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Casualty List - U.S. Armed Forces - 1944

Memorial Wall at Asan Bay Overlook

Memorial Wall at Asan Bay Overlook

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The following is a list of total U.S. casualties that occurred during the Battle of Guam between July 21, 1944
and August 10, 1944. Only those killed in action or died of wounds are listed on the Memorial Wall at
the Asan Bay Overlook.

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Blankenship, Daniel T., 1stSgt (IA)
Dennis, Otto B., Cpl (WIA)
Parent, Francis W., Sgt (KIA)
Strgar, Victor J., Pfc (KIA)

Bourgeois, James E., 1lt (KIA)
Casteel, Delbert L., 1lt (KIA)
Christman, Albert B., Cpl (WIA)
Derosa, Louis P., Cpl (WIA)
Dyment Jr., George G., PltSgt (WIA)
Eckstrom, Irving L., Pfc (WIA)
Glaeser, Warren E., Cpl (WIA)
Johnson, Donald P., Cpl (WIA)
Masiello, Domenico, Cpl (WIA)
Schooler, Edward K., Cpl (WIA)
Stanfield, Donald E., Pfc (WIA)
Stocks, John D., Pfc (KIA)
Sulka, Joseph W., Pfc (WIA)
Tryor, Richard D., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, William W., Pfc (WIA)

Adami, Ceasare F., Pfc (DOW)
Adams, John A., Pfc (KIA)
Adams, Richard J., Cpl (WIA)
Allen Jr., Joe T., Cpl (WIA)
Altieri, Anthony, Pfc (DOW)
Alvarez Jr., Arsenio, Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, Buel E., ACk (DOW)
Arend, William L., Cpl (WIA)
Backensto, Richard M., Cpt (WIA)
Bailey, Harry H., Pvt (WIA)
Ballard, Charles L., Cpl (WIA)
Barclay, John A., Cpl (KIA)
Barnes Jr., William A., 1lt (WIA)
Baumheuter, William R., Pvt (WIA)
Beesley, Francis C., Pfc (DOW)
Bentley, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Bishop, Marvin 'L', Cpl (WIA)
Bishop, Thomas E., Pfc (WIA)
Black, Bennie O., Pfc (WIA)
Blair, Earl E., Pvt (WIA)
Brabant, John J., Pvt (WIA)
Bradford, Clarence W., PltSgt (WIA)
Breckmon, Noel E., Cpl (WIA)
Broberg, Howard L., Cpl (WIA)
Brockman Jr., Bernard N., 1lt (WIA)
Bromy, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Brook Jr., Herbert E., 1lt (DOW)
Bross, Willima A., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Clarence D., Pfc (WIA)
Brunelli, Vincent P., 1lt (WIA)
Buckley Jr., William L., Pfc (INJ
Buckner, Robert, Cpl (INJ
Bumbalough, Hubert E., Pfc (DOW)
Burford, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Cantey Jr., Benjamin O., Maj (WIA)
Cantrell, Jack W., ChCk (DOW)
Carlson, Holger A., Pfc (DOW)
Carrington Jr., George W., Cpt (WIA)
Cassel, James M., 1lt (WIA)
Christie, George F., Cpl (WIA)
Clements Jr., Arthur E., Pfc (KIA)
Cleveland, Arthur LeR., Pfc (WIA)
Clingerman, Edgar J., Pvt (INJ
Cluff, John P., Cpl (WIA)
Coila, William J., Cpl (WIA)
Coltrane, Donald L., Pvt (WIA)
Conniff Jr., Felix M., Pfc (WIA)
Cook, Kenneth T., Cpl (WIA)
Craft, Junior A., Pvt (WIA)
Crenner, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Cressinger, Theron I., ACk (WIA)
Crider, Robert A., Pvt (KIA)
Crist Jr., Raymond F., Ltc (WIA)
Crocker, Michael P., 1lt (WIA)
Crone, James O., Pfc (WIA)
Crum, Richard R., Pfc (WIA)
Cullins, Jacob P., Pfc (WIA)
Curry, William F., Pfc (WIA)
Dahl, Ralph R., Pfc (WIA)
Davidson, Kenneth W., Cpl (WIA)
De Loura, Harold W., Pfc (DOW)
Dion, Robert L., Sgt (DOW)
Donahue, Marion 'J', Pfc (WIA)
Doss, Dan R., Pvt (WIA)
Doty, Glen A., Cpl (WIA)
Doty Jr., Walton L., Sgt (WIA)
Drotar, Steve E., Sgt (WIA)
Dwyer, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Eatmon, Richard D., Pfc (WIA)
Edwards, Oliver L., Cpl (WIA)
Elder Jr., Herbert K., Cpl (WIA)
English, Carol R., Sgt (DOW)
Ennis, Mathew A., Cpl (WIA)
Erickson, Harlowe N., Cpl (DOW)
Erwin Jr., Odes H., Pfc (WIA)
Fietz, Clifford C., Pfc (WIA)
Finney, James A., Cpl (DOW)
Fletcher, Roy W., Cpl (WIA)
Flynn, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Ford, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Forte Jr., Louis A., Pfc (WIA)
Fowler, Charles H., Pfc (KIA)
Fox, Carl D., Cpl (WIA)
Gale, Lauren E., Pfc (WIA)
Gard, Wallace H., Pfc (WIA)
George, Michael, Cpl (WIA)
Gerrity, John F., 2lt (WIA)
Gibbs, Randolph M., 1stSgt (WIA)
Gissim III, William H., 2lt (WIA)
Gore, Robert A., Pfc (WIA)
Gossett, Edward D., Pvt (KIA)
Griffin, John R., ACk (WIA)
Hamrick, Delford L., Pfc (KIA)
Harding, Warren T., Pfc (WIA)
Harris, Gordon R., Sgt (WIA)
Hawley, Harold J., Pfc (I+A
Heap, Richard A., AsstCk (INJ
Held, Alvin J., Pfc (I+A
Higgins, Claudius A., Pfc (KIA)
Hoag, Donald E., Cpl (WIA)
Hoel, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Holton, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Hooks, Harold K., TSgt (DOW)
Jackson, Robert A., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Jessie, Sgt (WIA)
Johnson, Orrin W., 1lt (WIA)
Johnson, Ralph A., Pfc (WIA)
Justice, Dan R., 2lt (KIA)
Kelly, David P., Pfc (WIA)
Kenny Jr., Arthur P., Pfc (WIA)
Kern, Harry F., Pfc (WIA)
Kimbro, Edward E., 1stSgt (WIA)
Kime, Gregory C., Pfc (WIA)
King, Leonard F., Pfc (WIA)
Kirk, Bernard H.. Ltc (WIA)
Knight, William J., TSgt (WIA)
Kolczynski Jr., Casimer, Pfc (WIA)
Krawetz, Arthur, Sgt (WIA)
LaMontagne Jr., Arthur E., Pfc (DOW)
Leach, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Ledin, Stanley G., 2lt (WIA)
Leiser, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Lewis, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Lombardi Jr., Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Love, Leslie R., GySgt (DOW)
Lubin Jr., Gilbert J., Cpl (WIA)
Luchansky, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Lukas, Victor S., Pfc (WIA)
Lusis, George, Pfc (WIA)
Machycek, Anton V., Cpl (KIA)
Maloney, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Marks, Philip K., Cpl (WIA)
Marsh, Jack A., Pfc (INJ
Mash, Wendell H., Sgt (WIA)
Match, Harold S., Pfc (WIA)
McCurry, Lonnie D., Cpt (WIA)
McDaniel Jr., Ralph LeR., Cpl (WIA)
McDermott, Joseph H., 2lt (WIA)
McGraw, Donal S., Cpl (WIA)
McKenzie, John P., Pfc (WIA)
McLeod, Daniel B., Cpl (WIA)
McNamara, Thomas D., Pfc (WIA)
McQuiston, Mason D., 1lt (WIA)
Mercier, Joseph, Cpl (KIA)
Miller, John C., Cpl (DOW)
Mitchell, Robert W., Cpl (WIA)
Mueller, Orville F., Pfc (WIA)
Nash, Harold G., Pfc (WIA)
Newman, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Nielsen, Niels P., Cpl (KIA)
Niquette, Gerald W., Pfc (DOW)
Odom, Morris J., Cpl (WIA)
Oertel Jr., Henry O., Pfc (WIA)
Ottrok, Lao, Pfc (WIA)
Pane, Anthoony S., Pfc (WIA)
Papiernik, Thomas, Pfc (WIA)
Parfait Jr., Sidney J., Pfc (WIA)
Parker, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Parks, Raymond F., Pfc (WIA)
Paswater, Richard 'A', Cpl (WIA)
Pauley, Kellum D., 1stSgt (WIA)
Paxton, John W., Sgt (WIA)
Penny, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Petera Jr., Stanley E., Pfc (WIA)
Phelan, Robert G., Pfc (KIA)
Phillips, William J., 2lt (WIA)
Phillips Jr., Mansford W., ChCk (DOW)
Poole, George W., Pfc (KIA)
Popoczy, Eugene G., Pfc (KIA)
Pottenger, Thomas A., 2lt (WIA)
Powley, Eldon F., Pfc (WIA)
Privett, Henderson C., Cpl (WIA)
Rain Jr., Robert E., Cpt (WIA)
Ratcliff, Gene H., 2lt (WIA)
Reinhardt, Charles W., Sgt (WIA)
Reyon Jr., Paul A., Pfc (KIA)
Rieder, Waite H., Pfc (WIA)
Ritz Jr., Peter, Pfc (KIA)
Roberts, Francis M., Pfc (WIA)
Roberts, Milton C., Pfc (DOW)
Robinson, Outher 'B', Pfc (WIA)
Rodgers, Richard R., 2lt (KIA)
Rogers, Randall H., Pfc (DOW)
Rowland, Robert C., Pfc (DOW)
Runyon, William C., Pfc (KIA)
Scanlon, Martin J., Cpl (WIA)
Schaulis, Herbert D., Cpl (WIA)
Schroeder, Raymond F., Pfc (KIA)
Schwarz, John J., 1stSgt (WIA)
Scott Jr., George, Pfc (WIA)
Shaver, Boyd, SSgt (WIA)
Shelley Jr., Joseph E., 2lt (KIA)
Shelton Jr., Leslie T., Pfc (WIA)
Sherrill, Wilbur L., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Charles F., Pfc (DOW)
Smith, Karl E., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Theodore H., Pfc (WIA)
Snyder, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Snyder, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Sorrell, James H., Cpl (WIA)
Specht, Jimmie K., SSgt (WIA)
Spillman, William A., Pfc (WIA)
Stedron, Ervin J., Pfc (WIA)
Stenson, Owen F., Pfc (WIA)
Sullivan, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Sullivan, William L., Cpl (DOW)
Swords, John P., 2lt (WIA)
Tallmadge, Walter l., Pfc (WIA)
Talmage, Eugene R., Pfc (DOW)
Tamke, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Thill, James R., 1stSgt (WIA)
Thompson, Willard M., 1lt (WIA)
Tice, Gerald J., 2lt (WIA)
Tyler, Kenneth F., Cpl (KIA)
Tyrpa, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Vandermark, Vernon C., Pfc (WIA)
Vaughn, John B., Pfc (WIA)
Vawters, Albert 'J', Pfc (DOW)
Villalobos, Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Walker, Raymond M., Pfc (WIA)
Walter, John F., Pfc (DOW)
Watkins, Jack R., Sgt (WIA)
Webb, Claude M., Cpl (DOW)
Weber, Lawrence E., Cpl (WIA)
Wharton, Lyle R., Cpl (WIA)
White, Patrick J., Pfc (WIA)
White Jr., Benjamin F., Pfc (KIA)
Wilson, Robert P., Cpt (DOW)
Wilson, Thomas R., Pfc (WIA)
Wireman, James K., Pfc (WIA)
Wright, Eldridge D., Cpl (WIA)
Wyly, John G., Cpl (WIA)
Yard, James K., Cpl (WIA)
Yourell, Harry, Sgt (WIA)
Zahler, William R., Pvt (DOW)
Zidan, Jerome J., Pfc (DOW)
Zimmer, Earl G., Pfc (DOW)

Andrews, Jim D., AstCk (WIA)
Bado, George, Cpl (WIA)
Bixby, Richard D., Pvt (WIA)
Blackburn, Benton S., Pfc (WIA)
Braswell, Dallas K., Pfc (WIA)
Britzman, Edgar C., Pfc (DOW)
Brown, Walter H., Pfc (WIA)
Callahan, Charles E., SSgt (WIA)
Callahan, James D., Pfc (WIA)
Chaput, Arthur R., Pfc (WIA)
Conley, Ora M., Pfc (WIA)
Croom, Wilbur C., PltSgt (WIA)
Donaldson, Fred W., Pfc (DOW)
Eisnor, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Ferrarini, Lino R., 2lt (WIA)
Gubitti, Andrew, Cpl (WIA)
Hureau, Philip H., Pfc (WIA)
Jay, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Kinel, Stanley I. 'S', WO (WIA)
Lubic, Rudy, Cpl (WIA)
Lukonis, Edward A., Sgt (WIA)
Mahar, Lawrence P., Pvt (WIA)
Martin, Albert S., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Gerald L., Pfc (WIA)
McGaha, John H., Pfc (WIA)
Morawski, John, Cpl (DOW)
Mullins, Stephen J., Cpl (WIA)
Myers, Russell C., Pfc (DOW)
Neuman, Robert N., Pfc (WIA)
Perkins Jr., Warren C., Pfc (WIA)
Phillips, Cyril L., Cpl (WIA)
Rehfeldt, Carl G., Pfc (WIA)
Sampson, Leslie E., Cpl (WIA)
Schwalke, Joseph C., 1lt (WIA)
Specht, Edward, Cpl (WIA)
Symonds, Clint L., Pfc (WIA)
Thomas, Carlyle, Sgt (WIA)
Thumann, Everett J., Pfc (WIA)
Waddoups, Donald M., Pvt (WIA)
Walter, James H., Cpl (WIA)
Weaver, Edwin C., Pfc (KIA)
Webster Jr., Albert R., Cpl (WIA)
Zuchowski, Stanley H., Pfc (WIA)

Ackerley, Edward R., Sgt (WIA)
Allen, Forrest W., GySgt (WIA)
Allen Jr., Clarence B., Cpt (WIA)
Amos, William H., WO (WIA)
Arevalos, Joe, Pfc (WIA)
Axline, Irwin E., Cpl (KIA)
Barker, Charles L., Sgt (KIA)
Beaumont, John J., WO (WIA)
Benfatti, Victor L., Cpl (DOW)
Biles, Chester E., Sgt (WIA)
Blake, James K., Pfc (KIA)
Bland, Jack, Pfc (WIA)
Bolt, Earl E., SSgt (WIA)
Bowe, Preston J., Pfc (WIA)
Bowen, Ivan E., Sgt (WIA)
Boyd, William D., Pfc (WIA)
Bridges, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Charles H., TSgt (WIA)
Brown, Phillip B., SSgt (WIA)
Bullock, James J., Sgt (WIA)
Burpo, Kenneth, Sgt (WIA)
Canfield, Edward 'R', Pfc (WIA)
Carlsen, Carl R., 2lt (WIA)
Corbett, Malcolm R., Pfc (KIA)
Craycraft, Jack C., Pfc (WIA)
Danko, Stephen A., Cpl (WIA)
Davis, DeCross L., SSgt (WIA)
Davis Jr., Edward B., lLt (KIA)
DeJonghe, Emile, Cpl (WIA)
DeLong, Robert G., Pfc (KIA)
Dillard, William L., Sgt (WIA)
Dorr, John F., Sgt (WIA)
Duke, Robert K., 1lt (WIA)
Easton, John J., Sgt (KIA)
Eggers, Lester, Pfc (WIA)
Ellis, Clifford, Pfc (WIA)
Enoch, Stanley E., Pfc (WIA)
Ernst, Eugene W., Pfc (WIA)
Fawcett Jr., Arthur R., Pfc (WIA)
Fehler, Robert L., Cpl (WIA)
Fields, Carl E., Pfc (WIA)
Flees, Frank S., Pfc (WIA)
Foley Jr., Francis R., Cpl (WIA)
Fullerton, Bruce D., Pfc (WIA)
Garrod, Lowell M., Cpl (WIA)
Gibson, Matthew L., Pfc (WIA)
Ginda, Eugene, Sgt (KIA)
Gohdes Jr., Reinhard A., Sgt (WIA)
Golesich, Frank S., Pfc (WIA)
Gonnering, Kenneth J., Pfc (WIA)
Goodnough, Rex E., Cpl (WIA)
Griffin, Julian C., Pfc (WIA)
Grimme, Warren, Cpl (WIA)
Hall, Walter B., Pfc (WIA)
Hamlin, Cornelius J., Pfc (WIA)
Hankins, Jesse D., Pfc (WIA)
Hansford, Frank F., Pfc (WIA)
Hargreaves, Joseph T., Cpl (WIA)
Harkins, Lowell D., Pfc (WIA)
Harper Jr., George W., Cpl (WIA)
Hauck, Herbert H., SSGt (DOW)
Hays, Melvin A., Pfc (WIA)
Hedges, Jack L., Pfc (WIA)
Hoffmann, Frederick J., Cpl (WIA)
Holland, Leonard D., Cpl (WIA)
Horton, Burt H., Sgt (WIA)
Huber, Richard C., Pfc (WIA)
Huffman, Reldon N., Pfc (WIA)
Hughes, Joseph G., Cpl (WIA)
Hurley, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Hyde, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Jerald, Horace T., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Jack E., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Paul N., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Philip C., 2lt (WIA)
Johnson, Rober H., Sgt (WIA)
Kampen, Henry C., MTSgt (WIA)
Keith, Robert t., Pfc (WIA)
Kilbourne, George R., Cpl (WIA)
Kohler, Joseph D., Pvt (DOW)
Krukowski, Leonard P., Cpl (WIA)
Kruse, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Kubu, Clayton E., Pfc (WIA)
Langdon, William H., Sgt (WIA)
Lauderdale, James E., Pvt (WIA)
Lawrence, William F., Cpl (WIA)
Leaman, Stanley R., Cpl (WIA)
Leassner, William, Sgt (WIA)
Ledbetter, Riley J., Pfc (WIA)
Lester, Edward B., Cpl (WIA)
Lid, Fred B., Pfc (WIA)
Lindholm, Curt F., 1lt (WIA)
Lipsitz, Samuel R., Pfc (WIA)
Lombardi, Dominick N., Pfc (KIA)
Lord, Robert I., 1lt (WIA)
Lott, William C., Cpl (WIA)
Luhdorff, Robert C., Cpl (WIA)
Lyon Jr., Francis W., Pfc (WIA)
MacDonald, Henry H., Cpl (WIA)
Mackewitz, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Majority, James, Sgt (WIA)
Martin, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Matthews, Kenneth C., Sgt (WIA)
McClintock Jr., Charles, Pfc (WIA)
McKittrick, Lawrence M., Pfc (WIA)
Meadows, Estill L., Pfc (KIA)
Michaels, William H., Cpl (WIA)
Monroe, David M., Pfc (WIA)
Montoya, Donis, Pfc (WIA)
Morris Jr., Joseph P., Pfc (WIA)
Mudge, John K., SSgt (WIA)
Murphy, Dews J., Pfc (WIA)
Nelson, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Nemeth, Joseph C., Pfc (WIA)
Nielsen, Walter E., Pfc (KIA)
Ogle, Eugene V., Cpl (KIA)
Pagone, Michaelangelo, Pfc (KIA)
Patula, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Payne, Harry E., Pfc (WIA)
Petruski, John, Pfc (WIA)
Pettit, Harold, Pfc (WIA)
Ploppert, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Purcell, Edward F., Pfc (WIA)
Reed, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Reger, Verol L., 1lt (KIA)
Reimer Jr., Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Reynolds, Edward R., Sgt (DOW)
Robidoux, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Roinson, Glen, Pfc (KIA)
Roman Jr., John, Pfc (KIA)
Roup, Clarence D., Cpl (WIA)
Ruff, Fack, Pfc (WIA)
Ruggles, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Runyon, Christopher C., Pfc (WIA)
Ruskoski Jr., Raymond F., Cpl (WIA)
Sanchez, Emiterio, Pfc (WIA)
Scavuzzo, Frank P., Pfc (WIA)
Schreiber, Milton W., WO (WIA)
Sedlock, Thomas A., Pfc (WIA)
Seiler, John F., Pfc (WIA)
Shaw, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Sheiffele, Clarence W., Cpl (WIA)
Shimondle, Donald E., Pfc (WIA)
Sich, Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Simpson, Randolph G., Pfc (WIA)
Simpson Jr., Herbert C., Pfc (KIA)
Siroka, Harold, Cpl (WIA)
Skinner, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Harry O., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Herman E., SSgt (WIA)
Snelling, Winford, Pfc (DOW)
Snyder, Vincent K., Pfc (KIA)
Stech, John L, ACk (WIA)
Steele, James H., Cpl (WIA)
Steele, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Strycski, Stanley E., Pfc (WIA)
Stump, Howard R., Cpl (WIA)
Swandollar, Anthony M., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Donald V., Pfc (WIA)
Teresi, Norman, Sgt (WIA)
Thomas, Richard, Pfc (KIA)
Thompson, Thomas V., Cpl (WIA)
Todd Jr., Dillard, Pfc (WIA)
Travis, Thomas K., Pfc (WIA)
Turner, Grady A., Pfc (WIA)
Vale, Ralph L., Pfc (WIA)
Viterito, Natale E., Pfc (WIA)
Wagoner, Alvin H., Pfc (WIA)
Wallin, Doris L., Cpl (WIA)
Walters, Cheston L., Sgt (WIA)
Ward, Rice R., Cpl (WIA)
Webb, Bert L., Pfc (WIA)
Wells, Frank G., Pfc (WIA)
Wilkins, Jesse J., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Ruben L., Pfc (WIA)
Winiarczyk, Edward C., Pfc (WIA)
Woodward, Robert N., Sgt (WIA)
Zeagler, Allen R., Sgt (WIA)

Angelo, Anthony, Cpl (WIA)
Augustynovich, Andrew W., Sgt (KIA)
Buhler, George W., Cpl (WIA)
Egan, Thomas W., Pvt (WIA)
Hylan Jr., John W., Pvt (WIA)
Kenny, Tolbert H., Pfc (WIA)
Paden, David J., Pfc (KIA)
Sailer, Charles R., Cpl (WIA)
Saltonstall, Peter B., PltSgt (KIA)
Sandefer, Fred U., Sgt (WIA)
Smeltzer, Harry L., Sgt (KIA)
Stenski, William U., Sgt (WIA)
Tanner, Arthur L., Cpl (INJ
White, Robert L., Cpl (INJ

Allison, Robert E., Pfc (KIA)
Blatzheim, William, Pfc (KIA)
Bodewig, Ervin P., Sgt (KIA)
Boling, Edward E., Cpl (BF)
Bousman, Freeman N., Cpl (KIA)
Brady, Eugene P., Pfc (KIA)
Braunn, James E., Pfc (DOW)
Breme, Paul R., Cpl (WIA)
Buchanon, George P., Pfc (KIA)
Christensen, Zelden J., Pvt (WIA)
Christian, Billy J., Pfc (KIA)
Christopulos, George 'P', Pfc (KIA)
Crimm, Cecil L., Cpl (KIA)
Critchfield, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Cutright, Forest F., Pfc (WIA)
Davenport, Ernest L., Pfc (WIA)
De Lauer, Leland K., Pfc (WIA)
Doss Jr., Nolon M., Pfc (WIA)
Drexel, David W., Pfc (WIA)
Dunlap, Clement H., Sgt (WIA)
Engelmann, George B., Cpl (WIA)
Eubank, William L., 1lt (I+A
Evans, Harvey B., PltSgt (BF)
Fiedler, Donald J., Pfc (KIA)
Fish, Robert A., 1lt (WIA)
Frank, Harry D., Pvt (KIA)
Frye, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Frye, John W., GySgt (WIA)
Garfield, Thomas J., 1lt (WIA)
Gilleland, Cletus M., Pfc (WIA)
Grissom, Orval C., Pfc (WIA)
Grothem, Harold O., 1lt (WIA)
Hanson, Lester L., Cpl (WIA)
Harbke, Hilbert 'G', Pfc (WIA)
Harwood, Wallace D., Pfc (WIA)
Hayes Jr., Howard W., Pfc (WIA)
Heibel, Rudolph G., Pfc (KIA)
Heppner, Elmer D., Sgt (WIA)
Hesse, LeRoy F., Sgt (KIA)
Kelly, John F., Pfc (WIA)
King, Wayne J., Pfc (KIA)
Kitson, Edward W., Cpl (BF)
Koesel, Richard H., Pfc (WIA)
Kozlowski, Henry A., Pfc (WIA)
La Forge, Ronald J., Pfc (WIA)
Larsen, Cecil E., Pfc (KIA)
Larson, Leonard S., Pfc (WIA)
Lillie, Owen P., Cpt (KIA)
Loughmiller, Wiley W., 1lt (WIA)
Lybarger, George W., Pfc (KIA)
Lytton, Robert M., Cpl (WIA)
Manfred, Nicholas A., Sgt (KIA)
Matheny, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
McClain Jr., Calvin E., 1lt (KIA)
McCrory, Ralph N., Pfc (KIA)
McDaniel Jr., James C., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Merlin K., Cpl (INJ
Mulligan, William M., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, John P., Cpl (DOW)
Nash Jr., Douglas 'W', Pfc (WIA)
Neal, Don C., Pfc (WIA)
O'Meara, Thomas R., Pfc (KIA)
O'Neill, Joseph P., Pfc (KIA)
Olinger, William G., Pfc (WIA)
Oswalt, Jesse B., Pfc (WIA)
Oyler, Thomas T., 1lt (WIA)
Pennington, Orville E., Cpl (WIA)
Petersen, Dean R., Pfc (KIA)
Pittman, Robert D., Pfc (WIA)
Priest, Herbert E., Pfc (WIA)
Puder, Louis P., Sgt (WIA)
Rock, George I., Pvt (WIA)
Rylott, Bruce A., Cpl (KIA)
Sallis, James M., Cpl (WIA)
Saville, Irwin G., Sgt (KIA)
Scott Jr., John L., Pvt (WIA)
Serrone, Gerardo E., Pfc (KIA)
Shippee, Gerald A., Sgt (WIA)
Sikora, Jerome P., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Durward B., Pfc (WIA)
Speck, Thomas M., Cpl (WIA)
Thomas, George 'H', Sgt (WIA)
Thomas, Russell D., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Albert R., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Gerald L., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, John H., Cpl (WIA)
Wilson Jr., Joseph C., Cpl (WIA)
Witherspoon, John L., Pfc (WIA)
Worteck, Frank R., Sgt (WIA)
Zadarosni Jr., Michael, Sgt (WIA)
Zitnik, Howard H., Pvt (WIA)
Zweigel, Henry, Sgt (KIA)

Ladner, Drexil, Pfc (WIA)

