, who as neighbors, friends, and families, suffered the consequences of nations at war, many paying the ultimate sacrifice.

The Asan Bay Overlook Memorial Wall contains the names of 1,880 U.S. servicemen who died in the 1941 defense of Guam against the attacking Japanese armed forces and those who died retaking the island from Japan in 1944 along with the names of the 1,170 people of Guam who died and 14,721 who suffered atrocities of war from 1941-1944.

To download a PDF document with the complete listing of the 17,771 names featured at the Asan Bay Overlook Memorial Wall, click here.

To download a PDF document detailing the history of the wall, the original construction, theft in 2007, and restoration, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

Did You Know?

Japanese gun

The three guns located in the Piti Guns Unit were never fired during the War? Japanese soldiers and local laborers never mounted the guns in time.