Goodman, Richard E., Pfc (INJ
Marcus, Michael, Pfc (INJ--

34455, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Abair, Warren I., Pfc (WIA)
Abbrid, Michael J., Pfc (DOW)
Abrahamson, Gerald T., Pfc (KIA)
Adams, Oliver R., Pfc (MIA
Agnello, Salvatore J., Pfc (WIA)
Ahmuty, Warren, Pfc (WIA)
Aleasandrini, Henry J., Pfc (WIA)
Alexander, Arthur J., ACk (DOW)
Alexander, Shirley A., Pfc (WIA)
Allen Jr., Hansel H., Pfc (WIA)
Alpert, Arthur, Pfc (WIA)
Altfater, Steve, Pfc (WIA)
Altman, Sidney J., Cpt (WIA)
Amabile, Anthony W., Pfc (WIA)
Amar, Michael E., Pfc (DOW)
Ambro, Andrew R., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, Arthur J., Cpl (WIA)
Anderson, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, Edward W., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, Leon D., Sgt (WIA)
Anderson, Roy W., Pfc (KIA)
Andrews, Christopher A., Cpl (KIA)
Andrews, Theodore L., Pfc (WIA)
Andrzejewski, Stanley R., Pfc (WIA)
Anthony, Charles E., Cpl (WIA)
Apple, Marion H., Pfc (DOW)
Araujo, Virginio E., Pfc (KIA)
Arledge, Leslie R., Pfc (WIA)
Armstrong, Stanley W., Pfc (WIA)
Arnold, Duane, 1lt (WIA)
Arnold, George R., GySGt (WIA)
Arnold, Richard, Pfc (WIA)
Arras, Arthur A., Pfc (WIA)
Arthur, Harold M., Pfc (WIA)
Aubin, Carlton B., Pfc (WIA)
Austin, Maurice G., 1lt (WIA)
Autill, Ralph W., Cpl (WIA)
Bacha, Donald H., Pfc (KIA)
Bache, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Bacigalupi Jr., John A., Cpl (WIA)
Badger Jr., Frederick D., Pfc (WIA)
Bakaian, Dickran M., Pfc (WIA)
Baker Jr., William S., Sgt (WIA)
Balderson, Roy W., Pfc (WIA)
Baldwin, Robert B., Sgt (WIA)
Baldwin, Wilburn A., Cpl (WIA)
Bansky, Joseph A., 1stSgt (WIA)
Barbarewicz, Henry P., Pfc (WIA)
Barcovic, Joe A., Pfc (KIA)
Barlett Jr., Charles D., Pfc (WIA)
Barnes, Alonzo H., Pfc (WIA)
Barnes, Raymond D., Pfc (KIA)
Barnette, Campbell M., Pfc (DOW)
Baron., Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Barrett, Edwin J., Cpl (KIA)
Barrett, James J., Pfc (DOW)
Barry, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Barthel, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Bartlett, Donald A., Pfc (KIA)
Basinait, William E., Cpl (WIA)
Bastardi, Michael L., Sgt (WIA)
Batchelor, Gerald E., SSgt (WIA)
Bates, Hafford V., Pfc (WIA)
Bates, Russell M., Pfc (WIA)
Bauer, Robert L., 2lt (WIA)
Bauemseister, William G., Cpl (WIA)
Beck, Donald M., Cpt (WIA)
Bail, Lawrence R., Pfc (WIA)
Belden, William D., Cpl (DOW)
Belding Jr., Rufus L., Pfc (WIA)
Belford, Clifford F., Pfc (WIA)
Belisle, Gerald O.J., Pfc (WIA)
Bell, Clifford E., Pfc (WIA)
Benesch, Leo L, Pfc (WIA)
Benge, Richard L., Pfc (WIA)
Benjamin Jr., George N., Pfc (WIA)
Benoit, Lawrence R., Pfc (WIA)
Berger, Russell E., Pfc (WIA)
Berry, Benjamin T., Cpl (DOW)
Bertram, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Bevins, Ralph, Pfc (WIA)
Beyer, Kenneth G., Cpl (WIA)
Bianchini, Patrick F., Pfc (WIA)
Biaselli, Frank, Sgt (WIA)
Bicknell, Kenneth J., Pfc (WIA)
Bishop, David C., Pfc (WIA)
Bishop, Emit E., Pfc (WIA)
Bixler, George H., Cpl (WIA)
Black, David J., Pfc (WIA)
Blaine, John, Pfc (DOW)
Blakeway, John S., Pfc (WIA)
Blasko, Joseph, PltSgt (KIA)
Blasko, Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Bligh, Robert N., Pfc (WIA)
Blitz, Carl C., Pfc (WIA)
Boeckmann Jr., Anthony A., Pfc (WIA)
Bolesta, Charles A., Cpl (WIA)
Bollinger, Harold B., Pfc (WIA)
Bonneau, Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Boone, Tommie, Sgt (WIA)
Booten, Virgel C., Pfc (WIA)
Booth, James C., Pfc (KIA)
Borishek, Michael J., Pfc (WIA)
Borooz, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Borys, Andrew, Pfc (WIA)
Bosak, Stanislaus A., Pfc (WIA)
Bosse, Frank A., Cpl (WIA)
Bowbeer, Leonard N., Cpl (WIA)
Bowers, Arnold G., Pfc (KIA)
Bowler, George H., Pfc (WIA)
Boyce, George C., Pfc (WIA)
Boyes, Robert T., Pfc (WIA)
Boykin, Harold R., Pfc (WIA)
Brabo, Raymond L., ACk (WIA)
Branch, Robert L., Pvt (KIA)
Brant, Grover T., Pfc (WIA)
Bratel, John, Cpl (WIA)
Breeden, Fredrick W., PltSgt (WIA)
Brennan, Michael W., Pfc (WIA)
Brenner, Sidney, Pfc (WIA)
Briskey, Jack E., Pfc (WIA)
Britt Jr., Hugh A., Pfc (WIA)
Britton, Lenord, Cpl (WIA)
Brouillette, Henry L., Pfc (WIA)
Brow, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Ellis E., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Willard S., Pfc (DOW)
Brown Jr., Thomas W., 2lt (WIA)
Brown Jr., William F., Cpl (DOW)
Bruce, Raleigh, Pfc (WIA)
Bruno, Dominick J., Pfc (WIA)
Buckley, Harold B., Pfc (WIA)
Budding, Edward R., Pfc (WIA)
Budell, Julius F., Pfc (KIA)
Budrowich, John J., Cpl (WIA)
Buffington, Earl A., Cpl (WIA)
Bunja, Frank F., ACk (WIA)
Burch, Eugene V., Pfc (WIA)
Burkhart, Robert A., Pfc (KIA)
Burns, James T., Pfc (KIA)
Burns, John L., Cpl (WIA)
Burr Jr., Harold D., Pfc (KIA)
Burroughs, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Butkiewicz, Henry J., Pfc (KIA)
Butler, Haywood S., Pfc (WIA)
Bynum, Roland, Pfc (WIA)
Cahill, James L., Pfc (WIA)
Cahill, Kevin P., Pfc (WIA)
Caldwell, Clarence D., Pfc (WIA)
Caldwell, Saunders F., Pfc (WIA)
Caldwell, Talmadge C., Pfc (WIA)
Calhoun, Billie W., Pfc (WIA)
Callaghan, Wallace O., Cpl (WIA)
Calvert, Raymond, Pfc (WIA)
Camp, James W., Pvt (KIA)
Campbell, Gene, Pfc (KIA)
Campbell, John D., Pfc (WIA)
Campbell, Kenneth A., Pfc (WIA)
Canavan, Peter J., Pfc (WIA)
Candela, Edward N., Pfc (WIA)
Canfield, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Cannucci, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Cantellay Jr., Henry, Pfc (WIA)
Capogna, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Capps, George C., Pfc (WIA)
Cappucci, Anthony M., Pfc (WIA)
Carbone, Salvatore L., Pfc (DOW)
Cardwell, Harold J., GySgt (WIA)
Carey, Bernard J., Pfc (KIA)
Carlson, Harry E., Cpl (WIA)
Carnathan, Hugh, Sgt (WIA)
Carnes, Lester A., Pfc (WIA)
Carr, George T., Pfc (WIA)
Carroll, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Carter, Arthur W., Pfc (WIA)
Carter, Edward R., Pfc (WIA)
Carter, Floyd E., Sgt (WIA)
Carter, Vernon D., Pfc (WIA)
Case, James L., Pfc (WIA)
Casper, Keistutis K., Pfc (KIA)
Cassidy, Richard W., Pfc (WIA)
Cerbone, Louis, Pfc (WIA)
Cerrato, Vincent, Pfc (WIA)
Cervine, Salvatore, Pfc (WIA)
Cervoni, Chester F., Pfc (WIA)
Chambers, George D., Pfc (WIA)
Chandler, William T., Sgt (WIA)
Channell, Frederick G., Pfc (DOW)
Chaplik, Victor G., Pfc (WIA)
Charles, Carroll C., Pfc (KIA)
Chase, Hobart L., Pfc (WIA)
Chauvin, Tillman A., Pfc (WIA)
Chavez, Julian, Pfc (WIA)
Cheeseman, Benjamin H., Pfc (WIA)
Cherko, Louis J., Pfc (WIA)
Christenson, Harold J., Pfc (WIA)
Christianson, Conrad B., Sgt (WIA)
Chvatal, George J., Pfc (KIA)
Cigich, Edward B., Pfc (WIA)
Cimo, Mariano L., Pfc (WIA)
Clancy, Michael E., Pfc (WIA)
Clark, James E., Pfc (DOW)
Clark Jr., John D., 2lt (WIA)
Clayton, Joe T., Pfc (WIA)
Cleary, John W., Pfc (KIA)
Clements, Ray R., Sgt (KIA)
Clifford, William G., Cpl (DOW)
Cline, Ralph A., Pfc (WIA)
Cloukey, Fremon, Pfc (WIA)
Coble, Walter, Pfc (DOW)
Coffin, Zacharias T., Cpl (WIA)
Cohen, Rubin, Pfc (WIA)
Cojocar, George, Pfc (KIA)
Coker, Ira W., Cpl (DOW)
Colalillo, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Colasanto, Vincenzo C., Pfc (WIA)
Coleman, Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Colonero, Vincent A., Cpl (WIA)
Comfert, Roger H., Pfc (WIA)
Commers Jr., Louis P., PltSgt (KIA)
Conant, Herbert D., Pfc (WIA)
Connell, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Connolly, Edward L., Pfc (DOW)
Connor, Hugh E., Pfc (KIA)
Conrad, Thomas, Cpl (WIA)
Conti, Anthony J.P., 2lt (WIA)
Cook, Joe N., Cpl (WIA)
Cook, Smith E., Pfc (WIA)
Coombs, Edmund L., 1lt (WIA)
Coppenbarger, Alvin E., Sgt (WIA)
Coppola, Pascuale P., Pfc (WIA)
Cork, James H., Cpl (WIA)
Cornet, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Cornwell, Billy W., Pfc (KIA)
Corrigan, James T., Cpl (DOW)
Cosper, Jack D., Pfc (WIA)
Cosaaboon, Earl C., Sgt (WIA)
Cowley, Thomas M., GySgt (WIA)
Cramer, Clarence M., Pfc (WIA)
Crerand, John W., Cpl (WIA)
Crook, John F., FldMus1c (WIA)
Crowe Jr., William L., Pfc (KIA)
Cruikshank, James E., Pfc (KIA)
Cummins, Hubert L., Pfc (DOW)
Cunningham, Alvin P., Pfc (KIA)
Curcio, Orlando S., Pfc (WIA)
Curry, Robert V., Pfc (WIA)
Curtin, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Da Moude, Dean W., Pfc (WIA)
Dadona Jr., Frank J., Sgt (WIA)
Dahl, Arvid A., Pfc (WIA)
Dalton, William S., Pfc (WIA)
Daniels, Ralph J., Pfc (WIA)
Daniels, Virgil, Sgt (KIA)
Darnell, Bennie F., Cpl (WIA)
Daskivich, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Daubenmerkl, Roy T., Pfc (WIA)
Daugherty, Albert, Pfc (WIA)
Daugherty, James E., Pfc (DOW)
Davidson, Robert B., Pvt (WIA)
Davis, Arthur, Pfc (WIA)
Davis, Edward S., Pfc (WIA)
Day, Clifford F., Pfc (WIA)
Day, John E., Cpl (DOW)
Dayton, Richard A., Pfc (WIA)
De Christoforo, Vincent J., Pfc (WIA)
De Giambattista, Vitale, Pfc (WIA)
De Hias, John R., Pvt (WIA)
De Lillo, Eugene V., Pfc (WIA)
De Mar, Lloyd W., Pfc (KIA)
Dean Jr., Thomas E., Sgt (WIA)
Deitzler, John A., Cpl (WIA)
Del Vecchio, Vincent, Pfc (DOW)
Delapina, Arthur J., Pfc (KIA)
Delisle, Norman J., Pfc (WIA)
Dennis, Burton W., Pfc (WIA)
Derwae, Clarence L., WO (WIA)
Desrosiers, Alfred V., Cpl (WIA)
Dill, Lloyd E., Pfc (WIA)
Dillman, Charles G., Cpl (WIA)
Dinsher, Newby C., Pfc (WIA)
Dixon, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Dodd, Howard W., Pfc (KIA)
Dodd, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Dodd, William P., GySgt (WIA)
Dodson, Jackie E., Pfc (WIA)
Doerr, John J., Pfc (KIA)
Doin, George H., Pfc (WIA)
Dolgert, Adolph, Pfc (WIA)
Dolph, Kenneth P., Pfc (WIA)
Domigan, George P., Pfc (WIA)
Donofno, Arthur P., Sgt (WIA)
Dorman, Douglas V., Pfc (KIA)
Doach, George E., 2lt (WIA)
Dougherty Jr., Thomas P., Pfc (KIA)
Downs, Francis E.N., Sgt (WIA)
Doyle, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Dragosljvich Jr., Michael, Pfc (WIA)
Drake, Mack W., Pfc (WIA)
Drzik, Albert R., Cpl (WIA)
Duggan, Daniel J., Pfc (KIA)
Dunlap, Henry J., Cpl (WIA)
Dunst, Raymond L., Pfc (KIA)
Durant, Duane L., Pfc (WIA)
Eannacone, Herbert A., SSgt (WIA)
Eber, Richard J., Pfc (WIA)
Eckert, Earl M., Pfc (WIA)
Economopoulos, Peter G., Pfc (WIA)
Edmonds, Robert D., Pfc (WIA)
Edwards Jr., James W., Pfc (WIA)
Egan, Joseph G., 2lt (WIA)
Eisenman, Abraham Z., Pfc (DOW)
Eissler, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Elliott, Robert E., Pfc (KIA)
Ellis Jr., Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Ellsworth, Royden W., Pfc (WIA)
Elushik, Russell W., Pfc (KIA)
Emmert, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Engelhardt, Alvin R., 2lt (WIA)
England, LaVerne J., Pfc (WIA)
Erdely, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Erickson, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Eskra, Ladislov L., Cpl (KIA)
Espinoza, Robert V., Cpl (WIA)
Estenes, Joseph, Cpl (WIA)
Estes, Thomas W., Cpl (WIA)
Everett, William W., Pfc (KIA)
Fairchild, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Fairrington, Russel R., Pfc (KIA)
Fanto, James D., Cpl (WIA)
Farrand, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Faulkner, John M., GySgt (WIA)
Fay, Clifford H., Pfc (WIA)
Fazio, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Fee, John F., Sgt (WIA)
Feld, Peter J., Pfc (DOW)
Fennell, John B., Cpl (WIA)
Ferguson, Jack H., Pfc (WIA)
Festa, Philip, Pfc (WIA)
Fetsco, Harry, Sgt (KIA)
Fialkovich, Albert W., Cpl (WIA)
Fiedler, John, Pfc (WIA)
Field, Billy E., Cpl (WIA)
Fifanski, Joseph, Pfc (KIA)
Fifer, Walter W., Pfc (WIA)
Fischer, Walter C., Pfc (WIA)
Fisher, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Fisher Jr., Morris l., Pfc (WIA)
Fitzpatrick, William E., Cpl (KIA)
Fitzwater, LaVern R., Pfc (WIA)
Flanagin, Wilbur E., Sgt (WIA)
Flynn, Dennis F., Cpl (KIA)
Fober, Francis J., Pfc (KIA)
Foley, James P., Pfc (WIA)
Fowler, Harvey K., Pfc (KIA)
Francis, Anthony A., 1lt (WIA)
Francis, Leo H., Pfc (WIA)
Frank Jr., John C., Pfc (WIA)
Franklin, Robert P., GySgt (WIA)
Frate, Anthony R., Pfc (KIA)
Frazee, Emerson E., Pfc (WIA)
Freeman Jr., Willie B., Pfc (DOW)
Fress, Pete G., Pfc (WIA)
Fry, Jay E., Pfc (WIA)
Fryday, Albert G., Pfc (WIA)
Fuchs, Martine F., Pfc (KIA)
Fullen, Jack F., Pfc (WIA)
Fultz, James C., Cpl (WIA)
Gackowski, Irving C., Pfc (WIA)
Gaiennie Jr., Kenneth M., Sgt (WIA)
Gajewaki, Walter, Pfc (WIA)
Gallagher, Edward T., Pfc (WIA)
Galliher, Garnett N., Pfc (WIA)
Gallway, William H., Cpl (WIA)
Gardner, Nial I., Pfc (KIA)
Garrison Jr., Herbert E., Pfc (KIA)
Gartona, James V., Pfc (KIA)
Gawlak, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Gentile, Frank R., Cpl (WIA)
Gero, Charnel A., Pfc (WIA)
Getsoian, Sarkis, Pfc (WIA)
Getty, Gordon A., Pfc (WIA)
Gibbs, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Gilbert, Richard W., Pfc (WIA)
Gillen Jr., Bernard J., Pfc (WIA)
Gillis, Robert A., Pfc (WIA)
Gilroy, Joseph B., Pfc (WIA)
Gilson Jr., Leslie A., Cpt (WIA)
Giovinazz, Joseph N., Cpl (WIA)
Glandorf, Carl J., Pfc (WIA)
Glenn, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Gliwa, Robert A., Pfc (KIA)
Goetz, Paul C., Pfc (WIA)
Golden, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Gomberg, Bernard, Pfc (WIA)
Goodson Jr., Robert N., Cpl (WIA)
Goodwin Jr., Frank P., Pfc (WIA)
Gowans, Thomas E., Sgt (KIA)
Gralewski, Raymond, Pfc (WIA)
Grant, Harry J., Pfc (WIA)
Graves, Willie E., PltSgt (KIA)
Gray, Charles R., Pfc (WIA)
Gray, Harold R., Pfc (DOW)
Gray, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Gray, Marcus P., Pfc (WIA)
Gray, Robert L., Sgt (WIA)
Gray, Robert S., Pfc (WIA)
Green, Charles D., Pfc (DOW)
Green, Robert W., Cpl (WIA)
Greene, Ellis N., PltSgt (KIA)
Greene, Robert J., Pfc (DOW)
Greene, Russell E., Pfc (WIA)
Griffith, Paul D., Pfc (WIA)
Griffith, Ray A., Pfc (KIA)
Griggers, Calvin E., Pfc (KIA)
Griggers, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Grimm, Loren, Pfc (WIA)
Grout, Richard N., Pfc (WIA)
Gruchala, Walter C., Pfc (WIA)
Gruver, Walter F.E., Cpl (WIA)
Guerra, Thomas M., Pfc (WIA)
Guerrier, Charles F., Sgt (WIA)
Hass, Clyde C., Pfc (WIA)
Hagans, Buddy J., Pfc (WIA)
Hager, Henry M., Pfc (WIA)
Hagler, Murray L., Pfc (DOW)
Hagood, Albert L., Sgt (WIA)
Hainje, Cornelius, PltSgt (WIA)
Hakey, Mitchel H., Pfc (WIA)
Hall, Francis E., Pfc (WIA)
Hall, Mark, 2lt (DOW)
Hall, Nokie C., Pfc (WIA)
Hallet, David J., Pfc (WIA)
Hamiel, Willard F., Pfc (WIA)
Hamilton, Edgar L., Pfc (KIA)
Hamilton, George D., Pfc (WIA)
Hammock, Charles E., Pvt (DOW)
Hansen, Andrew C., Sgt (WIA)
Hansen, Chester S., Pfc (KIA)
Hanson, Egbert W., Sgt (KIA)
Happe, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Harbin, Fred F., Cpt (WIA)
Hardcastle, John T., Pfc (KIA)
Harding, Vernon S., Cpl (WIA)
Harding, William M., Cpl (KIA)
Hargrove, Gary H., Pfc (WIA)
Hariel, Leo E., Pfc (WIA)
Harloff, Henry C., Pfc (WIA)
Harper, Wilfred R., Pfc (WIA)
Harrington, Harold R., Pvt (WIA)
Harrington Jr., Arthur S., Pfc (WIA)
Harris, James E., Sgt (WIA)
Harris, Lawrence D., Sgt (WIA)
Harris, William D., Sgt (WIA)
Harrison, Cecil A., Sgt (WIA)
Harrison, Dale E., Pfc (WIA)
Harte, Kevin F., Pfc (KIA)
Hatch, Clyde E., Pfc (KIA)
Hatfield Jr., Grover, Sgt (WIA)
Hatter, Ernest C., Cpl (WIA)
Hatter, Hunter F., Pfc (KIA)
Haughawout, Walter R., Pfc (WIA)
Hawley, Glen H., Pfc (WIA)
Hawley, Roy K., Cpl (WIA)
Hayes, Leon R., Pvt (WIA)
Hayes Jr., Martin L., Pfc (WIA)
Hayner, Bertram A., Pfc (WIA)
Haynes, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Healy, Robert J., Cpl (WIA)
Hearne, Paul V., Pfc (KIA)
Hedrick, Elisha E., Pfc (KIA)
Heimiller, Herman J., Pfc (DOW)
Heinze, Rodney L., Cpt (WIA)
Heiss, Norman W., Pfc (WIA)
Heller, Thomas E., Pfc (WIA)
Helmon, Robert L., Pfc (KIA)
Hemphill, William L., Cpl (WIA)
Henault, Norman L., Pfc (KIA)
Henderson, Franklin E., Cpl (WIA)
Henderson, James A., Pfc (KIA)
Henry, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Herbert, Lather J., PltSgt (KIA)
Herford, Fred W., Sgt (WIA)
Herzberg, Carroll A., Cpl (WIA)
Herzog, Vincent P., Sgt (WIA)
Hess, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Hesse, Harry L., Cpl (DOW)
Hice, Laurens E., Pfc (WIA)
Higgins, Byron L., Pfc (KIA)
Higgs, Willard O., Pfc (KIA)
Hill, Oren R., PltSgt (DOW)
Hillis, John 'R', Pfc (WIA)
Hilyard, Charles R., Pfc (WIA)
Hockett, James R., Pvt (WIA)
Hockin, Robert J., Sgt (WIA)
Hoenig, Matthew W., Cpl (WIA)
Holden, Douglas E., Pfc (WIA)
Holguin, Gabino R., Pfc (WIA)
HolIman, Clinton R., Cpl (WIA)
Holweger, Clarence, Pfc (WIA)
Hones Jr., Arthur L., Pfc (WIA)
Hopper, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Horstman, William G., Pfc (WIA)
Horvat, Edward G., Cpl (WIA)
Hossler, Dale G., Pfc (WIA)
Hough, Irving J., Pfc (WIA)
Housewood, Johnson, Pfc (KIA)
Howard, Eugene, Pfc (WIA)
Howard, Sam, Pfc (KIA)
Howell, Walter R., Pfc (WIA)
Howell, William J., Pvt (KIA)
Howell Jr., Carl W., Pfc (WIA)
Howlett, William, 1lt (WIA)
Huber, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Hughes, Burnes J., Cpl (WIA)
Hughes, Charles E., 2lt (KIA)
Hughes, William B., Pfc (WIA)
Huhr, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Humphrey, John L., Pfc (WIA)
Hunt, James D., Pfc (WIA)
Ruse, Morris E., Sgt (WIA)
Hutvagner, John A., Cpl (WIA)
Icampo, Terensio A., Pfc (WIA)
Ince, Charles G., Pfc (WIA)
Ingraham, Gene H., Pfc (WIA)
Ingraham, Howard S., Pfc (WIA)
Ivy, Merle S., Pfc (WIA)
Izbicki, Charles P., Pfc (WIA)
Jakel, Merlyn L., Pfc (KIA)
Jamison, Gordon M., Pfc (KIA)
Janca, George P., Pfc (WIA)
Jankun, Stanley G., Sgt (KIA)
Jean, Bertrand L.A., Pfc (WIA)
Jennings, 'W' 'A', Pfc (KIA)
Jennings, Edwin R., PltSgt (WIA)
Jensen, Loren D., Pfc (WIA)
Jepsen, Harvey E., Pvt (WIA)
Jernberg, Ruben C., Cpl (WIA)
Jewett, Bernard 'C', Pfc (WIA)
Jobe Jr., Paul A., Pfc (KIA)
Johannsen, Lawrence R., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Ernest A., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Thomas J., Cpl (DOW)
Johnson, William E., Sgt (WIA)
Johnston Jr., Ray, Pfc (WIA)
Johnstone, Robert B., Pfc (KIA)
Jones, Edgar L., Pfc (KIA)
Jones, Francis R., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Herschel F., PltSgt (WIA)
Jones, Pearlimon L., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Raymond F., Pfc (WIA)
Jordan, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Jordan, William R., Sgt (WIA)
Jorgenson, James H., Cpl (WIA)
Joyce, Joseph S., Cpl (DOW)
Jozefick, Steve E., ACk (KIA)
Jurgianus, Clemens R., Pfc (WIA)
Justice, William R., Cpl (DOW)
Kaczmarek, Edmund F., Pfc (WIA)
Kah, Carl J., Pfc (WIA)
Kaledo, John G., Pfc (KIA)
Kalipolitis, Constantine, Pfc (WIA)
Karpowicz, William A., Pfc (WIA)
Kaspriak, Frederick, Pfc (WIA)
Kavanaugh, Robert E., 1lt (WIA)
Kazarick, Edward, Cpl (KIA)
Kazmierczak, Raymond P., Pfc (WIA)
Kearn Jr., Alexander G., Cpl (WIA)
Keefe, George A., Pfc (WIA)
Keenan Jr., Kenneth J., Pfc (WIA)
Keene, Lawrence T., Cpl (WIA)
Keller, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Keller, Robert S., Pfc (KIA)
Kelly, Edward F., Cpl (KIA)
Kendrick Jr., John B., Pfc (WIA)
Kennedy, Edward C., Pfc (KIA)
Kennerty Jr., Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Kent, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Kerrigan, Warren J., Pfc (WIA)
Kidner, Holly B., Pfc (WIA)
Kienzle, Edwin, GySgt (KIA)
Killian, Edward G., Pfc (WIA)
Kilmer, Harold R., Pfc (KIA)
King Jr., William O., Pfc (KIA)
Kinnamon, Ralph M., Cpl (WIA)
Kirkland, Edward K., Pfc (WIA)
Kjos, Alfred G., Pfc (WIA)
Klier Jr., William F., Cpl (WIA)
Knerr, Paul C., Cpl (WIA)
Knott, George C., Pfc (WIA)
Korelnia, Peter, Pfc (WIA)
Kowalec, Chester J., Pfc (WIA)
Krank, Harold P., Pfc (WIA)
Kraus, George L., Cpl (WIA)
Krehnbrink, William H., 1lt (KIA)
Krejci, Edward R., Pfc (KIA)
Kroncke, Arthur J., 2lt (KIA)
Kujawa, Harry S., Pfc (DOW)
Kulaski Jr., Anthony E., Sgt (KIA)
Kurowskl Jr., Carl R., Pfc (WIA)
Kurzel, Max P., Pfc (WIA)
Kuzminski, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Kvadus Jr., Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
La France, Robert, Cpl (WIA)
La Torraca Jr., Enrico, Cpl (WIA)
Labor, Alphonse J., Pfc (KIA)
Lacy, Robert M., Pfc (WIA)
Laferty, Winifred M., Pfc (WIA)
Laffin Jr., Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Lager, Harry R., Pfc (WIA)
Laivell, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Lajewski, Henry V., Cpl (DOW)
Lalanne, Peter D., Pfc (WIA)
Lamberson Jr., William R., Sgt (WIA)
Lambert, Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Lambert Jr., William R., 2lt (KIA)
Lamont, Thomas, Cpl (WIA)
Lanata, Henry L., Pfc (WIA)
Laneville, Homer C.S., Cpl (WIA)
Langben, Paul R.L., Sgt (WIA)
Lange, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Lapointe, Robert, Pfc (WIA)
Larson, Harold E., Pfc (WIA)
Lawes, Carleton W., Sgt (KIA)
Lawson, Willard, Pvt (WIA)
Layton, Howard E., Pfc (WIA)
Le Grand, Bud 'H', 1stSgt (WIA)
La Tarte, Phillip E., Cpl (WIA)
La Vine, Harold N., 2lt (KIA)
Leader, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Leal, Quirino, Pfc (KIA)
Lee, Darol E., Pfc (WIA)
Lee Jr., Horace 'H', Cpl (WIA)
Lefever, Donald A., Pfc (WIA)
Lager, Albert, Pfc (WIA)
Lager, Clifford J., Pvt (WIA)
Legg, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Leitner, Robert, Pfc (WIA)
Lemaire, Arthur P., Pvt (WIA)
Leonard, Billy C., Pfc (KIA)
Leonard, John J., Cpl (WIA)
Lesniak, John W., Cpl (WIA)
Laster, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Lever, James, Pfc (WIA)
Lewis Jr., William E., Pfc (WIA)
Libby, Alger C., Pfc (WIA)
Ligocki, Floyd B., Pfc (WIA)
Liming, Robert D., Pvt (WIA)
Lindenberg, Earl A., Pfc (KIA)
Lindsey, Jacob W., Pfc (WIA)
Livingston III, Robert F., 2lt (DOW)
Locklar, James L., Pfc (DOW)
Lockman, Harold L., Pfc (WIA)
Loconto, Philip J., Pfc (KIA)
Loewer, Richard E., Pfc (WIA)
Lombardi, Anthony B., Pfc (WIA)
Lomers, Claude E., Cpl (WIA)
Long, Cleon W., Pfc (KIA)
Looney, Major R., Cpl (DOW)
Loose, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Lopata, Alexander S., Pfc (WIA)
Lopeko Jr., George, Pfc (KIA)
Lopriore, James R., Cpl (KIA)
Lorentzen, Willard E., Cpl (WIA)
Lorenzen, Warren C., Sgt (WIA)
Lothar, Elmer J., Pfc (WIA)
Loy, Roger U., Cpl (WIA)
Lucas Jr., Huron J., Pfc (WIA)
Luedecker, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Lukas, Jack J., Pfc (WIA)
Lunney, Thomas B., Sgt (WIA)
Lupsewicz, Joseph M., Pfc (WIA)
Lylis, Daniel, Pfc (WIA)
Lynch, Edwin J., Cpl (WIA)
Lynch, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Lynch Jr., James J., 1lt (WIA)
Lynch Jr., Robert G., Sgt (WIA)
Lynn Jr., Morris O., Pfc (WIA)
MacDonald, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
MacEwan Jr., John A., Pfc (KIA)
Macaro, Pasquale C., Pfc (WIA)
Macionge, Edward B., Pfc (WIA)
Mackin, Thomas P., Cpl (WIA)
Mahaffey Jr., Ed H., Pfc (WIA)
Maier, Joseph A., 1stSgt (WIA)
Makohon, Victor F., Pfc (KIA)
Malinowski, Czeslaw P., Pfc (WIA)
Mandel, Irving, Pfc (WIA)
Mandelko, Earle W., Pfc (WIA)
Manfredonia, Salvatore A., Sgt (WIA)
Mangerson, Carl J., Pfc (WIA)
Manion, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Manning, Earl R., Pfc (WIA)
Marant, Albert A., Cpl (WIA)
Margolis, Israel, MGySgt (DOW)
Marine, James J., Pfc (KIA)
Marino, Leonard C., Sgt (WIA)
Marko, Alexander J., Pfc (WIA)
Marks, Carl, Cpl (WIA)
Marler, Vernon W., Pfc (WIA)
Marquez, Lucindo, Pvt (WIA)
Marshall, Barton A., Cpl (WIA)
Marshall, Daniel W., 1lt (WIA)
Marsiglia, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, David K., 1lt (WIA)
Martin, Erwin W., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Floyd W., Pfc (KIA)
Martin, George S., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Joseph H., Pfc (KIA)
Martin, Willie F., Cpl (WIA)
Martin Jr., Thomas L., Pfc (WIA)
Martinez, Arnaldo, Pfc (WIA)
Martinez, Isaias, Pfc (WIA)
Marvin, Milton C., WO (DOW)
Mason, Perry C., Pfc (WIA)
Massicotte, Paul L., Cpl (WIA)
Masterson, James W., Pvt (WIA)
Mayer, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Mazza, Domenic J., Pfc (WIA)
McAllaster, Donald L., Pvt (WIA)
McCarrel, James A., Sgt (WIA)
McCarthy, John B., Sgt (WIA)
McCartney, Thomas F., Sgt (WIA)
McClain, Johnnie H., Cpl (KIA)
McClure, Harry J., Pfc (WIA)
McComsey, James W., Pfc (WIA)
McCorquindale, William R., Pfc (DOW)
McCullough, 'J' 'C', Pfc (WIA)
McDaniel, Laster H., Pfc (WIA)
McDonald, William J., Pfc (WIA)
McDonough, William H., Cpt (DOW)
McDowell, Jack, Pfc (WIA)
McDowell, James R., GySgt (KIA)
McGrath, William F., Pfc (WIA)
McGuinness, John J., Pfc (WIA)
McHale, William J., Pfc (WIA)
McHugh, William J., Pfc (WIA)
McKay, Ray E., Pfc (DOW)
McKeon, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
McKim Jr., Edward D., 2lt (KIA)
McKnight Jr., Arthur C., Pfc (WIA)
McLaughlin, Charles R., Pfc (KIA)
McMahon, Richard L.J. Pfc (WIA)
McMullen, Edgar A., Pfc (WIA)
McShane, Gerald J., Pfc (WIA)
McTiernan, Girard J., Cpl (DOW)
Meccia, Angelo D., Pfc (DOW)
Meehan, Sherman E., Pfc (WIA)
Meharg, William A., Cpl (WIA)
Meier, Donald L., Sgt (WIA)
Meininger, Fred, Cpl (WIA)
Melenric, Joseph J., Pfc (KIA)
Melius, Peter L., Cpl (WIA)
Mellenthien, Earl H., Cpl (WIA)
Melvin, Walter E., Cpl (WIA)
Merisch, Warren F., Pfc (DOW)
Mertza, Alfred R., Pvt (WIA)
Messer, Leon, Pfc (WIA)
Meuse Jr., William F., Cpl (WIA)
Meyer, Harold H., Cpl (KIA)
Meyer Jr., Louis W., Pfc (WIA)
Meyn, Frederick G., Pfc (WIA)
Micco, Anthony J., Pfc (KIA)
Middlebrooks, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Migliore, Nick J., Pfc (WIA)
Mihelic, Patrick H., Pfc (WIA)
Miles, Alvin B., Pfc (WIA)
Miley, Harold D., Cpl (KIA)
Miller, Charles G., Pfc (KIA)
Miller, Christie L., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, Claire E., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Donald P., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Harry D., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Leonard E., Cpl (DOW)
Miller, Louis J., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, Mark, Cpl (KIA)
Miller, Marshall H., Pfc (DOW)
Miller, Richard D., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Robert M., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, Stanley J., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Warren E., Pfc (WIA)
Milversted, Richard W., Pfc (WIA)
Mincard, Kenneth F., Pfc (DOW)
Minger, Clarence K., Pfc (WIA)
Minor, Samuel J., Pfc (WIA)
Minota, Stanley, Pfc (KIA)
Mitchell, Dee Whitt, Cpl (WIA)
Mitchell, Laverne E., Pfc (WIA)
Mitich, Jasen, Pfc (KIA)
Moeckli, Quentin L., Pfc (WIA)
Moesch, Walter, Pfc (WIA)
Monroe, George S., 2lt (DOW)
Montalbano, Theodore L., Sgt (WIA)
Montemurro, Carmine F., Cpl (WIA)
Moon, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Moore, William J., Pfc (KIA)
Moreau, Wilmer M., Cpl (WIA)
Morehouse, Kenneth G., Pfc (KIA)
Morgan, Tommie W., Pfc (WIA)
Morgero, Peter J., Pfc (WIA)
Morris, Howard W., Pfc (WIA)
Morris, Joshua, Pfc (KIA)
Morris, Milton S., Cpl (DOW)
Morris, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Morton Jr., Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Moshier, Richard, Pfc (WIA)
Mostrangeli, William J., Sgt (WIA)
Mote, Clyde A., Cpl (WIA)
Molt, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Muir, Thomas J., Cpl (KIA)
Mulcahy, Edward W., 2lt (WIA)
Mull, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Mulligan Jr., Patrick W., Pfc (KIA)
Mullins Jr., Harra E., Pfc (KIA)
Munn, Robert E., Cpl (WIA)
Munro, George l., Cpl (WIA)
Murphy, John D., Pvt (WIA)
Murphy, Roland C., Cpl (WIA)
Murphy, Thomas M., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy Jr., John J., Pfc (WIA)
Murray Jr., Richard J., Pfc (WIA)
Murray Jr., William K., Pfc (WIA)
Muschinski, Roland A., Pfc (WIA)
Myers, Thomas W., Pfc (KIA)
Nagy, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Napierkowski, Stanley J., Sgt (WIA)
Nash, Wallace E., Pfc (WIA)
Nastasi Jr., Joseph A., 1stSgt (WIA)
Nelch, Robert E., Sgt (WIA)
Nelms, Thomas E., Pvt (KIA)
Nelaon, Oscar E., Pfc (WIA)
Nestler, William H., Cpl (WIA)
Nestor, James F., Pfc (KIA)
Nettnin, Gerald C., Pfc (KIA)
Neuman, Robert R., Pfc (WIA)
Newby, Albert J., Pfc (WIA)
Newman, Irving, Pfc (WIA)
Nicholson, Andrew P., Pfc (KIA)
Nicholson, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Niehaus, Ralph H., 2lt (WIA)
Nieman, Fritz F., Pfc (WIA)
Nilsson, John G.L., Cpl (DOW)
Nix, Archie L., Pfc (WIA)
Nolan Jr., William J., Pfc (WIA)
Noles, Cecil W., Pfc (WIA)
Norton, Charles W., 2lt (WIA)
Novakovich, Stephen, Pfc (KIA)
Nowlin, Marion G., Cpl (WIA)
Nudera, Stanley A., Pfc (WIA)
Nuzum, James M., Pfc (KIA)
Nye, Paul W., GySgt (DOW)
O'Brien, John J., Pfc (WIA)
O'Connell, Charles F., Sgt (WIA)
O'Connor, Michael J., Pfc (WIA)
O'Connor, Robert E., Pvt (WIA)
O'Connor Jr., Thomas J., Pvt (WIA)
O'Grady, John E., Cpl (WIA)
O'Neill, Edward F., Cpl (WIA)
Oatridge, Elmer L., Pfc (WIA)
Odom, William F., Cpl (WIA)
Oliver, George W., Sgt (WIA)
Oliver, Lawrence F., Pfc (WIA)
Orel, Walter S., Pfc (WIA)
Ormerod, Gilbert M., Pfc (WIA)
Owens, Forrest, Pvt (WIA)
Owens Jr., Walter R., Cpl (WIA)
Painter, Harry E., Pfc (WIA)
Palmer, Richard W., Cpl (WIA)
Pannell Jr., Joseph H., Sgt (WIA)
Papania, Vincent R., Pfc (WIA)
Paradysz, Edward L., Pfc (KIA)
Parker, John H., Pfc (KIA)
Parks, Paul E., Cpl (WIA)
Parrish, William O., Cpl (WIA)
Parsons, Leonard T., Pfc (WIA)
Parys, Stanley E., Pfc (DOW)
Pate, Loran L., Pfc (WIA)
Patin, Edgar J., Pfc (WIA)
Patten, Albert N., Pfc (KIA)
Patterson, Millard M., Pfc (WIA)
Paulisinecz, Michael, Pfc (KIA)
Pauswinski, Frank P., Pfc (WIA)
Payne, Oren B., Sgt (KIA)
Payne, Robert R., Pfc (WIA)
Peebles, Thomas C., Cpl (WIA)
Peers, Morris E., Pfc (WIA)
Peet, Wendell H., Sgt (WIA)
Pendergrass, Marvin A., Pfc (DOW)
Pendleton, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Perkins, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Peters, Thomas W., Pfc (WIA)
Peterson, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Peterson, Robert I., Pfc (WIA)
Petro, John, Pfc (WIA)
Petroskey, Richard V., Pvt (WIA)
Phillips, Charles C., Pfc (WIA)
Phillips, Paul H., 2lt (KIA)
Piatek, Tadeusz, Pfc (WIA)
Pickering, Clarence F., Cpl (WIA)
Pickier, Edwin C., Cpl (WIA)
Pileckas, Allen, Pfc (WIA)
Pineau, George L., Pfc (WIA)
Piotrowski, Alphonse S., Pfc (WIA)
Pisano, Nicholas R., Cpl (KIA)
Pisselli, Frank A., Pfc (WIA)
Pitman, Joseph E., Pfc (WIA)
Pitner Jr., Nathan G., Pfc (WIA)
Plummer, William C., Sgt (WIA)
Pocsaji, John S., Pfc (WIA)
Podvorac, Albert R., Pfc (WIA)
Poe, Richard H., Pfc (WIA)
Poirier, Earl H., Cpl (KIA)
Porter, John A., Cpl (WIA)
Poston Jr., Simon G., Pvt (WIA)
Poulin, Andrew V., Cpl (KIA)
Pounds, Theron S., 1lt (WIA)
Powell, Earl L., Pfc (WIA)
Price, Howard D., Pfc (WIA)
Price, John S., Pfc (WIA)
Price Jr., Levon, Cpl (WIA)
Prouty, Paul B., Pfc (WIA)
Pizybyl, Matthew J., Cpl (WIA)
Puls, Clarence R., Pfc (WIA)
Quadros Jr., Frank A., Pfc (WIA)
Quai, Paul W., Pvt (WIA)
Quick, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Radcliffe Jr., Earl, Pvt (WIA)
Radford, Dorsel L., Pfc (WIA)
Radford, Waverly B., Pfc (DOW)
Radi, Donald E., Pfc (WIA)
Rae, Hugh W., Cpl (WIA)
Rafter Jr., Frank J., Pvt (WIA)
Rainier, Merrill B., Pfc (WIA)
Ramirez, Manuel N., Pfc (WIA)
Ramsey, Eugene P., Sgt (WIA)
Rattin, Ray R., Pvt (KIA)
Rawlins, Bert A., Cpl (WIA)
Raymond, Harry W., PltSgt (WIA)
Raymond, Warren H., PltSgt (WIA)
Reddeck Jr., Carl C., Pfc (KIA)
Redis, Paul T., Pfc (WIA)
Redman, Vernon H., Sgt (WIA)
Redmon, Roy F., Cpl (WIA)
Reese, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Reese, Norris R., Cpl (WIA)
Regensburg, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Reilly, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Reilly, Robert J., Sgt (DOW)
Reitchel Jr., Paul A., Cpl (WIA)
Remidez, Willie, Pvt (WIA)
Renzo, Peter J., PltSgt (WIA)
Reposky, Andrew J., Pfc (WIA)
Ressler Jr., Frank P., Pfc (WIA)
Rhea Jr., Earl J., Pfc (WIA)
Rhoads, Earl R., GySgt (DOW)
Rice, George H., Pfc (KIA)
Rice, Thomas E., Sgt (WIA)
Ridgeway, Edwin E., Pfc (WIA)
Ridings, Horace W., Pfc (WIA)
Riley, Darwin J., Cpl (KIA)
Rinaudo, Joe A., Sgt (WIA)
Rinchik, William, Pfc (WIA)
Ringwald, Ralph C., Sgt (WIA)
Riordan, Joseph C., Cpl (WIA)
Ritchie, Claude W., Pfc (WIA)
Ritter, Goebel F., Pfc (WIA)
Rivara, Aldo J., Cpl (DOW)
Roach, Donald G., Pvt (DOW)
Roach, George L., Pfc (WIA)
Robbins, Harry L., Pfc (WIA)
Robbins, Orval, Pfc (WIA)
Robbins Jr., George A., Sgt (WIA)
Roberts, Louis A., Pfc (WIA)
Robesky Jr., Thomas 'A', 1lt (WIA)
Robinson, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Robinson, Francis E., Pfc (WIA)
Rockmore, Clayton S., Cpt (WIA)
Rodak, Walter E., Pfc (WIA)
Rodgers, Anthony R., Pfc (WIA)
Rodgers, Millard C., Pfc (WIA)
Rodocker, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Rodwelier, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Roethlisberger, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Rogers, Edward T., Pfc (WIA)
Rogers, Leroy C., Cpl (WIA)
Roggi, Leon E., Pfc (WIA)
Rolka, Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Romanshek, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Root, Chauncey N., Pfc (WIA)
Root, Clinton E., Pfc (WIA)
Roscioli, Louis, Pfc (WIA)
Rothman, Daniel L., Pfc (WIA)
Rowe, James H., 2lt (KIA)
Royster III, Beverly S., 1lt (KIA)
Ruckel, Harold W., Pfc (WIA)
Ruppert Jr., Joseph T., Pfc (WIA)
Ruselowski, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Russo, Charles C., SgtMaj (WIA)
Ruzga, Clifford J., Pfc (WIA)
Sabochick, Michael J., Pfc (KIA)
Sachs, Seymour, Pfc (WIA)
Sadowski, Stanley F., Cpl (WIA)
Salas, Hermi, Pfc (WIA)
Saldana, Louie J., Pvt (WIA)
Salisbury, Theodore L., Sgt (WIA)
Samo Jr., Andrew J., Sgt (WIA)
Sanchez, Louis R., Sgt (WIA)
Sanders, Marion A., Pfc (WIA)
Sandison, Gordon T., 1lt (WIA)
Sandstrom, Eric G., Sgt (WIA)
Santana, Manuel R., Cpl (WIA)
Santella, Basil D., Pfc (WIA)
Sapp, Grover D., Cpl (DOW)
Sargent Jr., Lawrence H., Pfc (WIA)
Sawyer, Frank W., Cpl (KIA)
Scannell, Harold W., Pfc (WIA)
Scantlin, Merle R., Cpl (WIA)
Schenk, Henry W., Pfc (WIA)
Schiesler, Phillip G., Pfc (WIA)
Schilt, Louis H., Cpl (WIA)
Schmid, Walter W., Pfc (WIA)
Schmuhl, Louis W., Pfc (WIA)
Scholfield, Loren W., Sgt (WIA)
Schroer, George J., Pfc (KIA)
Schuler, Donald E., Pfc (WIA)
Schultz, Yonkel, Cpl (KIA)
Schwarze, Paul H., Pfc (WIA)
Schwein, Werner F., Pfc (WIA)
Schweintzer Jr., Charles H., Sgt (WIA)
Scott, Rayford O., 1stSgt (WIA)
Seabolt, Leon H., Pfc (WIA)
Selby, Donald E., Cpl (WIA)
Seminsky, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Semlinger, Jack C., Pfc (WIA)
Senger, Gerald E., Pfc (WIA)
Settles, Roy B., Pfc (KIA)
Sewell, Archie, Pvt (WIA)
Sgroia, Vito A., Pfc (WIA)
Shaw, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Shaw, Glen A., Sgt (WIA)
Shaw, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Sheaks, Ralph W., MTSgt (KIA)
Sheble, Thomas R., Pfc (WIA)
Sheriff Jr., Albert H., Pfc (WIA)
Shevlin, Conrad R., Pfc (WIA)
Shiffner, Robert R., Pfc (WIA)
Shingler, Franklin, Cpl (WIA)
Shockley, Benton A., Cpl (WIA)
Shoemaker, William G., Cpt (KIA)
Shouck, Walter D., Pfc (WIA)
Shrader, Clifford W., Cpl (WIA)
Shrader, Paul F., Pfc (WIA)
Siffing, Clarence N., Sgt (WIA)
Sifft, George, Pfc (WIA)
Sillars, Frederic T., Sgt (WIA)
Silvano, Arthur C., Pfc (WIA)
Simon, Leo, Pfc (WIA)
Simon, Steve K., Pfc (WIA)
Simpson, Oliver M., Cpl (DOW)
Simpson, Robert B., PltSgt (WIA)
Singleton, James V., Pfc (WIA)
Skidmore, Clyde B., Cpl (WIA)
Skikerman, Harvey F., Pfc (WIA)
Skjodal, Olav K., Pfc (WIA)
Skurka, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Sister, Clarence F., Pfc (WIA)
Slavin, Kenneth C., Cpl (WIA)
Sleeth Jr., Edwin H., Pfc (WIA)
Shone, Robert M., Cpl (WIA)
Smith, Charles G., Cpl (DOW)
Smith, Cloe E., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Elmer G., Pvt (WIA)
Smith, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Guy W., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Herbert H., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Hodge D., Pfc (KIA)
Smith, Jack, Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Jack E., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Jack H., Pvt (WIA)
Smith, Jack K., Cpl (WIA)
Smith, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Lewis E., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Norman D., Pfc (DOW)
Smith, Robert E., PltSgt (WIA)
Smith, Robert J., Sgt (WIA)
Smith, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Smyser, Robert M., 1lt (KIA)
Snell, George H., Pfc (WIA)
Snizek, Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Snow, George F., Pfc (KIA)
Snow, Robert H., Cpl (KIA)
Snow, William O., Cpl (WIA)
Soloway, Stanley J., Pfc (WIA)
Sostar, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Spainhour, Calvin R., Pfc (WIA)
Spak, Mike G., Pfc (WIA)
Sparks, Curtis, FldCk (WIA)
Spellman Jr., Timothy E., Pfc (WIA)
Spicer, Charles R., Pfc (DOW)
Spinner, Russell S., Pfc (WIA)
Sprouse, Robert B., Pfc (WIA)
Spurlin, Lewis L., Pfc (WIA)
Srader, Steven L., GySgt (WIA)
Stabley, Harry L., Pfc (KIA)
Stafford Jr., Joe H., Pfc (WIA)
Stalloni, Anthony E., Cpl (WIA)
Stattle, Louis, Pfc (WIA)
Stefanski, Paul, Pfc (WIA)
Steffen, Milton B., Pfc (WIA)
Stegman, Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Steingraber Jr., Carl A., Pfc (WIA)
Stevenson, Benjamin F., Pfc (WIA)
Stevenson, Joseph W., Cpl (KIA)
Stewart, William R., TSgt (WIA)
Stieler, Victor W., Pfc (WIA)
Stoyak, Fred F., Pfc (WIA)
Strain, 'J' 'R', GySgt (WIA)
Strauss, Richard H., 1lt (WIA)
Strong, Otto W., Pfc (WIA)
Strubel, Joseph J., Cpl (WIA)
Studemeyer, Clarence, Pfc (WIA)
Sturrock, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Sulkowksi, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Sullenberger, Eugene G., Pfc (WIA)
Summar, Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Suttinen, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Sutton, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Swanby, Owen D., Pfc (WIA)
Sweeney, John 'W', Pfc (WIA)
Sweet, Herbert J., 1stSgt (WIA)
Tarr, Frank E., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Charles J., 1lt (KIA)
Taylor, Earl F., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Teegarden, Eugene H., Pvt (KIA)
Therrell, James G., Pfc (WIA)
Therrien, Eugene, Pfc (WIA)
Thoman, Howard C., Pfc (WIA)
Thomas, Louis A., Pfc (WIA)
Thomas Jr., Floyd L., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Clair S., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Harry E., 2lt (WIA)
Thompson, Leonard E., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Merwin L., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Wilbur V., Cpl (WIA)
Thompson Jr., Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson Jr., James A., Pfc (WIA)
Thorndyke, Tom J., Pfc (KIA)
Timpany, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Tinsley, Forrest H., Cpl (WIA)
Tissandier, Victor L., Pfc (WIA)
Tittle, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Tittle, Walker T., Pfc (WIA)
Toci, Philip, Pfc (KIA)
Toffanetti, Geno, Pfc (WIA)
Tomassi, Albert, Pfc (WIA)
Tompkins, Richard L., Pfc (WIA)
Tortorich, Vincent, Cpl (WIA)
Toth, Steve P., Pfc (WIA)
Toth Jr., George H., Pfc (WIA)
Troutman, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Trumble, Nelson F., Pvt (WIA)
Tsapatsaris, Peter N., Pfc (WIA)
Tucker Jr., Steve, Pfc (KIA)
Tullis, Newton C., 1stSgt (WIA)
Turregano, Thomas C., Pfc (WIA)
Tuskey, Arthur R., Pfc (WIA)
Tycholiz, Harry J., Pvt (DOW)
Tyree, Norman K., Pfc (WIA)
Ubertaccio, Emmanuel C., Cpl (WIA)
Ullmer, Richard B., Pfc (WIA)
Valek, William J., Pfc (DOW)
Valentine, Kenneth D., Sgt (WIA)
Valentine, Wilford C., Cpl (KIA)
Van Daley, Charles R., Cpl (WIA)
Van Dorsten, Roy A., Pfc (KIA)
Van Laanen, Lawrence V., Cpl (WIA)
Van Scoyk, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Vanatta, Vern C., PltSgt (WIA)
Vandegrift, Roy M., Pfc (WIA)
Vandendries, Henry A., Pfc (WIA)
Vanmeter, Arthur, Sgt (KIA)
Vara, Paul G., Pfc (WIA)
Vendetta, Paul T., Pfc (WIA)
Ventris, Earnest Q., Pfc (WIA)
Veon, Eugene H., Pfc (KIA)
Vesce, John, Pvt (KIA)
Vesely, George J., Pfc (DOW)
Vest, Julian M., Pfc (WIA)
Vetrano, Louis J., Pfc (WIA)
Vettori, Alexander, Pfc (KIA)
Virgets Jr., Edward J., Cpl (WIA)
Vollmer, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Voltmer, Elmer F., Sgt (WIA)
Von Mehren, George A., Pfc (WIA)
Vore, Norman D., Pfc (WIA)
Vysniauskas, Vincent J., Pfc (WIA)
Wade, Robert F., Cpl (WIA)
Wade, Wilford D., Cpl (WIA)
Waechter, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Wagner, Albert, Pfc (WIA)
Wagoner, Howard D., Sgt (WIA)
Wake, Charles L., Pfc (WIA)
Walaszek, Frank J., Sgt (DOW)
Wall, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Wall, Leonard R., Pfc (WIA)
Wall, Richard F., Pfc (WIA)
Walsh, Robert W., Cpl (WIA)
Walsh Jr., Leo P., Pfc (WIA)
Walther Jr., John E., Pfc (WIA)
Waltman, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Walton, Gordon F., Pfc (WIA)
Wambach, William LeR., Pfc (WIA)
Wanamaker, Rodman, Pfc (KIA)
Ward, George G., Pfc (WIA)
Ward, Harry R., Pfc (WIA)
Waring, Willie 'B', Pfc (DOW)
Warner, John E., Sgt (WIA)
Warner, Paul L., Pfc (WIA)
Warren, Franklin K., Pfc (WIA)
Warren, Fred E., Pfc (WIA)
Warren, Lester G., Pfc (WIA)
Warren, William M., Pfc (WIA)
Warzycki, Joseph S., Pfc (KIA)
Wasson, Glenn E., Pfc (WIA)
Watson, Edward E., Pfc (WIA)
Weatherd, Darl K., Pfc (WIA)
Weatherman, Douglas V., Pfc (DOW)
Weaver, Morris R., Pfc (WIA)
Weber, Joe 'D', Pfc (KIA)
Webster, Albert F., Cpl (WIA)
Weckle, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Weeks, Richard S., Pfc (WIA)
Weideman, Edward, Pfc (KIA)
Weimann, Harold F., Pfc (WIA)
Weir, Paul J., Sgt (WIA)
Welch, Warren W., Pfc (WIA)
Wells, Maurice E., Pfc (WIA)
Wells, Robert I., Cpl (WIA)
Welsh, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Wetli, Jerome C., Pfc (WIA)
Wharton, Ferris L., 1lt (KIA)
Wheeler, Robert A., Pfc (WIA)
Wheldon, James M., Sgt (WIA)
Whipps, Nelson, Pfc (KIA)
Whisenand, Owen D., Pfc (WIA)
White, Joseph L., Pfc (KIA)
White, Wallace W., Pfc (WIA)
Whitehead, Joseph E., Pfc (WIA)
Whitworth, James A., Sgt (WIA)
Wickham, Edwin, FldMus1c (WIA)
Wiernasz, Chester S., Pfc (WIA)
Wilhite, George T., Pfc (WIA)
Wilkins, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Wilkinson, Ellis F., Pfc (WIA)
Willett, Robert L., Pfc (DOW)
Willi, Warren A., Cpl (WIA)
Williams, George E., Cpl (WIA)
Williams, Jurrel D., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, William R., 1lt (WIA)
Williams Jr., Frederick, Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Gustavus N., Cpl (WIA)
Wilson, Raymond J., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Roland R., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson Jr., Walter O., Pfc (WIA)
Wimmer, Grady C., Pfc (WIA)
Wise, John, Pfc (WIA)
Witt, Harold E., Pfc (KIA)
WIA)ch, John, Cpl (WIA)
Wodicka, Paul V., Pfc (WIA)
Woehlk, Louis A., Cpl (WIA)
Wolfe, William J., Sgt (WIA)
Wolosuk, Fred, Pfc (KIA)
Womack Jr., William H., Pfc (KIA)
Woods, Robert B., Sgt (WIA)
Woodson, Donald O., Pfc (KIA)
Worst, Lester F., Pfc (WIA)
Worthington, Richard M., Pfc (DOW)
Wortington, Charles O., Cpl (WIA)
Wozniak, Theodore, Pfc (WIA)
Wright, James D., Pfc (WIA)
Wright, Maurice A., Pfc (WIA)
Wulkiewicz, John T., Pfc (WIA)
Wyatt, Watson E., GySgt (WIA)
Wyker, Merlin H., Cpl (KIA)
Wynne, Michael J., Cpl (WIA)
Yaus, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Yeager, Alexander J., Pfc (WIA)
Yesavage, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Yocum, Lester E., Pfc (WIA)
Young, Sterling 'G', Pfc (WIA)
Young Jr., Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Yrle, Benjamin O., Pfc (WIA)
Zachary, Donald H., Cpl (WIA)
Zamora, Rudolph, Pfc (KIA)
Zieske, Douglas R., Pfc (WIA)
Ziko, Affonso J., Cpl (WIA)
Zimmer, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Zimmerman, Richard J., Pfc (WIA)
Zoellner, Howard E., Pfc (DOW)
Zomerfeld, John S., Pfc (WIA)

Abrevaya, Ralph, Pfc (WIA)
Adams, Thomas W., Pfc (WIA)
Adams, Wilbur l., Pfc (WIA)
Adams, William C., Cpl (DOW)
Adams Jr., Fancher, Pvt (WIA)
Akers, Marshall E., Pfc (WIA)
Alberghini, Thomas J., 2lt (WIA)
Alderfer, Richard K., Pfc (KIA)
Alexander Jr., James H., Pfc (WIA)
Alexandre, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Allen, Arthur T., Pfc (WIA)
Allen, Lawrence W., Pfc (KIA)
Alley, Harry F., Pvt (WIA)
Allison, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Almond, Thomas A., Cpl (WIA)
Alviso, Jesus R., Cpl (KIA)
Amundson, Maurice R., Cpt (KIA)
Ancell, George S., Cpl (WIA)
Anderson, Charles M., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, James L., Cpl (WIA)
Anderson, Ralph G., Sgt (KIA)
Anderson, Walter D., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson Jr., John C., Pfc (KIA)
Anderson Jr., William K., Cpl (WIA)
Andress, Edwin L., Pfc (WIA)
Andrews, Henry C., Pfc (WIA)
Andrews Jr., Homer P., Pfc (WIA)
Ansaloni, Vincent L., Pfc (KIA)
Ant, John W., Pfc (KIA)
Antunez, Manuel P., Pfc (KIA)
Arabie, Joseph W., Pfc (KIA)
Arant, 'J' 'W', Pvt (KIA)
Arnold, Daniel C., Pfc (WIA)
Austin Jr., William H., Cpl (WIA)
Avers Jr., 'H' 'R', Pfc (WIA)
Bachelder, Roger C., Pfc (WIA)
Bachelot Jr., Webster J., Cpl (WIA)
Baghy, Jack L., Pfc (WIA)
Bagenski, Leon E., Pfc (WIA)
Bahniuk, Matthew, Pfc (WIA)
Bair, Dale W., 1lt (WIA)
Baker, Clifford H., Pfc (WIA)
Baker, Herman C., Pfc (KIA)
Baker, Malcolm K., 2lt (WIA)
Baker, Robert K., Sgt (WIA)
Bale, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Ballow, Paul, Pfc (WIA)
Balzereit, Leo C., 1lt (WIA)
Banahan, Andrew J., Pfc (WIA)
Bandish, Earl F., Cpl (WIA)
Barker, James L., Pfc (WIA)
Barker, Robert A., Pfc (KIA)
Barnes, Freeman 'A', Pfc (WIA)
Barness, Maynard C., Pfc (WIA)
Barnett, Ronald E., Pfc (KIA)
Barrett, William B., 2lt (WIA)
Barthe, Peter J., Cpl (KIA)
Bartlein, Leon H., Cpl (DOW)
Bartoski, Thomas, Pfc (WIA)
Bass, Victor A., Pfc (KIA)
Bastin, Robert V., Pfc (WIA)
Battista, Rocco A., Pfc (WIA)
Bauer, Donald C., Pfc (WIA)
Bauer, John W., Cpl (WIA)
Beavers, Mason W., Pfc (WIA)
Beavo, Lawrence W., Pvt (KIA)
Bedis, George, Pfc (WIA)
Begley, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Belasquez, Robert V., Pvt (WIA)
Belcher, Troy H., Pfc (WIA)
Bell, Donald H., Sgt (WIA)
Ball, Thomas E., Pfc (KIA)
Belt, Loyd l., 1lt (WIA)
Bender, James G., Pfc (WIA)
Bender, Lowell E., Pfc (WIA)
Benfield, Stanley P., Pfc (WIA)
Banning, George V., Cpl (WIA)
Benson, Kenneth M., Pfc (KIA)
Berg, Leslie H., Cpl (KIA)
Berg, Thomas D., Pfc (KIA)
Bergerhoff Jr., Charles, Cpl (WIA)
Bergstrom, Lawrence E., Pfc (WIA)
Berkowitz, Jerome, Pfc (WIA)
Berkowitz, Reuben J., Cpl (DOW)
Berry, Curtis J., Pfc (WIA)
Beat, Willis O., Pfc (WIA)
Best Jr., Jamie 'M', Cpl (WIA)
Betenbough, 'D' 'J', Pvt (WIA)
Bibbo, Pasquale C., Pfc (WIA)
Bilbrey, Albert W., Pfc (WIA)
Biondi, Telamone H., Pfc (WIA)
Black, Oral, GySgt (WIA)
Blackburn, Mayo, Cpl (KIA)
Blair, Barnard, Pfc (WIA)
Blakemore, Robert, Pfc (KIA)
Blank, Homer H., Pfc (WIA)
Blay, Clayton R., Pvt (WIA)
Bledsoe, James T., Cpl (WIA)
Bledsoe, Thompson L., Cpl (WIA)
Blevins, Ulas G., Pvt (WIA)
Blewitt, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Bobo, Raymond L., Pfc (WIA)
Bockius Jr., Eugene F., Pfc (WIA)
Bockleman, Richard J., GySgt (WIA)
Bodwell, Ralph E., PltSgt (WIA)
Boerger, Richard A., ACk (WIA)
Boesch, Mark J., Cpl (WIA)
Bond, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Boone, Marvin C., Pfc (WIA)
Boozer, Edward L., Cpl (WIA)
Borecki, Peter, Cpl (KIA)
Borowski, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Boucher, Donald A., Pfc (WIA)
Boucher, George A., Pfc (KIA)
Boucher, Louis G., Pvt (WIA)
Bouckart, Albert J., Pfc (WIA)
Boulton, Vern, Pfc (WIA)
Bowe, Grover C., Pfc (WIA)
Bowles Jr., Thomas A., Cpl (WIA)
Bowser, Richard L., Pvt (WIA)
Boylan, Charles L., Pfc (WIA)
Bradley, Bobby W., Cpl (WIA)
Braidwood, Milton R.A., PltSgt (INJ
Brain, Charles W., Cpl (WIA)
Braley, Donald W., Cpl (KIA)
Brammer, George M., Pfc (WIA)
Brandon, Hugh S., Cpl (KIA)
Brandon, Roy A., Pfc (KIA)
Brannigan, Bernard P., Pfc (WIA)
Brasher, Thomas M., PltSgt (WIA)
Bren, Harley H., Pfc (KIA)
Brewer Jr., Roy J., Pfc (WIA)
Breyette, Francis N., Cpl (WIA)
Bridge, Hudson E., Maj (KIA)
Britt, Oscar L., 2lt (WIA)
Brooks, Harold W., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Homer C., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, William H., Cpl (INJ
Brunskill, Ralph W., Pfc (WIA)
Bryant, Harold D., Pvt (WIA)
BuchananIll, Benjamin E., Cpl (WIA)
Bucklin Jr., James I., Cpl (WIA)
Bulbak, John, Pfc (KIA)
Bunn Jr., Ernest V., 1lt (KIA)
Bunting, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Burgents, Edward LeR., Cpl (WIA)
Burke, Thomas K., Pfc (WIA)
Burns, Howard D., Pvt (WIA)
Burnside, Marshall, Cpl (WIA)
Burris, George H., Pfc (KIA)
Butler Jr., John A., Pfc (WIA)
Cadden, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Calabrese, Michael W., Pvt (WIA)
Calcutt, Harry, Cpt (WIA)
Caldwell, Kenneth J., Sgt (WIA)
Caldwell, William C., Pfc (DOW)
Callaghan, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Callier, Melvin G., Pfc (WIA)
Campbell, Arthur, GySgt (WIA)
Campbell, Mervin M., PFc (WIA)
Camps, Joseph W., Pfc (WIA)
Carabajal, Gilberto, Pfc (WIA)
Cardinale, Nicholas J., Pfc (DOW)
Carey, Jerry I., Pfc (WIA)
Carno, Louis R., Sgt (WIA)
Carrick, Harold R., Pfc (WIA)
Carter, George R., Cpl (WIA)
Carter, John J., Pfc (KIA)
Cash, Richard M., Pfc (WIA)
Casterline, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Castlensan, Charles E., Sgt (WIA)
Catanzaro, Gasper J., Sgt (WIA)
Catron, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Causey, Roy T., Pfc (WIA)
Cervantes Jr., Joe, Pfc (WIA)
Chalmers, Kenneth E., Pfc (DOW)
Chamberlain, Tommy H., Pfc (WIA)
Champagne, Jules F., Pfc (KIA)
Chatham, Alton o., Pfc (WIA)
Chelso, Chester J., Pfc (KIA)
Christensen, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Christian, Loy V., Pfc (WIA)
Church, Hobert R., Pfc (WIA)
Church, Hubert H., Cpl (WIA)
Ciampoli, John, Pfc (WIA)
Clark, Verdun F., Sgt (WIA)
Clinesmith, Lloyd W., Pfc (DOW)
Cofer, Arthur E., 2lt (WIA)
Cohen Jr., Alan 'M', Sgt (WIA)
Coldren, Walter W, Pfc (WIA)
Cole, Carlton, Pfc (WIA)
Cole, Clarence E., Pfc (KIA)
Coleman, Thomas R.W., Pfc (WIA)
Collier, John, PfcWIA) (WIA)
Colman, Robert S., Pfc (WIA)
Combs, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Conard, Frank W., Cpl (WIA)
Conkel, Lorin D., Cpl (WIA)
Connolly, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Conoley, Graham G., 1lt (WIA)
Conrad, David R., Cpl (WIA)
Cook, Dudley, 2lt (WIA)
Cook, Harold N., Pfc (WIA)
Cooley, Harold R., Pfc (KIA)
Cooley, Hiawatha, Pfc (WIA)
Coon, Clarence R., Pfc (WIA)
Cooney, Andrew J., Pfc (INJ
Coppinger, James V., Pfc (WIA)
Corcoran, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Corr, Clyde A., Cpl (WIA)
Correa, Manuel A., Pfc (WIA)
Cotton, James E., Pfc (KIA)
Cox, Clint C., Pfc (WIA)
Cox, Earl F., Sgt (WIA)
Cox, Sidney W., Pfc (WIA)
Craft, Donald T., Pfc (WIA)
Crawford, John, Sgt (WIA)
Creamer, Raymond E., Pfc (WIA)
Creekmore Jr., Thomas A., Pfc (WIA)
Creel, Carlton, Pfc (WIA)
Crook, William L.I., Pfc (WIA)
Cross, Virgil K., Pfc (WIA)
Crouch, Edward J., Cpl (WIA)
Croy, Donald E., Pfc (WIA)
Cruse, Robert, Pfc (WIA)
Culp, Mahlon G., Cpl (KIA)
Cummings, James D., Cpl (DOW)
Cunningham, John P., Pfc (KIA)
Curry, Francis J., 1lt (WIA)
Curry Jr., Harold M., Sgt (WIA)
Cuti, Thomas G., Pfc (KIA)
Czerwinski, Donald E., Pfc (WIA)
Dallas, Frank T., Pfc (WIA)
Daniels, Joe J., Pvt (WIA)
Danvir, Richard E., PltSgt (WIA)
Dargis, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Dash, John J., Pfc (KIA)
Davidson, Robert B., Pfc (WIA)
Davieau, Felix K., Pvt (WIA)
Davies, Carl G., Pvt (WIA)
Davies, Carl O., Pfc (WIA)
Davies, Jack F., Cpl (KIA)
Davies, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Davignon, Rene L., Pfc (WIA)
Davis, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Davis, Philip A., 2lt (WIA)
Davis, Thomas R., Pfc (WIA)
Dawdy Jr., Cass W., Sgt (WIA)
Day, William E., 1stSgt (WIA)
De Francisco, Wedor T., Pfc (WIA)
De Koven Jr., Arthur J., Sgt (WIA)
Debnam, Edward D., Cpt (WIA)
Dedrick, Theodore E., Pfc (WIA)
Denna, Holman D., Pfc (WIA)
Denton Jr., Clarence H., Cpl (WIA)
Detroy, Marx D., Cpl (KIA)
Devine Jr., Frederick H., Pfc (DOW)
Dewees Jr., Harry, Pfc (WIA)
Di Biasi, Vito N., Pfc (KIA)
Di Cicco, Joseph C., Pfc (WIA)
Di Cosimo, Patsy, Pfc (WIA)
Dickinson, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Diebel, Donald LeR., Pfc (KIA)
Diegel, Murray R., Pfc (KIA)
Diinger, Harry R., Sgt (WIA)
Dodd, Frederick W., Sgt (KIA)
Doksansky, Clarence F., Pfc (WIA)
Dombrowski, Albert, Pfc (KIA)
Donahue, Charles D., Pfc (WIA)
Dorethy, Rolland J., Pvt (WIA)
Doucette, Arthur L., Pfc (WIA)
Doyle, Jack, Cpl (WIA)
Drach, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Draus, Albin T., Pfc (WIA)
Dromgoole, Merton A., PltSgt (WIA)
Dryke, John M., FldCk (WIA)
Duberson, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Duffy Jr., James T., Pfc (WIA)
Dumont, Raymond R., Cpl (DOW)
Duncan, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Duque, Thomas C., Pfc (WIA)
Durandetto, Clarence G., Pfc (DOW)
Durant, Frederick F., Cpl (WIA)
Durkin Jr., William P., Pfc (WIA)
Duvall, Deane, Cpl (KIA)
Dye, Winmon C., Pfc (WIA)
Dyer, Herman A., Pfc (WIA)
Dysthe, Orville J., Pfc (WIA)
Dzenev, Robert, Pfc (KIA)
Dziedzic, Stanley A., Pfc (KIA)
Edison Jr., Joseph E., Pfc (WIA)
Edmunds, Oakley C., Pfc (WIA)
Edwards, William F., Pfc (KIA)
Eggleston, Clifford E., Pfc (WIA)
Eich, George H., Pfc (WIA)
Elam, Chester W., Pfc (WIA)
Eller, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Ellis Jr., Claude O., Pfc (WIA)
Endzelis, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Evans, Carlisle E., Pfc (WIA)
Evans Jr., Benjamin R., Pfc (KIA)
Everett, William, Pfc (WIA)
Everidge Jr., William E., Sgt (WIA)
Ewing, Jess L., Pfc (WIA)
Fabian, Andrew J., Pfc (KIA)
Facciotti, Leonard A., Cpl (KIA)
Fairbanks, Ralph L., Pfc (WIA)
Falb, Leo, Pfc (DOW)
Fant, Arthur R., Pfc (WIA)
Farese, Ralph, Cpl (WIA)
Farry, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Faw, Wade V., Pfc (WIA)
Fegatelli, Ercole, Pfc (WIA)
Felt Jr., Gustav H., Pfc (WIA)
Fengler, Herman N., Pvt (WIA)
Fennell, Warren A., Pfc (WIA)
Ferrelli, Dominick G., Pfc (WIA)
Ferrier, Robert 'E' Lee, Pfc (WIA)
Field, Robert E., Cpl (KIA)
Filipkowski, Joseph F., Sgt (WIA)
Fincke Jr., Reginald, 2lt (WIA)
Finlay, Evert 'L', Cpl (MIA
Finney, Douglass L., Cpl (WIA)
Finney, James E., Pfc (DOW)
Fisher, Richard J., Pfc (WIA)
Fisher Jr., Hollis D., Cpl (WIA)
Flaherty, Alfred T., Pfc (WIA)
Flanagan, Carl H., Pfc (WIA)
Fleming, Ruble L., Pfc (WIA)
Flood, George H., Cpl (WIA)
Floor, Howard B., Pfc (WIA)
Fogerty, Jerome J., Pfc (DOW)
Folsom, Hoyle J., Pfc (WIA)
Footman, Richard J., Pfc (WIA)
Ford, John F., 1lt (KIA)
Ford, Vincent A., 1lt (KIA)
Foreman, Billy G., Pfc (KIA)
Foreman, Thomas E., Pvt (WIA)
Foshee Jr., George W., Pfc (WIA)
Foster, Darrel D., Pfc (WIA)
Foster, Gerald R., Cpl (WIA)
Foust Jr., Wiley, Pfc (KIA)
Fox, Donald J., Pfc (WIA)
France, Marvin R., Pfc (WIA)
Francis Jr., Edward J., Pfc (DOW)
Frank, Robert L., Cpt (DOW)
Franklin, Oliver W., Pfc (WIA)
Franks, Alexander P., Pfc (WIA)
Fraytak, Ernest J., Pfc (WIA)
Frederick, Louis, Pfc (WIA)
Fretwell, Dennis J., Cpl (WIA)
Fritts, Howard L., Pfc (WIA)
Fuchs, Raymond C., Cpl (WIA)
Furnas, George P., Pfc (WIA)
Gainous, Hansel D., Pfc (DOW)
Gale, George W., Pfc (KIA)
Gallagher, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Gallello Jr., John, Pfc (WIA)
Gamble, James T., 1stSgt (WIA)
Gandron, Roy 'S', Cpl (WIA)
Gannon, Earl, Pfc (WIA)
Garboski, Stephen, Pfc (KIA)
Garland, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Garzino, Alfred N., Pfc (WIA)
Gaston, Hershel L., PltSgt (KIA)
Geer, Gale V., Pfc (WIA)
Gehret, Melvin W., Pfc (WIA)
Genthon, Ernest A., Pfc (KIA)
George, Herman U., Pfc (WIA)
Geyer, Edward B., Pfc (KIA)
Gibson, Edwin R., FldCk (DOW)
Gibson Jr., Horace L., Cpl (WIA)
Gillespie, Ralph E., Pfc (WIA)
Gillespie, Robert T., Cpt (KIA)
Gilroy, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Gisondi, Louis A., Pfc (WIA)
Giunta, Matthew S., Pfc (WIA)
Godin Jr., William H., Pfc (KIA)
Goff, Homer A., Pvt (WIA)
Gold, Irving, Pfc (WIA)
Goldberg, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Golden, Claude, Pfc (WIA)
Gollnick, Raymond H., Pfc (WIA)
Gooch Jr., Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Goodman, Andrew W., Pfc (WIA)
Goudie, Jack L., Pfc (KIA)
Goverts, Donald B., Cpt (WIA)
Grabowski, Leonard A., Pfc (KIA)
Gracik, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Graham, Douglas C., Sgt (WIA)
Graham, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Grant, William A., Pfc (WIA)
Gratz, Donald W., Cpl (KIA)
Graziano, Frank, Sgt (WIA)
Green, Charles H., Sgt (WIA)
Greene, Nelson, Sgt (WIA)
Greenfield, Ralph A., Pfc (WIA)
Gregurich, William L., Pfc (WIA)
Gressley, Edward W., Pfc (WIA)
Grigsby, Thomas F., Pfc (KIA)
Grimes, LeRoy C., Pfc (WIA)
Gross, Roy E., Pfc (KIA)
Grossman, Solomom, Pfc (KIA)
Guffey, Willey, Pfc (WIA)
Guido, David P., GySgt (WIA)
Gunnet, Edward M., Pfc (WIA)
Gustin, Louis T.t., Pfc (WIA)
Gwirtz, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Hass, Harold R., Pfc (KIA)
Hackney, Neal 'C', Cpl (WIA)
Haizlip, Robert E., Cpl (WIA)
Hale, Jap A., Pfc (WIA)
Halleck, George O., Pfc (WIA)
Halvorsen, Nels A., Cpl (KIA)
Hamilton, Francis I., Pfc (KIA)
Hamlett Jr., Bailey Q., Pfc (KIA)
Hamman, Thomas E., Cpl (KIA)
Hamimontree, James F., Cpl (WIA)
Hanchett, Merle L., Pfc (WIA)
Hanna, Lloyd D., Sgt (KIA)
Hanneman, Douglas J., Cpl (WIA)
Haratyk, Wilhelm, Sgt (WIA)
Harback, Laurian C., Pfc (WIA)
Harden Jr., Oscar M., Pfc (KIA)
Harding, Warren J., PltSgt (DOW)
Harman, Harvey 'J', Pfc (WIA)
Harne, Frank W., GySgt (WIA)
Harris, Fredrick B., Pfc (WIA)
Harrison, George B., 2lt (WIA)
Harrison, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Hartman, Darrel F., Sgt (KIA)
Harvey, John T., Cpl (WIA)
Haskell, Roy C., Pfc (WIA)
Hassett, William C., Pvt (WIA)
Hassler, Earley R., Pfc (WIA)
Hastings, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Hatch, Dale R., Pfc (WIA)
Haynes, Eugene L., Pfc (KIA)
Hedrick, Harry D., Cpt (KIA)
Heilman, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Helm, Harry C., Pfc (WIA)
Heming, Robert L., Pfc (DOW)
Hempstead Jr., Don C., 1lt (DOW)
Henderson, Forrest G., Pfc (WIA)
Henington Jr., Henry F., Pfc (KIA)
Hennigar, Robert K., Cpl (WIA)
Hensley, William K., Pfc (WIA)
Henson, Charles E., Cpl (WIA)
Herig, Ralph B., Sgt (WIA)
Hernandez, Lucio V., Cpl (WIA)
Hicks Jr., Raymond, Pvt (WIA)
Hightower, James C., Sgt (DOW)
Hillemeyer, Robert D., Cpl (WIA)
Hinton, Omer J., Cpl (WIA)
Hird, Robert S., Pfc (DOW)
Hjortsberg, Albert J., Pfc (KIA)
Hodges, Fodie H., 1lt (WIA)
Holdren, William N., Pfc (WIA)
Holladay, Moses C., GySgt (KIA)
Hollon, Shelby, Pfc (WIA)
Holm, Gustav H., Pfc (WIA)
Holt, William H., Cpl (WIA)
Holtzman, Richard N., Pfc (KIA)
Hope, Delbert L., Cpl (WIA)
Hope Jr., Garrett G., Sgt (KIA)
Hopkins, Daryl A., 1lt (WIA)
Hopkins, Max J., Cpl (KIA)
Horn, Edward J., Cpl (WIA)
Horstmann Jr., Henry D., Pfc (DOW)
Horwatt, Paul T., Sgt (KIA)
Houston, Thomas W., Pvt (WIA)
Howard, Gerold G., Cpl (WIA)
Howe, Arthur R., Pfc (WIA)
Howland, Albert J., Cpl (WIA)
Hrutkay, Joseph R., Cpl (WIA)
Huber, Alvin A., Pfc (WIA)
Hundertmark, Warren H., Pfc (KIA)
Hunt, 'J' 'D', Pfc (WIA)
Hunt, Earl S., Cpl (WIA)
Hunt, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Hurlbert, Thomas A., Pfc (WIA)
Hurst, William E., Pvt (WIA)
Huston, Andrew H., Pfc (WIA)
Hutch, Richard T., Pfc (DOW)
Hutchinson, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Hutton, Harold R., Pfc (WIA)
Hyde, Milton S., Cpl (WIA)
Hynovich, Anthony, Pfc (WIA)
Ives, Henry H., Cpl (KIA)
Jack, Christopher A., Pfc (WIA)
Jacoby, Warren W., Pfc (WIA)
Jacques, Adrien J., Pfc (KIA)
Jagla, Joseph S., Pfc (WIA)
James, Orson L., Pfc (DOW)
Jamison, Jimmie H., Pfc (WIA)
Jaus, Louis R., Sgt (WIA)
Jenner, Robert E., Cpl (KIA)
Jennings, William G., Cpl (WIA)
Jerve, Marvin S., Pfc (WIA)
Johannsen, Louis H., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Clifford C., Pvt (WIA)
Johnson, Dewayne R., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Richard E., Cpl (WIA)
Johnson Jr., Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Johnston, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Jollay, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Carl M., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Edward W., Sgt (WIA)
Jones, John P., Sgt (WIA)
Jones Jr., Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Joynt, Raymond E., Sgt (KIA)
Juracek, James A., Cpl (DOW)
Jurgensen, Walter E., Pfc (WIA)
Jurkiewicz, Theodore, Pvt (WIA)
Just, Victor J., Cpl (WIA)
Kalbrunner, Robert E., Cpl (WIA)
Kalina, Charles, Pfc (KIA)
Kane, Thomas E., Cpl (WIA)
Kaniewake, Eugene W., Pfc (WIA)
Kaplachinski, Leonard S., GySgt (WIA)
Kara, Anthony G., Sgt (WIA)
Karat Jr., William E., Pfc (WIA)
Kelley, Charles McA., Pfc (WIA)
Kelley, James L., Sgt (WIA)
Kelly, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Kelso, James A., Cpl (MIA
Kemen, Walter L., Pfc (DOW)
Kemzura, Walter, Pfc (KIA)
Kernen Jr., Ernest L., Pfc (KIA)
Kessinger, Linard R., Pfc (WIA)
Ketchum, Leo E., PltSgt (WIA)
Kiger, Lee B., Pfc (WIA)
King, Carlton C., Pvt (WIA)
Kirtz, Alvin L., 1lt (WIA)
KIA)ft, Arthur L., Pfc (WIA)
Kline, Gerald A., Pfc (WIA)
Klinger, Robert F., Pfc (KIA)
Knapp, Brady W., Pfc (WIA)
Kobinetz, Theodore, Pfc (WIA)
Kohout, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Koletar, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Krabs, George C., Pfc (KIA)
Kranz, Richard D., Pfc (WIA)
Krepps, John P., Pfc (KIA)
Kresley Jr., Wallace H., Pfc (WIA)
Krey, Benjamin J., Cpl (WIA)
Krischke, Victor A., Cpl (WIA)
Krysik, Andrew, Pfc (WIA)
Kudla, Matthew F., Cpl (WIA)
Kurth Jr., Henry A., Pfc (WIA)
Kuzbek, Leonard D., Pfc (WIA)
La Flamme Jr., Alfred E., Pfc (WIA)
La Motte, Jack T., Sgt (WIA)
La Rosa, Salvatore A., 1lt (WIA)
La Scola, Mario A., Pfc (WIA)
Lamb, Edmund J., Sgt (WIA)
Lemon, Francis W., Pfc (WIA)
Lamson, Donald C., Pfc (WIA)
Landowski, Walter, Pfc (WIA)
Lane, Sam W., 1lt (KIA)
Lang, Joseph E., GySgt (WIA)
Lanier Jr., Powless W., 2lt (WIA)
Lapierre, Richard C., Pfc (WIA)
Lapinski, Leonard H., Pfc (WIA)
Largent, Arthur L., Cpl (WIA)
Largent, Harold V., Pfc (KIA)
Lashbrook, Eugene, Pfc (WIA)
Lattuca, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Launtz, Ray P., Pfc (WIA)
Lavery, Frederick G., Cpl (WIA)
Lavoie, Leon E., Pfc (WIA)
Lawrence, John S., Pvt (WIA)
Lawson, William T., Pfc (KIA)
Lebiedz, Edmund R., Cpl (WIA)
Lee, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Leflar Jr., Samuel J., Pfc (KIA)
Lemanski, Joseph F., Cpl (KIA)
Lemay, Robert J., Pfc (KIA)
Leonard, Robert K., Cpl (WIA)
Lepore, Anthony J., Pfc (WIA)
Leszcznski, Mathews R., Pfc (KIA)
Letto, Carlos J., Pfc (WIA)
Levine, Richard C., Cpl (WIA)
Lewandowski, Edward F., Pfc (WIA)
Lewis, Harry H., Pfc (WIA)
Lewis, Leonard R., Pfc (WIA)
Lewis, Roger A., Pfc (WIA)
Lilly, John H., Sgt (WIA)
Lind, Harold L., 2lt (KIA)
Lindner, Charles E., Pfc (KIA)
Lindstrom, Paul H., Pfc (WIA)
Lira, Jesse P., Cpl (WIA)
Littlefield, Lester C., Pfc (WIA)
Llewellyn, John M., Pvt (WIA)
Lochridge Jr., Cecil W., Pvt (WIA)
Locke, Douglas A., Pfc (WIA)
Locke, Roy H., Pfc (WIA)
Lockwood, Martin L., Pfc (WIA)
Loder, Harry A., Pfc (WIA)
Loflin, Colon H., Pfc (WIA)
London, Jack L., Pfc (WIA)
Lonergan, Thomas F., Pfc (WIA)
Long, John H., Pfc (WIA)
Longbons, Alvin, Pfc (WIA)
Longo, William P., Pfc (WIA)
Looney, Gordon E., Pfc (DOW)
Loper, Gerald W., Sgt (DOW)
Lotz, George D., Pfc (WIA)
Lowe, William V., ACk (WIA)
Lowen, Russell E., Sgt (KIA)
Loy, Edward E., Pfc (KIA)
Lozada, Lois E., Pfc (WIA)
Luce, Gardner H., Pfc (WIA)
Lupo, Casimer J., Pfc (WIA)
Mabey, Everett, Pfc (WIA)
MacBarron, Phillip C., 2lt (WIA)
MacDougall, Donald W., Pfc (WIA)
Maharidge, Steve, Pfc (WIA)
Malick, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Malsbury, Kenneth E., Pfc (WIA)
Maney, Clyne J., Pfc (WIA)
Mann, Wilbur D., Cpl (KIA)
Manning, Thomas J., Pfc (KIA)
Markey, Leonard J., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Marcel P., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Masich, Joseph, Pvt (WIA)
Maszczycki, Leonard A., Pvt (WIA)
Matthews, Gordon D., Pfc (WIA)
Mauldin, CIaud J., Cpl (WIA)
Maurer, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Maxwell, Ernest L., Pfc (WIA)
Maxwell, John N., Cpl (WIA)
Mayberry, Charles E., Cpl (WIA)
Mayo, James D., Pfc (WIA)
McCabe, Robert A., Cpt (WIA)
McCarthy, Edward, Pfc (KIA)
McCrath, Harold W., Cpl (WIA)
McCurdy, Earl G., Pfc (WIA)
McDaniel, Clarence T., Pfc (WIA)
McDermott, Eugene J., Pvt (WIA)
McDonald, Ray J., Pfc (WIA)
McDowell, Burnell, Pfc (KIA)
McFadden, Daniel J., 1lt (WIA)
McFarland, Elmer B., Pfc (WIA)
McGovern, Robert H., Pfc (KIA)
McGrath, John J., Pfc (WIA)
McInnis, Buford D., Pfc (WIA)
McKenzie, Arnold, Pfc (WIA)
McKinney, Walter B., Pfc (WIA)
McLaughin, Edward M., Pfc (WIA)
McLendon, James R., Pfc (WIA)
McLendon, Neil C., Pfc (WIA)
McNamara, Joseph E., Pfc (KIA)
McNeel, Bert R., Cpl (WIA)
McPherson, George W., Pfc (WIA)
McRae, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Melillo, Jospeph G., PltSgt (WIA)
Mello, Louis S., Pfc (WIA)
Melvin, Jacob S., Cpl (KIA)
Memo Jr., Frank A., Pfc (WIA)
Merritt, Albert E., Pfc (WIA)
Mesa, Norberto N., Pfc (WIA)
Metelits, Leonard I., 1lt (WIA)
Meyer, Cord, 1lt (WIA)
Meyer, Gordon W., Sgt (WIA)
Meyers, Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Meyers, Warren A., Pfc (WIA)
Michael, Frank E., Pfc (WIA)
Mieskolainen, Felix A., Cpl (WIA)
Mikulas, George K., Cpl (KIA)
Miles, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Gerald B., Cpl (KIA)
Miller, Harold A., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, Lawrence E., Cpl (WIA)
Miller Jr., Percy, Cpl (WIA)
Millette Jr., Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Milliambro, Joe, Pfc (WIA)
Mills, Ghola C., Pfc (DOW)
Mills, James H., Pvt (WIA)
Mills, William O., Pfc (WIA)
Milovanovich, George, Pvt (WIA)
Milton, Raymond K, 2lt (WIA)
Miner, Lester E., Pfc (KIA)
Mis, Walter, Pfc (WIA)
Mischo, Bernard R., Pfc (WIA)
Mitchell, Clyde B., Pfc (WIA)
Mock, Clarence E., Cpl (WIA)
Mohn, Eldon J., Pfc (WIA)
Molinaro, James P., Cpl (DOW)
MonoKIA)n, Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Monroe, Jack J., Cpt (WIA)
Moore, Donald A., Pfc (WIA)
Moore, John R., Pfc (KIA)
Moore, Onzy, Pfc (WIA)
Moore, Richard L., Pfc (WIA)
Moore, Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Morehead, Paul R., Cpl (KIA)
Morgan, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Morphy Jr., John J., 2lt (WIA)
Morrison, George L., Pfc (KIA)
Morrow, Vernon J., Pfc (WIA)
Moss Jr., William R., Cpl (WIA)
Mountcastle, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Muller, Ralph E., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, Joseph T., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, William S., Pfc (WIA)
Murray, Norman E., Cpl (WIA)
Musto Jr., Charles H., Pfc (BF)
Mutispaugh, Junior R., Pfc (WIA)
Muvinski, Joseph H., Sgt (KIA)
Muzar, Michael J., Cpl (WIA)
Na Kane, Eugene T., Pfc (WIA)
Nabak, Leonard G., Pfc (WIA)
Nadeau, Joseph A.C.R., Pfc (WIA)
Nadeau Jr., Albert R., Sgt (WIA)
Nall, Maurice F., Pfc (KIA)
Nance, Zelmer B., Cpl (KIA)
Naples, Michael F., Pfc (WIA)
Narchus, Peter W., Pfc (WIA)
Nashcoff, Ralph E., Pvt (KIA)
Natiello, John A., Pfc (WIA)
Naughtin, Francis J., Cpl (WIA)
Navarra, Frank A., Pfc (WIA)
Ne Smith, William A., Pfc (KIA)
Nelli, Frank, Cpl (KIA)
Newman, Joseph E., Pfc (WIA)
Nields, Walter J.L., Pfc (WIA)
Niemi, Carl N., Pfc (WIA)
Nisbet Jr., Winfield R., Cpl (KIA)
Noble, Ray, Pfc (WIA)
Nolan, Lloyd, Pfc (WIA)
Nolte, Walter H., Pfc (KIA)
Norman, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Norton, Eudell N., Pfc (WIA)
O'Grady, William P., Pfc (WIA)
O'Neal, Donald, Pfc (WIA)
O'Quinn, Donald D., Pfc (WIA)
O'Rourke, John J., Pfc (WIA)
O'Rourke, John L., Pfc (WIA)
Oberhaus, Herman J., Pfc (KIA)
Olson, Chester A., Pfc (WIA)
Orlando, John, Cpl (WIA)
Orr, Lee L., Cpl (WIA)
Osborne, Harvey B., Sgt (WIA)
Osburn, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Osterholt, Glenn G., Pfc (WIA)
Ostopo, Philip, Pfc (WIA)
Owen, Leonard W., Sgt (WIA)
Owens, Carl T., Cpl (WIA)
Owens, James R., Cpl (WIA)
Owens, William B., Pfc (KIA)
Oxenrider, Vernand L., Pfc (WIA)
Oxley, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Panicali, Dorando, Pfc (WIA)
Panisiak, Lloyd W., Pfc (WIA)
Panson, Fred, Pfc (WIA)
Pappas, Arthur C., Pfc (WIA)
Parker, George E., Cpl (WIA)
Parrinello, James, Pvt (WIA)
Parsons, Robert L., Sgt (KIA)
Parsons Jr., Glenn G., Pfc (KIA)
Patterson, Leon l., Pfc (WIA)
Pavalko, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Peek, Oma L., Pfc (WIA)
Pelto, William A., Pfc (KIA)
Perdew, James B., Sgt (WIA)
Perdue, Harold W., Pfc (WIA)
Perkins Jr., Lester C., Pfc (WIA)
Perko, Charles, Pfc (WIA)
Perrault, Emile J., Sgt (WIA)
Perren, Steven P., Pfc (WIA)
Perry, Alfred L., Pfc (WIA)
Pesely, Edward H., 1lt (WIA)
Petty, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Phelps, George, Pfc (WIA)
Phillips, Edward F., Cpl (WIA)
Phillips, Laverne E., Sgt (WIA)
Phillips, Paul A., Pfc (KIA)
Pianka, Stephen J., Pfc (WIA)
Piccian, Vincent J., Pfc (WIA)
Piccinotti, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Piche, Lee, Pfc (KIA)
Pieksza, Chester W., Pfc (WIA)
Pilkington, Christian T., Pvt (WIA)
Pinter, Alphons A., Sgt (KIA)
Pion, Frank A., Cpl (WIA)
Piper, Ben C., Pfc (WIA)
Pirratano, Frank S., Pfc (WIA)
Pirtle, Harvey C., Sgt (WIA)
Plew, Chester K., Pfc (WIA)
Plona, Paul F., Cpl (WIA)
Plummer, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Pockino, Frank W., Pfc (KIA)
Polanski, Walter, Pfc (WIA)
Pollastro, Dominick P., Cpl (WIA)
Polzer, John N., Pfc (WIA)
Ponza, Carmen, Pfc (KIA)
Pope, Calvin c., Pfc (WIA)
Porter, Clifford A., Pfc (KIA)
Potts, Arnold, Pfc (WIA)
Powell, Andrew J., Pfc (WIA)
Powell, Arnold O., Sgt (KIA)
Powell, Arthur S., Pfc (WIA)
Powers, Frank X., Pfc (DOW)
Powers, George J., Cpl (WIA)
Powers, Ray S., Pfc (KIA)
Price, Charles H., Pfc (KIA)
Price, Swindell C., Cpl (WIA)
Priest, Leonard N., Pfc (WIA)
Prohaska, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Przylucki, Walter J., Pvt (WIA)
Puckett, Nelson E., Cpl (KIA)
Quimby, Elliott W., Pfc (WIA)
Radke, Edward L., Pvt (WIA)
Ragan, Forrest E., Pfc (KIA)
Raley, Otto J., Pfc (WIA)
Ravnaas, George, Pfc (DOW)
Raynes Jr., James W., 1lt (KIA)
Reedhead, Clifford J., Cpl (KIA)
Reher, Raymond R., 2lt (WIA)
Reichert, Paul R., Pfc (WIA)
Reidelberger, Melvin, Pfc (WIA)
Reifel, Horace C., 1lt (WIA)
Rennett, Lawrence A., Pfc (KIA)
Rice, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Richard, Leo R., Cpl (WIA)
Richards, Leon B., Pfc (WIA)
Richardson, Arnold W., Pfc (WIA)
Ridge Jr., Benjamin F., PltSgt (WIA)
Riley, John R., 1lt (KIA)
Riley, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Risku, Albert P., Cpl (WIA)
Ritchie, Glenn T., Sgt (WIA)
Ritchie, Kenneth J., Pvt (WIA)
Rizzo, Vincent, Cpl (WIA)
Roberts Jr., Edward S., Sgt (WIA)
Robertson, Eugene C., Pfc (WIA)
Robertson Jr., Powell H., Pfc (WIA)
Robinette, William W., Cpl (KIA)
Robinson, John V., 1lt (WIA)
Robison, Raymond G., Pfc (WIA)
Roderick, Richard L., Pfc (WIA)
Roe, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Roebuck, Johnny, Cpl (WIA)
Roettger, Willis R., Pfc (WIA)
Rogers, Luther I., GySgt (WIA)
Rogers, Stephen, Pfc (WIA)
Rohr, Clayton L., Cpl (WIA)
Rolewicz, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Rolleri, John F., Pfc (WIA)
Romaine, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Rooney, Thomas J., Pfc (KIA)
Rose, Frank, Sgt (WIA)
Rose, Levi T., Sgt (WIA)
Rose, Richard E., Pfc (WIA)
Rosing, Raymond A., Pfc (WIA)
Ross, 'J' 'W', Pfc (KIA)
Rouw, William W., Pfc (WIA)
Rowell, William H., Cpl (WIA)
Rowland, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Rubenstein, Jerome M., Pfc (WIA)
Rudio, Alfred W., Cpl (WIA)
Russo, Peter S., Cpl (KIA)
Rymszewicz, Walter, Pfc (KIA)
Sabo, George, Pfc (WIA)
Sage, Raymond J., Cpl (WIA)
Sager, Earl R., Sgt (DOW)
Salabsky, Wendell E., Pfc (WIA)
Salmonsen, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Salsbury, William R., Sgt (DOW)
Salvatore, Harold J., Pfc (KIA)
Salyards, James R., ACk (BF)
Sams, Charles E., PltSgt (WIA)
Sandoval, Johnnie P., Sgt (WIA)
Sarraiocco, David, Pfc (KIA)
Sarrett Jr., Louie G., Pfc (WIA)
Sawyer, Joel W., Cpl (WIA)
Scaduto, Leo J., Cpl (KIA)
Schiavone, John, Pfc (WIA)
Schilling, Max D., Pfc (WIA)
Schmidtt, Frank A., Pfc (WIA)
Schoettel, John F., Maj (KIA)
Schon, Robert L., Pfc (DOW)
Schrimshaw Jr., Harold G., Pfc (WIA)
Schroeder, Robert N., Cpl (WIA)
Schwartz, Joseph J., Pfc (KIA)
Schwetz, Kenneth I., WO (WIA)
Scott, John L., Cpl (WIA)
Scribner, Calvin C., Pfc (WIA)
Seal, Esco D., Cpl (WIA)
Seals, Francis B., Pfc (KIA)
Sedgwick, John D., Pfc (WIA)
Seeger Jr., John, Pfc (WIA)
Seidensticker, Lowell 'W', Cpl (WIA)
Seigler, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Shallenberger, David W., Pfc (WIA)
Shewmaker, Marion A, Cpl (KIA)
Shisler, Clair W., Ltc (WIA)
Silvers, Joseph E., Pfc (WIA)
Simas, Charles R., Cpl (WIA)
Simeraro, Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Simoncic Jr., John, Pfc (KIA)
Simonson, George M., Sgt (WIA)
Sinatra, Andrew A., Pfc (WIA)
Sinclair, Craig A., Cpl (WIA)
Singer, Philip J., Sgt (WIA)
Singleton, Edgar R., Cpl (WIA)
Sinsebox, Leonard P., Pfc (WIA)
Sisak, Anthony W., Pfc (DOW)
Sits, Rodney J., Pfc (WIA)
Sitter, Carl L., 1lt (WIA)
Sizonen, Alex, Pfc (WIA)
Skrivanek, Arthur S., 1stSgt (WIA)
Slife, Vernon D., Pfc (KIA)
Slusser, Robert T., Cpl (WIA)
Small, Richard M., Sgt (KIA)
Smith, Barney 'R' 'A', Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Bill, Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Daniel W., Cpl (WIA)
Smith, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Kenneth E., Cpl (WIA)
Smith, Robert D., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Samuel A., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, William L., Cpl (WIA)
Smith Jr., Carlos, Pfc (WIA)
Smith Jr., Edward J., Pfc (KIA)
Snowden, Woodie H., Pfc (WIA)
Snyder, Aaron N., Pfc (WIA)
Snyder, John J., Cpl (KIA)
Sorrell, Hardy J., Pfc (KIA)
Sorrento, Joseph, Pvt (WIA)
Sparks, William G., Pfc (KIA)
Spellman, Arthur L., Pfc (WIA)
Spencer, Roby C., Pfc (WIA)
Spencer, Wallace K., Sgt (WIA)
Spiers Jr., William A., Pfc (KIA)
Squires Jr., Arthur C., Pfc (KIA)
St. Onge, Milton T., Pfc (WIA)
Staashelm, Albert E., Cpl (WIA)
Stafford, Roy E., Pfc (WIA)
Staley, Paul I., Pfc (WIA)
Stanley, John, Pvt (DOW)
Stanley, Morris B., 1lt (WIA)
Stapp, 'A' 'D', Pfc (WIA)
Stark, Herbert P., Pfc (WIA)
Staroba, Louis, Pfc (WIA)
Staszewski, Marion J., PltSgt (WIA)
Stebbins, Owen T., Cpt (WIA)
Steig, Edwin L., ACk (INJ
Steinhilber, Robert W., PltSgt (INJ
Stelges, Terence, Sgt (KIA)
Stephens, Wilton A., Pfc (WIA)
Sterle, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Stevens, James F., Pfc (KIA)
Stevenson, Delbert L., Pfc (WIA)
Stigliano, Michael J., Pfc (KIA)
Stockwell, Bradford A., Cpl (KIA)
Stokes, Harvey E., Pfc (WIA)
Stone Jr., Emory E., GySgt (KIA)
Strand, Bernard E., GySgt (WIA)
Strong, Roy, Sgt (WIA)
Stroup, Howard E., Pfc (WIA)
Stumpf, George M., Pfc (WIA)
Sturtz, Charles D., Pfc (WIA)
Suero, Orlando V., Pfc (WIA)
Sulick, Metro, Cpl (KIA)
Sullivan, Clarence E., Pfc (WIA)
Sullivan, Ricard J., Pfc (WIA)
Sullivan Jr., Lawrence G., Pfc (KIA)
Summers, Robert C., Pfc (DOW)
Supanich, George P, Pfc (WIA)
Sutker, Sam, Pfc (WIA)
Sutter, Francis J., Sgt (WIA)
Swanson, Daren B., Sgt (WIA)
Sweeney, Gerald P., Pfc (WIA)
Swords, Willard L., Cpl (WIA)
Szczytko, Harry L., Pfc (WIA)
Taggi, John B., Pfc (WIA)
Tart, Festus A., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Dallas G., Cpl (WIA)
Taylor, Edward R., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Johnny P., Cpl (KIA)
Testa, Salvatore L., Pfc (KIA)
Thibault, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Thomas, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Thomas, John D., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, George T., Cpl (WIA)
Thompson, Henry A., Pfc (KIA)
Thompson, Thomas J., Pfc WIA) (WIA)
Thompson, William R., Pfc KIA) (KIA)
Thorpe, Ralph G., Cpl WIA) (WIA)
Threewit, Jay R., SgtKIA) (WIA)
Tomlins III, William H., Pfc KIA) (KIA)
Torian, Cary E., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Torretta, Daniel, PfcWIA) (WIA)
Traweek, Emmett A., Cpl DOW (DOW)
Trigg, Boyd E., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Trockley, Robert E., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Troesch, JohnS., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Trott, William F., CplWIA) (WIA)
Trotta, Joseph A., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Tucker, Joseph W., Sgt KIA) (KIA)
Tucker, William T., Cpt WIA) (WIA)
Tudor, George V., PltSgt KIA) (KIA)
Turkal, George F., SgtKIA) (KIA)
Turner, Raymond, Sgt WIA) (WIA)
Turner Jr., John W., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Tutor, Herby O., SgtKIA) (KIA)
Vacco, Leo J., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Van Alatine, William W., PltSgtWIA) (WIA)
Vandennolen, Wilbur, Pfc WIA) (WIA)
Vandevort, Robert J., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Vanhoozer, Shirley H., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Vant, William F., PfcKIA) (KIA)
Varney, Ray C., PfcWIA) (WIA)
Verheyden, Ronald E., Cpl WIA) (WIA)
Vervalin, Richard E., SgtKIA) (KIA)
Viens, Roy C., PvtWIA) (WIA)
Von Cannon, Watkins P., PltSgt (KIA)
Vosper, Sidney B., Cpl (WIA)
Waddell, John E., Cpt (WIA)
Waggoner, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Walker, Earl 'B', Pfc (KIA)
Walker, Elden E., Pfc (WIA)
Walker, James N., Pfc (WIA)
Walkup, Jennings H., Pfc (KIA)
Waloshinsky, Walter, Pfc (KIA)
Walsdorf, Jules A., Pfc (WIA)
Walsh, Leroy W., Pfc (WIA)
Ward, Elmer L., Sgt (WIA)
Ward, Lawrence E., Pfc (WIA)
Watilo, Robert M., Cpl (WIA)
Watson, Thomas E., Pfc (WIA)
Watts, Robert W., Pfc (KIA)
Weaver, Max L., Pfc (WIA)
Webb, Fred S., Pfc (DOW)
Webb, Jack B., Pfc (KIA)
Weber, George A., Pfc (WIA)
Webster, Henry W., Pfc (WIA)
Webster, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Weinberg, Murray M., Pfc (WIA)
Weireter, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Weiser, Raymond L., Pfc (WIA)
Wells, Winfred D., Pfc (KIA)
Weprich Jr., Martin T., Cpl (WIA)
Westby, LaVern G., Pfc (WIA)
Westfall, Floyd R., Pfc (WIA)
Whatley, Julian C., Pfc (WIA)
Whitcomb, Robert G., Pfc (KIA)
White, Harold L., Cpl (KIA)
White, James B., Pfc (WIA)
Whitehurst Jr., David B., Pfc (WIA)
Whitten, Orrin S., 2lt (WIA)
Widdecke, Charles F., Cpt (WIA)
Wike, Henry W., Pfc (WIA)
Wilcox, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Wilde, James K., Pfc (WIA)
Willett, Walter L., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, Berton L., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, Edward E., Cpl (WIA)
Williams, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Williamson, Stanley J., Pfc (WIA)
Wilmsen, Clinton G., 1lt (KIA)
Wilson, Carl E., Sgt (WIA)
Wilson, Donald H., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, John H., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Raymond K., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Rolland E., Pfc (WIA)
Witcher, Raymond T., Sgt (WIA)
Wittman, Hans P., Pfc (WIA)
Wofford, Jack C., Pfc (WIA)
Wolf, Alvin C., PltSgt (WIA)
Wolfe, Ralph G., Pfc (WIA)
Wood, Elbert O., Cpl (WIA)
Woodall, Bennie B., Pfc (WIA)
Worley, Charles F., Pfc (WIA)
Wungnema, Randall, Pfc (WIA)
Yacone, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Yahara, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Young, Douglas C., Pfc (KIA)
Young, Martin W., Cpl (KIA)
Yurcho, Robert R., Pfc (WIA)
Zarr, John T., Pfc (WIA)
Zidonik, Steven, Pfc (WIA)
Zielinski, Milton H., Pfc (WIA)
Znidarsic, John L., Pfc (KIA)
Zver, Anthony S., Pvt (WIA)

Jones, Henry L., Pfc (WIA)
Marshall, Roscoe E., Cpl (INJ
Moore, Daniel C., Pvt (INJ
Price, Franklin S., Cpl (INJ
Strickland, Robert L., Pfc (INJ

Ahr, Cheater L., Pfc (WIA)
Bailey, John W., Pfc (INJ
Boutte Jr., Arthur C., Pfc (KIA)
Brown, Elbert C., Cpl (WIA)
Chaffin, Amos V., Pfc (WIA)
Conyers, Jack, Cpl (INJ
Dahl Jr., John F., Cpl (KIA)
Edgerton, Doran E., Pfc (WIA)
Elsen, Theodore W., Pfc (KIA)
Evans, Robert K., SSgt (INJ
Fine, James C., Pfc (KIA)
George, Odis C., SSgt (WIA)
Hall, Donald M., Cpl (WIA)
Howard, Charles S., Cpl (WIA)
Johnson, Melvin E., Pfc (KIA)
Johnson Jr., Paul V., Pfc (INJ
Lathrop, Paul C., Pfc (WIA)
Mizelle, Richard D., Cpl (KIA)
Nilles, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Pulsipher, Leon S., Cpl (WIA)
Rishwain, Thomas A., Pfc (KIA)
Satow, Raymond J., Pfc (WIA)
Silva, LeRoy J., Cpl (INJ
Smith, Clarence E., Pfc (WIA)
Steinberg, Robert, Pfc (WIA)
Walter, Kenneth E., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, George H., Pfc (WIA)
Wood, Raymond H., Cpl (WIA)

Kaiser, Joseph W., Pfc (KIA)

Austin, Charles B., Pvt (WIA)
Ayersman Jr., Russell L., Pfc (WIA)
Beck, Adrian, 2lt (KIA)
Bible, George R., Cpl (KIA)
Braun, Benedict G., Pvt (WIA)
Butler, George A., Sgt (WIA)
Cassou, Leo J., Pfc (WIA)
Cordier, George A., Pfc (WIA)
Cottrell Jr., George L., Cpl (KIA)
Culpepper Jr., Caughey B., 2lt (KIA)
Cuomo, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Davis, Delbert R., Pfc (WIA)
Deane, Perley F., Pfc (KIA)
Deeds, Rufus E., SSgt (WIA)
Delany, Franklin E., Pfc (WIA)
Doherty Jr., Cyrus J., 2lt (WIA)
Dollar Jr., Edward L., Pfc (WIA)
Doussa, Achileas M., SSgt (WIA)
Duhl, Daniel, Pfc (WIA)
Ellis, John H., Maj. (WIA)
Ellison Jr., Richard L., Sgt (WIA)
Erlenborn, Alan J., Sgt (KIA)
Etler, Donald W., Pfc (DOW)
Fanning, Joseph M., Sgt (WIA)
Ford, William E., Cpt (WIA)
Freeman, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Fry, Darwin S., Pfc (WIA)
Gallagher, Donald P., Pfc (WIA)
Gill, Donald A., Pfc (WIA)
Godwin, Marshall R., 2lt (WIA)
Griffin, Ted L., Pfc (WIA)
Hammer, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Haner III, Carl, 2lt (WIA)
Hawk, Kenneth W., Pfc (KIA)
Hawkins, Raymond N., Pfc (WIA)
Henning, William J., Cpl (DOW)
Hughes, Norman O., Pfc (WIA)
Hunt, Russell C., Pfc (WIA)
Hyett, Claris, Pfc (WIA)
Jackson, William B., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Samuel P., TSgt (KIA)
Jordahl, Joseph S.H., Sgt (WIA)
Keller, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Lundquist, Howard W., Sgt (KIA)
Mason, Edward F., Pfc (WIA)
McGregor, John A., 2lt (WIA)
McRitchie, Thomas T., Cpl (DOW)
Moore, James W., 2lt (WIA)
Moret Jr., Lucien J., 2lt (WIA)
Nelson, Gordon W., Pfc (WIA)
Palacios, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Parker, Jackson A., SSgt (WIA)
Propst, Clyde E., Cpl (WIA)
Rikley, Edward J., Pfc (DOW)
Roberts, Thomas S., Cpl (WIA)
Robertson, Leonard J., Pfc (KIA)
Schulz, Paul R., Pfc (DOW)
Scott, Donald C., Cpl (WIA)
Shaw Jr., Ernest J., Pfc (DOW)
Smith, Lester R., 2lt (KIA)
Soto, Jesse, Pfc (WIA)
Squier Jr., James A., Cpl (WIA)
Stevens, Norman G., Cpl (KIA)
Stuart, John H., Pfc (KIA)
Thomas, Donald L., Cpl (WIA)
Toomey, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Vanorsdale, Charles B., MTSgt (WIA)
Wise, Robert E., MTSgt (MIA
Wise Jr., John T., Pfc (WIA)

Blevins, Cody, Cpl (DOW)
Boschen, August W., Pfc (WIA)
Bostrom, Theodore M., Cpl (WIA)
Ellsworth, Donald A., Pfc (WIA)
Erskine, Bernell, Pfc (WIA)
Gerlt, Ralph S., Pfc (DOW)
Gray, Clarence L., Cpl (WIA)
Haynes, Herald R., Sgt (WIA)
Hogg, Cecil A., Pfc (INJ
Hurd, Ronald L., Sgt (DOW)
Issel, Louis M., Sgt (WIA)
Manus, Kenneth L., Pfc (WIA)

34516, Ernest R., Cpl (WIA)
Abegglen, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Abraham, Edwin A., Pfc (MIA
Adams, Guy, Pfc (WIA)
Adams, Kenneth D., Pfc (WIA)
Adams, Waldo B., Sgt (KIA)
Akstin, Anthony A., Cpt (WIA)
Alborn, Ronald C., Sgt (KIA)
Aldrich, Clayton W., Pfc (WIA)
Allen, John R., 2lt (WIA)
Alto, Cassie W., Pfc (WIA)
Alwes, Frederick W., Sgt (WIA)
Ames, 'G' 'B', Pfc (BF)
Amey, Jesse W., Cpl (KIA)
Anastasoff, Alex P., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, Charles V., Pfc (DOW)
Anderson Jr., Matthew T., Pfc (WIA)
Andrus, John B., FldMus1c (WIA)
Andruskevich Jr., Joseph, Sgt (WIA)
Anthony, Robert J., Pfc (DOW)
Aquilino, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Aragon, Abel B., Pfc (WIA)
Armstrong Jr., William R., Pfc (WIA)
Arndt, Donald C., Pfc (KIA)
Arszman, Vincent F., Pfc (WIA)
Ashby, Gordon B., Pfc (WIA)
Atwood, Arlie N., Pfc (WIA)
Bachman, Victor J.,? (WIA)
Bagwell, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Bailey, James A., Pfc (KIA)
Bailey, Jeffie G., Pfc (WIA)
Bailey, John L., Pfc (WIA)
Baker, David R., Cpl (WIA)
Balch, Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Ballard, David E., Pfc (DOW)
Ballard, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Balsewicz, Wallace T., Sgt (WIA)
Barneck, Kenneth H., Pfc (WIA)
Barnes, Billy D., Pfc (INJ
Barnett, Clifford, Pfc (DOW)
Barnhardt, Hugh C., Cpl (WIA)
Barr, David G., Pfc (WIA)
Barringer, John L., Pfc (DOW)
Bashore Jr., Joe W., Pfc (WIA)
Baumer, Duane D., Pfc (WIA)
Bayer, Francis J., Pfc (WIA)
Baylis, Donald D., Pfc (DOW)
Beaman, Keith J., Pfc (KIA)
Beasley, Ronald L., Pfc (WIA)
Beck, Wallace, Pfc (WIA)
Bela, Stephen, Pfc (KIA)
Belanger, Alfred, Pfc (WIA)
Bell, James R., Pfc (KIA)
Bellah, Weldon, Pfc (WIA)
Bentley, Robert A., Pfc (WIA)
Bernoskey, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Berry Jr., James B., Cpl (KIA)
Berryman, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Betz, Jack H., Pfc (WIA)
Bieze, Howard W., Pfc (WIA)
Birch, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Biro, Richard M., Pfc (WIA)
Black, Elmer P., Pfc (WIA)
Black, William F., FldMus1c (WIA)
Blackbird, Ira K., 2lt (WIA)
Blackwell, Ursel T., Pfc (KIA)
Blanchfield, Francis, 1lt (WIA)
Blankenship, Norman H., Pfc (DOW)
Bleich, Dewey E., Pfc (WIA)
Block, John H., Pfc (DOW)
Bloom, David H., Pfc (WIA)
Blosch, Robert H., Sgt (WIA)
Bock, Joseph J., Pfc (KIA)
Boeck, Herbert J., GySgt (WIA)
Boever, Edward A., Pfc (KIA)
Bomar, Charles V., 1stSgt (WIA)
Bombace, John F., Sgt (WIA)
Born, Donald N., Pfc (WIA)
Bosetti, Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Bostic, William L., Cpl (WIA)
Botkin, Keith D., Pfc (KIA)
Bowen, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Bowen Jr., William P., Pfc (WIA)
Bowers, John C., Pfc (WIA)
Bowman, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Bowser, Raymond L., Pfc (KIA)
Bradley, Harold l., Pfc (KIA)
Brady, Bernard E., Sgt (WIA)
Branson, Fred A., Pfc (WIA)
Brashears, Bernard J., Cpl (WIA)
Braun, Russell A., Pfc (WIA)
Bray, Buel W., Cpl (KIA)
Brecka, Arnold J., Pfc (KIA)
Breeland, Ansel, Pfc (WIA)
Brende, Bernard N., Pfc (DOW)
Brewer, John F., Pfc (WIA)
Brickell, William W., Pfc (WIA)
Bridge, 'J' 'D', Pfc (WIA)
Bridges Jr., Samuel T., Pfc (KIA)
Brisset, Merlin A., Pfc (WIA)
Brizman, Morris J., Pfc (KIA)
Broderick, James W., PltSgt (WIA)
Brooks, Fritz H., Pfc (WIA)
Brooks, Hector H., Pfc (DOW)
Brotzman, Gottfried, Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Merle E., ACk (WIA)
Brown, Ralph C., Pfc (WIA)
Brunson, Orland G., Pfc (KIA)
Brunson, Samuel P., Pfc (WIA)
Buckholtz, Hammond R., Pvt (WIA)
Bufalini, Anthony E., Pfc (KIA)
Bulnes Jr., Sherwood E., Cpl (KIA)
Bundschu, Geary, Cpt (KIA)
Burnes, Herbert B., Pfc (KIA)
Burns, Bert, Pfc (WIA)
Busatti, Hiram, Cpl (WIA)
Busey, Merle F., Pfc (WIA)
Butler, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Butterbaugh, William R., 2lt (WIA)
Bybee, 'E' W., Pfc (WIA)
Cabral, Joseph, Sgt (WIA)
Cabrera Sr., Ignacio M., Pfc (WIA)
Cadmus, Charles F., Pfc (WIA)
Cafferty, Earl S., Pfc (WIA)
Calabaza, Regorio, Pfc (WIA)
Calacanis, George J., Cpl (WIA)
Calls, Joseph A., Cpl (WIA)
Callaway Jr., Richard D., Sgt (WIA)
Cameron, Gerald D., Pfc (WIA)
Capes, Paul J., Cpl (KIA)
Caprioni, Patsy P., Pfc (WIA)
Carlson, Robert C., Sgt (WIA)
Carroll, Charles L., Pfc (WIA)
Carter, James E., GySgt (WIA)
Carter Jr., Perry, Pfc (KIA)
Caruso, Innocenzo, Pfc (DOW)
Casey, Steve F., Pfc (WIA)
Caso, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Castle, Wayne A., Cpl (WIA)
Castrovillo, Eugene F., Pfc (WIA)
Caulk, Paul L., Sgt (KIA)
Chabolla, Modesto R., Pfc (WIA)
Chaix, George A., Cpl (WIA)
Chalmers, Ronald D., Cpl (KIA)
Chance, Daniel J., Pfc (WIA)
Chancholo, Frank P., Pfc (WIA)
Chase, Otis R., Cpl (KIA)
Chavez, Norman S., Pfc (WIA)
Cherubino, Arnold A., Cpl (WIA)
Cheviot, Edward V., Cpl (WIA)
Cheyne, Rollo B., Cpl (KIA)
Chipman, Thurman E., Cpl (KIA)
Christensen, Daniel LaM., Cpl (KIA)
Cieszynski, Walter, Pfc (WIA)
Cintorino, Antonio A., Pfc (KIA)
Clappart, Frank E., Pfc (WIA)
Clark, Arnold C., Pfc (WIA)
Clark, Frank R., Pfc (KIA)
Clark, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Clark Jr., Harrison N., Pfc (WIA)
Clarke, Harry StC., 2lt (WIA)
Clarke, Ralph W., Cpl (WIA)
Clifford III, George B., Pfc (WIA)
Clouse, Lawrence H., Pfc (KIA)
Cobb, Benjamin H., Pfc (KIA)
Coblentz, Bobbie R., Pfc (KIA)
Coe, Richard A., Pfc (WIA)
Coffer, Sam A., Pfc (KIA)
Coleman, Kenneth L., Sgt (KIA)
Collier, William E., 2lt (WIA)
Collins, Leon A., Pfc (MIA
Collins, Thomas C., Pfc (WIA)
Collins Jr., Robert L., Sgt (DOW)
Cominsky, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Condon, Raymond A., Pfc (WIA)
Conlon, Robert D., Pfc (KIA)
Conners, William J., Pvt (WIA)
Connors, William J., Pvt (WIA)
Cook, Wallace R., Pfc (KIA)
Copeland, Billy G., Pfc (KIA)
Coplen, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Cornwell, James R., Pfc (KIA)
Cothran, James R., Pfc (KIA)
Cotingham Jr., Douglas P., Pfc (WIA)
Cotton, James E., Cpl (WIA)
Couette, Russell W., Pfc (WIA)
Coughlin, Francis J., Pfc (KIA)
Courrier, John F., Cpl (WIA)
Cox, John H., Pfc (WIA)
Cox, William O., Cpl (WIA)
Crago, Mareos W., Cpl (WIA)
Craig, Charles G., Pvt (DOW)
Craver, Foy W., Sgt (WIA)
Crenshaw, Roderick L., Pfc (WIA)
Critchfield, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Crittenden, Harry M, Sgt (WIA)
Croft, Torbert W., 2lt (WIA)
Crofton, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Crotwell, Russell M., Pfc (WIA)
Curran, Edward L., Pfc (WIA)
Curtin, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Curtis, Rufus E., Cpl (WIA)
Curzon, James D., Pfc (WIA)
Cushing, Gustave E., Cpl (WIA)
Czachowski, Chester S., Pfc (KIA)
Czajkowski, Frank L., Cpl (WIA)
Dahl, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Dahms, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Dailey, James C., Pfc (DOW)
Dale, William H., Pfc (DOW)
Dalton, Elbert N., Pfc (WIA)
Dancy Jr., John G., Pfc (WIA)
Danilewicz, Walter F., Pfc (WIA)
Darrah, Kenneth R., Pfc (WIA)
Davis, Frank L., Cpl (WIA)
Davis, Isaac W., Pfc (WIA)
Day, James W., Pfc (DOW)
Day Jr., Loran A., Pfc (WIA)
De Castro, Stanley F., Pfc (DOW)
DeCosta, Roy A., Pfc (WIA)
De Jarnette Jr., Joseph J., 2lt (BF)
De Vaughn, Donald K., Pfc (WIA)
De Veau, George A., Sgt (WIA)
Deck, Henry L., Pfc (WIA)
Dehin, James P., Pfc (KIA)
Dehn, John G., Pfc (WIA)
Deleveski, Frank M., Pfc (WIA)
Demarsche, Marvin L., Pfc (KIA)
Desforges, Robert A., Sgt (WIA)
Dew, Leslie C., Pfc (KIA)
Dickens, Arthur J., Pfc (KIA)
Dill, Wayne L., Pfc (KIA)
Dillon, John C., Cpl (WIA)
Dillon, Ross, Pfc (KIA)
Dishinger, Francis D., 2lt (WIA)
Divan, Franklin W., Pvt (WIA)
Dixon Jr., Edward J., Sgt (WIA)
Dombrowski, Norbert E., Pfc (WIA)
Domrose, Maurice P., Pfc (DOW)
Dougan, Charles R., Cpl (DOW)
Douglass Jr., Eddwen W., Pfc (WIA)
Dowden, Harry E., Cpl (WIA)
Downerd, Hobart R., Pfc (WIA)
Doyle, Lawrence G., Pfc (WIA)
Drapala Jr., Joseph M., Sgt (KIA)
Drew, James R., Cpl (WIA)
Drinkard, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Drouin, Thomas D., Pfc (WIA)
Drummond, Francis E., Sgt (WIA)
Ducharme, Herman E., Pfc (WIA)
Dufrene, Clyde F., Pfc (WIA)
Dunbar, Nicholas L., 2lt (WIA)
Duncan, Andrew J., Pfc (WIA)
Duncan, Edward M., Pfc (WIA)
Dunamore, Paul T., Pfc (WIA)
Dys, Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Dzeiak, Paul, Pfc (WIA)
Early, Lewis R., Pfc (WIA)
Echols, William M., Pfc (WIA)
Edwards, Robert F., Cpl (WIA)
Eggleston, Melvin 'C', Pvt (WIA)
Eisenmenn, John H., Pfc (KIA)
Ekwell, Lawrence E., Cpl (WIA)
Elikofer, August H., Sgt (WIA)
Elmquist, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Emery, Wallace B., Pfc (KIA)
Emmenegger, Victor H., Pvt (KIA)
Entz Jr., Joseph E., Pfc (WIA)
Epperson Jr., James L., Cpl (KIA)
Etzel, Louis E., Pfc (DOW)
Ezell, George A., Pfc (DOW)
Felix, Darrell C., Pfc (KIA)
Felsner, Raymond E., Pfc (WIA)
Fendley, Sidney L., FldMusSgt (WIA)
Fennel, Charles T., Cpl (WIA)
Fiatte, Robert M., Pfc (WIA)
Finnegan, William P., Pfc (KIA)
Fisher, Herbert W., Pfc (WIA)
Fisher, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Fisher Jr., Edward T., Pvt (WIA)
Fitzgerald, William H., Sgt (WIA)
Flaten, Lawrence E., Pfc (WIA)
Fleenor, Herbert W., Pfc (KIA)
Fleming, Richard H., Pfc (WIA)
Fleming, Tommie R., Pfc (WIA)
Flint, Lloyd, SSgt (WIA)
Flynn Jr., Gerald W., 2lt (WIA)
Folken, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Foos, Arthur A., Cpl (DOW)
Forbus Jr., Cull W., Pfc (WIA)
Forrester, Melvin 'E' R., Pfc (WIA)
Forsyth, Rollin E., Pfc (WIA)
Foster, Henry N., Pfc (WIA)
Fox Jr., George N., Pfc (WIA)
Freeman, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Friday, David O., Pfc (KIA)
Friel, William W., Pfc (KIA)
Fringer, Harold A., Pfc (WIA)
Frossard, Charles T., Pfc (WIA)
Fry, Richard V., Pfc (KIA)
Frye, Henry M., Pfc (KIA)
Fuiek, John L., 2lt (WIA)
Furlong, Virgil H., Pfc (KIA)
Gagne, Alfred J., Sgt (WIA)
Gagyo, Michael, Cpl (WIA)
Gallegos, Rufino E.A., Pfc (KIA)
Gallo, James A., 2lt (WIA)
Gallup, Arthur A., Pfc (WIA)
Gardner, Denzil K., Pfc (WIA)
Gardner, Joseph S., Cpt (WIA)
Garrou, Frank S., Cpl (WIA)
Gaspas, Leo, Pfc (WIA)
Gentle Jr., Albert H., Cpl (WIA)
George Jr., Jesse J., Pfc (WIA)
Gerald Jr., 'O' 'C', Pfc (KIA)
Gilbert Jr., Earnest S., Pfc (WIA)
Gilchrist, Harold G., Pfc (WIA)
Gillespie Jr., Anthony, Pfc (WIA)
Gilstrap, Harmon W., Cpl (KIA)
Gladding, Robert A., Cpl (KIA)
Glass, Thomas S., Pfc (WIA)
Gleason, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Glynn, William D., Cpt (KIA)
Goddard, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Gomes, Vincent, Pfc (WIA)
Gordon, John D., Pfc (WIA)
Goss, Albert B., Pfc (DOW)
Gossard, Harry E., 1lt (KIA)
Grandstaff, Melvin J., Sgt (WIA)
Graves Jr., William V., Pfc (WIA)
Gravier, George C., Pfc (WIA)
Graziano, Joseph A., Cpl (WIA)
Greathouse, Eddie M., Pfc (WIA)
Green, Gaylord W., Pfc (WIA)
Green Jr., Willard H., Pfc (KIA)
Gregg, Odell D., Pfc (WIA)
Greschner, Frank G., Pfc (DOW)
Grey, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Grieb, Roger E., Pfc (WIA)
Grohowski, Adam S., Cpl (WIA)
Groppo, John G., Pfc (WIA)
Groves, Richard A., Pfc (KIA)
Gucwa, Henry A., Pfc (WIA)
Gucwa, Thaddeus S., Pfc (WIA)
Guerry, Delma D., Pfc (KIA)
Guin, Charles L., Pfc (KIA)
Gunderson, Dennis, Pfc (WIA)
Gyarmati, Peter M., Pfc (WIA)
Habishaw, Thomas E., Pfc (WIA)
Hackett, Russell L., Pfc (DOW)
Haggard, James J., Pfc (KIA)
Hajbowicz, Frank J., Cpl (KIA)
Hale, Verne R., Pfc (WIA)
Hall, Dale V., Pfc (KIA)
Hallaway, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Halleck, Francis, Pfc (WIA)
Halsey, Percy V., Pfc (WIA)
Hambright, Phillip E., Pfc (WIA)
Hamm, John W., Cpl (WIA)
Hammons, James V., Sgt (DOW)
Hand, John C., Cpl (WIA)
Hanes, Paul R., Sgt (KIA)
Haney, James J., Cpl (WIA)
Hansen, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Hanson, Harold G., PltSgt (WIA)
Hardy, Wallace, Pfc (KIA)
Harkabus, Frank, Pfc (KIA)
Harp, Clyde, Pfc (WIA)
Harrie Jr., Benonie B., Cpl (WIA)
Harrigan, James B., Pfc (WIA)
Harris, Clarence E., Pfc (WIA)
Harris, Leonard D., Pfc (WIA)
Harrison, Robert J., Cpl (KIA)
Harrison Jr., Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Hart, Gerald J., Pfc (WIA)
Hart, Heber J., 2lt (WIA)
Hauck, Robert C., Cpl (WIA)
Haver, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Hawco Jr., Thomas R., Pfc (WIA)
Head Jr., John W., Sgt (WIA)
Hehn, Elmer R., Pfc (WIA)
Hehr, Charles R., Pfc (WIA)
Helms, Jack D., Pfc (WIA)
Hembree, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Henderson, Malcolm L., Pfc (WIA)
Hendrickson, Leslie K., Pfc (WIA)
Hendrix, Walter O., Pfc (KIA)
Henn Jr., Redge F., 1lt (WIA)
Henricy, William A., Pfc (WIA)
Henzi, Peter H., GySgt (DOW)
Hernandez Jr., Thomas, Pfc (KIA)
Hess, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Hicks, Charles L., Pfc (WIA)
Higgins, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Hill, Arthur F., Cpl (WIA)
Hill, William W., Pfc (WIA)
Hines, Melville E., Pfc (DOW)
Hise, Glen H., Pfc (WIA)
Hitchcock, George C., Pvt (WIA)
Hitchcock, Maynard A., Pfc (WIA)
Hite, Edward L., Cpl (WIA)
Hixon, Richard D., Pfc (WIA)
Hobbs, Walter E., ChCk (WIA)
Hobby, George E.L., Cpl (WIA)
Hoenings, Bernard J., Pfc (KIA)
Hoffart, Leonard S., Pfc (WIA)
Hofmann Jr., Fred, Cpl (WIA)
Holland, Tolbert W., Pfc (WIA)
Holiman, Edward S., Pfc (WIA)
Holloway, Jack, Pfc (WIA)
Holmes, Buryl A., Pfc (KIA)
Holmes, Stetson S., Cpt (WIA)
Holt, Wilbur M., Pfc (KIA)
Honeyman, Bill G., Pfc (WIA)
Hoppe, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Hornbeck, Will 'T', Sgt (WIA)
Horton, Thomas L., Pfc (WIA)
Hotham, Donald 'G', Cpl (WIA)
Houpt Jr., Walter D., 1lt (WIA)
Houser, Ralph L., Ltc (WIA)
Howard, George F., Pfc (WIA)
Hoyte, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Hubbard, Glenn M., Cpl (WIA)
Hubley, Walter E., Pfc (KIA)
Huckabay, Enoch, Pfc (WIA)
Hudgens, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Hudspeth, Fred B., Pfc (WIA)
Huggins, Wilfred L.D., Pfc (WIA)
Huitt, Joseph D., Pfc (WIA)
Hunt, Charles H., Pfc (WIA)
Hunter, Robert D., Cpl (WIA)
Huseby, Clifford I., Pfc (KIA)
Hutchinson, Frederick, Cpl (WIA)
Hyland, John W., Pfc (KIA)
Iannuccili, Carl, Pfc (BF)
Insley, Vere C., Pfc (DOW)
Irby, Billy D., Pfc (WIA)
Irons, Norman W., Pfc (WIA)
Isenberg, Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Iverson, DeVon, Pfc (DOW)
Jackson, Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Jackson, William Y., Cpl (WIA)
Jackson Jr., William F., Pfc (WIA)
Jacosky, Francis W., PltSgt (WIA)
Jamiolkowski, Francis T., Pvt (WIA)
Jaquisch Jr., Daniel P., Pfc (KIA)
Jennings, Harry K., Pfc (WIA)
Jennings Jr., William M., Sgt (KIA)
Jennrich, Herbert N., Pfc (WIA)
Jerdonek, Paul P., Pfc (DOW)
Johnson, Forrest E., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Jesse L., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, John H., Pvt (WIA)
Johnson, Lee C., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Othell, Pfc (DOW)
Johnson, Raymond A., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, William F., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson Jr., William O., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Otha W., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Raymond E., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Thomas 'V', Pfc (WIA)
Joyce, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Kaehler, Edward G., Pfc (WIA)
Kane, George J., GySgt (KIA)
Kanert Jr., Arthur D., Pfc (DOW)
Karajian, Samuel L., Pfc (BF)
Karat, John F., Pfc (WIA)
Katz, Bernard, Pfc (KIA)
Kawalski, Clement R., PltSgt (KIA)
Kay Jr., George H., Pfc (WIA)
Keating Jr., George E., Pfc (WIA)
Keith, Donald G., Pfc (WIA)
Keith, Malcolm R., Pfc (WIA)
Kempton, Wayne D., Pfc (WIA)
Kennedy, Francis J., Pfc (WIA)
Kersjes, Stanley M,, Pfc (WIA)
Keyston, Alfred J., Pfc (KIA)
Kilroy, Bernard J., Pfc (WIA)
King Jr., Cleburne 'B', Pfc (WIA)
Kinney, Wilbur V., Pfc (WIA)
Kirk, Vernon Q., Cpl (WIA)
Kitzmiller, Orville 'D', Pfc (KIA)
Klass, Marvin B., Pfc (WIA)
Klemencic, Edward D., Pfc (WIA)
Klopp, DeLoss l., Pfc (KIA)
Knotts, Lawson G., Pfc (KIA)
Koczkodon, John C., Pfc (DOW)
Kohler, Michael F., Pfc (WIA)
Kohut, Andrew, Cpl (WIA)
Koll, Daniel, PltSgt (KIA)
Krastes, Steven A., Pfc (WIA)
Krizanic, Albert, Pfc (DOW)
Kryger, Martin "T', Pfc (WIA)
Kubicka, James B., Cpl (WIA)
Kuckartz, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Kukla, Stanley J., Cpl (WIA)
La Porte, Virgil M., Pfc (WIA)
Lackey, Grady, Pfc (KIA)
Lacoss, Kenneth F., Pfc (WIA)
Lambert, Armand B., Pvt (KIA)
Lancia, Armando, Pfc (WIA)
Lane, Herbert, Pfc (WIA)
Lanier, Joseph L., Cpl (KIA)
Lanner, Raymond G., Cpl (WIA)
Lanyard, Murray, Pfc (WIA)
Larance, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Larson, Donald G., Pfc (KIA)
Lathan, Hubert C., Pfc (WIA)
Lavender, Arthur L., Cpl (DOW)
Lavin, John E., 2lt (WIA)
Lawrie, John A., Pfc (KIA)
Leith, Edward W., Pfc (WIA)
Leonardo Jr., John J., Cpl (WIA)
Leroux, Bernard H., Pfc (WIA)
Lesauskis, Joseph T., Cpl (WIA)
Levasseur, Joseph J.B., Cpl (WIA)
Levasseur, Robert N., Pfc (WIA)
Levens, Donald I., Cpl (WIA)
Lewandowski, Walter M., Sgt (KIA)
Libera, Andrew E., Pfc (KIA)
Loney Jr., James M., Pfc (WIA)
Long, Peter F., Pfc (WIA)
Lopez, Gustavo, Pfc (WIA)
Loscutoff, Nick, Pfc (WIA)
Lougheed, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Lovelady, John A., Sgt (WIA)
Loving, Jason Z., Pfc (WIA)
Lowry, Richard F., Cpl (WIA)
Lukesh, Joseph P., Sgt (WIA)
Lurwick, Donald, Pfc (KIA)
Lynott, Robert P., Pfc (WIA)
Lyston, Edgar L., Pfc (WIA)
MacKenzie, Kenneth F., Pfc (WIA)
Macon, LeeRoy C., Pvt (KIA)
Maero, Philip J., Pfc (WIA)
Mahkee, Cyrus, Pfc (WIA)
Makowski, Arthur T., Pfc (WIA)
Maldonado Jr., Ben, Pfc (DOW)
Malec, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Malis, Harold L., Pfc (WIA)
Malloy, Edward J., 2lt (WIA)
Malone, Philip P., Pfc (WIA)
Mancillas, John, Pfc (WIA)
Mann, Gus M., Pfc (WIA)
Manus, Herman G., Pfc (WIA)
Marciniak, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Mares, Delfino J., Pfc (KIA)
Marks, Marvin L., Pfc (KIA)
Marsh, Willard R., Pfc (WIA)
Marshall, Alton G., 1lt (WIA)
Martin, Albert, Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Eugene T., 2lt (WIA)
Martowsky, John, Pfc (WIA)
Martz, Dale R., Pfc (WIA)
Marx, Herbert W., Pfc (WIA)
Masciulli, Samuel J., Pfc (WIA)
Masic, Louis F., Pfc (WIA)
Mask, Guy L., ChCk (WIA)
Mason, Leonard F., Pfc (DOW)
Mason Jr., Wallace A., Pfc (KIA)
Mastarduno, Anthony R., Pvt (WIA)
Mastelli, Aldolph, Pfc (KIA)
Mazei, Frank L., Pfc (WIA)
McArthur, Elmer D., Pfc (KIA)
McCarthy, Robert, PltSgt (WIA)
McCarthy, Walter D., Pfc (WIA)
McClintock, Harold H., Pfc (WIA)
McCollum, Wilbur W., Pfc (WIA)
McCord, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
McCullough, Duell Q., PltSgt (DOW)
McCullough, Jack R., Pfc (KIA)
McDaniel, Albert C., Pfc (WIA)
McGinnis, William R., Pfc (KIA)
McGoldrick, Paul, 2lt (WIA)
McGuire, Leland R., Pfc (WIA)
McGuire, Raymond J., Pfc (DOW)
McInroe, Darwin E., Pfc (WIA)
McIntyre, William C., Pfc (WIA)
McIntyre, William D., Pfc (WIA)
McKay, James M., Pfc (KIA)
McKee, Keith 'J', Pfc (WIA)
McKenzie, Douglas, Cpl (WIA)
McKeon, Donald R., Pfc (WIA)
McMahon, John W., Pfc (WIA)
McNamara, Joseph R., Pfc (DOW)
McRoberts, Charles H., Cpl (WIA)
Mello, Anthony L., Pfc (WIA)
Melton, 'J' 'C', Pfc (WIA)
Mendrzycki, Norbert C., Sgt (WIA)
Mertes, Herbert J., GySgt (WIA)
Metz, Raymond E., Cpl (WIA)
Middleton, Robert D., Cpl (WIA)
Mier, Robert J., Pfc (KIA)
Mierzejewski, Harry, Sgt (DOW)
Milburn, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Miles, George R., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Casper J., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, Darrell E., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Harold, Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Peter N., Cpl (KIA)
Millhouse, Ward O., 1stSgt (WIA)
Miner, Elwin E., Pfc (WIA)
Mitchell, James T., Sgt (KIA)
Molke, David B., Pfc (WIA)
Mollema, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Molno, William l., Pfc (WIA)
Monorchio, Toney F., Cpl (DOW)
Montes, Joe R., Pfc (WIA)
Moody, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Moore, Charles G., Pfc (WIA)
Moore, James C., Sgt (DOW)
Moore, Lemon R., Pfc (WIA)
Moore Jr., William E., Cpt (WIA)
Morgan, Norman P., Pfc (WIA)
Morris, Joseph P., Pfc (DOW)
Morris, Karl L., Pfc (WIA)
Morris Jr., Charles F., Pfc (WIA)
Mostello, Donald W., Pfc (WIA)
Moster, Elmer J., Pfc (KIA)
Moylan, Walter E., Cpl (WIA)
Muller, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, Darrell G., Pfc (KIA)
Murphy, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, James M., 2lt (WIA)
Murphy Jr., Thurman H., Pfc (WIA)
Murray, Frank S., Cpl (WIA)
Murray, Jim, GySgt (WIA)
Murray, Robert E., Cpl (WIA)
Myer, Dudley A., Pfc (KIA)
Myers, James B., Pfc (WIA)
Nachreiner, Harold E., Pfc (WIA)
Narcho, Burton A., Pfc (WIA)
Nasypany, Michael, Cpl (KIA)
Neal, William G.S., Pfc (WIA)
Nee, John R., Cpl (KIA)
Neff, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Nelms, John B., Pfc (WIA)
Nelson, Harold G., Pfc (WIA)
Nelson, William J., Pfc (KIA)
Neroda, Alex, Cpl (WIA)
Newman, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Nichols, Eugene O., Pfc (KIA)
Niemczak, Stanley, Cpl (WIA)
Noftzger, Robert W., Cpl (WIA)
Norman, Jesse C., Pfc (WIA)
Novak, Alexander J., Sgt (WIA)
O'Brien, Martin J., 2lt (KIA)
O'Hara, Patrick T., Pfc (WIA)
O'Hara Jr., Warren T., Cpl (WIA)
O'Kelley Jr., George B., Cpl (WIA)
Olivarez, Louis R., Pfc (KIA)
Oliver, Henry S., 2lt (DOW)
Oliver, James J., Pfc (KIA)
Oliverio, Joseph J., Pfc (KIA)
Owens, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Paccione, Marco T., Pfc (WIA)
Pakros, Victor, Pfc (KIA)
Paris, Warren 'G', Pfc (WIA)
Park, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Parker, John S., Pfc (WIA)
Parker, Thomas F., Pfc (WIA)
Patrick, Carl E., Pfc (KIA)
Patrick, Leo W., Pvt (WIA)
Pauley, Fred A., Pfc (WIA)
Payne, Ellsworth E., Pfc (DOW)
Pecor, Maurice J., Pfc (WIA)
Peeler Jr., Thomas W., Sgt (WIA)
Pelletier, Everette P, Pfc (WIA)
Perry, Henry R., PltSgt (WIA)
Peterkovich Jr., John A., Pfc (WIA)
Peterson, Eugene H., Pfc (WIA)
Peterson, John N., Pfc (WIA)
Philipbar, Theodore J., Sgt (WIA)
Phillips, George J., Cpl (DOW)
Phillips, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Pietrone, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Pitcher, Frederick N., Pfc (KIA)
Plata, George, Pfc (WIA)
Plemmons, Lewis R., ACk (WIA)
Plourde, Fernand J., Pfc (WIA)
Pohl, Warren W., Pfc (WIA)
Pokora, Alexander S., Pfc (WIA)
Pole, Albert E., Pfc (KIA)
Poole, Richard H., Cpl (WIA)
Popielarz, Carl, TSgt (WIA)
Potera, Louis F., Pfc (WIA)
Power, Curtis L., Pvt (WIA)
Powers Jr., Herman F., Pfc (WIA)
Presson Jr., Bert, Pfc (WIA)
Prettyman, Jerome P., Pfc (WIA)
Price Jr., John F., 1lt (WIA)
Pruden, Raymond C., Pfc (KIA)
Ptak, John A., Maj (KIA)
Puckett, Earl, Cpl (WIA)
Pulgliese, Vincent A., Cpl (WIA)
Radcliffe, Curtis E., Sgt (WIA)
Radel, Lawrence F., Cpl (WIA)
Ragle, William A., Pfc (KIA)
Ranfos, Anthony J., Pfc (WIA)
Rasmussen, John L., Pfc (KIA)
Rasmussen, Richard A., Pfc (WIA)
Rawlick, John, SSgt (WIA)
Ray, 'J' 'B', Pfc (WIA)
Ray, Lyle J., Pfc (WIA)
Read, Ray H., Pfc (WIA)
Reddinger, Quentin LauR., Pfc (KIA)
Reese, Robert K., Pfc (KIA)
Reese Jr., Thomas B., Sgt (DOW)
Reeves, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Reeves, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Regan, Sylvester R., Pfc (WIA)
Reichert, Paul, Pfc (WIA)
Reinthaler, Joseph, 2lt (DOW)
Reis, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Reishus, Randall W., Pfc (WIA)
Reuter, Earl R., Pfc (WIA)
Rey, Joseph F., Pfc (MIA
Reymore, George W., Pfc (KIA)
Rhoades, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Rhoads, Edward W., Pfc (WIA)
Riddell, James F., Cpl (DOW)
Riddle, Jack T., Cpl (WIA)
Ridge Jr., James P., Pfc (WIA)
Ritter, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Roach, Glenn R., Pfc (WIA)
Robbins, Charles C., Cpl (WIA)
Roberts, John A., Pfc (WIA)
Roberts, Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Robertson, Albert E., Pfc (WIA)
Robertson, Frank H., Cpl (WIA)
Robertson, Harry S., Pfc (KIA)
Robinette, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Robinson, Leon B., Pfc (KIA)
Robinson, Wylie G., Pfc (WIA)
Robison, Donald M., Pfc (WIA)
Rodd, Irving L., Pfc (WIA)
Rodenbush, Gene, Pfc (DOW)
Rodvan Jr., Paul, Pfc (WIA)
Roe, Lawrence, Pfc (WIA)
Rogers, Clarence G., Pfc (WIA)
Rome, Henry Y., Cpl (WIA)
Romero, James M., Pfc (KIA)
Romero, Santiago, Pfc (WIA)
Ronyack, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Rook, Ben 'N', Pfc (KIA)
Rooney, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Rosenstein, Philip, Pfc (WIA)
Roth, Marshall H., Cpl (KIA)
Rowe, James N., Pfc (WIA)
Roy, Hercules B., Sgt (WIA)
Roznick, Frank C., Pfc (WIA)
Ruchalski, Leonard S., Pfc (KIA)
Rucker, John S., Cpl (WIA)
Rudowicz, Joseph J., Cpl (WIA)
Ruggiero, Leonard A., Cpl (WIA)
Ruoto, John J., Pvt (WIA)
Russell, James J., Pfc (DOW)
Russell, Kenneth T., Pfc (WIA)
Rutherford, Dariel D., Cpl (WIA)
Ruzicka, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Ryals, Howell T., Pfc (WIA)
Sabo, Joseph F., Pfc (WIA)
Sackman, Eugene E., Pfc (WIA)
Salsiccia, Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Sampson, Virgil, Pfc (DOW)
Sanders, Allen K., Pfc (KIA)
Sanders, Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Sandy, Dale LaV., Sgt (WIA)
Santoni, Adam, Pfc (KIA)
Sargent, Arthur W., Pfc (KIA)
Sargent, Clarence, Pfc (WIA)
Sargis, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Satterfield, Alvin D., Pfc (WIA)
Saunders, Lewis W., Pfc (WIA)
Savage, Hamilton D., Pfc (WIA)
Sawyer, Charles S., PltSgt (WIA)
Sayers, Melvin R., Pfc (WIA)
Scanlan, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Scarsellone, Albert A., Pfc (WIA)
Schafer, Killian E., Cpl (WIA)
Scheitler Jr., Edmund J., Pfc (WIA)
Schloot, James D., Pfc (KIA)
Schmitt, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Schober Jr., John, Pfc (WIA)
Schoeder, William J., Pfc (KIA)
Schoepflin, Robert H., Pfc (KIA)
Schultz, Roy J., Pfc (WIA)
Schultz, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Schwarzenau, Carl, Cpl (DOW)
Scott, John A., Maj (WIA)
Seach, Albert S., Pfc (KIA)
Sealock, John L., Pfc (KIA)
Seebacher, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Sember, Michael, Pfc (KIA)
Shaber, George K., Pfc (WIA)
Sharkey, Arthur J., Cpl (WIA)
Shaw, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Sheehan, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Sheffer, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Shellhorn, William A., 2lt (KIA)
Shepard, Jack R., Pfc (WIA)
Shifflett, Alvin M., Sgt (WIA)
Shipp, Eldon K., Cpl (WIA)
Shock, John S., 2lt (KIA)
Sigler, Daniel A., Pfc (WIA)
Sikorski, Edmond S., Cpl (DOW)
Sikorski, Kenneth S., Pfc (WIA)
Simone, Frank R., Pfc (WIA)
Skaggs Jr., Luther, Pfc (WIA)
Skeen, Boyd J., Pfc (WIA)
Sletten, Robert D., Pfc (WIA)
Slifka Jr., Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Smatana, Peter, Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Elsie H., Sgt (WIA)
Smith, Howard E., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, James H., Pfc (KIA)
Smith, Julian U., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Lowell H., Cpt (WIA)
Smith, Paul G., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Robert S., 2lt (WIA)
Smith, William B., Pfc (WIA)
Smith Jr., Frank A., Sgt (WIA)
Smoltich, Michael M., Pfc (WIA)
Snell, John J., Pfc (BF)
Snyder, Donald A., Pfc (WIA)
Solomon, Jacob, Pfc (WIA)
Sons, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Soran, Robert J., Sgt (WIA)
Sowa, Andrew H., Pfc (WIA)
Spada, Anthony C., Pfc (WIA)
Spears, Victor L., Cpl (WIA)
Spellicy, Thomas A., Cpl (KIA)
Spencer, William A., Pfc (WIA)
St. John, George S., Pfc (WIA)
St. Pierre, Rene L., Pfc (WIA)
Stacy, Rex F., Pfc (WIA)
Stafford Jr., Henry L., Sgt (WIA)
Stamm, Wilson G., Pfc (WIA)
Stankorb, William G., Cpl (WIA)
Stapp, Watson D., Pfc (WIA)
Startari, Bruno J., Pfc (KIA)
Steele Jr., William R., Pfc (KIA)
Stephen, James D., Cpl (WIA)
Stephenson, Jackson H., Pfc (KIA)
Sterner, Roy E., Cpl (WIA)
Stetina, William J., Cpl (WIA)
Stevens, Harlan L., Pfc (WIA)
Stevens, Judson W., Pfc (WIA)
Stevens Jr., William H., Pfc (WIA)
Stewart, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Stickel, Lyle D., Pfc (WIA)
Stine, Ray C., Pfc (WIA)
Stine, Warren K., Sgt (WIA)
Suder, Stephen J., Cpl (WIA)
Sullivan, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Sumrall, Harrel B., Cpl (MIA
Sunderland, Boyd W., Pfc (KIA)
Sutton, Joseph W., Pfc (KIA)
Sweeney, Ellsworth A., Pfc (WIA)
Sweeney, Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Swingling, Frank P., Sgt (WIA)
Sword, Harvey, Pfc (WIA)
Szoke Jr., Frank M., Pfc (WIA)
Taft, Clayton F., Pfc (WIA)
Tarbutton, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Tate, Jerold M., 1stSgt (DOW)
Tatum, Kenneth C., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Freeman J., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, John W., Cpl (WIA)
Taylor, Joseph A., Cpl (DOW)
Taylor, Roscoe L., Pfc (WIA)
Tennant, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Terlizzi, Daniel J., Pfc (WIA)
Thacker, Miles K., Cpl (DOW)
Tharpe, William, Pfc (KIA)
Thomas, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Paul L., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Warren D., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson Jr., Hugh, Pfc (WIA)
Thornock, Dale M., Pfc (WIA)
Timmer, Orville J., Pfc (WIA)
Tipton, Elihu, Sgt (KIA)
Tomlinson, Virgil L., Pfc (WIA)
Torian, Paul T., Cpt (WIA)
Tow, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Towle, Frederick D., Sgt (WIA)
Trammell, Paul C., Cpt (WIA)
Trask, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Trembly, Leo A., Pfc (WIA)
Tribbett, Charles S., Pfc (WIA)
Troiano, Anthony J., Cpl (WIA)
Troup, Boyd C., Pfc (WIA)
Trubic, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Truitt, William G., Pfc (WIA)
Tucker, George E., GySgt (DOW)
Tylicki, Stanley P., Sgt (KIA)
Ulibarri, Leopoldo M., Pfc (WIA)
Valentino, Joseph R., Pfc (KIA)
Van Duzor, Willard K., Pfc (WIA)
Vande Voorde, Joseph J., Pfc (KIA)
Vandergrift, Louis I., Pfc (WIA)
Verbenec, Frank J., Pfc (DOW)
Verderber, Robert T., Pfc (KIA)
Victor, Robert S., Pfc (WIA)
Vieceli, Eugene P., Pfc (KIA)
Vitek, Michael J., Pfc (WIA)
Vivian Jr., Arthur C., 1lt (KIA)
Votta, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Wagner, Francis J., Pfc (WIA)
Waldo, Francis E., Sgt (DOW)
Wall Jr., Thomas, MTSgt (WIA)
Wallace, Uberto W., 2lt (WIA)
Wallett, Walter F., Cpl (WIA)
Walston, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Walter Jr., Raymond G., Pfc (KIA)
Warner, Ray E., Pfc (WIA)
Waro, Floyd J., Cpl (WIA)
Wasiel, William J., Sgt (KIA)
Watson, Jack W., Cpl (KIA)
Watson, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Watson, Mac W., Pfc (WIA)
Wells, Clarence, Cpl (KIA)
West, Allen G., Pfc (WIA)
Weston, Richard J., Sgt (WIA)
Wevers, Thomas H., Pfc (KIA)
Whalen, Edward M., Pfc (WIA)
Whetford, Edward A., Pfc (WIA)
White, Don D., Sgt (WIA)
White, Herbert C., Pfc (DOW)
White, Nicholas A., Pfc (KIA)
White, Rader E., Cpl (WIA)
White, Ross E., Pfc (WIA)
White Jr., Hobart W., Pfc (KIA)
Whitehead, John F., Pvt (KIA)
Wigginton Jr., Lee R., Pfc (WIA)
Wike, John C., 1lt (KIA)
Wilder, Emil G., Cpl (DOW)
Wildman, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Wiley, Jack E., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, Leslie V., Pfc (WIA)
Willmott, William R., Sgt (DOW)
Wilshere, Frederick B., Cpl (WIA)
Wimer Jr., Uoyd E., Cpl (WIA)
Winford, John W., Maj (WIA)
Winland, Kenneth L., Pfc (WIA)
Winsdorfer, John E., Pfc (KIA)
Wojcik, George T., Pfc (WIA)
Wolf, Irwin W., 2lt (DOW)
Wolfe Jr., Willard E., Cpl (WIA)
Wood, Charles A., Cpl (WIA)
Woods Jr., Robert C., Pfc (KIA)
Wos, Stanley, Pfc (WIA)
Wright, Horace E., Pfc (DOW)
Yagla, Henry, Cpl (KIA)
Yannotti, Felix P., Pfc (DOW)
Yates, Herman N., Pvt (KIA)
Yates, Richard L., Pfc (WIA)
Yochem, Floyd J., Pfc (WIA)
Yunker, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Zarych, John S., Pfc (WIA)
Zavodny, Samuel, Pfc (WIA)
Zeitlin, David l., Cpt (WIA)
Zeller, John G., Pfc (KIA)
Zidenberg, Louis, Pfc (KIA)
Zoch, Raymond A., Pfc (WIA)
Zoghaum, David J.P., Pfc (WIA)
Zyck, William J., Sgt (WIA)
de Zayas, Hector, Ltc (KIA)

Hayden, Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Heidenreich, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Schneider, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Sheehy, Leo L., Sgt (WIA)

Anderson, Harry W., Cpl (WIA)
Anderson, Joe M., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Barrow, Louie G., PltSgt (WIA)
Baughan, William S., Cpl (WIA)
Beadle, Robert V., Sgt (WIA)
Beauchamp, Walter A., Cpl (MIA
Benjamin, Roy E., Pfc (DOW)
Blaine, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Blundell, Wesley W., PltSgt (WIA)
Bownes, Hugh H., 1lt (WIA)
Chambers, Jack E., Cpl (KIA)
Czarnota, Leon J., Pfc (KIA)
Diller, Uoyd R., Pfc (MIA
Donovan, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Dresselhaus, Charles H., Cpl (WIA)
Ellis, Frank H., Cpl (WIA)
Fabrick, Vincent L., Pfc (WIA)
Fleener, Ezra 'J', Pfc (KIA)
Franz, Neal R., Pfc (WIA)
Gato, Robert L., Pfc (KIA)
Georges, Donald A., Pfc (WIA)
Goldsby, Elmer M., Cpl (WIA)
Good, Hubert M., Sgt (WIA)
Graen, Richard J., Pfc (KIA)
Harris, Joel A., Pfc (WIA)
Hill, Rial W., Cpl (WIA)
Jacobs, Grady L., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Merlin J., Pfc (WIA)
Kotschi, Henry J., Sgt (WIA)
Kurzawski, Alfred J., Cpl (WIA)
Kutch, Kenneth E., SSgt (WIA)
Lewis Jr., Reuben F., Pfc (WIA)
Litwinowich, Victor J., Pfc (KIA)
Martin, Melvin F., Pfc (KIA)
Miller, Alvin E., Sgt (WIA)
Mills, Charles L., Cpt (KIA)
Nerison, Albert H., Pfc (MIA
Paul, William J., Sgt (WIA)
Payne, Floyd E., Cpl (WIA)
Rae, Robert, Cpl (WIA)
Robinson, Edward L., Sgt (WIA)
Rohrsen, Rollie P., Pvt (WIA)
Starkey, George E., Sgt (WIA)
Stinson, Ralph E., Cpl (WIA)
Sumner, Earnest A., Pfc (WIA)
Uhlenbrock, Francis J., Cpl (WIA)
Wilder, Rolland R., Cpl (DOW)
Zaleski, Edward, Sgt (WIA)

Asman, Roy E., Pfc (WIA)
Beyers, Bryant W., Pfc (WIA)
Blasko, Andrew J., Sgt (WIA)
Boepple, Walter M., Pfc (WIA)
Broderick, James W., PltSgt (WIA)
Curry, James H., Cpl (WIA)
Dambeck, Xavior L., Pfc (WIA)
Dickinson, Charles E., Sgt (WIA)
Donohoe, Michael T., SSgt (INJ
Furbush, Edwin K., Sgt (WIA)
Hebert Jr., Roy J., Pfc (KIA)
Keithley, William E., Pfc (KIA)
Milliron Jr., Clarence A., Pfc (WIA)
Myers, George J., Cpl (WIA)
Robinson, George M., Pfc (INJ
Sheffield, Willard M., WO (WIA)
Shoemaker, Walbert T., Pfc (KIA)
Smith, Nathan A., 2lt (WIA)
Swetland, Frank S., Sgt (DOW)
Sylvester, Frank J., Sgt (WIA)
Williamson, Ronald D., Cpl (WIA)
Wilson, Merle L., Pvt (DOW)

Adams, Richmond, Pfc (DOW)
Bamber, Roy K, Cpl (WIA)
Barman, John P., Cpl (WIA)
Benson, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Brewer, Loran R., Pfc (WIA)
Bush, Jack W., Sgt (WIA)
Campen, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Carrel, Russell H., Pfc (WIA)
Churchill, Chester C., GySgt (WIA)
Clinebell, Willis E., Cpl (WIA)
Cooley, Charles M., PltSgt (DOW)
Cunningham, John A.E., 1lt (WIA)
Di Pietro, John, Cpl (WIA)
Durbin, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Edgecomb, Robert R., PltSgt (WIA)
Firth, Stanley H., ChCk (KIA)
Fournier, August W., Sgt (WIA)
Fuller, Clifford G., Sgt (WIA)
Glovier, David P., Cpl (WIA)
HeIlman, Richard J., Sgt (WIA)
Hill, Herbert E., Sgt (WIA)
Hood, Robert P., Cpl (WIA)
Hutchison Jr., Clifford W., Cpl (WIA)
Jackson, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Jansen, Peter K., Sgt (WIA)
Johnson Jr., Charles W., Sgt (WIA)
Joy, Quentin H., 1lt (WIA)
Kidd, Ottis W., Pfc (WIA)
Kimbrell, Leslie A., Cpl (WIA)
Kirkham, Charles H., 2lt (WIA)
Kristensen Jr., Kris, Pfc (WIA)
Lerson, Irving R., Cpl (WIA)
Machingo, Stephen J., Sgt (WIA)
Mann, Robert D., Cpl (WIA)
Marvin, Glenn E., Sgt (WIA)
McPherson, Warren W., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, Howard E., Sgt (DOW)
Mitchell, Clinton W., Pfc (WIA)
Napier, Birchie McK., Pfc (WIA)
Nelson, Donald W., Pfc (WIA)
Palm, Robert P., Pfc (WIA)
Panaro, James M., Cpl (KIA)
Pischke, Andrew J., Sgt (WIA)
Prillaman, William R., Cpl (DOW)
Raffetto, George, Cpl (WIA)
Ramage, John F., GySgt (WIA)
Ringheim, Marvin L., Pfc (KIA)
Schaeffer, Andrew J., Pfc (WIA)
Schrader, Paul H., Cpl (WIA)
Smith, Garold V., Pfc (WIA)
Stengel, Linnwood J., Cpl (WIA)
Stone, William D., Cpt (WIA)
Swiontkowski, Marion, ChCk (WIA)
Thompson, Marion E., Sgt (WIA)
Toovey, Arthur B., Pfc (WIA)
Toth, Andrew S., Pfc (WIA)
Trumbull, James C., Cpl (WIA)
Udseth, George H., Pfc (WIA)
Ward, Robert V., SSgt (WIA)
Warden, William S., 1lt (WIA)
Wiechmann, Robert B., Pfc (WIA)
Yaffe, Bertram A., Cpt (WIA)
Zhadani, Julius, Sgt (WIA)

Desue, Joseph, Pvt (INJ
Haynes, Darnell, Pvt (WIA)
Jones, Jim W., Pvt (WIA)
Webb, Wilbert J., Pfc (WIA)
Williams Jr., Simon, Pvt (INJ

34455, Wilmer J., Pfc (WIA)
Abney, George F., Cpl (WIA)
Abraham, Woodrow W., Pfc (WIA)
Alfano, Daniel F., Cpl (DOW)
Allen, Cecil 'B', Pfc (WIA)
Allen, Philip E., Pfc (KIA)
Allen, Woodrow W., AsstCk (WIA)
Amoroso, Fred H., Cpl (WIA)
Anderson, Edwin L., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, John H., Pfc (WIA)
Anthony, Henry G., Pvt (DOW)
Appleton, Shelton Jr., Pfc (WIA)
Arnold, Glen E., Pfc (WIA)
Arnold, Henry S., Pfc (WIA)
Asby, Billy G., Pfc (WIA)
Aufiero, Pasquale R., Pfc (WIA)
Austin, Harold G., Pfc (KIA)
Autry, Wilburn, Pfc (WIA)
Axtell, Marvin L., Pfc (WIA)
Ayash, Elias, Pfc (WIA)
Bagwell, Earl C., Pfc (KIA)
Bailey Jr., Bennett, Cpl (WIA)
Bainor, Stanley J., Pvt (WIA)
Bajko, Alexander S., Pfc (KIA)
Baker, Wesley H., Pfc (KIA)
Baker Jr., Lorenzo P., Ensg (WIA)
Balcom, Lyle M., FM1c (WIA)
Baldwin, Wilfred, Cpl (KIA)
Ball, Robert W., Pfc (KIA)
Ball, Virgil E., GySgt (WIA)
Bangser, Lawrence S., 1lt (WIA)
Bankhead, Milton B., Pfc (WIA)
Baptista Jr., Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Barger, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Barnhart, Ralph E., Pfc (WIA)
Barr, LeRoy, Pfc (KIA)
Barr, Leon N., Cpl (WIA)
Barrera, Steve C., Pfc (WIA)
Barwick, Leon L., Cpl (WIA)
Bateman, James F., ChCk (WIA)
Batterson Jr., Roy J., Maj (WIA)
Batts, James H., Pfc (KIA)
Baucom Jr., Wilbern T., Cpl (WIA)
Bazzell Jr., Thomas F., Sgt (WIA)
Beachman, Richard J., 1lt (WIA)
Beales, Eugene W., Pfc (WIA)
Beane Jr., Frederick E., Pfc (KIA)
Beasley, Ira E., Pfc (WIA)
Beaudry, Louis N., Pfc (KIA)
Beck, John, Pfc (WIA)
Becker, Meyer, Cpl (WIA)
Beeney, George F., Pfc (WIA)
Begay, Charles Y., Pfc (WIA)
Begonia, 'J' 'R' M., Pfc (WIA)
Behrent, William M., Pfc (WIA)
Belko, Max, 2lt (KIA)
Bell, William E., Sgt (WIA)
Bennett, George A., Pvt (WIA)
Bennett, William L., Pfc (KIA)
Berault, Joseph V., Pfc (WIA)
Bergamini Jr., John V.W., 2lt (KIA)
Bergenake Jr., Otto C., Pfc (WIA)
Bergfeld, Max E., Pfc (KIA)
Berline, Paul L., Pfc (WIA)
Berry, John F., Cpl (WIA)
Beumer, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Billing, Royal T., Pfc (WIA)
Billings, James A., Pfc (KIA)
Billone, Nicholas D., Pfc (WIA)
Blazaitis, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Bliss, Eugene, Pfc (WIA)
Bogowith, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Bolin, Robert G., Pvt (KIA)
Bonacci, Julio A., Pfc (WIA)
Booz, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Bordak, Frank T., Pvt (WIA)
Bordonaro, James J., PltSgt (WIA)
Borowski, Julius, Cpl (WIA)
Botta, Robert H., Sgt (WIA)
Bowe Jr., William F., Pfc (WIA)
Boyd, Henry E., Sgt (WIA)
Bracamonte, Santiago G., Pfc (WIA)
Bradley, Richard R., Sgt (WIA)
Branch, James M., Pfc (KIA)
Branson, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Braswell, Jack H.R., Sgt (WIA)
Breen, Kenneth P., Pfc (WIA)
Breen, Thomas E., Pfc (WIA)
Brennen, George L., Pfc (WIA)
Britt, Henry A., Clp (WIA)
Brock, Ben J., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Cary S., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Jackie L., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Robert L., Cpl (WIA)
Brown Jr., Harold F., Pfc (KIA)
Brown Jr., James F., Cpl (WIA)
Brown Jr., Sugars T., Pfc (WIA)
Brown Jr., William H., Pfc (WIA)
Brownell, Ralph H., Pfc (WIA)
Brubaker, Russell W., Pfc (KIA)
Bruner, Andrew F., Cpl (WIA)
Bruzas, Vito J., Cpl (WIA)
Buick, Peter W.L., Cpl (WIA)
Buhl, Herbert N., Sgt (WIA)
Bujak, Gilbert J., Sgt (KIA)
Burachowski, Frank C., Pfc (WIA)
Burke, William P., Pfc (WIA)
Busby, Alfred E., Pfc (KIA)
Bush, Nolan C., AsstCk (WIA)
Butkis, John F., Cpl (WIA)
Butterfield, Marvin D., Pvt (WIA)
Butts, Robert G., Pfc (INJ
Bylerley, Warren W., PltSgt (KIA)
Cabell, Hewitt L., Pfc (WIA)
Calabrese, Nathan G., Pvt (WIA)
Caldera, Roberto, Pfc (KIA)
Calkins, Harry T., PltSgt (WIA)
Camp, Gene W., Sgt (WIA)
Campbell, Clyde A., Pfc (KIA)
Campbell, Daryl D., Pfc (WIA)
Capetz Jr., John, Pfc (WIA)
Careaga, Alvaro G., GySgt (WIA)
Carey, Louis J., Pfc (KIA)
Carlton, Richard N., Pfc (KIA)
Carmody, Cornelius J., 2lt (WIA)
Carter, Alexander C.M., 2lt (KIA)
Carter, Eugene J., Cpl (KIA)
Casdorph Jr., John O., PltSgt (KIA)
Cashmore, George H., Pfc (KIA)
Catalano, Anthony G., Pfc (WIA)
Chaffee, Allen J., Pfc (KIA)
Chamblin, Lee W., Pfc (WIA)
Champlin, Kenneth M, PltSgt (WIA)
Chance, Donald S., Pfc (WIA)
Chapman, Duff G., Pfc (WIA)
Chastain, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Chick, Roy C., Pfc (WIA)
Christensen, Frank F., Pfc (WIA)
Chuda, Jack R., Pfc (KIA)
Chupp, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Churchill, Eugene S., Pfc (WIA)
Climer, Stanley D., Cpl (WIA)
Clower, Frank M., Pfc (WIA)
Coburn, Forrest W., GySgt (WIA)
Cockrell, Clyde J., Pfc (WIA)
Codispoti, Gildo, 1lt (WIA)
Cody, Leslie, Pfc (WIA)
Collins, Lester D., Pfc (DOW)
Collins Jr., Jeremiah D., Pfc (WIA)
Combs Jr., Charles B., AsstCk (WIA)
Condon, Thomas F., Pfc (WIA)
Conner, Elgin E., Pfc (WIA)
Conrad, William F., Sgt (WIA)
Cooper, John A., Pfc (WIA)
Cosmos, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Coulis, Anthony P., Pfc (WIA)
Crabb, Dale E., Pfc (WIA)
Crabb, DeWayne L., Cpl (WIA)
Crace, Paris, Pfc (WIA)
Crawford Jr., John G., Pfc (WIA)
Cunningham, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Cuthbertson, John D., Pfc (KIA)
Dahl, Alex K., Cpl (WIA)
Daniel, Robert K., 2lt (WIA)
Daniel, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Daniels, Nelson D., Pvt (KIA)
Davenport, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Davis, Earle M., Cpl (WIA)
Davis, James C., Sgt (WIA)
Davis, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Dawson, Harry W., Cpl (WIA)
De Main, Joseph J., Pvt (WIA)
DeBerry, Robert M., Sgt (WIA)
DeRyke, Clifford W., Pfc (WIA)
Deakyne, Charles F., Pfc (WIA)
Decker, Walter H., Pfc (WIA)
Dedeaux, Glenn R., Pfc (WIA)
Denton, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Derrick, George T., Pfc (WIA)
Diaz, William O., Pfc (WIA)
Dickson, Joseph H., Sgt (KIA)
Dietz, Warren C., Pfc (WIA)
Dion, Hubert E., Sgt (WIA)
Dodds, Robert W., Cpl (WIA)
Dodds, Thad N., 1lt (WIA)
Domann, Carl P., Cpl (KIA)
Donahue, Maurice E., Pfc (WIA)
Doran, Harold D., Pvt (KIA)
Doss, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Dotson, Donald K., Pfc (WIA)
Dougherty, Thomas A., Cpl (WIA)
Downs, Billy, Pfc (DOW)
Doyle, Philip D., Cpl (WIA)
Drost, Frederick D., Pfc (WIA)
Duffey, Donald J., Cpl (KIA)
Dunbar, Michael J., PltSgt (WIA)
Dunegan Jr., ClaudeT., Pvt (WIA)
Dunham, Edwin LeR., Pfc (WIA)
Duran Jr., Jose F., Pfc (KIA)
Durham, Victor L., Pfc (KIA)
Duriscoe, Thomas W., Pfc (WIA)
Easley, James L, Pfc (WIA)
Eaton, Mavis L., Cpl (WIA)
Eddina, Vernon L., Pfc (WIA)
Eder Jr., Carl F., Pfc (WIA)
Ehlen Jr., William H., Pfc (WIA)
Engel, Robert F., Pfc (KIA)
Etheredge, Amos S.S., Pfc (WIA)
Evans, Max L., Cpl (DOW)
Fabiochi, James, Pfc (WIA)
Fasnacht Jr., Roscoe E., Pfc (KIA)
Fells, John S., Sgt (WIA)
Ferenchakovic, Charles J., Cpl (WIA)
Ferguson, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Ferry, Raymond A., PltSgt (KIA)
Field, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Fielding, William D., Pfc (WIA)
Figg, Henry G., Pfc (WIA)
Filliponi, Nicholas P., Pfc (WIA)
Finkenstaedt, James C., 2lt (WIA)
Finley Jr., Homer J., Pfc (WIA)
Fiorini, Frank A., Pfc (WIA)
Fiscus, Roy D., Pfc (WIA)
Fisher, Harold J., Pfc (WIA)
Fitts, Kenneth M., Cpl (DOW)
Fitzpatrick Jr., Francis P., Pfc (WIA)
Fleming, Luther V., Cpl (WIA)
Flowers, Harley A., Pfc (KIA)
Fluitt, Jack M., Cpl (WIA)
Forbes, Harry L., Pfc (WIA)
Foret, Norman J., Pfc (WIA)
Frailey, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Franklin, Warren G., Pfc (WIA)
French, Robert H., 2lt (KIA)
Fricke, Edward L, Pvt (WIA)
Frost, Horace C., Pfc (WIA)
Fuquay, Marvin, Pfc (KIA)
Gadomaki, Walter, Cpl (KIA)
Gail, Elden H., Cpl (KIA)
Gaines, Houston T., Cpl (WIA)
Gall, Francis C., Pfc (WIA)
Galvan, Manuel H., Pfc (WIA)
Gange, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Garcia, George, Pfc (KIA)
Gardner, John B., Pfc (WIA)
Gardner, Milton B., Sgt (WIA)
Gardner, William W., Pfc (WIA)
Garner, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Garretson, Kenneth C., Pfc (WIA)
Garzone, Antonio J., Cpl (WIA)
Gatica Jr., Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Gbur, Stanley, SGM (WIA)
Geiger, Pershing, Sgt (WIA)
Geiger, William McD., Pfc (WIA)
Gerlach, Anthony A., Pfc (WIA)
Gettinger, Robert W., 1lt (WIA)
Gill, Warner E., Cpl (KIA)
Glassen, Paul M., Pfc (KIA)
Glisczinski, Lawrence, Pfc (WIA)
Goacher, Keith, Pfc (WIA)
Goelzer, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Goldsmith Jr., Dennis D., Pfc (DOW)
Gonda, William P., Cpl (WIA)
Goicheis, Ralph J.J., Pfc (WIA)
Gonzalez, Brice, Pfc (WIA)
Gorzalski, Leonard J., Pfc (KIA)
Goslee, Francis W., Pfc (WIA)
Gottlieb, Morton, Pfc (KIA)
Gottlieb, Norman J., Cpl (WIA)
Govaletz, John J., Sgt (KIA)
Grassi, Everett B., Pfc (WIA)
Graves, James W., TSgt (KIA)
Gray, Newton E., Pfc (WIA)
Green, 'I' 'D', PltSgt (WIA)
Green, Edward C., Pfc (WIA)
Green, Miles P., Sgt (WIA)
Green, Ralph 'C', Pfc (WIA)
Griggers, Milton A., Pfc (WIA)
Groesbeck, Richard J., Pfc (WIA)
Grofvert, Harvey L., Pfc (WIA)
Grubb, Luster, Pfc (WIA)
Guilfoy, James A., Pvt (WIA)
Guisti, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Gulchinski, Leo J., Pfc (WIA)
Hacker, Harold, Pfc (WIA)
Hacker, Kenneth H., Pfc (WIA)
Hagan, Joyce 'J', Pfc (WIA)
Halsey, William T., Cpl (WIA)
Hamm, David E., Cpl (WIA)
Hammond Jr., William J., Cpl (WIA)
Hancock, Robert C., Cpl (WIA)
Handford, Lawrence E., Pfc (WIA)
Harlan, Forrest l., Cpl (WIA)
Harmer, Ervin W., Pvt (KIA)
Harmon, Frank P., Sgt (KIA)
Harris, Charles J., 1lt (WIA)
Harris, Lawrence R., Cpl (WIA)
Harter, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Hartman, Benjamin R., Sgt (WIA)
Harvey, James B., Pfc (KIA)
Harwood, Edward A., 1lt (WIA)
Hasapopoulos, Pete, Cpl (WIA)
Haskell, Allen G., PltSgt (WIA)
Hassig, Donald A, Pvt (KIA)
Hauser, Richard M., Pfc (WIA)
Hays, Emmit D., Pfc (WIA)
Healy Jr., Francis B., Pfc (WIA)
Hedahl, Everet A., 1lt (WIA)
Hedglin, Raymond 'A', Cpl (WIA)
Heffron, Donald B., Pfc (WIA)
Heideman, Harry J., Sgt (WIA)
Heinen, Ira E., Pfc (DOW)
Helpingstine, Herbert, Cpl (KIA)
Helton, Charles W., Pfc (INJ
Henderson, Kenneth D., Pfc (KIA)
Hendricks, Ralph L., Pfc (WIA)
Henshaw, Billy D., Sgt (WIA)
Hermansen, Paul J., Cpl (WIA)
Herold, Fred, Pvt (KIA)
Herwig, Robert J., 2lt (WIA)
Hewitt, Glenn M., Sgt (WIA)
Hiatt Jr., Herman H., Pfc (WIA)
Higgins Jr., James, Pfc (WIA)
Hiller, George R., Pfc (INJ
Hinde, Hubbark K., 2lt (WIA)
Hlas, Joe D., Pfc (WIA)
Hoage, John W., Pvt (WIA)
Hoermann, Allen R., Pfc (WIA)
Hoffman, Clarence, Cpl (KIA)
Hoffman, Frank R., PltSgt (WIA)
Hollak, Andrew, Pfc (WIA)
Holley Jr., John W., Pfc (KIA)
Holmquist Jr., Oscar W., Pfc (KIA)
Honeycutt, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Honohon, William J., Cpl (KIA)
Horak, Irvin, Sgt (WIA)
Horsfall, Ernest A., Sgt (WIA)
House, Lindsey M., SSgt (WIA)
Hubbard, Derrol D., Cpl (KIA)
Huff, Russell L., Pfc (WIA)
Huffman, Howard C., Pfc (WIA)
Huffstutter, Homer F., PltSgt (WIA)
Hughes, James J., Cpl (KIA)
Hunniford Jr., William J., PltSgt (KIA)
Hunter, Paul R., Pfc (INJ
Hutchings, Karl C., Pfc (KIA)
Illes, Stephen E., Cpl (WIA)
Imus, Elmer P., Sgt (WIA)
Ingram, Harry G., Pfc (WIA)
Isaacson, Wilhelm T., Pfc (DOW)
Ishmael, Harry E., Cpl (WIA)
Ivey, Clifton E., Pfc (KIA)
Jabbora, Donald LaV., Pfc (WIA)
Jack Jr., Jay R., SSgt (INJ
Jackson Jr., Fred L., Pfc (WIA)
Jaspers, William M., Pfc (WIA)
Jeifries, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Jendrasiak, Charles F., Pfc (KIA)
Jenkins, Jack H., Pfc (WIA)
Jensen, Eldon E., Pfc (KIA)
Jessen, Robert, Sgt (WIA)
Jewell, Donald J., Pfc (WIA)
Johns, Warren G., Pvt (WIA)
Johnson, Glenn W., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Russell A., Pfc (WIA)
Jolley, Edward E., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Burtnett E., Pfc (KIA)
Jones, Donald N., Sgt (WIA)
Jones, George R., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Hilton l., Cpl (WIA)
Jones, Philip W., Pfc (KIA)
Joyner, James H., AstCk (WIA)
Kaczensky, Edward S., Pfc (WIA)
Kath, Uoyd E., Cpl (DOW)
Kavanaugh, Frederick J., Pfc (WIA)
Keckritz, Leroy C., Cpl (WIA)
Kees Jr., Elzy, PltSgt (WIA)
Kehrt, Wesley E., Pfc (WIA)
Kelley, John E., Cpl (WIA)
Kellogg, Bruce L., Pfc (WIA)
Kelly, Donald W., Pfc (WIA)
Kelly, Francis E., Pfc (KIA)
Kelly, Raymond J., Pfc (KIA)
Kelly, Robert J., Cpl (WIA)
Kelly, Walter A., Cpl (WIA)
Kelly, William D., Pfc (KIA)
Kennelly, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Kenny, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Ketterman, Harold R., Pfc (WIA)
Kidder, Leland B., Pfc (WIA)
Kilgore Jr., Charles L., Cpl (WIA)
Kimberley, Charles B., Pfc (WIA)
Kinane Jr., Joseph D., Pfc (WIA)
Kinersly, James C., Cpl (WIA)
King, George H., Pfc (WIA)
King, Ralph K., Pfc (WIA)
Kingsley Jr., Luke A., Pfc (WIA)
Kinney, Earl D., Pfc (WIA)
Kinney Jr., Lynn C., Cpl (WIA)
Kirkpatrick, John H., Pfc (DOW)
Klein, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Kiunk, Walter E., Pfc (WIA)
Knapp, Melvin P., Pfc (WIA)
Koerner, Karl, Pfc (WIA)
Kohr, Earl R., Pfc (WIA)
Komiski, Albert A., Pfc (WIA)
Konrick, Donal L., Pfc (WIA)
Korowitz, Meyer F., Pfc (WIA)
Koskoskey, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Kostar, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Kostic, George, Pfc (MIA
Krueger, Jerome R., Pfc (WIA)
Krzicik, Albert E., Pfc (WIA)
Kufel, Stanislaus F., Pfc (WIA)
Kuffler, Thomas F., Sgt (WIA)
Kutchinski, Albert J., Pfc (WIA)
Kwarchiany, Frank J., Pvt (WIA)
Kyzar, Robert R., Pfc (KIA)
La Flamme, Robert S., Sgt (WIA)
Lackey, Blame W., Pfc (WIA)
Lacoste, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Ladd, Richard F., 2lt (KIA)
Lamberson, George G., 1lt (WIA)
Lambert, John S., Pfc (WIA)
Lane, Delmer D., Pfc (WIA)
Lano, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Lansley, Robert E., Cpl (KIA)
Lanzendorfer, Francis A., Sgt (WIA)
Laquintano, James J., Cpl (WIA)
Laroe Jr., Mark K., Sgt (WIA)
Larson, Franklin O., Pfc (WIA)
Lassley, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Latkovich, Joseph, Sgt (KIA)
Laughlin, Gordon W., GySgt (WIA)
Laughter, William P., Pfc (WIA)
Le Tourneau, George C., Cpl (WIA)
Lee, Allen J., Pfc (WIA)
Leitner, George R., Pfc (WIA)
Leonard, Julian H., 1lt (KIA)
Lester, Richard L., Cpl (WIA)
Leurquin, Cletus J., Pfc (WIA)
Lewis, Bort A., 1lt (WIA)
Lewis, Dallas O., Cpl (DOW)
Lewis, David W., Cpl (KIA)
Lewis, Norman L., Pfc (WIA)
Liapis, Peter P., Pfc (WIA)
Libby, Edward F., Cpl (INJ
Liebig, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Lillig, Leroy S., Cpl (WIA)
Littlejohn, Marvin L., Pfc (WIA)
Lock, John H., PltSgt (WIA)
Loomis, Ralph E., Cpl (WIA)
Loper, Roland H., Cpl (WIA)
Losiniecki, Albert J., Pfc (WIA)
Loss, Donald D., Sgt (WIA)
Love, Hilrey B., Cpl (WIA)
Lowry, Harold E., Pfc (KIA)
Ludwig Jr., Joseph P., Pfc (WIA)
Luedtke, Edward T., Pfc (KIA)
Luger, John L., Pfc (WIA)
Lyons, Theodore V., Pfc (KIA)
Lyzun Jr., Michael, Cpl (WIA)
Mabie, Robert M., Pfc (WIA)
MacDonald, Norris, Pfc (WIA)
MacKinnon, George V., Pfc (WIA)
MacRae, George A., Pfc (WIA)
Malachowski, Joseph T., Pfc (WIA)
Maleski, John J., Cpl (WIA)
Maloney Jr., Richard M., Pfc (WIA)
Malougney, Francis T., Pfc (KIA)
Malyurek, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Mandato, Henry A., Pvt (WIA)
Manley, Robert N., Pfc (WIA)
Maresh, Victor J., Sgt (WIA)
Marshall, William R., Pfc (KIA)
Marshall Jr., James W., Pvt (WIA)
Martin, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Hugh B., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Michael H., Pfc (WIA)
Martin, Samuel 'B', Pfc (WIA)
Marzloff Jr., Henry P., Pfc (KIA)
Mathis, Jack L., Pfc (WIA)
Mathis, Joe K., Pfc (WIA)
Matwiejczyk, John, Pfc (WIA)
Maupin, Donald C., Pfc (WIA)
Maupin, William B., Pfc (WIA)
May Jr., James H., Pfc (WIA)
Mazur, William, Pfc (WIA)
Mazzella, Frank V., Pfc (WIA)
McAllister, Charles R., 1lt (KIA)
McBride, Guy F., Pfc (WIA)
McCall, Raymond, Pfc (WIA)
McCaskill, Olen E., Pfc (WIA)
McClure Jr., Claude C., Cpl (WIA)
McCormick, John R., Cpl (WIA)
McCracken, Joseph W., Cpl (DOW)
McCutcheon, William A., Pfc (KIA)
McDaniel, Hiram J., Pfc (WIA)
McDonnell, Robert E., 2lt (WIA)
McErlean, John C., Pfc (WIA)
McGarvey, Wayland R., Pfc (WIA)
McGlade, Keith F., Pfc (WIA)
McGrail, Robert R., Pfc (WIA)
McGuire, Richard G., Sgt (WIA)
McIntosh, Robert E., Pfc (KIA)
McKeel, Lester E., Pfc (WIA)
McKelvey, Renwick R., Pfc (KIA)
McKeon, Richard J., Pfc (WIA)
McLane, Stanley S., Pfc (WIA)
McMillen, Arvel J., Pfc (WIA)
McNeil, Robert A., 2lt (WIA)
McNelley, Wallace O., Cpl (WIA)
McPhail, James L., Pfc (INJ
McPherson, Francis K.B., TSgt (WIA)
Medlin, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Meek, Charles A., 2lt (WIA)
Meier, Warren H.C., Pfc (WIA)
Melms, Richard, PltSgt (WIA)
Meredith, John H., Cpl (WIA)
Messer, John S., Maj (WIA)
Metzger, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Metzger, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Meyer, Raymond E., Cpl (WIA)
Meyer, Wallace V., Pfc (DOW)
Meyers, Harold C., Pfc (WIA)
Michie, Earl H., Pfc (WIA)
Mikula, Thaddeus F., Pfc (WIA)
Miles, John A., Sgt (WIA)
Miller, Charles D., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, LeRoy, Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Stanley J., Pfc (WIA)
Milliken Jr., Paul A., Pfc (WIA)
Minier, Lee N., 2lt (KIA)
Minogue, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Mitchell, Philip D., 1lt (WIA)
Mitchell, William E., Pfc (MIA
Mitchell Jr., Joseph P., Pfc (WIA)
Mitchie, Charles R., Cpl (KIA)
Mock, Donald D., Pfc (DOW)
Molno, Kent D., Pfc (WIA)
Monnich, Albert C., Cpl (WIA)
Montano, Leo J., Pfc (KIA)
Moore, John R., Sgt (WIA)
Moore, William C., Pfc (KIA)
Moore Jr., Ralph E., Cpl (KIA)
Morgan, Jack W., Pfc (KIA)
Morres, Thomas C., Pfc (WIA)
Moser, Roy F., Pfc (KIA)
Mosley, Archie A., Pfc (WIA)
Mullany, Robert J., Pfc (KIA)
Mullikin, Jack B., Cpl (WIA)
Mullin, Calvin D., Pfc (WIA)
Mullins, Paul 'L', Pfc (KIA)
Mundell, Samuel E., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, Edward H., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, James R., Pfc (KIA)
Murphy, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Myers, Ottie J., Pfc (WIA)
Nedervelt, Dudley E., Pfc (WIA)
Nelson, Gordon R., Pfc (WIA)
Nelson, Sylvester J., Pfc (WIA)
Newcomb, Uoyd M., Cpl (WIA)
Newlander, Walter R., Cpl (WIA)
Newman, Guy W., Pfc (WIA)
Newman, Roy E., Cpl (WIA)
Nobe, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Nolte, Walter E., Cpl (WIA)
Norris, Norman E., Pfc (WIA)
Nowakowski, Robert E., Pfc (KIA)
O'Brien, Donald B., Pfc (WIA)
O'Brien, Gardiner C., Cpl (WIA)
O'Bryhim, Ernest L., Cpl (WIA)
O'Keefe, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
O'Neill, John T., Pfc (DOW)
Ocban, 'A' 'J', Pvt (WIA)
Ochoa, Jesus, Pfc (WIA)
Olivas, Joe V., Pfc (WIA)
Oribiletti, Bruno, Pfc (KIA)
Orrender, Charles R., Sgt (WIA)
Orton, Charles E., Sgt (KIA)
Osti, Tony, Pfc (KIA)
Ostmeyer, Oliver W., WO (WIA)
Owen, Allyn W., Sgt (BF)
Owen, Stanley R., Pfc (WIA)
Pace, Eugene C., Pfc (WIA)
Pantalia, Daniel J., Pfc (WIA)
Parks, Sterling H., Pfc (KIA)
Paschal, Vernon, Pfc (WIA)
Pastorelli, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Patterson Jr., Frank B., Pfc (WIA)
Patton, Melvin, Pfc (WIA)
Paul, George J., Pfc (KIA)
Pearce, Ralph M., Pfc (WIA)
Pearl, Corwin, Pfc (KIA)
Pearson, Maxie R., Pfc (WIA)
Perrina, Anthony J., ChCk (WIA)
Perry, Charles D., PltSgt (KIA)
Peters, Stanley P., Cpl (KIA)
Peterson, Richard P., Cpl (WIA)
Petrozzi, Peter R., Cpl (WIA)
Peyton, Hubert E., Cpl (WIA)
Phelps, James C., Pfc (WIA)
Phemister, Edward E., Pfc (MIA
Phillips, Paul C., FldCk (WIA)
Phillips, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Pierson, Richard E., Cpl (INJ
Pinckney, Jay J., Sgt (WIA)
Poggemeyer Jr., Herman, Cpt (WIA)
Pogue Jr., John W., Pfc (WIA)
Polachowski, Leo R., Pfc (WIA)
Potter Jr., Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Powers, Dennis A., Cpl (WIA)
Powers, Ray J., Pfc (WIA)
Pratt, Lawrence, Pfc (WIA)
Prendergast, John J., Sgt (WIA)
Price, Harry I., Pfc (WIA)
Priest, Thomas H., Pfc (KIA)
Pringle, Richard H., GySgt (WIA)
Prpich, George A., Pfc (WIA)
Pruitt, Wilbert E., Pfc (WIA)
Pryor, Rolland E., Pfc (KIA)
Puhalo, Stephen, Pfc (KIA)
Puller, Samuel D., LTC (KIA)
Pumpelly, Paul L., Pfc (WIA)
Quackenbush, Mark R., 2lt (WIA)
Quinn, Donald G., Pfc (WIA)
Quintana, Joe. A., Cpl (WIA)
Quirk, Brian J., Sgt (WIA)
Ramsay Jr., Jonathan, 2lt (WIA)
Rankin, Cecil M., Pfc (WIA)
Rannells, Merrill C., Pfc (WIA)
Redfield, Duane 'Z', Pfc (WIA)
Reiber, Paul E., Pfc (KIA)
Reichert, James B., Pfc (WIA)
Reilly, Jeremiah M, Pfc (WIA)
Remster, George L., Pvt (WIA)
Reser, Harry A., Pfc (KIA)
Revak, Merton C., Pfc (KIA)
Reynolds, William, Pfc (WIA)
Rhodes, Joseph B., Pfc (WIA)
Richno, Edward, Sgt (BF)
Ricker Jr., Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Ridings Jr., Gildie E., Cpl (WIA)
Ridley, George M., Cpl (WIA)
Rime, Orville E., Pfc (DOW)
Ringgold, Charles F., Pfc (KIA)
Risk, Roy D., Cpl (WIA)
RitzeIl, Robert M., Pfc (WIA)
Robbins Jr., Arthur G., Pfc (WIA)
Roberts, Clayton LeR., Pfc (WIA)
Roberts, Francis E., Pfc (KIA)
Robertson, Talmadge W., Pfc (WIA)
Robertson Jr., John D., 1lt (WIA)
Robinson, William M., Pfc (WIA)
Robison, Arthur N., Pfc (WIA)
Robison, Eugene R., 1lt (WIA)
Roby, Walter T., Pfc (WIA)
Rodeitcher, Gerald A., Pfc (DOW)
Rogers, Charles W., Cpl (WIA)
Rogers, Donald C., Pfc (KIA)
Rogers, Neil L., Pfc (WIA)
Rogers, Randolph C., Pfc (WIA)
Rogers, William F., Cpl (WIA)
Rollette, Allen E., Pfc (MIA
Rooney, John T., Maj (WIA)
Rosato, Dominick S., Cpl (WIA)
Rose, Daniel H., Pfc (DOW)
Rosen, Nathan, Cpl (WIA)
Rosenquist, Rudolph G., Pfc (WIA)
Ross, Finley R., Cpl (KIA)
Roth, Robert A., Cpl (DOW)
Rounsville, Jim N., Pfc (WIA)
Rouse, Hugh E., Pfc (KIA)
Rouse, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Rudkin, Bernard W., Pfc (WIA)
Russell, James K., Pfc (KIA)
Russell Jr., Marvin A., Pfc (WIA)
Rymer, Barry S., Pfc (WIA)
Sad, Gregg T., Pfc (WIA)
Salleng, William R., Sgt (WIA)
Salzman, Edward E., Sgt (KIA)
Salzman, Jerome N., Cpl (WIA)
Schacht, Edward A., Pfc (WIA)
Schaffner, George E., Pfc (WIA)
Schatz, Lewis E., Cpl (WIA)
Scheffer, Francis S., Sgt (KIA)
Schneider, Ervin A., Pfc (WIA)
Schoch, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Schreiner, David N., 2lt (WIA)
Schroeder, Wilfred H., Pfc (WIA)
Schulz Jr., William F., Cpl (KIA)
Schuster, Kenneth O., Pfc (DOW)
Schwark Jr., William A., Pfc (WIA)
Scott, Sam, Pfc (KIA)
Seefeldt, Wallace G., Cpl (WIA)
Segale, Raymond G., 2lt (WIA)
Selby, Robert B., Pfc (KIA)
Semph, Ernest W., Pfc (WIA)
Sergo, Mike E., Pfc (KIA)
Shaffer, Francis J., Cpl (WIA)
Shanahan II, Edward J., Cpl (KIA)
Sheehan, John J., Cpl (WIA)
Sheid, Abb T., Pfc (WIA)
Sheridan, Joseph, Pfc (KIA)
Sherwood, Robert D., Pvt (WIA)
Shively, Allen E., Sgt (WIA)
Simmers, Charles l., Pfc (KIA)
Simpson, George B., Pfc (WIA)
Simpson, Harlan, Pfc (WIA)
Simpson, Kenneth H., Cpl (WIA)
Skelly, James E., Pfc (DOW)
Skelly, John, Cpl (WIA)
Sliva, Leonard R., Pfc (WIA)
Small, George W., Pfc (KIA)
Smith, Beecher K., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Don A., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Jack W., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Norman F., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Roger E., 1lt (KIA)
Smith, Virgil R., Pfc (WIA)
Smith Jr., Abner J., Pfc (WIA)
Snell, Richard D., Pfc (KIA)
Snelson Jr., Frank D., Cpl (WIA)
Snow, Lavell G., Pfc (WIA)
Snyder, Philip, AsstCk (WIA)
Somers, Bernard M., Sgt (WIA)
Sorrels Jr., LeRoy, Pfc (WIA)
Sparks, Kenneth M., Cpl (WIA)
Sparks, Mickey F., Sgt (WIA)
Speer, Howard A., Cpl (WIA)
Speilsbury, Max R., Pfc (WIA)
Spencer, Robert, Sgt (WIA)
Spurgeon, Roy E., Pfc (WIA)
Stea, Anthony J., Pfc (WIA)
Stech, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Stella, Romeo J., Pfc (WIA)
Sterling, John L., 1lt (WIA)
Stevens, Robert M., Pfc (WIA)
Stewart, William J., Cpt (WIA)
Stites Jr., Mark T., Pfc (WIA)
Stoltmann, Henry L., Pfc (WIA)
Story, Wesley N., Pfc (WIA)
Stouffer, Robert R., Cpl (INJ
Stout, Eugene P., Pfc (WIA)
Stovall, George, Pfc (WIA)
Stowe, Merle J., Pfc (KIA)
Strange, Elmer J., Pfc (WIA)
Strickland, Edwards W., PltSgt (WIA)
Stuermer, Reinhold C., Cpl (WIA)
Stull, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Sturgis, Robert L., FldCk (WIA)
Sullivan, Howard W., Pfc (WIA)
Sumnler, Lenyel M., Pfc (WIA)
Susina Jr., Emil, Pfc (WIA)
Suttle Jr., Dale E., Pfc (WIA)
Swanson, Robert E., Pfc (KIA)
Swayze, Kenneth L., Pfc (WIA)
Sweet, Kenneth C., Pfc (WIA)
Switchenko, Arthur V., Sgt (KIA)
Tarrant, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Tebo, Gordon L., Cpl (WIA)
Teesdale, Edward C., Pfc (KIA)
Tews, Edward E., PltSgt (KIA)
Thomas, Donald R., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Everett 'B', Cpl (WIA)
Thompson, Robert M., Cpl (INJ
Thorton, Robert T., Cpl (WIA)
Tibbits, William S., Pfc (WIA)
Tischer, Stanley M., Pfc (WIA)
Tobin, Francis J., Cpl (KIA)
Tomaiko, George E., Cpl (WIA)
Tomson, Johnny M., Cpl (WIA)
Torrey, Cleston E., Sgt (WIA)
Townsend, Eugene C., Pfc (KIA)
Townsend, William F., Cpl (WIA)
Trant, Glenn, Cpl (WIA)
Trifone, Armando P., Pfc (WIA)
Tripanier, Robert A, Pfc (WIA)
Tucker, Lester G., Pfc (WIA)
Tully, Byron A., Cpl (WIA)
Turnbow, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Tuttle, Elroy B., Pfc (WIA)
Ulrich, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Uminski, Henry, Pfc (KIA)
Upham, Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Uremovich, George R., Cpl (WIA)
Usalis, Daniel J., Pfc (WIA)
Valon, Ernesto D., Pfc (WIA)
Van Gundy, Wallace M., Pfc (WIA)
Vana, Richard T., Pfc (WIA)
Vance, Eugene S., Pfc (WIA)
Vaught, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Vinson, Raymond E., PltSgt (KIA)
Visel, Clifton S., Pfc (WIA)
Vittori, Harry A., Pfc (DOW)
Vleisides, William C., Pfc (WIA)
Vreeke, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Wachlin, Alvin F., Pfc (KIA)
Waddelow, Gilbert E., Pfc (WIA)
Wadlow, James T., Pfc (WIA)
Wallace, Dean W., Pfc (WIA)
Wallis, Robert C., Pfc (KIA)
Walter, Joseph, GySgt (WIA)
Walters, Merle O., Pfc (WIA)
Ward, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Ward, Harold R., Cpl (WIA)
Warkintine, Harrison L., Pfc (WIA)
Wattenbarger Jr., William T., Pfc (KIA)
Waynee Jr., James V., Cpl (WIA)
Webb, Herman C., Pfc (WIA)
Weber, John G., Cpl (WIA)
Weiland, William R., PltSgt (WIA)
Welch, Donald K., Pfc (DOW)
Welch, William H., Cpl (WIA)
Welky, James D., Pfc (WIA)
Wellbaum, Donald L., Pfc (KIA)
Wells, Clifford LaV., Pfc (WIA)
Wells, Darrell R., Pfc (WIA)
Whalin, Ralph R., Pfc (WIA)
White, Melvin R., Pfc (KIA)
Whiteaker, Russell L., Pfc (WIA)
Wiberg, Norman S., Pfc (WIA)
Widmer, Joseph H., Pfc (WIA)
Wiese, Alfred G., Pfc (WIA)
Wietecha, Thaddeus E., Pfc (WIA)
Wilcox, Harold F., Pfc (WIA)
Wilhite, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Wilkinson, Harles L., 2lt (INJ
Wilkowski, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Willette, Donald T., Cpl (WIA)
Willhauk, Everette E., Cpl (WIA)
Williams, John H., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, Otis L., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, Roy E., Cpl (KIA)
Williams, William N., Cpl (WIA)
Williams Jr., James R., Cpt (WIA)
Williamson, William W., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Claude M., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Earl D., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Johnny R., Pfc (WIA)
Wilson, Ray, Pfc (KIA)
Wilson, Richard B., Pfc (WIA)
Windom, Homer C., Pfc (WIA)
Wisnewski Jr., Edward W., Pfc (WIA)
Withers, Hunter E., Cpl (WIA)
Wojciechowski, Edward R., Cpl (WIA)
Wood, Ronald A., Pfc (WIA)
Woodard, John W., Sgt (WIA)
Woropay, Stanley J., Pfc (WIA)
Wright, Billie R., Pfc (WIA)
Wright, Edward R., Pfc (WIA)
Wulff, Albert J., Pfc (WIA)
Young, Paul T., FldCk (WIA)
Yurgel, Albert J., Cpl (WIA)
Yurick, Paul J., Cpl (WIA)
Zeleji, Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Zelinski, Stanley J., Pfc (KIA)
Zera, FrankS., Pfc (WIA)
Zobenica, Nick l., Pfc (WIA)

34455, Johnny L., Cpl (KIA)
Anderson, Donald G., Pfc (DOW)
Benson, Alan 'L', Pfc (KIA)
Boyd, Ossie A., GySgt (INJ
Brown, Paul G., Cpl (WIA)
Bryant, Claud E., Cpl (WIA)
Carter, Kenneth A., Pfc (WIA)
Coble, Charles J., Cpl (WIA)
Cole, Phillip R., Cpl (WIA)
Cooney, Peter J., Pfc (WIA)
Craddock, Elmer C., Pfc (KIA)
Cramer, Harold R., Pfc (WIA)
Crocker Jr., Robert L., Pfc (DOW)
Curtis, William F., Cpl (WIA)
Davis Jr., Otho, Pfc (WIA)
De Stefano, Phillip G., Cpl (KIA)
Fanto, Alfred B., Pfc (INJ
Finney, Donald L., Pfc (KIA)
Green, Ralph J., Sgt (KIA)
Haddock, Emory, Pfc (WIA)
Herriman, Warner L., Pfc (DOW)
Hester, Thelbert E., Pfc (WIA)
Marsh, Harlan H., Cpl (KIA)
Mazuchowski, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
McCrellias, Edmund, Pfc (MIA
Mullery, William D., Cpl (INJ
Nelson, Vernon K., Pfc (DOW)
Prukop, Philip R., Pfc (WIA)
Quade, Edwin J., Pfc (WIA)
Rametta, Charles P., Pfc (WIA)
Rauckis, Peter P., Cpl (KIA)
Robertson, Lawrence C., Cpl (WIA)
Rose, Frank R., Cpl (WIA)
Rose, Wayne L., Sgt (WIA)
Shrout, William H., Cpl (KIA)
Skipper, David E., Cpt (WIA)
Stepan, Joe, Cpl (MIA
Tuggle, June S., Pfc (KIA)

Todd, Paul H., Cpt (MIA

Dibanardo, Russell R., Pvt (WIA)
Kolowatjtz, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Lehman, John P., GySgt (WIA)
Lewis, Robert E., Cpl (POI)
Majors, Glenn H., Pfc (INJ
McCorquodale, John C.T., Pvt (INJ
Reagan Jr., Emery E., SSgt (KIA)
Rechtin, Joseph W., Pfc (INJ
Schmidt, Walter R., Pfc (WIA)
Winter, James M., Pfc (WIA)

Abels, Cephus J., Pfc (KIA)
Abrams, James K., Pfc (WIA)
Achuff, Daniel J., Pfc (DOW)
Ackerman, Richard W., Cpl (WIA)
Adams, George O., Cpl (WIA)
Adams, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Agee, Grady W., Cpl (WIA)
Alexander, Leon F., Sgt (WIA)
Alksa, Joseph J., Cpl (BF)
Allen, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Amelung, James L., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, Jesse R., Pfc (WIA)
Anderson, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Arkens, Earl J., Pfc (WIA)
Armentor, Ivan J., PltSgt (WIA)
Armijo, Edward G., Pfc (KIA)
Arnold, Paul R., Cpl (WIA)
Arnold, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Arzberger, Reuben E., Cpl (WIA)
Asmuth Jr., Walter, Ltc (WIA)
Babbitt, Robert T., 1lt (WIA)
Baker, Harold H., Pfc (WIA)
Baker, Harold R., Pfc (KIA)
Baker, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Baker, Willard R., GySgt (WIA)
Ball, Ray T., Pfc (KIA)
Ballard, Howard L., Cpl (WIA)
Barham, Delbert W., Pfc (WIA)
Baringer, Philip H., Pfc (KIA)
Barker, Harry B., Cpt. (KIA)
Barrow, Quenton K., 2lt (WIA)
Bartram, Maxwell W., Pfc (WIA)
Beaumont, Robert L., Pfc (KIA)
Beckmann, Robert C., Pfc (KIA)
Bedow, Myron L., Pfc (WIA)
Behrens, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Belden, Raymond D., Pfc (WIA)
Belknap, George M., Cpl (DOW)
Bell, Joseph W., Pfc (WIA)
Belt Jr., Thomas J., 2lt (WIA)
Bendzewicz, Charles J., Cpl (WIA)
Benedetto, Edmondo R., Sgt (WIA)
Berg, Elgie, Sgt (DOW)
Bergstrahl, Kermit L., Cpl (WIA)
Bernstein Jr., Theodore D., Pfc (WIA)
Berry, Frank L., Pfc (WIA)
Bettis, Warren G., Pfc (WIA)
Bingenhiemer, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Biondi, Charles B., Pfc (WIA)
Bishop, Howard A., Pfc (WIA)
Bishop Jr., Roy, Pfc (WIA)
Bixler, Marvin I., Pfc (WIA)
Black, Clyde H., Pfc (WIA)
Blaha, Charles J., Pfc (DOW)
Blair, Allison H., FldMus1c (KIA)
Blair, Paul E., Cpl (WIA)
Blankenship, Robert P., Pfc (INJ
Blazek, Robert G., Pfc (WIA)
Blechman, Solomon I., SSgt (DOW)
Bledsoe, Alfred, Cpl (WIA)
Bodey, 34335, Cpl (WIA)
Bohn, George P., Pfc (KIA)
Boland, Carl W., Pfc (WIA)
Bolena Jr., William J., Pfc (WIA)
Boner, Clyde R., Pfc (WIA)
Bonnin, Warren C., Cpl (KIA)
Borland, Uoyd J., Pfc (WIA)
Bounds, Melvin L., Pfc (WIA)
Bovia, Herbert J., Cpl (WIA)
Bozikis, Dan P., Pfc (WIA)
Brady, Clarence A., Pfc (WIA)
Brandon, Ezra K., Cpl (WIA)
Brandt, Maurice G., Pfc (DOW)
Branson, Robert E., Pfc (WIA)
Bravata, Anthony K., Pfc (WIA)
Breakfield, Isaac, WO (DOW)
Brewer, Richard M., Pfc (WIA)
Brewer Jr., Harry L., Pfc (WIA)
Broadhurst, Harold E., Pfc (DOW)
Brostowitz, Alex, Pfc (WIA)
Brown, David N., Cpl (KIA)
Brown, Harold J., Cpl (WIA)
Brown, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Laverne M., Pfc (DOW)
Brown, Milton O., Cpl (KIA)
Brown Jr., Theodore, Pfc (WIA)
Brzezinski, Zigmund A., Pfc (WIA)
Bub, Russell L., Pfc (WIA)
Buchanan, Norman M, Cpl (WIA)
Buckholtz, William, Pfc (WIA)
Buheker, John, Pfc (DOW)
Burgoyne Jr., William R., Cpt (WIA)
Burke, James F., Pfc (WIA)
Burleigh, Henry W., Pfc (WIA)
Burleson, Clyde K., Pfc (WIA)
Burnham, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Burns, Edward G., Pfc (WIA)
Burns, Harold W., Cpl (WIA)
Burns, Justn T., Cpl (WIA)
Busbee, Lawrence W., Pvt (WIA)
Buso, Eliodoro J., Pfc (KIA)
Butler, Harold L. 'E', Pfc (WIA)
Byrd, Luther S., Pfc (WIA)
Cabrera, Ignacino, Pfc (WIA)
Cain, Argus E., Pfc (KIA)
Caldwell, Cecil, Pfc (KIA)
Calvin, Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Cameron, Alan D., Cpt (WIA)
Campbell, Ernest E., Pfc (WIA)
Campbell, John H., Pfc (DOW)
Campbell, Robert E., Sgt (DOW)
Campbell, Wallace W., Sgt (WIA)
Capitan, John J., GySgt (WIA)
Carbaugh, Harvey C., PltSgt (WIA)
Carbone, Peter E., Pfc (WIA)
Cardenas, Francisco V., Pfc (DOW)
Carlin, James D., Cpl (DOW)
Carlo, Arthur C., Cpl (KIA)
Carr, Charles R., Sgt (WIA)
Carroll, Herbert L., FldMus1c (WIA)
Carroll Jr., Kenneth M., Pfc (KIA)
Carter, Bernie F., Pfc (WIA)
Castigliego, Nicholas, Pfc (KIA)
Castle, William R., Pfc (KIA)
Cate Jr., William P., Pfc (WIA)
Cattron, James D., Cpl (KIA)
Cauthen, Harvey 'E', Pfc (WIA)
Cerza, Louis J., Pfc (DOW)
Chambers, Donald, Pfc (WIA)
Cheney, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Chernota, William J., Pfc (KIA)
Cherock, Edward R., Cpl (KIA)
Chesser, Billy J., Pfc (WIA)
Childers, Cyrus D., Cpl (WIA)
Clark Jr., Herbert J., Pfc (KIA)
Clayton, Milo 'R', Pfc (WIA)
Cleary, LeRoy C., PltSgt (KIA)
Clegg, Boyd N., Pfc (WIA)
Clum Jr., Paul H., Pfc (WIA)
Cohen, Gerald M., Pfc (WIA)
Colby Jr., Augustus H., Cpl (WIA)
Cole, Keith H., Sgt (WIA)
Colley, John G., Pfc (WIA)
Collins, Richard H., Cpl (KIA)
Colpetzer, Robert E., Pfc (KIA)
Connelly, Grover S., Pfc (WIA)
Cook, Emmett B., PltSgt (KIA)
Cooper Jr., Walter V., Cpl (WIA)
Cotterman, Roy W., Pfc (WIA)
Coulter, Warren H., Pfc (WIA)
Countryman, Clyde E., Pfc (WIA)
Coverston, Vernon, Cpl (KIA)
Coward, John L., PltSgt (WIA)
Crain, Marcel S., Pfc (WIA)
Cramer, Orrie L., Pfc (WIA)
Crawford, Raymond R., Pfc (WIA)
Crawford, Rogers L., Pfc (WIA)
Culwell, Ralph B., Pfc (KIA)
Cutting, Harry M., Sgt (WIA)
Daniel Jr., 'L' 'A', Pfc (WIA)
Dasher, Frank L., Pfc (WIA)
Davis, Bellmar H., Pfc (INJ
Davis, Charles A., Cpl (KIA)
Davis, Jack H., Cpl (WIA)
Dawley, Frank V., Cpl (WIA)
Dazey, William L., Cpl (WIA)
Deal, John W, Pfc (WIA)
Dean, Vern O., Pfc (WIA)
Dedmon, John J., Cpl (WIA)
DeppeJr., Carl C., Pfc (WIA)
Depretz, George D., GySgt (KIA)
Derry, Roland E., Pfc (WIA)
Dhein, Clyde O., Pfc (WIA)
Dickens, Harold E., Pfc (WIA)
Diehl, Glenn L., Sgt (WIA)
Dipadua, Lee F., Pfc (WIA)
Dixon, Donald E., 1lt (KIA)
Dixon Jr., John, Pfc (WIA)
Doherty, Paul J., Sgt (WIA)
Dolan, Virgil C., Pfc (WIA)
Donaldson, Lloyd R., Pfc (WIA)
Donley Jr., Albert M., Cpl (WIA)
Dorcey, Albert D., Pfc (KIA)
Dowell, Sanford J., Pfc (WIA)
Drake, Dakota N., Sgt (WIA)
Dreher, George R., 1lt (KIA)
Du Bose, Eris H., Cpl (WIA)
Duch, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Duke, Harding D., Pfc (DOW)
Dunn Jr., Earl F., Pvt (KIA)
Dunzuso, Angelo S., Pfc (WIA)
Dupuis, Francis R., Sgt (WIA)
Durrant, John M., Pfc (WIA)
Duzynski, Raymond B., Pfc (DOW)
Easter, Clarence E., Pfc (KIA)
Easter, John K., Pfc (WIA)
Eddy, John J., 1lt (WIA)
Edenfield, Edward 'J', 1stSgt (WIA)
Edgell, Thomas J., Sgt (KIA)
Edwards, Estell E., Sgt (KIA)
Edwardsen, Vernon G., Pfc (WIA)
Eggert, Robert W.F., Pfc (KIA)
Eggimann, Elmer F., Pfc (WIA)
Ehnerd, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Ellis, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Ellis, Paul D., PltSgt (WIA)
Ennis, Shelson G., Pfc (WIA)
Enright, Lawrence T., Pfc (KIA)
Erickson, Garth T., Pfc (WIA)
Estes, Rex G., Pfc (DOW)
Ethun, William L., Pfc (DOW)
Evoniuk, 34547, Pfc (WIA)
Fagan, Francis L., Cpt (WIA)
Fancher, Grew A., Pfc (KIA)
Farmer, Leslie P., Sgt (WIA)
Farmer, Thomas M., 2lt (WIA)
Farrel, Russel H., Sgt (WIA)
Faullin, Ishmael, Pfc (KIA)
Felts, William F., Pfc (WIA)
Fenley, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Ferguson, Roy A., Pfc (WIA)
Fettin, Thomas V., Cpl (WIA)
Fierro, William, Pvt (DOW)
Fisher, Glenn J., Pfc (WIA)
Fleetwood, Willard, Pfc (WIA)
Flora, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Flory, Frederick P., Pfc (WIA)
Floyd, Dick L., Pfc (WIA)
Foley, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Fontana, Paul J., Pfc (WIA)
Ford, Lowell H., Pfc (KIA)
Ford Jr., Harry M., Pfc (KIA)
Fordyce, Richard L., Pfc (KIA)
Foreman, James C., Cpl (WIA)
Fragasse, Orlando B., Pfc (WIA)
Franks, Billy J., Pfc (WIA)
Fraser, Hugh M., Pfc (KIA)
Frelin, Wilfred A., Pfc (WIA)
Fritz, Robert, Pfc (WIA)
Fryer, Franklin, Pfc (WIA)
Fuhrman, Ruben, PltSgt (WIA)
Gaede, Fred L., Pfc (KIA)
Gange, Arthur F., 2lt (WIA)
Gardner, Richard R., Pfc (WIA)
Gaumond, Albert E., Sgt (KIA)
Gaurkee, Walter A., Sgt (WIA)
Gendron Jr., Joseph H., Pfc (WIA)
Gentner, Russel 'J', Pfc (WIA)
Gerber Jr., Charles G., Pfc (INJ
Germaine, Harold R., Sgt (WIA)
Geyer, William E., Cpl (DOW)
Gibson, Pancheco, Pfc (WIA)
Gilbert, Leon C., Pfc (WIA)
Gill, Joseph R., Cpl (WIA)
Gill Jr., George C., Cpl (KIA)
Gillen, Leander J., Pfc (DOW)
Gin, Earl E., Pfc (WIA)
Giuliani, Robert J., Pvt (WIA)
Glaze, Marshall D., Pfc (WIA)
Gleason, Patrick J., Cpl (WIA)
Glenn, Alton 'L', Pfc (WIA)
Godwin, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Goede, Glenn E., Pfc (DOW)
Golden, Charles L., Pfc (WIA)
Golden, Louis W., Pfc (KIA)
Golson, Graham E., 1lt (KIA)
Gomes, Henry, Pfc (WIA)
Gooding, Gordon W., Pfc (WIA)
Goodson, Jack N., Sgt (KIA)
Goodwin, Oliver H., Pvt (DOW)
Gookin, Eugene L., Pfc (KIA)
Gozden, Mike, Pfc (WIA)
Graff, Earl C., Pfc (KIA)
Graff, Jack, Pfc (WIA)
Grainger, Arthur J., Pfc (DOW)
Granda, Antonio J., Pvt (DOW)
Grant, Theodore M., Pfc (WIA)
Gray, Franklin J., Pfc (WIA)
Gray, Lee R., Pfc (KIA)
Greathouse, Rolland A., Pfc (WIA)
Greenstone, John R., 1lt (WIA)
Greer, Doyle R., Sgt (DOW)
Greeson, Morris M., Pfc (DOW)
Grefe, Eshardt, Pfc (WIA)
Grigsby, John B., Pfc (WIA)
Grimes, Joe A., Sgt (WIA)
Grimes, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Groshong, Floyd N., GySgt (WIA)
Gryczan, Walter S., Pfc (WIA)
Gryskiewicz, Edward R., Pfc (WIA)
Grzesiak, Henry J., Sgt (WIA)
Guerrero, Esteban C., Pfc (WIA)
Gullickson, Merle H., Cpl (WIA)
Gundlach, Carl L., Pfc (WIA)
Habay, John, Sgt (WIA)
Hackenberg, Randall O., Pfc (WIA)
Hall, Raymond F., Cpl (WIA)
Hailer, Peter H., 1lt (WIA)
Hamel, Herman G., Pfc (WIA)
Hamilton, Paul, Cpl (KIA)
Hamm, Dow T., GySgt (WIA)
Hammons, Ottis E., Pfc (WIA)
Haney, Jack, Pvt (KIA)
Hanks, Carl W., Pfc (WIA)
Hansen, Dean 'H', Pfc (WIA)
Hanson, Thomas C., Pvt (WIA)
Hanson Jr., Perry 'E', Pfc (WIA)
Hanz, Henry F., Pfc (WIA)
Hanzlik, Robert L., Sgt (WIA)
Hardin, Herbert A., Sgt (KIA)
Hardin, Warren M., Cpl (WIA)
Harper, Silas P., Sgt (WIA)
Harper Jr., Hugh A., Sgt (WIA)
Harper Jr., Hugh A., Cpl (WIA)
Harris, Harvey V., Sgt (WIA)
Harrison, Joe B., Cpl (WIA)
Hartley, Harold, Pfc (WIA)
Hauptman, Joseph, Cpl (WIA)
Hayes, James R., Sgt (DOW)
Hayes, Thomas F., Pfc (KIA)
Hayes, William P., Pfc (WIA)
Healy, John W., Pfc (DOW)
Hecht, Robert, Pfc (KIA)
Hedge, James A., Sgt (WIA)
Heflin, Howell T., 1lt (WIA)
Hemingway, Arthur E., Pfc (WIA)
Hendershot, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Henderson, James R., Sgt (WIA)
Henry, Carmack, Pfc (WIA)
Henry Jr., Carl E., Pfc (WIA)
Hensley, Mack, Pfc (WIA)
Hercula, Andrew J., Sgt (WIA)
Heritier, Armand JJ., Pfc (KIA)
Herrell, James E., Pfc (DOW)
Hessler, Robert O., Pfc (WIA)
Hete, Alexander, Pfc (WIA)
Hickman, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Hicks Jr., Christopher, Pvt (WIA)
Highsaw, Arthur L., Pfc (WIA)
Hilliard, Thomas A., Pfc (WIA)
Hines, Howard S., Pfc (WIA)
Hirsch, Richard C., Pfc (WIA)
Hise, James W., Cpl (WIA)
Hiveley, Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Hockett, David H., Cpl (WIA)
Hogan, Huel C., Pfc (WIA)
Holland, Robert L., Pfc (KIA)
Hollway, George N., Pfc (WIA)
Holman, Gordon, Pfc (WIA)
Holubar, Laddie W., Cpl (WIA)
Holznagel, Francis A., Pfc (WIA)
Hoover, Vernon R., Pfc (WIA)
Hopkins, Everett W., Sgt (WIA)
Hopkins, George W., Cpl (KIA)
Hopkins, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Horton, John F., Pfc (WIA)
Houghin, Simon V., Pfc (DOW)
Houran, Francis C., Cpl (WIA)
Hovey, James D., Pfc (WIA)
Howard, Melvin A., Cpl (WIA)
Hubbard, Donald B., Maj (WIA)
Hudnall, Russell A., ChCk (WIA)
Huey, Paul E., Pfc (WIA)
Hulgen, Binford H., Pfc (WIA)
Hunderson, Charles C., Cpt (WIA)
Hunter Jr., Thomas P., 1lt (KIA)
Hurley, Jerry R., Cpl (WIA)
Hussan, Hussein, Pfc (WIA)
Hussioin, Alan E., Sgt (WIA)
Hynes, James C., Cpl (WIA)
Hysmith, William B., Pfc (WIA)
Iseley, George, Pfc (WIA)
Iwanski, Joseph J., Cpl (KIA)
Jacukiewicz, Henry J., PltSgt (WIA)
Jamail, Freddie in., Pfc (WIA)
James, Truett C., Pfc (WIA)
Jameson, Samuel W., Pfc (WIA)
Jamison Jr., James R., Pfc (WIA)
Jansen, Robert W., Pfc (KIA)
Janulevigus, Stanley P., Pfc (WIA)
Jefferies, Dan C., Cpl (KIA)
Jellison, Eugene G., Pfc (WIA)
Jensen, Merton R., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Franklin J., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, John D., ChCk (WIA)
Johnson, Kenneth D., Sgt (WIA)
Johnson, Murry M., Cpl (KIA)
Johnson, Paul W., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Arthur, Pfc (WIA)
Jones, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Philip L., 2lt (WIA)
Jones Jr., William H., Cpl (WIA)
Jordan, Warren C., Pfc (WIA)
Jose, Herschael C., Pfc (WIA)
Juszcak, Alex J., Pfc (WIA)
Kaminski, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Kaucic Jr., Michael, Pfc (WIA)
Kean, Kenneth K., Pfc (DOW)
Keefe, Harvey J., Pfc (WIA)
Keith, Henry A., Pfc (WIA)
Keller, Kenneth L., Pfc (WIA)
Kellogg, William M., Pfc (WIA)
Kelly, Artie D., Cpl (KIA)
Kelso Jr., John M., Pfc (WIA)
Kennedy, Joseph W., Pfc (DOW)
Kern, Owen W., Sgt (WIA)
Keys, Walter W., Pfc (WIA)
King, John B., Pfc (DOW)
King, John H., Sgt (WIA)
Kintop, Harry G., Pfc (WIA)
Kirkwood, John D., Sgt (KIA)
Kiste, Paul A., Pfc (WIA)
Kitchen, Orville E., Cpl (WIA)
Knight, Irvin L., Pfc (KIA)
Knippier, Thomas F., Pfc (WIA)
Knott, Stephen, Pfc (WIA)
Knutson, Kenneth E., Cpl (DOW)
Kohl, Alvin E., Pfc (WIA)
Kohut, Emil F., Pfc (WIA)
Korbal, Richard, Pfc (WIA)
Kosticke, Alex L., PltSgt (WIA)
Krell, Jack R., Sgt (WIA)
Krook, Glen G., Cpl (DOW)
Kroph, Loran A., Cpl (WIA)
Krummel, Lloyd A., GySgt (WIA)
Kuhn, John L., Pfc (WIA)
Kutchie, Edward J., GySgt (WIA)
Lahey, George D., Pfc (WIA)
Lair, Eugene L., PltSgt (WIA)
Lake, Arthur R., Pfc (WIA)
Lake, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Lambert, Forrest R., Pfc (WIA)
Land, Ernest T., Pfc (WIA)
Landry, Clarence J., Pfc (WIA)
Larson, Carwin T., 1lt (KIA)
Laszewski, Raymond S., Cpl (WIA)
Lauderdale, Charles, Pfc (WIA)
Lavorin, Fred H., PltSgt (WIA)
Law, Walter R., Pfc (WIA)
Lawless, Clifford P., Pfc (KIA)
Lawrence, Franklin M, Pfc (KIA)
Leaverton Jr., Clyde, Pfc (WIA)
Ledbetter, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Lee, Cecil L., Sgt (KIA)
Leffel, Lowell E., Sgt (WIA)
Leifheit, John A., 1lt (WIA)
Leuver, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Lewis, Alvin G., Pfc (KIA)
Lewis, Raymond N., Cpl (WIA)
Lincke, Glenn A., Pfc (WIA)
Lippner, Clifford L., Pfc (KIA)
Livesay, William L., Cpl (WIA)
Livingstone, Elwyn J., Pfc (WIA)
Loar, Charlea P., Cpl (INJ
Lockridge, George B., Pfc (WIA)
Lofing, Marion R., Pfc (WIA)
Lombardo, August J., Pfc (WIA)
Long, Warren G., Pfc (WIA)
Longhurst, Victor H., Pfc (KIA)
Loucks, Roy L., Sgt (WIA)
Lovell, Donald C., Pvt (WIA)
Lowder, Wayne L., Pfc (WIA)
Lowe, Solomon T., Pfc (WIA)
Lowrie, William B., Pfc (WIA)
Lucy, Ivory O., Cpl (WIA)
Luongo, Ernest B., Pfc (WIA)
Lynch, John A., Sgt (WIA)
MacKenzie, John F., 1lt (KIA)
MacKenzie, Kenneth R., Pfc (WIA)
Magnuson, Warren C., Pfc (WIA)
Maier, John P., Pfc (INJ
Malecki, James P., Pfc (WIA)
Maretich, Frank A., Sgt (WIA)
Marney, Howard D., Cpl (WIA)
Maroska, Ancel S., SSgt (WIA)
Marshall, Larry, Sgt (KIA)
Martin, Mayo E., Pfc (WIA)
Martin Jr., Richard H., SgtMaj (DOW)
Mason Jr., Bert, Cpl (WIA)
Mathews, Jack B., Pfc (WIA)
Matlock, Jewel L., Pfc (WIA)
Matt, Phillip D., Pfc (WIA)
Mattern, Walter L., Pfc (DOW)
May Jr., Sydney, Pfc (KIA)
McAlpin, Courtenay W., Pfc (WIA)
McCabe, Thomas, Pfc (WIA)
McCall, Emory W., Pfc (WIA)
McCanna, Richard J., Sgt (WIA)
McCord, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
McCormick John W., Pfc (WIA)
McCracken, Bobby G., PltSgt (KIA)
McCracken, Lester J., Cpl (WIA)
McCreary, Walter V., GySgt (KIA)
McDaniel, Clyde E., Pfc (WIA)
McDaniel, Jacob H., Cpl (WIA)
McDaniel, Mereton L., Pfc (WIA)
McGinnis, George H., Pfc (WIA)
McGlothlin Jr., Lee G., Pfc (DOW)
McGraw, Gerald W., Pfc (KIA)
McGuinness, James J., Pfc (WIA)
McGuire, Maurice H., Pfc (WIA)
McKay, James J., Pfc (WIA)
McKnight, Robert F., Sgt (WIA)
McLean, Norman D., Cpl (WIA)
McLellan, Paul F., 1lt (WIA)
McNeil, Roy L., Pfc (INJ
Mehrhoff Jr., Loyal A., Pfc (WIA)
Melerski, Irvin A., Pfc (WIA)
Melton, Clyde R., Sgt (WIA)
Melton Jr., Albert C., Pfc (WIA)
Menichetti, Nazzareno, GySgt (DOW)
Mercado, Jesus J., Cpl (WIA)
Mercati, Regilio A., Sgt (WIA)
Miles, Walter D., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Bruce F., Pfc (WIA)
Miller, Chester V., Cpl (WIA)
Miller, John L., Pfc (KIA)
Miller, Merrill L, Pfc (KIA)
Miller, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Milliff, James C., Sgt (WIA)
Mills, Kenneth L., PltSgt (WIA)
Minton, Bernie C., Pfc (KIA)
Minyard, Charles N., Pfc (KIA)
Mitchell, Harold W., Pfc (WIA)
Moehle, Albert B., GySgt (WIA)
Moen, James E., Cpl (WIA)
Moerman Jr., Paul W., Pfc (WIA)
Monaghan, Walter L., Pfc (DOW)
Montini, Americo, Pfc (WIA)
Moore, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Moore, Charles J., Cpl (WIA)
Moore, Howard C., Pfc (WIA)
Morgan, Lois C., Pfcc (WIA)
Mosco, Austin D., Sgt (WIA)
Moss, Cecil W., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, JohnT., 1lt (WIA)
Murphy, Maurice J., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, Patrick J., Pfc (WIA)
Murray, Wilford J., Pfc (KIA)
Murry, Harold T., Pfc (KIA)
Mutchler, Raymond H., Pfc (KIA)
Myler, Bernard F., Pvt (KIA)
Nagy, John F., Pfc (KIA)
Naylor, John P., Cpl (WIA)
Neaveill, Cecil E., Cpl (WIA)
Nemeyer, Jack M., Sgt (KIA)
Nerstad, Peter, Pfc (WIA)
Nescot, John, Pfc (WIA)
Neuman, Edward A., Pfc (WIA)
Newton, Dale E., Pfc (WIA)
Nez, Howard H., Pfc (WIA)
Nichols Jr., Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Nissen, Harry E., Sgt (WIA)
Nolan, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Nolan, Robert 'W', 1lt (DOW)
Norton, Edwin J., ACk (WIA)
Norton, Hershel L., Pfc (WIA)
Nuess, William E.W., Pfc (KIA)
O'Brien, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
O'Connell, Harold L., Pfc (WIA)
O'Leary, Vincent L., Pfc (KIA)
Obradovich, Robert, Sgt (DOW)
Ogolin, Irwin, Sgt (WIA)
Olenik, Edward A., Pfc (WIA)
Oleson, Merle A., Sgt (WIA)
Olsen, Kenneth C., Pfc (KIA)
Olson, Carl O., Pfc (BF)
Onsrud, Edward W., Pfc (DOW)
Orvick, Thomas S., Sgt (WIA)
Otten, Kenneth D., Pfc (WIA)
Owen, John H., PltSgt (KIA)
Page, Raymond A., Pvt (WIA)
Page, Robert H., Pfc (KIA)
Palmstein, Frank W., Pfc (WIA)
Pappas, Gus 'A', Cpl (WIA)
Parish, William L., Pfc (KIA)
Parker, Terrance R., Pfc (KIA)
Parker Jr., Samuel D., Pfc (WIA)
Parks, Vernon E., Pfc (WIA)
Parr, Clarence W., Pfc (DOW)
Parsons, Lee R., Sgt (KIA)
Patrick, Junior L., Cpl (WIA)
Patterson, Donald R., Pfc (KIA)
Patterson, William A., Sgt (KIA)
Pearson, Leo L., Pfc (WIA)
Pearson, Robert L., Pfc (KIA)
Pederson, Melvin B., Cpl (WIA)
Pedigo, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Pelter Jr., William H., Pfc (WIA)
Pennington, Donald L., Sgt (WIA)
Perkins, Harold L., Pfc (WIA)
Perrina, Nich A., Pf (WIA)
Perry, Cecil D., Pfc (WIA)
Peters, Martin J., Pfc (WIA)
Petersen, Lyle Q., Cpt (DOW)
Peterson, George A., Pfc (INJ
Peterson, Raymond A., Pfc (DOW)
Petoskey, Burdett W., Pfc (DOW)
Petri, Walter H., Pfc (WIA)
Pettit, Bill P., Sgt (WIA)
Peysen, Felix J., Pfc (WIA)
Pfluger, Joe P., PltSgt (WIA)
Phillips, Basil W., Pfc (KIA)
Phillips, James R., Pfc (WIA)
Pickett, Robert B., PltSgt (KIA)
Piercy, Harry L., Pfc (WIA)
Pisani, Eugene T., Pfc (DOW)
Plantenberg Jr., William, Pfc (WIA)
Poland, Jack, Pfc (WIA)
Polcik, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Polewek, Steven J., Pfc (KIA)
Ponziani, Albert, Pfc (KIA)
Poorte, Thomas H., Pfc (WIA)
Porter, Harold P., Pfc (WIA)
Poteet, Carl A., Pfc (KIA)
Potter, Marvin M., Pfc (KIA)
Powell, Marion E., Pfc (WIA)
Powell Jr., Ernest S., Pfc (WIA)
Power, John F., Pfc (KIA)
Powers Jr., John H., Cpl (WIA)
Powless, Royal G., Pfc (WIA)
Pradt, Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Pratt, Walter V., Cpl (WIA)
Prosch Jr., Louis G., Pfc (WIA)
Pryor, Ernest E., Pfc (WIA)
Quick, Robert G., Cpl (KIA)
Rackouski, Stanley W., Pfc (WIA)
RaIls, William R., Sgt (DOW)
Rasmussen, Andrew P., 2lt (I+A
Rasmussen, Lawrence V., Cpl (KIA)
Ratcliff, Amos L., Cpl (WIA)
Rebosio, Jack F., Cpl (WIA)
Reddig, James W., Cpl (WIA)
Reddock, Ruskin E., 1lt (WIA)
Reeves, John S., Pfc (KIA)
Reid Jr., Charles A., Cpt (WIA)
Reisenbichler, Ervin M., Pfc (WIA)
Remington, Donald A., Cpl (WIA)
Reneau, Johnie J., Cpl (WIA)
Rentz, Rayburn W., Sgt (WIA)
Reynolds, Thomas 'A' 'E', Pfc (WIA)
Rhodes, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Rice, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Rich, Gerald M., Cpl (KIA)
Rich, Jack L., PfcDOW (WIA)
Rich Jr., Jesse W., Pfc (WIA)
Ricketts, Clyde S., Pfc (WIA)
Rigas Jr., Joseph J., Pfc (KIA)
Rightmer, Burl M., PltSgt (WIA)
Riley, Bob C., Cpl (WIA)
Robbins, Rex R., SSgt (WIA)
Roberts, Frederick T., WO (DOW)
Roberts, James L., Cpl (KIA)
Robertson, Evertt D., Pfc (WIA)
Robertson Jr., William A., 1lt (WIA)
Robichaux, Hugh A., Pfc (WIA)
Robinson, 'H' 'D', Pfc (WIA)
Robinson, Edward R., Cpl (WIA)
Rocha Jr., Antonio M., Pfc (WIA)
Rochford, Charles M., Pfc (WIA)
Rodrigues, Francisco, Cpl (WIA)
Rogers, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Rogers, Everett G., Pfc (KIA)
Rogers, James T., Sgt (WIA)
Rogers, Vincent G., Sgt (WIA)
Roles, Delbert C., Pfc (KIA)
Rosperich, Anthony J., WO (WIA)
Roth, Francis E., Pfc (WIA)
Roud, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Rourke, Wilman V., Pfc (KIA)
Rubatt, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)
Rudel, Roy C., Pfc (WIA)
Rudolph, Leonard G., Pfc (WIA)
Russell, Howard E., Pfc (WIA)
Sabater, Jaime, Ltc (WIA)
Sabatinelli, Frank, Pfc (DOW)
Sala, Harry W., Sgt (WIA)
Samson, George F., Pfc (WIA)
Sauberlich Jr., Carl, Pfc (WIA)
Savage, Ronald N., Cpl (KIA)
Scalf, Walter C., Pfc (KIA)
Scheid, Martin V., 1lt (KIA)
Schmidt, Karl J., Sgt (WIA)
Schroeder Jr., Edward, Pfc (KIA)
Schuft, William G., ChCk (WIA)
Schultz, Harold N., MTSgt (WIA)
Scott, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Sellers, Henry C., Sgt (KIA)
Semenyok, Alfred C., Pfc (DOW)
Serini, Ralph E., Pfc (WIA)
Shallcross, Garret J., Pfc (WIA)
Shannon, Robert V., Pfc (WIA)
Shattwell, James W., Pfc (DOW)
Shell, Robert L., Pfc (WIA)
Shepard, Harold L., 1lt (WIA)
Sheridan, Daniel J., Pfc (WIA)
Shipley, Garold R., Pfc (WIA)
Sigman, Edwin e., Pfc (WIA)
Simmons, Curtis W., 2lt (WIA)
Simmons Jr., William T., Sgt (WIA)
Simpson, Earnest D., Pfc (WIA)
Simpson, William W., Cpl (WIA)
Sinclair, Donald R., Pfc (KIA)
Skelly, Claude E., Pfc (WIA)
Skinner, George M., 2lt (KIA)
Skladzein, Stanley B., Pfc (WIA)
Slaughter Jr., Jess H., Cpl (WIA)
Slusar, Charles, GySgt (WIA)
Smith, Horace S., 1lt (KIA)
Smith, lanD., Pfc (DOW)
Smith, Kenneth P., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Oliver W., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Richard D., PltSgt (WIA)
Smith, Robert R., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, Samuel W., 2lt (WIA)
Smith, Theodore E., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, William A., Pfc (KIA)
Smith, William G., Cpt (KIA)
Smith Jr., Frederick E., Cpl (WIA)
Snyder, James E., SSgt (WIA)
Sommers, Vernon C., Cpl (KIA)
Sorge, Joe H., Cpl (WIA)
Sowers, Wayne, Pfc (WIA)
Sparkes, Bob, Pfc (WIA)
Speedling, Craig G., Cpl (DOW)
Speight Jr., Paul E., Pfc (INJ
Spence, Glen, Pfc (WIA)
Spicknell, Richard C., Pvt (WIA)
Spies Jr., Charles H., Pfc (WIA)
St. Clair, John W., Pfc (KIA)
Stacy, Curt, Pfc (WIA)
Stamps, Kenneth C., Cpl (WIA)
Starcevich, Milton T., 2lt (WIA)
Starck, Paul F., Pfc (WIA)
Starr, Steve J., Cpl (WIA)
Starwas, Edward F., Pfc (WIA)
Steele, Milton L., Pfc (WIA)
Stein, Wilfred, Pfc (WIA)
Stender, Donald F., Sgt (KIA)
Stengel, Edward J.L., Pfc (WIA)
Stephenson, Claude B., PltSgt (KIA)
Stephenson, Kenneth, Pfc (WIA)
Stevenson, Carlos C., Pfc (KIA)
Steward, Gerald, Pfc (KIA)
Stewart, Marvin A., Pfc (WIA)
Stewart Jr., Irvin E., Cpl (WIA)
Stobaugh, Earl W., Pfc (WIA)
Stocchero, Geno D., Pfc (WIA)
Stockberger, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Stoddard, Gerald r., Pfc (WIA)
Stouffer, John C., Cpl (WIA)
Stowe Jr., Sidney B., Pfc (WIA)
Stugart, Albert G., Pfc (WIA)
Stussie, Harry J.A., Cpl (WIA)
Sullivan, Robert P., Pfc (WIA)
Sunderberg, Harry W., Pfc (DOW)
Swaggerty, Robert L., Pfc (KIA)
Swiggum, Quinten D., Pfc (WIA)
Symons, Vernon F., Sgt (KIA)
Szablewski, Stanley, Pfc (KIA)
Tainter, Warren I., Sgt (WIA)
Takacs, Gabriel, Pfc (WIA)
Talbot, John T., Pfc (WIA)
Talley, Ralph B., Pfc (WIA)
Tallman, Cleo C., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, 'J' 'P', Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Almond C., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, James E., Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, James R., 1stSgt (WIA)
Templeman, Harry D., Pfc (DOW)
Tenney, Leon W., Pfc (WIA)
Thessin Jr., Erwin A., Pfc (WIA)
Thielke, Albert L., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson, Alexander E., Pfc (WIA)
Thompson Jr., William E., Pfc (WIA)
Thorne, James V., Pfc (WIA)
Tolbert, Joe G., Pfc (WIA)
Towles, Bobby B., Cpl (DOW)
Towns, Arthur F., Pfc (WIA)
Trachtenberg, Morris E., Pfc (WIA)
Trent, Robert B., Sgt (WIA)
Trimble, John J., Pfc (KIA)
Turley, Charles W., Cpl (WIA)
Turner, Robert l., Sgt (WIA)
Twombly, Royal J., Pfc (KIA)
Underwood, Robert H., Pfc (WIA)
Unroe, Jack, Pfc (WIA)
Urbaczewski, Edmund, Pfc (WIA)
Vagle, Howard W., Pfc (WIA)
Vallejo, Juan G., Cpl (KIA)
Van Slyck, Harold E., Cpl (WIA)
Vance, Roy S., Pfc (WIA)
Verbeke, Joseph H., Pfc (WIA)
Wabegay, Alvin S., Cpl (KIA)
Waldren, Dan E., Cpl (WIA)
Walker Jr., Noah C., FldMus1c (WIA)
Walsh, Robert W., Sgt (WIA)
Ward, Hal E., Pfc (WIA)
Ward, Richard G., Pfc (KIA)
Ware, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Warwick Jr., Donald F., PltSgt (WIA)
Watson, Earl D., Pfc (WIA)
Weaver, John G., Cpl (WIA)
Weberlein, Arthur F., Pfc (WIA)
Welch, Howard C., SSgt (WIA)
West, Delbert L., Pfc (WIA)
West, Fraser E., Maj (WIA)
West, James, Cpl (WIA)
Whaley, Dale W., Pfc (WIA)
Wheeler, Marvin J., Pfc (WIA)
White, James T., Sgt (WIA)
White, Keith D., Pfc (WIA)
White, Leroy C., Pfc (WIA)
White, Richard C., Cpl (WIA)
White, Warden D., Cpl (WIA)
White, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Whittemore, Earl L., Pfc (WIA)
Wicinski, Bruno P., Pfc (WIA)
Wideman Jr., Robert C., Pfc (WIA)
Wiliams, Carl V., Cpl (WIA)
Willbanks, Bernie, Sgt (WIA)
Williams, Arthur G., Pfc (KIA)
Williams, Elmer J., Pfc (KIA)
Williams, James E., GySgt (WIA)
Williams, Leuren E., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, Paul R., Pfc (WIA)
Williams, Roy, Pfc (WIA)
Williamson, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Williamson, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Wilshe, Donald R., Sgt (WIA)
Wilson, Joseph A., Sgt (WIA)
Wilson, Richard R., Pfc (KIA)
Wilson, William P., Pfc (WIA)
Wimberley, Calvin C., Pfc (WIA)
Witek, Frank P., Pfc (KIA)
Wolfe, Harry A., Pfc (WIA)
Wood, Jack L., Pfc (WIA)
Woolsey, Joseph D., Pfc (WIA)
Wright, Otis O., Cpl (WIA)
Wroblewski, Stanley J., Pfc (WIA)
Wynn, Max R., Cpl (WIA)
Yakle, Robert I., Pfc (WIA)
Yaskevich, Andrew S., Pfc (WIA)
Yauga, Martin S., Pfc (WIA)
Yawn, Richard W., Pfc (WIA)
Yerger Jr., William P., Cpl (WIA)
Young Jr., Frank P., Pfc (WIA)
Zahn, Sebastian J., Cpl (WIA)
Zalewski, Harry S., Pfc (WIA)
Ziegler, Rudolf L., Cpl (KIA)
Zinn, Bill W., Pfc (WIA)
Zirkle, Marvin B., Pfc (WIA)

Aaron, Raymond J., Sgt (WIA)
Akers, Archie W., Pfc (WIA)
Ashton Jr., Leon M., Pfc (KIA)
Baldwin, William S., Sgt (WIA)
Beckman, Eugene W., Pfc (WIA)
Benning, Robert E., Sgt (WIA)
Bisol, Gaetano L., Sgt (WIA)
Buckner, Charles L., 1stSgt (WIA)
Cardenaz, Arthur C., Sgt (WIA)
Cole, Claude F., PltSgt (KIA)
Comstock, Robert R.A., Cpl (WIA)
Druten, Bernard P., Pfc (WIA)
Fleisner, Edward P., Cpl (KIA)
Fuchs, Edward H., Sgt (WIA)
Goodhart, Wayne R., Pfc (WIA)
Goodrich, Howard C., Pfc (WIA)
Hagler, Jack H., 2lt (WIA)
Holt, Maurice W., Pfc (WIA)
Jacobson, Allen S., Pfc (WIA)
Jaramillo, Alexander, Pfc (KIA)
Jones, Ralph C., Pfc (WIA)
Krol, Leonard J., Pfc (KIA)
La Monte, Stanley W., Sgt (WIA)
Levine, William H., Pfc (KIA)
Lombardo, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Marlin, Sidney, 1lt (WIA)
Martindale, Robert A., Cpl (WIA)
Rodgers, Arthur L., Pfc (WIA)
Roncone, Ralph, Pfc (WIA)
Rosinski, Raymond I., Pfc (DOW)
Rydgig, Donald L., Pfc (WIA)
Stewart, Robert H., Pvt (WIA)
Taulbee, 'J' 'T' Pfc (WIA)
Taylor, Shirley 'S', ACk (WIA)
Tesch, Harold A., Pfc (WIA)
Topka, Edward H., Pfc (KIA)
Voris Jr., Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Welling Jr., Augustus A., Pfc (WIA)
Young, Eric E., Pfc (WIA)

Adams, James R, Cpt (KIA)
Adams, Leon L., Pfc (WIA)
Barbour, James R., 1lt (WIA)
Barnes, Stanley L., Pvt (WIA)
Barnes, Wilton M., Cpl (WIA)
Bates Jr., Myrlin V., Cpl (MIA
Cross, Stanley A., Pfc (WIA)
Cunningham, Richard M., Pfc (KIA)
Devereaux, Robert E., Cpl (DOW)
Doran Jr., Allen M., Pfc (WIA)
Ellsworth Jr., Freddie V., Pfc (WIA)
Gibbs, George R., Pfc (KIA)
Gilbert Jr., Richard H., Sgt (WIA)
Grahm, Charles M., Pfc (I+A
Grover Jr., Harry 'M', Pfc (WIA)
Harbert, Richard G., Pfc (WIA)
Harper, Arthur A., Pfc (KIA)
Hesse, Kenneth T., Cpl (WIA)
Hill Jr., Arthur L., Pvt (WIA)
Hornyak, George F., Pfc (BF)
Howell Jr., John A., Cpl (WIA)
Jellesma, Rudolph C., Pfc (KIA)
Johnson, Robert E., PltSgt (KIA)
Jones, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Kerr, Jerald L., Pfc (KIA)
Klingle, Louis P., Pfc (WIA)
Laskey, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Lere, Ralph E., Pfc (WIA)
Louder, Alfred F., Cpl (WIA)
Lowe, William A., Pfc (KIA)
Magnuson, Raymond S., Sgt (WIA)
Mann, Henry L., 1lt (WIA)
Marker, Loyde R., Pfc (WIA)
McClanahan, Edison C., Pfc (I+A
McCulley, John E., Pfc (WIA)
McNary, William S., Pfc (KIA)
Narwold Jr., Lewis L., 2lt (WIA)
O'Neal, Edgar J., Pfc (WIA)
Ramsey, James H., Pfc (KIA)
Sieve, Harold J., Pfc (WIA)
Singer, Lawrence B., Pfc (WIA)
Trickey, Benjamin H., 2lt (WIA)
Tudor, Nelson C., Pfc (KIA)
Weeks Jr., Clyde E., Pfc (WIA)

Bonnell, Robert D., Pfc (WIA)
Creviston, Jack J., SSgt (WIA)
Davis, Weldon O., QMSgt (WIA)
Eissler, William C., Cpl (WIA)
Ellavsky, Edward, Cpl (WIA)
Frey, Walter J., Pfc (KIA)
Fusile, Sam J., Pfc (WIA)
Grimes Jr., Millard L., Pfc (KIA)
Hansen, Thomas F., Pfc (WIA)
Kirkpatrick Jr., Henry D., Pfc (WIA)
Lindley Jr., John H., Pfc (WIA)
Manning, Edgar W., 1stSgt (WIA)
Marple Jr., Charles R., Cpl (DOW)
Merrick, William R., Sgt (KIA)
Merwin, Herbert L.. CWO (WIA)
Nichols, Jack E., Cpl (WIA)
Norvell, Harry, MTSgt (WIA)
O'Brien, William D., Cpt (KIA)
Petoskey, Charles A., Pfc (WIA)
Pittman, Billy E., Sgt (WIA)
Putman, Frederick B., Sgt (WIA)
Shanks, John 'D', Cpl (WIA)
Soares, Victor F., Sgt (DOW)
White, Chevey S., Ltc (KIA)
Winer, Sollie, Cpl (WIA)

Bangs, Lawrence R., Pfc (INJ
Foss, Howard A., Cpl (KIA)
McEvilly Jr., Martin J., Cpl (KIA)
Ramos, Paul H., Maj (WIA)
Ward, Albert G., SSgt (DOW)
Watkins, Harold L., Cpl (WIA)
Winkler Jr., Claude C., Cpl (KIA)

Balega, Michael, Pfc (WIA)
Deiters, Anthony B., Pfc (INJ
Faulstick, Charles, Pfc (WIA)
Gluszek, Bejamin, Pfc (WIA)
Grigsby, Charles 'T',Pfc (WIA)
Heden, John L., Pfc (WIA)
Kavulio Jr., Martin M., Pfc (WIA)
Klein, Charles F., Sgt (WIA)
Palas, Bernolt W., 2lt (WIA)
Reinholz, Harvey H., Pfc (WIA)
White, Robert S., FldCk (INJ
Wootton, Deveaux A., Pfc (WIA)

Burgdorf, Raymond P., Cpl (WIA)
Doell, Robert W., Pfc (WIA)
Engler, Barnard W., Sgt (INJ
Finks, Warren L., Cpl (INJ
Hiveley, John W., Pfc (INJ
Jolly, Bill O., Cpl (WIA)
Jones, James M., Pfc (INJ
Jutte Jr., John, Cpl (INJ
Keating, Thomas, Cpt (WIA)
Kluth, Robert N., Pfc (WIA)
Lewis Jr., Theodore H., Pfc (WIA)
Prusse, Walter H., Pfc (WIA)
Smith, William W., Sgt (WIA)
Spiker, Alger M., Sgt (WIA)
Stone, Robert B., 2lt (WIA)
Whitfield, James W., Cpl (INJ
Zane, Joseph B., SSgt (WIA)

Fetgatter, Haney C., Pfc (INJ
Wojtowicz, Henry J., PltSgt (INJ

Baner, Gerald C., Pfc (INJ
Byrd, Gordon R., FldCk (WIA)
Giardelli, Jospeph L., Pfc (WIA)
Hauptfleisch, Joseph R., Pfc (WIA)
Hayes, Thomas F., ChCk (KIA)
Hester, William B., FldCk (DOW)
Juarez, Thomas G., Pfc (WIA)
Keller, Albert J., Ltc (WIA)
Kirsch, Robert P., AstCk (WIA)
La Fayette, Donald F., Pfc (WIA)
Le Grand, Alden G., Pfc (INJ
Mogun, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Petitjean, Keith W., Pfc (WIA)
Pierce, William H., Cpl (KIA)

Arrigoni, James P., Pfc (WIA)
Billmaier, Paul A., Pfc (KIA)
Bowen, Norval E., Cpl (WIA)
Bruce, Francis H., Cpl (BF)
Buckalew, John A., Cpl (WIA)
Chasser, Raymond F., Cpl (WIA)
Clark, James D., Pfc (WIA)
Dale, Ray, Cpl (WIA)
Gage, Ivan R., Pfc (KIA)
Goss, Joe, Pfc (WIA)
Hitchcock, Robert N., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, George R., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Helmer K., Cpl (DOW)
Johnson, Howard O., Pfc (KIA)
Kastern, Edward I., 1lt (WIA)
Kroll, Harry J., Pfc (DOW)
Kusnyer, Ernest J., Pfc (WIA)
Kwick, Lao G., SSgt (KIA)
Love, Curtis, SSgt (WIA)
McRoberts, Gerald H., SSgt (WIA)
McWhirter, Robert D., Pfc (KIA)
Newton, Carl A., Pfc (DOW)
Nimz, John E., Cpl (WIA)
Norton, Robert E., TSgt (WIA)
Ogren, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Peterson, Richard M., Cpl (KIA)
Schmidt, Edward A., Pfc (WIA)
See Jr., Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Sims, Walter N., Pfc (WIA)
Shader, Cecil W., Pfc (WIA)
Smoyer, Joseph W., Pfc (WIA)
Sorenson, Ray A., 1lt (DOW)
Stoffel, Joseph C., 1lt (WIA)
Van Patten, Harold L., Pfc (DOW)
Washborne, James E., Pfc (KIA)
Weber, Richard P., Cpt (WIA)
Wegman, Raymond, Pfc (WIA)
Weiss, Charles J., Pfc (WIA)
Whitehead, Robert A., Pfc (WIA)
Woeller, Norman W., SSgt (KIA)
Woods, Ralph D., Pfc (WIA)


Waters, Alex, Tech5 (KIA)

Johnson Jr., Harry A., Pvt (KIA)

Dippold Jr., Edward F., Pfc (KIA)
Hernandez, Carlos A., Pvt (KIA)
Klingenmeyer, D.M., Sgt (KIA)

Lenox, James D., Sgt (KIA)
Szapiel, Louis P., Tech5 (KIA)

Brady, Edward T., Pfc (KIA)
Cabble, Eugene J., Pvt (KIA)
Kivak, John L., Pvt (WIA)
Maffis, James M., Pvt (WIA)
Minehart, Alexander G., Pfc (KIA)
Norton, Frank J., Pfc (DOW)
Yablinski, Joseph P., Pvt (KIA)

McDevitt, Thomas J., Pvt (KIA)

Kelley, Vincent L., Pfc (KIA)
Kerns, James C., Pvt (KIA)
Munday, Wilbert L., Pfc (KIA)
Ravin, Iver S., cpt (WIA)
Sinnott, Robert, Pvt (WIA)

Barnes, James R., Tech4 (WIA)
Blount, William A., Tech5 (WIA)
Bohaczyk, John, Pvt (WIA)
Buchanan, Charles F., Pfc (WIA)
Chambers, James E., Pvt (WIA)
Ciereck, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Cohn, Morris, Pvt (WIA)
Dietzel, Joe M., Maj (WIA)
Fultz, Dan M., Tech5 (DOW)
Gregory, FrankS., Pfc (WIA)
Harvell, John H., Pfc (KIA)
Hendrickson, Charles R., Pvt (WIA)
Hiatt, Arthur M., 2lt (WIA)
Keedy, Richard F., Pvt (WIA)
Krist Jr., Stephen P., Pfc (WIA)
Leskie, Theodore F., Pvt (KIA)
Maraden, Joseph F., Sgt (DOW)
Morgan, James H., Pvt (WIA)
Stalter, John W., Pvt (WIA)
Stewart, James T., 1lt (WIA)
Taugher, Gerard F., Pvt (WIA)
Vitkevich, Victor B., cpl (WIA)
Wasnick, Metro, Pfc (WIA)

Albert, Abraham S., Sgt (WIA)
Ammons, William E., Pvt (WIA)
Anderson, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Andrews, Peter, Pvt (KIA)
Andzelik, John, Pfc (KIA)
Annicaro, O'Neil, Pfc (WIA)
Ansell, Joseph L., Pfc (KIA)
Anthony, Harry, Pvt (WIA)
Atwell, William H., Pvt (KIA)
Baldini, John S., Pfc (WIA)
Balson, William J., Sgt (WIA)
Banks, Michael, SSgt (KIA)
Baran, Walter J., Pfc (KIA)
Barron, Andrew R., SSgt (WIA)
Barron Jr., Frank E., Cpt (WIA)
Baum, Victor, 1lt (WIA)
Beagan, Thomas J., Pfc (KIA)
Beckham, Gibbes T., 2lt (WIA)
Bell, Louis, Pfc (KIA)
Benner, George L., Pvt (KIA)
Berowski, William T., Pfc (WIA)
Berry, Dexter W., Sgt (KIA)
Bessette, Roland E., SSgt (KIA)
Bier, William G., Pvt (WIA)
Bigger, Clyde B., Pfc (KIA)
Black, Carl R., Pvt (WIA)
Blanchard, Everett E., Pvt (KIA)
Bogdanowski, Albert, Pfc (KIA)
Bongiovanni, Charles, Pfc (KIA)
Botts, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Bowes, Albert B., Pfc (WIA)
Bozek, Stanley J., SSgt (KIA)
Brice, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Bronico, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Alfred W., 2lt (WIA)
Bunting, William A., Pfc (KIA)
Burke, Edward J., Sgt (WIA)
Byzetzer, Stephen, Pfc (KIA)
Caltonn, John A., Pfc (WIA)
Capabianco, Salvatore, Pfc (WIA)
Carter, Jim A., Pvt (WIA)
Cesare, Frank J., Pfc (KIA)
Childers, James T., Pvt (WIA)
Chiimaki, Joseph F., Pvt (WIA)
Claypoole, Ray, Pfc (WIA)
Collins, Patrick J., Pfc (WIA)
Connors, John E., Sgt (KIA)
Conwell Jr., Howard N., Pvt (WIA)
Coomer, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Costello, Michael F., Tech5 (KIA)
Cottrell, George E., Sgt (MIA
Cox, Jack C., Pvt (WIA)
Crow, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Curry, Maurice J., Pfc (WIA)
Curtin, Arthur G., Cpt (WIA)
Daniels, Desmond B., Sgt (KIA)
Dauernheim, Herbert A., SSgt (KIA)
Davis, Emerson L., TSgt (WIA)
Davis Jr., Edward L., Cpt (WIA)
Dayton, Eugene K., 2lt (WIA)
De Luca, Edward J., 1lt (KIA)
DeMartino, Anthony, Tech5 (WIA)
Dene, James V., Pvt (KIA)
Dizacomo, Guido G., Pfc (WIA)
Dobbins, Loy H., Pfc (WIA)
Dombroski, Louis L., Pfc (WIA)
Donaldson, Russell H., Pvt (KIA)
Donnan, John W., Pvt (WIA)
Dowds, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Duke, John F., TSgt (KIA)
Dul, Albert G., Pfc (WIA)
Eberhardt Jr., William, Pfc (WIA)
Emanuel, Donald W., Pfc (WIA)
Falero, Juan, Pfc (WIA)
Falkoff, Isadore, Pfc (WIA)
Feighan, Peter M., Sgt (KIA)
Ferderico, Michael J., Cpl (WIA)
Ficeto, Anthony J., Pfc (KIA)
Fieldler, William F., Sgt (WIA)
Figaretti, James V., Pvt (KIA)
Fineman, Milton, 1lt (WIA)
Fischer, Otto, SSgt (WIA)
Fisher Jr., Alvin C., Pvt (WIA)
Fleisher, Adolph R., Tech5 (WIA)
Fogliano, Frank J., Pfc (WIA)
Fox, Elvies H., Pfc (WIA)
Frasier, Edward B., Pfc (WIA)
Gaydes III, Andrew, Pfc (WIA)
Geiss, Harry J., Cpl (WIA)
Gordon, John, Sgt (KIA)
Goyetehe, Peter R., Pfc (WIA)
Grande, Victor, Tech4 (WIA)
Gray, Glendon C., Pfc (KIA)
Grunner, Adolph, Pfc (WIA)
Gullixson, Roland R., 1lt (WIA)
Gumieniak, Emil A., Pfc (WIA)
Haberman, Arthur, Pvt (KIA)
Hammill, Edward T., Pfc (WIA)
Hanley, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Harper, Edward C., 2lt (KIA)
Harper, Leonard, Pvt (WIA)
Hasty, Willard, Pfc (WIA)
Hawks, Graham G., Maj. (WIA)
Hawryliw, Anthony L., Pfc (WIA)
Henderson, Lee T., Pfc (WIA)
Herter, Edward H., Pfc (WIA)
Hillman, Charles T., Cpt (KIA)
Hochheiser, Samuel, Pvt (WIA)
Hodges, Jack E., Pvt (WIA)
Hoey, Harold F., Pfc (WIA)
Hozey, Leon M., Sgt (WIA)
Hubbard, Lavern L., Pfc (WIA)
Hughes, Fred, Pfc (WIA)
Hunt, William E., SSgt (KIA)
Hutchinson, Banner, Pfc (WIA)
Isham, Charles K., TSgt (KIA)
Jackson, Harold E., Pfc (WIA)
Jameson, Arthur J., Pvt (WIA)
Jasner, Morris M., Pfc (WIA)
Jezyk, Joseph W., Sgt (KIA)
Joffe, Sidney W., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Walter E., Pfc (KIA)
Johnston, George, SSgt (WIA)
Jones, Leonard J., Pfc (WIA)
Jones, Virgil W., Pvt (WIA)
Jones, Walter, Pfc (KIA)
Kaminsky, Michael J., Pvt (WIA)
Kaylor, Henry G., Pfc (WIA)
Kazimar, John J., Pfc (KIA)
Kershner, Gordon M., Pfc (WIA)
King, Ordedens, SSgt (WIA)
Kitter, Edward, Pvt (KIA)
Kohn, Emanuel I., Pfc (KIA)
Kolesnik, Henry M., Pvt (KIA)
Kolwits, Charles H., Pfc (WIA)
Korman, Max, Pfc (WIA)
Kursinsky, Abraham, Pfc (WIA)
Lake, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Laudato, Michael E., Pfc (KIA)
Laughlin, Raymond J., SSgt (WIA)
Lauterstein, Stanley, Pvt (WIA)
Lenigan, Albert S., Pvt (WIA)
Leuver, Louis J., Pfc (WIA)
Levine, Nathan, Cpl (WIA)
Lewis, Victor J., Pfc (WIA)
Livingston, Robert L., SSgt (WIA)
Logan, Wizbatski, Pvt (WIA)
Lovaglio, Joseph P., Pfc (WIA)
Luksvitch, Justin, Pfc (WIA)
Lyden, Charles A., TSgt (WIA)
Lynagh, Edward M., SSgt (KIA)
Madey, Stanley W., Pfc (WIA)
Madigan, Harold J., Pfc (WIA)
Mahoney, William J., SSgt (KIA)
Majewski, Stanley S., SSgt (KIA)
Mancuso, Angelo, SSgt (WIA)
Mann Jr., Willard A., Sgt (WIA)
Martin, Glen M., Pfc (KIA)
Martinelli, Dominick J., Pfc (WIA)
Massa, Joseph N., Pfc (WIA)
Mayer, Simon, Cpl (KIA)
McAfoos, Ira S., Pvt (WIA)
McBride, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
McCann, George O., SSgt (WIA)
McCune, William T., Pfc (WIA)
McCuskey, William E., Pfc (WIA)
McElroy Jr., George W., Pvt (KIA)
McGauley Jr., William H., Pfc (KIA)
McGurk, William J., SSgt (WIA)
McSween, Donald B., SSgt (KIA)
Melees, August B., Pvt (WIA)
Mezeros, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Milito, Emilio, Pvt (WIA)
Millard, Fillmore, Pfc (WIA)
Milniker, Nathan, Pfc (WIA)
Milsap, Walther A., Tech5 (WIA)
Moon, Earl F., Pfc (WIA)
Moore, Clarence J., Pvt (WIA)
Moss, Watson H., Pfc (WIA)
Murphy, JohnJ., Pfc (WIA)
Murtagh, George G., Sgt (WIA)
Natelle Jr., Paul J., Sgt (WIA)
Nelson, John H., 2lt (KIA)
Nelson, Joseph W., SSgt (KIA)
Nichols, Nick K., SSgt (WIA)
O'Hara, John S., SSgt (KIA)
Opdyke Jr., Chester B., SSgt (WIA)
Paddock, Edward M., Pvt (WIA)
Pannell, Russell N., Pfc (WIA)
Paprocki Jr., John, Sgt (WIA)
Parker, Leon, Pvt (WIA)
Passalacqua, Andrew A., Pvt (KIA)
Paul, Herbert W., Pvt (WIA)
Paul, Jinm F., Pfc (WIA)
Perrino, Joseph J., Tech5 (WIA)
Peterson, Neil V., Pfc (KIA)
Posati, Leo, Sgt (KIA)
Prsywara, John J., Pvt (WIA)
Quercia, Antonio C., Pvt (WIA)
Raimo, Joseph S., Pfc (WIA)
Rainone, Frank, Pfc (KIA)
Ramey, Theodore R., Pfc (KIA)
Reed, Paul G., Cpl (WIA)
Reeves, Floyd D., Pvt (WIA)
Reinwater, James A., Pvt (WIA)
Rendezzo, Emilio, Pvt (WIA)
Rezendes, Manuel, Pfc (WIA)
Rivers, Herman R., 1Sgt (KIA)
Roberson, Charlie F., Pfc (WIA)
Rocafort, Serafin, Pvt (KIA)
Rockwell, Ardie, Pfc (KIA)
Rodgers, Edward T., Pfc (WIA)
Rohaly Jr., Steve B., SSgt (WIA)
Romanelli, Cooney A., Pfc (WIA)
Rosenthal, Abraham, Pfc (WIA)
Ross, John L., Pvt (WIA)
Rutledge, Joseph W., Pvt (WIA)
Sagehorn, Arthur H., Pfc (WIA)
Sala, Louis, Pfc (WIA)
Salyer, Kelly W., Pvt (WIA)
Schwamberg, Joseph C., Pvt (WIA)
Scullen, John F., 1lt (WIA)
Searight, John W., Pvt (WIA)
Sent, Reece, Pvt (WIA)
Sewell, Lovejoy, Pfc (WIA)
Shaeffer, Adrian G., Pfc (KIA)
Shaffer, Harold G., Pfc (KIA)
Shaffer Jr., Lewis T., Pfc (WIA)
Shorts, Merle R., Sgt (WIA)
Skaggs, Okel, Pvt (KIA)
Slauson, Robert M., Pfc (KIA)
Smith, Harry W., Sgt (KIA)
Smith, Henry, Tech5 (WIA)
Smith, Ralph E., Pfc (KIA)
Sorenson, George U., Pfc (WIA)
Spain, Jasper W., Pfc (WIA)
Squillace, Joseph J., SSgt (WIA)
Stankosky, Edmund W., Sgt (WIA)
Szezepanek, Wladyslaw J., Pfc (KIA)
Termyna, Edward E., Pvt (WIA)
Thompson, Walter F., Pfc (KIA)
Traphagen, Kenneth A., Sgt (WIA)
Trenehard, James E., Pfc (MIA
Trueblood, Paul E., Pvt (WIA)
Tuner, Floyd A., Pfc (WIA)
Vega, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Vogel, Fred J., Pfc (WIA)
Wade, David F., Pfc (WIA)
Wagers, William H., Pvt (WIA)
Walker, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Walsh, Ambrose, Pfc (MIA
Walters, Harold C., Pfc (WIA)
Walters, James F., TSgt (WIA)
Warren, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Weathers, Logan C., 1Sgt (WIA)
Weisinger, Samuel, Sgt (WIA)
White, Alfred L., Pvt (WIA)
Williams, Carl F., Pvt (KIA)
Williams Jr., William H., Pvt (KIA)
Wise, Auda N., Pvt (WIA)
Wolff, Jacob, Pfc (WIA)
Wollis, Milton, 1lt (WIA)
Wool, Dominick F., Pfc (WIA)
Woomer, Orvis D., SSgt (KIA)
Yankkos, William K., Pvt (WIA)
Yankowicz, Henry C., Pvt (KIA)
Zecher, Charles W., Pfc (WIA)
Zielinski, Arthur E., Pfc (WIA)
Zierenberg, Henry C., Pvt (KIA)
Zinser, Alfred, Pfc (WIA)

Atchley, Luther H., Pvt (WIA)
Gima, John, Tech5 (WIA)
Heaney, Edward L., Pvt (WIA)

Adams, John F., Pfc (WIA)
Ahern, James, Sgt (WIA)
Allen, George C., Pvt (WIA)
Allen, Harry T., Pfc (WIA)
Ambrosia, John J., TSgt (WIA)
Anderson, Edward C., Pfc (KIA)
Andrea, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Aninrina, Anthony G., Pvt (WIA)
Apanavage, Stiney E., Sgt (WIA)
Baltzell, William L., Pvt (KIA)
Baresi, Joseph F., Pfc (KIA)
Barker, Robert F., Pfc (WIA)
Barry, Clarence K., Pfc (WIA)
Beback, Samuel, Pfc (KIA)
Begins, William T., 2lt (WIA)
Benko, George, Pfc (WIA)
Bernys, Joseph J., Pvt (WIA)
Bettini, Robert A., Pvt (WIA)
Black, Donald J., Pfc (WIA)
Blauwkamp, Andrew, Pfc (WIA)
Blois, Rocco A., Pvt (WIA)
Bolivar, Armando J., Pfc (WIA)
Bower, John R., Pvt (KIA)
Brafford, Everett W., Pvt (KIA)
Branson, Theodore R., Pfc (WIA)
Braswell, Lee A., 2lt (WIA)
Braun, Edward C., SSgt (WIA)
Bray, Harold C., Sgt (WIA)
Brooks, Joseph D., Pvt (WIA)
Brown, Fred, Pfc (WIA)
Brown, Irvin Q., Pfc (WIA)
Brown, William S., Pfc (KIA)
Burch, Charles F., Pfc (WIA)
Burns, Donald I., Pfc (WIA)
Burrell, William H., Pfc (KIA)
Caldwell, Wesley, Pvt (WIA)
Cammaroto, James, Pfc (WIA)
Capallupo, Frank S.,? (WIA)
Casbarro, Angelo N., Pfc (KIA)
Casper, William O., Pfc (WIA)
Catherman, Alfred, Pvt (WIA)
Chrash, Frank, SSgt (WIA)
Cleek Jr., John R., Sgt (WIA)
Cole, Glenn H., Pfc (KIA)
Collins, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Conn, James S., Pfc (WIA)
Connolly, John J., Pvt (WIA)
Conroy Jr., William E., Pfc (WIA)
Cook, Clyde J., Cpt (WIA)
Corr, Robert J., 1lt (WIA)
Costone, Michael J., Pfc (WIA)
Cotter, Joseph M., Pfc (WIA)
Cottone, Leonard, Pfc (WIA)
Coyman, Milburn W., Pfc (KIA)
Cramer, Henry A., Pfc (WIA)
Crews, Clarence M., TSgt (WIA)
Curran, Vincent J., Pfc (WIA)
Daly Jr., Daniel J., Sgt (KIA)
Davis, James W., TSgt (KIA)
De Felippo, Henry J., Pfc (KIA)
De Paola, Anthony, Pfc (KIA)
De Wolff, Peter, Pvt (KIA)
DeBrocke, William P., 1lt (WIA)
Decker, Paul E., Pvt (WIA)
Dickman, Louis, Pfc (WIA)
Dietz, Kenneth F., Pvt (WIA)
Donahue, Thomas J., Pfc (KIA)
Dopke, William E., Pfc (KIA)
Drew, John M., SSgt (WIA)
Drisch, Henry J., Sgt (KIA)
Drywinga, Frank G., Pfc (WIA)
Dubois, Phillip, Pvt (WIA)
Dune, Robert P., WOJG (KIA)
Eaton, Chsrles W., Pvt (KIA)
England, Kenneth H., Sgt (WIA)
Enright, Edward J., Pfc (WIA)
Ezell, James W., SSgt (WIA)
Falcon, Amile, Pvt (WIA)
Ferricher, Albert A., Pfc (WIA)
Ferris, Joseph V., Cpl (WIA)
Fett, Harold F., Pfc (WIA)
Fink, 34547, Pfc (WIA)
Finley, Morris M., Pfc (WIA)
Fiorentino, Salvatore S., Pvt (WIA)
Fisher Jr., Arthur, Pvt (KIA)
Fitzsimmons, Thomas T., Pfc (WIA)
Flannery, John H., 2lt (WIA)
Folk, Kenneth E., Pfc (WIA)
Franklin, Edward, Pvt (WIA)
Fresco, John V., Pfc (WIA)
Fridley, Courtney L., Pfc (WIA)
Galen, Frank T., SSgt (WIA)
Gasiger, Karl B., Pfc (WIA)
Gentile, Anthony J., Pfc (WIA)
Gordon, Solomon, Pfc (WIA)
Goydich, John, Pfc (WIA)
Grassella, John, Pvt (KIA)
Green, Everett F., Pfc (WIA)
Gruca, Steve V., SSgt (KIA)
Hagerty, William H., Pvt (KIA)
Hall, Lonnie C., Pfc (WIA)
Hamilton, Nathan, Pfc (WIA)
Hatch, Everett W., Pfc (WIA)
Hawes, Richard L., Pfc (WIA)
Heinsohn, Kenneth L., Pfc (WIA)
Herdel, Stephen M., Pfc (WIA)
Holota, Eugene M., Sgt (KIA)
Horowitz, Julius L., Pvt (WIA)
Hower, William T., Pvt (KIA)
Husa, Warren W., TSgt (WIA)
Igoe, Martin, Pfc (WIA)
Jackson, John W., Pfc (KIA)
Jenkins, Ernest O., Pfc (WIA)
Jeske, Edward J., SSgt (WIA)
Joergens, Edward W., Pfc (KIA)
Johnson, Robert E., Pvt (WIA)
Johnson, Thomas L., Sgt (WIA)
Kaherl, Loyal V., Pfc (KIA)
Kalibatas, Andrew C., Pfc (KIA)
Karbowski, Michael P., SSgt (WIA)
Kasten, Benjamin B., Pfc (KIA)
Katz, Abraham, Pfc (WIA)
Kelly, Thomas H., Pfc (WIA)
Kelmer, Mervin, Pfc (WIA)
Kemmy, Patrick J., Sgt (KIA)
Kenfield, Keith S., 2lt (WIA)
Kenney, Paul M., Pfc (WIA)
Killeen, Thomas S., SSgt (WIA)
Klonoski, Frank P., Sgt (WIA)
Koeberle, Joseph P., Pfc (WIA)
Kohler, William H., Pfc (WIA)
Kosnikowski, Daniel E., Pfc (WIA)
Kovarcik, John, Pfc (KIA)
Kozistek, Thomas J., Pfc (WIA)
Kriger, Anthony W., Pfc (WIA)
Kubachka, Michael, Pvt (WIA)
Kubackha, Michael, Sgt (WIA)
Kurland, Sam, 1lt (WIA)
Lafferty, Edwin, Tech5 (WIA)
Lafoe, Chester, Pfc (WIA)
Lalli, Frank, SSgt (WIA)
Lamper, Wilbur R., Pfc (WIA)
Larkin, Thomas W., Sgt (WIA)
Lebin, Louis, Sgt (KIA)
Lebow, Arthur, 1lt (WIA)
Lemezis, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Lentini, John, Pvt (WIA)
Lindholm, George S., 2lt (WIA)
Lohmeyer, Eugene P., Pvt (WIA)
Loughead, John C., Pfc (KIA)
Maciag, Casimir, Pvt (WIA)
Maess, Stanley H., Pfc (WIA)
Magdziak, Steven F., Pfc (WIA)
Mahar, James, Pvt (WIA)
Marcynyszyn, Harry, Sgt (KIA)
Maresca, James C., TSgt (WIA)
Marko, Stephen J., Pfc (WIA)
Martin Jr., Frederick R., Pvt (WIA)
Matheo, Arthur L., Tech3 (KIA)
Mauser, William, Pfc (WIA)
Mazerolle, Victor, Pfc (WIA)
McBride, George J., Pvt (WIA)
McCabe, John B., Pfc (WIA)
McGurn, Patrick J., Pfc (WIA)
Meaut, William M., 2lt (WIA)
Miller, Charles N., Sgt (WIA)
Miller, Julius, SSgt (WIA)
Miller, Paul D., Pfc (WIA)
Moraglia, Leonard, Pvt (WIA)
Mueller, Jesse F., Pfc (WIA)
Mulligan, George R., Pvt (WIA)
Murdock, Robert L., 2lt (KIA)
Murphy, Daniel J., Pfc (KIA)
O'Donnell, Robert J., Pfc (KIA)
O'Keefe, James, Pfc (WIA)
Omick, Roy R., Pfc (WIA)
Orlando, Samuel J., Sgt (WIA)
Pace, Marion H., TSgt (KIA)
Parr, Walter A., Pfc (WIA)
Peach, John R., Pfc (KIA)
Petrella, Ralph, Pfc (WIA)
Picariello, James V., Pvt (KIA)
Pierce, Albert E., 2lt (KIA)
Pinto, Joseph J., SSgt (KIA)
Poe, James N., TSgt (WIA)
Poore, George A., Pfc (WIA)
Powell, Benjamin, Pvt (WIA)
Poy, Chin Y., Pfc (KIA)
Pryer, Theodore C., Pfc (WIA)
Puzycki, John P., Pfc (WIA)
Rath, Felix H., Pfc (WIA)
Ray, Charles B., Pfc (KIA)
Rebaldo, Joseph, Tech5 (WIA)
Regiec, John, Pfc (KIA)
Reidda, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Reiling, Walter R., Pfc (KIA)
Romm, Alexander, Pfc (WIA)
Roseboom, Milton T., Sgt (KIA)
Ruffo, Joseph E., Sgt (WIA)
Salata, Steve J., SSgt (KIA)
Sall, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Santana, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Savage, Joseph V., Tech5 (WIA)
Savage, Maurice J., Sgt (WIA)
Saxon, George, Pvt (KIA)
Schafer, Charles E., TSgt (KIA)
Schaler, Edward W., Pfc (KIA)
Schor, Ernest, Pfc (WIA)
Schultz, Joseph S., Pfc (KIA)
Schwenke, Paul H., 2lt (WIA)
Scott, Travis, Sgt (KIA)
Seabrook, Sterling W., 2lt (WIA)
Shones, Edward L., Pvt (WIA)
Shulman, Melvin, Pvt (WIA)
Sing, James H., Pfc (WIA)
Smetzer, Gerald R., 2lt (WIA)
Smith, Floyd J., TSgt (KIA)
Soltis, Stephen, Pvt (KIA)
Sorrentino, Joseph A., SSgt (WIA)
Stark, Aaron, Pvt (WIA)
Starnes, Billy W., Sgt (WIA)
Steele, Leo G., Pfc (KIA)
Stetter, Frank X., Pfc (WIA)
Stevens, James T., Tech4 (WIA)
Street, Richard E., Pfc (KIA)
Strong, Al A., Pfc (WIA)
Stubelek, Stanley P., SSgt (KIA)
Study, Ezra G., Pvt (WIA)
Szidor, John, Pfc (KIA)
Thielman, Robert W., Sgt (WIA)
Thomas, John L., Pfc (KIA)
Tinder, Joseph, SSgt (KIA)
Townsend, James B., Pfc (WIA)
Trenske, Joseph A., Pfc (KIA)
Trujillo, Juan A., Pfc (WIA)
Turpen, Kenneth D., Pfc (WIA)
Ullman, Louis T., Pfc (WIA)
Valfre, Rudy S., Pvt (WIA)
Vangeli, Frank A., Pfc (WIA)
Verlock, Paul, Pfc (WIA)
Vozza, Joseph S., Pfc (WIA)
Wafford, Ray J., Sgt (WIA)
Wafkowski, Daniel, Pfc (WIA)
Wagner, Rudolph C., Pfc (WIA)
Weber, Claude E., Pfc (WIA)
Weir, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Weist, Robert M., TSgt (WIA)
Welcome, Mose F., Pfc (WIA)
Whelton, Francis E., Sgt (WIA)
Wiley, Charles L., Pvt (KIA)
Williamson, Raymond, Cpl (WIA)
Wolyniec, Walter L., Pfc (WIA)
Woodard, Lewis W., Sgt (WIA)
Yonkie, Clyde H., Pfc (KIA)
Young, Bernard J., 2lt (WIA)
Young, Henry E., Tech4 (WIA)
Yurga, Stanley J., Pfc (WIA)

Acocella, Victor A., Pvt (WIA)
Ailor, James T., 1lt (WIA)
Albano, George J., Pfc (WIA)
Allwein, Joseph L., Pfc (WIA)
Altamuro, Patsy, Pfc (KIA)
Anderson, Miles R., Tech5 (WIA)
Andraski, Joseph, Pvt (KIA)
Archambault, George E., Pvt (WIA)
Archer, Russell T., Sgt (WIA)
Bailey, Roger, Tech5 (WIA)
Baker, Irvin W., Sgt (WIA)
Barr, Gobel D., Pfc (KIA)
Bartolomeo, John J., Tech5 (WIA)
Batemen, Ivan H., Pfc (KIA)
Baum, Mervin S., Pfc (KIA)
Bayen, Clement A., Pfc (KIA)
Bellizia, Michael A., Pvt (KIA)
Bender, Irving, Pvt (KIA)
Benevento, Victor, Pvt (KIA)
Bernath, Joseph, SSgt (KIA)
Berry, Peter J., Pfc (WIA)
Betts, Joseph F., Pvt (WIA)
Bayes, John E., SSgt (WIA)
Billack, Rudolph J., Pvt (WIA)
Bohonis, Boris, Pfc (WIA)
Bordelon, James J., Pfc (WIA)
Bowerman, George L., Pfc (KIA)
Boyce, George A., SSgt (KIA)
Bromberg, William, Pvt (KIA)
Brown Jr., William R., Pvt (WIA)
Bufis, Valentino, Pfc (WIA)
Buttari, Guido J., Pfc (KIA)
Cacace, Salvatore P., Sgt (WIA)
Cassels, Val, 1lt (KIA)
Castelli, Henry A., Tech5 (WIA)
Causin, Chester C., Pvt (WIA)
Cavallone, Cono J., Pfc (KIA)
Chafin, Herschel F., Pfc (WIA)
Chery, Anthony F., Pvt (WIA)
Chidichimo, Frank, Pfc (WIA)
Christopher, Harold M., Pfc (WIA)
Clark, Richard C., Pvt (WIA)
Claypole, Elmer R., Pfc (KIA)
Colosimo, Frank J., Cpl (WIA)
Cominsky, Joseph, Pfc (WIA)
Conner, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Connolly, Martin J., Pfc (WIA)
Cook, Kenneth W., Pfc (WIA)
Cook, Perry, Pvt (WIA)
Coolidge, Joseph B., Ltc (WIA)
Cooper, Eli A., Pvt (WIA)
Copenhaver, Noel D., Pfc (KIA)
Corliss Jr., James J., Pvt (WIA)
Cox, Herbert H., Pfc (WIA)
Cox, William F., 1lt (WIA)
Cronk, Theodore M., Pfc (WIA)
Crook, John P., Tech5 (KIA)
Culbert, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Daniewicz, Frank H., Tech5 (WIA)
Day, Kenneth C., Tech4 (WIA)
De Gostin, John J., Pfc (WIA)
De Van, Cornelius G., Pfc (KIA)
Del Monico, James R., 2lt (WIA)
Domenick, Louis, Cpl (WIA)
Donza, Michael J., Pfc (WIA)
Dorohovich, Nick, SSgt (WIA)
Dougherty, Joseph M., Pfc (WIA)
Dressel, Philip D., Sgt (WIA)
Dudra, John S., Pfc (KIA)
Dunnican, Roland A., Sgt (WIA)
Dyer, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Dziedzis, Milton, Pfc (WIA)
Edgell, James O., Pfc (KIA)
Elder, Ralph J., Pfc (KIA)
Ellis, John, Pfc (KIA)
Emmert, Lester S., Pvt (WIA)
Fairley, Vernon C., Pvt (KIA)
Feezell, Ralph L., Pfc (KIA)
Freebersyser, Chester R., Pfc (WIA)
Freers, Richard O., Pfc (KIA)
Gailhard Jr., Charles E., SSgt (WIA)
Gallo, Albert J., SSgt (WIA)
Gannon, John F., Cpt (WIA)
Ganter, William J., TSgt (KIA)
Garbe, William R., Pfc (WIA)
Genchi, James S., Pfc (WIA)
Gerstein, Fred, Tech5 (WIA)
Gobble, Earnest W., SSgt (WIA)
Goldee, Peter P., Sgt (WIA)
Grzybowski, Victor T., TSgt (WIA)
Gunter, Raymond O., Pvt (KIA)
Guntz, Wesley R., Pfc (WIA)
Guzik, Stanley J., Cpl (WIA)
Guzik, Stephen, Sgt (WIA)
Haffer, Arthur, Tech4 (WIA)
Halvorson, Carl N., Pfc (WIA)
Hammer, Winward C., Pfc (WIA)
Hanable, James L., Cpl (WIA)
Hanson, Raymond O., Pfc (WIA)
Harrington Jr., John J., Pfc (WIA)
Hart, Charles R., Pfc (WIA)
Healy, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Hehring, John M., Sgt (WIA)
Hendrickson, Guy T., Pfc (WIA)
Hepler, Lenis A., Pfc (KIA)
Herndon, Joseph W., Pfc (WIA)
Hex, Tom, Pvt (KIA)
Hilko, John P., TSgt (WIA)
Hill, John J., Pfc (WIA)
Hill, Wilbur L., Sgt (KIA)
Hodges, Lowell C., Pfc (WIA)
Howard, Chester W., Pfc (WIA)
Howard, Edward M., SSgt (KIA)
Howard Jr., Leslie J., Pfc (WIA)
Huber, David C., Pfc (WIA)
Huffer, Harry E., Pfc (KIA)
Hughes, A.D., Pvt (WIA)
Hulyio, Charles J., Sgt (KIA)
Hutto, Charlie T., Pvt (WIA)
Jackson, Orvis R., Pvt (WIA)
Jackson, Thomas M., Pfc (WIA)
Jardine, James A., Pfc (WIA)
Jennison, William S., Tech4 (WIA)
Jewell Jr., Robert B., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, George W., Pfc (WIA)
Johnson, Steve, Cpl (WIA)
Jones, Wilson M., Pfc (WIA)
Josephson, Joseph, SSgt (WIA)
Jurski, Henry S., Pfc (WIA)
Katzer, Harold N., Pvt (WIA)
Kaufmann, Adolph K., Pvt (KIA)
Keene, Harry, Pvt (WIA)
Kelleher Jr., John J., Pvt (WIA)
Kenney, Raymond J., Pfc (WIA)
King, William M., Pfc (KIA)
Kleinberg, Louis, Pfc (KIA)
Kleinsmith, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Klinger, Fred G., Pfc (KIA)
Kopiok, John W., SSgt (KIA)
Kramchak, Michael A., Pfc (KIA)
Kuczewski, Stanislas, Pfc (KIA)
Kunze Jr., Charles J., SSgt (WIA)
Kusch, William J., Pfc (WIA)
Langberg, Raymond K., Pvt (KIA)
Larsson, Uno A., SSgt (WIA)
Learner, Charles F., Ltc (WIA)
Lefebvre, Roland, Cpl (KIA)
Leiss, Le Roy J., Pfc (KIA)
Lenart, Elmer S., Pfc (WIA)
Leonard, Wilbur S., Cpl (WIA)
Levine, David, SSgt (WIA)
Levinson, Max M., Pvt (KIA)
Lewicki, Stanley S., SSgt (KIA)
Liber, George R., Pvt (KIA)
Little, Howard G., Pvt (WIA)
Ludlow, Allen, Pfc (WIA)
Lynn, Gerard M., Sgt (WIA)
Martysik, Stephen J., Sgt (WIA)
Mathews, Leonard M., SSgt (WIA)
Matula, John, Pfc (WIA)
Maugeri, Michael, Pvt (KIA)
Mawhinney, David W., Pfc (WIA)
McDonagh, Thomas L., Pfc (WIA)
McEnroe, Richard J., Cpl (WIA)
McGraw, Richard S., Cpl (KIA)
Meier, George A., 1lt (WIA)
Melloy, Robert J., Pfc (KIA)
Meunier, Robert O., Pfc (WIA)
Meurer, William G., Ssgt (WIA)
Monico, Luther B., Pvt (WIA)
Moore, John C., Pfc (WIA)
Moran, John F., Tech5 (WIA)
Moreau, Dennis J., Tech5 (KIA)
Morgan, John R., Pfc (WIA)
Moses, Bertram O., TSgt (WIA)
Mosta, Harold R., Pvt (WIA)
Mullholland, Oliver H., Tech5 (KIA)
Munger, Willis J.L., 2lt (KIA)
Murdock, Frank B., Pvt (WIA)
Murray, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Nauman, Robert A., Pfc (KIA)
Newby, Carl, Sgt (KIA)
Nick, Michael, Pfc (WIA)
Niejadlik, Stanley C., Pvt (WIA)
Niemoeller, Hugh M., Pfc (WIA)
Norton, Edward M., Pfc (WIA)
Nunnery, Jack M., SSgt (WIA)
Oakes, Clarence, Pfc (WIA)
Oberlander, William F., Pfc (WIA)
Odham, John E., Pfc (WIA)
Oleskow, Joseph, TSgt (WIA)
Orrell, Kenneth F., Sgt (WIA)
Pacella, Angelo M., Pfc (KIA)
Pacentrilli, Hugo, Pfc (WIA)
Pavelko, Paul, Sgt (WIA)
Perez, Julian R., Pfc (WIA)
Peters, Eugene M., Pfc (KIA)
Platt, Russell l., SSgt (KIA)
Probelski, Robert W., Pvt (KIA)
Pugh, Alton L., TSgt (WIA)
Quillen, James M., Pfc (WIA)
Raley, John E., Pfc (KIA)
Rampelberg, Robert J., Pfc (WIA)
Rearick, John A., 1lt (WIA)
Renfrew, Robert O., Pvt (WIA)
Reynolds, James D., Pvt (WIA)
Reynolds, Paul H., Cpl (WIA)
Rhodes Jr., John H., Pvt (WIA)
Rice, Stephen, Pvt (WIA)
Richmond, Joseph W., Pfc (KIA)
Rickman, Edgar A., Cpt (WIA)
Ridgely, Howard B., 2lt (WIA)
Robinson, Clarence W., Sgt (WIA)
Roche, Harold T., SSgt (WIA)
Roebuck, Frank C., Sgt (WIA)
Rogan, Thomas E., Pvt (WIA)
Rogers, James O., Pvt (WIA)
Rogers, Wallace F., Pfc (KIA)
Rosemary, James, Pfc (WIA)
Rossol, Edward, Pvt (KIA)
Rossol, Edward, Pvt (WIA)
Ruffisig, William A., Pfc (WIA)
Russell, John W., SSgt (WIA)
Salito, Anthony E., Pvt (WIA)
Santini, Albert, Pfc (WIA)
Savage, Irvin E., Pvt (WIA)
Scanlin, Francis H., Cpl (KIA)
Schneider, Morris, Pfc (KIA)
Schultz Jr., George W., SSgt (KIA)
Serby, Kenneth J., Pfc (WIA)
Setter, Clifford E., Pvt (WIA)
Sever, Anthony M., Pfc (WIA)
Simeone, Salvatore, Pfc (WIA)
Sirois, Merle E., Cpl (WIA)
Smith, Dwight C., Sgt (KIA)
Smith, Howard P., Sgt (WIA)
Smith, James O., Pvt (WIA)
Snider, Galen P., Pfc (KIA)
Southan, Kenneth E., Pvt (WIA)
Spaulding, Wright B., Pvt (WIA)
Speakman, Thomas A., SSgt (WIA)
Stegall, James W., Pfc (WIA)
Sterling, Michael J., 2lt (WIA)
Stitley, Leonard T., Tech4 (WIA)
Stout, Roy E., Pvt (WIA)
Streitfeld, Eugene, Pvt (WIA)
Sweeney, Arthur B., Pvt (KIA)
Sweet, Edgar L., Pvt (WIA)
Swisewski, Paul, Pfc (WIA)
Szafran, John S., Pfc (KIA)
Tanner, Claude E., 2lt (WIA)
Thomas, Anthony, Pfc (WIA)
Thomas, Robert R., Pvt (WIA)
Thome, Paul S., Pfc (KIA)
Tomaino, Domenick L., Pfc (KIA)
Traynor, Michael J., SSgt (WIA)
Tremallo Jr., Joseph F., Pvt (WIA)
Tretter, Ferdinand J., Pvt (WIA)
Tuttle, Horace D., Pvt (WIA)
Udvary, Stephen F., Pfc (WIA)
Uselton Jr., Bill, Tech5 (WIA)
Vacchiano, Aniello S., Pvt (WIA)
Vacek, Jerry F., Pvt (WIA)
Vallacchi, Robert, Pfc (WIA)
Valles, Remigio D., Pfc (KIA)
Varga, Joseph A., Pvt (KIA)
Vitkovsky, John A., Sgt (WIA)
Wade, Sanford H., Pfc (WIA)
Ware, Thomas E., SSgt (KIA)
Warren, Odis L., Pvt (WIA)
Wasel, Samuel J., Tech4 (KIA)
Waterson, Evan J.L., Pfc (KIA)
Weast, Clarence, Pfc (WIA)
Webb, Charles E., Pfc (WIA)
Webler, Howard E., Sgt (WIA)
Weeks, Herman E., Pvt (WIA)
Weeks, Robert, Pvt (WIA)
Weinbrenner, Edward, Pfc (WIA)
Wentzel, Edward W., Pvt (KIA)
Weslowksi, Conrad V., Pfc (WIA)
Wheeler, William E., Pfc (WIA)
Whitney, James T., 1lt (KIA)
Williams, Harold A., Pfc (WIA)
Willoughby, Leigh W., Pvt (WIA)
Winstead, Horsce L., SSgt (WIA)
Wood, John H., Pfc (KIA)
Wordell, Arthur J., Pvt (KIA)
Yaffe, Solomon, Tech5 (KIA)
Yaniro, John, Pvt (WIA)
Yovankin, John, Pfc (WIA)
Yukniewicz, John M., Pfc (KIA)
Zazac, John, Pvt (WIA)
Zazzara, Joseph J., Pfc (WIA)

Carlson, Ernest R., Tech4 (KIA)
Conrad, Emil J., Pfc (KIA)
Divin, Joe E., Sgt (KIA)
Higgs, John L., Pvt (KIA)
Lodato, August F., Tech4 (KIA)

Boeno, Tony C., Tech4 (KIA)

Gamble, John P., TSgt (WIA)
Marchese, Gasper V., Tech4 (WIA)
McNair, Douglas C., Col (KIA)

Blume, George W., Tech4 (WIA)
Chalcroft, Herbert C., Sgt (WIA)
Hall, Harry L., Sgt (MIA
Johnson, Andrew K., Pvt (WIA)
Sciarra, Almerindo, Pvt (WIA)
Wiestenhaefer, Joseph, Pvt (WIA)

Davis, Rog G., Pfc (WIA)
Glowacki, Carl, Tech4 (WIA)
Lachmanski, Anthony, Tech5 (WIA)
Underhill, Richard F., Pvt (WIA)

Landry, Marvin R., Pvt (KIA)

Collins, Will H., Pvt (KIA)
Hancock, William E., Cpl (WIA)
Massey, Louie E., Pvt (WIA)
Mills, John N., Pvt (WIA)
Santopadre, Maurice, 1lt (WIA)
Umstead, Raymond E., Tech5 (WIA)
Wilkerson, Albert V., Pfc (WIA)

Ball, Odra N., Tech4 (INJ
Cerny, Joseph A., Pfc (WIA)
Checonsky, Joseph E., Cpl (INJ
Cook Jr., Harry, Tech5 (INJ
Hook, Raymond M., Pvt (WIA)

Finik, Anthony, Sgt (KIA)
Hille, Conrad R., Tech5 (KIA)

Beamer, Emmett, Pfc (WIA)
Henion, James, Pvt (KIA)


Cooling, Robert A., PM1c (WIA)
Cronin, Robert J., LT (WIA)
Ireton, Henry J., HA1c (WIA)
Johnston, James W., HA1c (KIA)
Schlumberger, Frederick C., Lt (WIA)
Warren, Robert D., PM2c (WIA)

McCool, Ray 'E', PM2c (WIA)

Froelich, Bernard J., Lt (WIA)
Goshaw, Donald R., PM3c (WIA)
Hague, Eugene L., PM2c (WIA)
Larrivee Jr., Oliver J., PM2c (WIA)
Montoya, Victor L., PM2c (WIA)
Mullins, William T., PM1c (WIA)
Robbins, Edward O., PM3c (WIA)

Little, Carl D., PHM3 (WIA)

Krasauski, Isadore S., PHM3 (WIA)
Phipp, Donald A., PHM2 (KIA)

Greene, Harry E., HAl (WIA)

Chanda, Andrew, PHM3 (WIA)
Cobb, James M., PHM1 (WIA)
Golaszewski, Charles J., PHM3 (WIA)
Horne Jr., Samuel T., PHM3 (WIA)
Twombly, Richard T., HAl (WIA)

Alexander, William L., HA1c (WIA)
Bahr, Earl B., HA2c (WIA)
Barbosa, Benjamin, PM3c (WIA)
Barrickman Jr., Carlisle, PM2c (KIA)
Beardsley, William F., PM2c (DOW)
Blevins, Elmer H., PM2c (WIA)
Blom, Dale W., HA1c (WIA)
Browder, William L., PM2c (WIA)
Camp, Robert C., HA1c (WIA)
Challis, Alexander C., PM2c (WIA)
Collard, Joseph H., HA2c (KIA)
Collins, Theodore E., PM2c (WIA)
Comer, Henry M., HA2c (KIA)
Cretaro, Louis, PM2c (WIA)
Davis, Joseph D., PM1c (WIA)
Dierkop, James H., HA1c (WIA)
Eller, Raymond P., HA1c (WIA)
Garnett, Carroll M., PM1c (WIA)
Grigsby, John E., HA1c (DOW)
Guzan, Edward R., PM2c (WIA)
Hanstead, Leonard R., PM2c (KIA)
Harville, Grover, PM2c (WIA)
Hurley, Thomas F., PM3c (WIA)
Kennedy, Francis W., PM2c (WIA)
Kroll, Francis E., HA1c (WIA)
Landau, Sidney L., PM2c (WIA)
Leach, John B., HA2c (WIA)
Love, Cornelius A., PM2c (WIA)
Lowrie, Joseph E., HA1c (WIA)
Lynch, Ralph M., HA1c (WIA)
Maier, Floyd W., HA2c (WIA)
Maloney, John J., HA1c (WIA)
Marsh, Victor B., PM3c (WIA)
Martin, Allen J., HA2c (WIA)
Mather, Ralph W., Lt (WIA)
McAllister, James L., HA1c (WIA)
McAtee, Edmund H., PM2c (KIA)
McClaughry, William G., HA2c (KIA)
Milton Jr., William E., HA2c (WIA)
Otowchits, Paul M., PM2c (WIA)
Pierson, John E., HA1c (WIA)
Prentice, Robert E., PM3c (WIA)
Richardson, Robert E., PM2c (WIA)
Ross, Norman M., PM3c (DOW)
Russell Jr., Curtis R., PM2c (WIA)
Schultz, Donald H., PM2c (WIA)
Scoles, Kenneth W., PM2c (WIA)
Skrapits, Stephen A., HA1c (WIA)
Snyder, Frank H., HA1c (WIA)
Spettnagel, Floyd C., PM2c (WIA)
Sunzeri, Warren A., PM2c (WIA)
Thurmond, Brents B., HA1c (WIA)
Tipton, James H., PM2c (WIA)
Tuder, Robert W., PM1c (WIA)
Warren, Virgil J., PM2c (WIA)
Whaley, Ernest J., HA1c (WIA)
Williams, Henry A., PM2c (WIA)
Williams, Merrill D., PM1c (WIA)
Wojciechowski, Benjamin, PM1c (WIA)
Yordy, Merle E., PM1c (WIA)

Aguele, Frank, HA1c (WIA)
Anderson Jr., Emery L., HA1c (BF)
Armstrong, Robert L., PM3c (KIA)
Bristol Jr., Charles P., HA1c (WIA)
Bumcrot, Ralph D., PM3c (WIA)
Carpy, George W., HA1c (WIA)
Cartwright, James H., PM3c (WIA)
Clapp, John A., LTJG (KIA)
Conway, Anthony J., LT (KIA)
Dondelinger, Louis R., HA1c (WIA)
Doom, William O., PM3c (WIA)
Dorn, Glenn E., HA1c (WIA)
Drury, Aaron A., HAle (WIA)
Gill Jr., William C., PM3c (WIA)
Graham, Robert L., PM3c (WIA)
Hardison, William A., HA1c (WIA)
Hickey, Raymond F., PM2c (WIA)
Honnell Jr., Charles G., HA1c (WIA)
Horn, Robert C., HA1c (KIA)
Jagoe, Louis W., PM2c (WIA)
Jones, William J., PM2c (WIA)
Katcher, Philip, PM3c (WIA)
Kelly, William B., PM2c (WIA)
Leasure, Karl E., PM3c (KIA)
Lechner, Edward W., PM1c (WIA)
McCafferty, Benjamin G., PM3c (BF)
McCormick, William, PM2c (WIA)
McCurdy, Jack C., Lt (WIA)
McKnight, Carl H., PM2c (KIA)
Outlan, Arch B., HA1c (WIA)
Scholten, Harold, PM3c (WIA)
Shea, John J.T., PM3c (WIA)
Smith, Charles T., PM1c (WIA)
Stewart, Roy A., PM2c (WIA)
Wood, James W., PM2c (WIA)

Calaway, James H., PHM3 (WIA)
Crevier, Paul N., PHM3 (WIA)
Kirkland, Archie, PHM2 (WIA)
Shea, John J.T., PHM3 (WIA)

Brody, Thomas V., LT (WIA)

Hersh, Howard E., ENS (WIA)

Phipps, Donald A., PM1c (KIA)

Johnson, Deryl F., Ensg. (WIA)

Anderson, John M., HA1c (KIA)
Andrews, Corwin M., HA1c (WIA)
Bartello Jr., Leo, PM3c (KIA)
Bell, John G., PM2c (WIA)
Binder, Paul B., ChPM (DOW)
Bishop, Beryle, PM2c (WIA)
Brown, Lawrence W., HA1c (KIA)
Camp, Athell, PM2c (WIA)
Clark, Charles F., PM2c (WIA)
Connerley, Marion L., LTCDR (WIA)
Craig, Graham l., PM1c (DOW)
Descoteau, Rene L., PM2c (DOW)
Duncan Jr., John M., PM2c (WIA)
Esslinger, Eulis W., PM2c (WIA)
Fitzgerald, James F., PM1c (KIA)
Fleenor Jr., Elger N., PM2c (WIA)
Forrest, Eugene F., PM2c (WIA)
Frego, Lyle A., PM3c (WIA)
Gannon, Wayne L., 2lt (WIA)
Garrison, Lioyd D., PM2c (WIA)
Gresham, Hugh P., PM2c (WIA)
Groom, Eugene, PM2c (DOW)
Gutheridge, Richard M., PM1c (WIA)
Hadley, Lawrence A., PM2c (WIA)
Harper Jr., Thomas P., PM2c (WIA)
Hoffman, Lester H., PM2c (WIA)
Hofmann Jr., August M., PM2c (WIA)
Holland Jr., Walker K., PM2c (KIA)
Huff, Floyd T., PM2c (WIA)
Hunter, Fred P., PM2c (WIA)
Hutto, Robert W., PM2c (WIA)
Jeffers, Merritt J., LT (WIA)
Joyce, Francis J., PM2c (WIA)
Kennedy Jr., Cornelius A., PM2c (WIA)
King, Raymond A., PM1c (WIA)
Leen, James F., PM2c (WIA)
Livingston, Marcel E., PM2c (WIA)
Mahan Jr., Charles R., PM2c (KIA)
Malone, Richard L., HA1c (WIA)
Marquard, Richard F., PM2c (KIA)
Martin, Robert L., PM2c (WIA)
McDonald, Patrick M., PM2c (WIA)
Miller, Vernon H., 1lt (WIA)
Minor, James R., PM2c (WIA)
Mints, Michael, PM2c (WIA)
Mizzi, Joseph R., PM1c (DOW)
Murphy, Bertrand J., PM2c (WIA)
Newson, Kenneth E., PM1c (WIA)
Nista, Dominick R., PM2c (WIA)
Price, William E., PM2c (WIA)
Riseley, Thomas W., PM2c (WIA)
Rock, Russell H., ChPM (WIA)
Ryan, William S., PM2c (WIA)
Slaughter, William H., PM2c (WIA)
Spieth, Robert S., PM2c (DOW)
Staine, Clyde A., PM2c (WIA)
Stewart, Walter M., Pfc (KIA)
Stringer, Harry K., PM2c (WIA)
Thomas, William P., PM2c (WIA)
Thompson, John W., Pfc (WIA)
Vaughn, Donald G., PM2c (WIA)
Zwirn, Donald F., PM2c (WIA)

Armstrong, Eugene S., PM1c (WIA)
Atchity Jr., James A., PM2c (WIA)
Brody, Ralph E., PM1c (WIA)
Butler, George L., LtCdr (KIA)
Carson, James C., PM2c (WIA)
Cibula, Joe D., HA1c (WIA)
Clark, Myles T, PM2c (WIA)
Copp, LeRoy F., PM1c (KIA)
Cundiff, Frank R., PM3c (WIA)
Darrow, Leo W., PM2c (WIA)
Davis, Richard V., PM2c (WIA)
DeCoursey, Forrest D., PM1c (WIA)
Edwards, Calvin L., HA1c (WIA)
Eyman, William B., PM1c (WIA)
Gervais, Raymond H., PM2c (WIA)
Goetsch, Charles F., Lt (KIA)
Hatem, Abraham E., PM2c (DOW)
Heckman, Harold W., PM1c (WIA)
Henning, Milton R., PM3c (WIA)
Hotvedt, James L., PM2c (WIA)
Hukill, William 'D', PM2c (WIA)
Johnson, Keith R., PM2c (WIA)
Knowles, Jack W., PM2c (WIA)
Marsh Jr., John T., PM2c (WIA)
McDonald, Roy J., ChPM (WIA)
McGilligan, Thomas J., Pharm (WIA)
McNamara, Delbert H., LtCdr (WIA)
O'Day Jr., Patrick J., HA2c (WIA)
Obiala, Daniel M., PM1c (WIA)
Parish, Warren G., Lt (DOW)
Quesenberry, John T., PM3c (KIA)
Regan, Edmund D., PM2c (WIA)
Reilley, Bruce A., HA1c (WIA)
Remakius, Leo A., PM2c (WIA)
Ritter, George A., HA1c (WIA)
Sanders, 'J' 'D', PM2c (WIA)
Schellhouse Jr., Fred, PM2c (WIA)
Simon, Julius, LtCdr (WIA)
Spader, Ernest, HA1c (KIA)
Spradling, Harold L., PM2c (WIA)
Thompson, Vernon D., PM1c (WIA)
Topper, Marvin, Lt (WIA)
Wheeler, Robert J., PM2c (DOW)
Wiebe, Marvin R., PM1c (WIA)
Willis, Lowell F., PM2c (KIA)
Zimmerman, Juan M., PM2c (WIA)

Watson, Robert A., PM2c (WIA)

Mattison, Amos N., PM2c (WIA)
O'Neill, William J., PM1c (WIA)
Rouzer, Jerry H., PM2c (WIA)

Barr, Earl B., HA2 (WIA)
Brett, Langford S., HAl (WIA)
Brosnan, John T., PHM2 (WIA)
Burke Jr., Dewey W., PHM3 (WIA)
Byers, John E., SEAl (WIA)
Camp, Othell, PHM2 (WIA)
Decoursey, Forrest D., PHM1 (WIA)
Fulton, James M., SF3 (KIA)
Garrett Jr., Thomas F., PHM2 (WIA)
Gray, Wilfred A., PHM2 (WIA)
Knowles, Jack W., PHM2 (WIA)
Kuttler, Lamar L., PM1 (WIA)
Lecaptain, Bernhard, PHM2 (KIA)
Machinist, Eugene L., HAl (WIA)
Mares, Frank J., PHM3 (WIA)
Montoya, Victor L., PHM2 (WIA)
O'Neil, William J., PHM1 (WIA)
Rayan, William S., PHM2 (WIA)
Reale, Thomas J., PHM2 (WIA)
Renner, Hubert E., PHM2 (WIA)
Risley, Thomas W., PHM2 (WIA)
Roane, John W., PHM2 (WIA)
Schroeder, Duane R., PHM2 (WIA)
Scoles, Kenneth W., PHM2 (WIA)
Spann, Logan A., LT (WIA)
Spettnagel, Floyd C., PHM2 (WIA)
Taylor, Alfred R., PHM2 (WIA)
Vanerman, Wallace G., PHM2 (WIA)
Williams, James E., PHM1 (WIA)
Willis, Lowell F., PHM3 (KIA)
Wleklinski, Robert E., PHM3 (WIA)

Brown, Philip R., PHM2 (WIA)
Goettel, Marion A., PHM3 (WIA)
Klever, Harold H., PHM2 (WIA)
Obiala, Dan M., PHM1 (WIA)
Robinson, Harold J., PHM3 (WIA)
Shepard, Virgil D., LT (WIA)
Simons, Joseph, LT (WIA)

Bahnken, Owen H., PHM3 (WIA)
Bennett Jr., Charles S., PHM3 (WIA)

Almond, Uoyd H., PM3c (WIA)
Bailey, Frank W., PM3c (WIA)
Beatty, James W., PM3c (KIA)
Beebe, Cleveland M., HA2c (WIA)
Bennett Jr., Sheldon, PM3c (WIA)
Bucher, Richard C., HA1c (WIA)
Chaffin, William J., ChPharm (BF)
Cicione, Frank, HA1c (WIA)
Coe, Robert E., HA1c (WIA)
Curtis, Roland P., PM2c (WIA)
Doss, John M., PM3c (KIA)
Feshoh, William E., PM3c (WIA)
Ford, Kenneth E., PM2c (WIA)
Freeman, John, PM2c (WIA)
Hay, Roger T., PM3c (WIA)
Horne, Paul K., PM3c (WIA)
Isbell Jr., William A., PM2c (WIA)
Janssen, William W., PM3c (WIA)
Klause, Oscar, PM3c (KIA)
Law Jr., Robert D., PM2c (WIA)
Lien, Robert, PM3c (WIA)
Metzger, George E., PM3c (WIA)
Nelligan, John J., PM3c (KIA)
Thompson Jr., Stanley E., ChPM (WIA)
Wood, Samuel D., PM2c (WIA)

Bucher, Rich C., HAl (WIA)

Christman, Laurence M., PHM1 (WIA)
Gideon Jr., Gill A., PHM3 (WIA)

Johnson, Albert P., PHM2 (WIA)

Andersen, Jesse R., Pfc (WIA)
Boelter, Robert L., PM2c (WIA)
Bowling, James S., Lt (WIA)
Brett Jr., Jesse R., PM2c (KIA)
Cadby, William E., PM2c (WIA)
Crabtree, 'E' 'S', HA2c (WIA)
Dickey, Charles E., Cpl (WIA)
Doolan, Dean F., PM2c (WIA)
Farrell, Lee R., HA1c (DOW)
Forkey Jr., Sheldon L., PM3c (WIA)
Geiken, Norman D., HA2c (WIA)
Gephart, Alvie E., PM2c (WIA)
Giebraski, Laurence F., Pfc (WIA)
Graham, John T., Pfc (WIA)
Hess, Alfred L., Pfc (WIA)
Hildreth, Teddie J., PM2c (WIA)
Hindman, Wayne K., PM1c (WIA)
Jacobsen, Benjamin F., PM2c (KIA)
Kearns, Thomas F., PM1c (WIA)
Ketron, Charles W., PM2c (WIA)
King, Melvin P., PM2c (WIA)
Kiwalla, Stanley W., PM3c (WIA)
Lawhon Jr., Edgar A., Pfc (WIA)
Le Captain, Bernhard, PM2c (KIA)
Murphy, Leroy D., PM2c (WIA)
Nelson, Everett E., PM1c (WIA)
Nichols, Neal E., PM3c (WIA)
Noyes, Frank A., PM2c (WIA)
Philpott, Gordon C., PM2c (KIA)
Purcell, Robert J., PM2c (WIA)
Purvis, Jack N., PM2c (WIA)
Quick, Robert G., Cpl (KIA)
Quinlan, Joseph F., PM2c (WIA)
Richards, John F., PM2c (WIA)
Robertson, Herschel L., PM2c (WIA)
Ronnin, Warren C., Cpl (KIA)
Scott, Robert M., PM2c (WIA)
Smith, Ray M., PM2c (WIA)
Trecokss, John, Pfc (WIA)
Ulin, William D., Pfc (WIA)
Young, Robert H., Cpl (WIA)

Appalachian AGC 1
White Jr., Charles M., SEAl (WIA)

Belleau Wood CVL 24
Crowley, Edward D., SEA2 (WIA)
Fowler, Herman W., ARMCA2 (WIA)

Bolivar APA 34
34455, Donald H., SEAl (WIA)

Carter Hall LSD 3
Elm, Laurence G., MOMM2 (WIA)

Chanango CVE 28
Singletary, Douglas K., ENS (KIA)

Cook, Norman F., BM1 (WIA)
Estill, James E., SEAl (KIA)
Kidd, Stilbern M., MM1 (WIA)
Lachance Jr., Adelard R., BM1 (KIA)
Pflugradt, Frank H., SF3 (WIA)
Vanhuren, Emit H., SEAl (MPD)
Wright, Harold J., SEAl (WIA)

Engle, William H., MM1 (WIA)
Lee, Harry F., MM2 (WIA)
Martin, Theodore S., SF1 (DOW)

Lesage, Dollard A., MM3 (KIA)
Ringle, Harry A., BM1 (WIA)

Duncan, Ralph E., SEAl (KIA)

Dean, Robert T., BM2 (WIA)
Purzycki, Edward J., SF1 (WIA)
Szabo, Geza N., MM3 (WIA)

Corley, John W., CM1 (WIA)

Lane, Michael E., CMMA (WIA)

Franscella, Roy, MM2 (WIA)
Grozde, Frank J., MM2 (WIA)
Jones, Robert O., CMMA (WIA)
Willeke, Howard O., CM1 (DOW)

Crescent City APA 21
Hickman, Walter O., SEAl (WIA)
Huddleston, Bobby H., SEAl (WIA)
Neasham, Stewart A., ARM3 (WIA)

Dickerson APD 21
Blowers, Ralph A., CWO (KIA)
Cain, James R., LCDR (WIA)

Doyen APA 21
Soika, Henry L., EM3 (WIA)

Du Page APA 41
Jackovac, Edward M., MOMM3 (WIA)

Elmore APA 42
Davis, Tillman C., SEAl (WIA)
Nance, Robert R., SEAl (WIA)

Essex CV 9
Dunne, Terance F., ARM2 (WIA)

Fayette APA 43
Avoian, Abraham T., SEA2 (WIA)
Davis, Peter, SEA2 (WIA)
Gibbs Jr., John J., BM2 (DOW)
Harrison, John F., QM3 (DOW)
Hyla, Frank G., EM3 (DOW)
Martin, Charles L., EM3 (DOW)
Mossman, Clifford W., SM1 (DOW)

Frederick Funston APA 89
Depasquale, Alfred R., MOMM3 (WIA)
Downey, William S., LTJG (WIA)
Green, Ewell H., BM2 (WIA)
Jensen, Robert A., SEA2 (WIA)
Prosser, Bernard T., SEAl (WIA)

George Clymer APA 27
Downs, Clinton L., SEAl (WIA)
Kenmuir, John W., SEAl (WIA)
Leonguerrero, Jesus C., ST2 (KIA)

Loomis, William D., PM3c (WIA)
Patrick, Schuyler C., PM2c (WIA)

Harvey, William J., PM2c (DOW)

Hornet CV 12
Armbruster Jr., George M., ENS (KIA)
Billings, Harold, ARM3 (KIA)

Bertsos, John N., PHM2 (WIA)
McIntyre, Arthur A., ENS (WIA)
Schakel, Wayne M., PHM2 (WIA)

LCI 345
Jones, Rich L., LTJG (WIA)
Smith, Henry L., GM3 (WIA)
Williams, William J., SEAl (WIA)

LCI 365
Brown, James C., SEAl (WIA)
Clayton, Robert L., ST3 (WIA)
Ferebee III, Henry C., LTJG (WIA)
Gordon, Harry J., COX (WIA)
Haire Jr., Thomas, SEAl (WIA)
Henley, Thomas E., BM1 (WIA)
Holowka, Paul, SM2 (WIA)
Horvath, Stephen J., RM2 (WIA)
Leitzel, Leroy A., SEAl (WIA)
Leszczynski, Casimir A., SC2 (DOW)
McGlothin, Thomas M., SEA2 (WIA)
Mills Jr., George E., LTJG (WIA)
Motes, Thomas W., BM2 (WIA)
Murray, Joseph J., SEAl (WIA)
Nemeth, Edward W., SEAl (DOW)
Rabenstein, Howard P., LT (WIA)
Schouten, Clayton E., MOMM2 (WIA)
Stanley, Edward P., SEAl (WIA)
Szymanski, Frank, EM1 (WIA)
Thompson, William H., PHM1 (WIA)
Warringer, Harry C., AM3 (WIA)
Wilkinson, Thomas W., GM3 (DOW)
Zawierucha, Raymond L., SEAl (WIA)

LCI 366
Barry, William J., RM2 (DOW)
Blaylock, James M., SEA2 (WIA)
Bruno, Dan, GM3 (WIA)
Brusig, Adolph E., GM3 (WIA)
Crane Jr., Frank J., QM2 (WIA)
Halder, Robert C., SM3 (WIA)
Loewe, Herman E., SEA2 (WIA)
McWatty Sr., James F., SEA2 (DOW)
Milger, Douglas A., F2 (WIA)
Mountney, Rich A., SEA2 (WIA)
Reagan, Preston W., F1 (WIA)
Sage, Stewart, LTJG (WIA)
Sidoti, Carmelo R., SC3 (KIA)
Steyer, Rich C., SEAl (KIA)
Stillwell, John H., SEA2 (WIA)
Unger, Robert W., SEAl (KIA)
Waddle, Cornelius B., LTJG (WIA)
Whiteside, James M., EM1 (WIA)
Wiswell, Gordon R., SEA2 (WIA)

LCI 439
Chan, Bernard A., COX (WIA)
Craft, Charles E., SM3 (WIA)
Dalby, William D., SC3 (WIA)
Kern, Wilmer D., EM1 (WIA)
Marzie, Jesse J., GM3 (DOW)
McClain Jr., Lawrence H., SEAl (WIA)
Miller, Estin, SEAl (WIA)
Mongold, Lofty W., SEAl (WIA)
Monroe, Alfred R., SEAl (WIA)
Mullins, Henry A., LTJG (WIA)
Patton, Robert B., SEAl (WIA)
Rendell, Nelson E., SEAl (WIA)
Rhodes, Donald, SEAl (KIA)
Tautenhahn, Robert E., GM3 (WIA)
White, Lawrence M., GM3 (DOW)
Yeager, Joseph L., SC3 (WIA)

LCI 465
Anderson, Harry E., SEAl (WIA)

LCI 469
Beach, Edward T., STM1 (WIA)
Friedt, Kenneth W., MOMM3 (WIA)
Gregerman, Sydney, SEA2 (WIA)
Henderson, Harvey, GM3 (WIA)
Lyman, Aubrey, SEA2 (WIA)
Parker, George H., SEA2 (WIA)
Plant, Ford E., BM1 (WIA)
Ramirez, Jose M., SEA2 (WIA)
Reidhead, Ray G., SEA2 (WIA)
Savage, Dale R., SEAl (WIA)
Wuellner, George E., ENS (WIA)
Zawisiak, Leo S., GM3 (WIA)

LCI 474
Lower, Francis R., RM3 (WIA)

LST 481
Angle Jr., Charles A., MOMM2 (WIA)
Boyko, Michael A., F1 (WIA)
Daniel, George, 0S3 (DOW)
Gier, Nicholas J., RM3 (WIA)
Homrighaus, Henry L., RM2 (WIA)
Johnston, Andrew G., SEA2 (WIA)
Lucas, James D., F1 (WIA)
Phifer, Joseph C., MOMM2 (WIA)
Speight, Johnnie L., EM3 (WIA)
Uribe, Rodolfo S., SEA2 (WIA)

Lamar APA 47
Harrop Jr., William A., MOMM3 (WIA)

LandCrUn 30
Allen, Floyd W., SEAl (WIA)
Mahaffey, John C., SEA2 (WIA)

Leedstown APA 56
Shannon, John M., PHM2 (WIA)

Lexington CV 16
Deluca Jr., Dan G., ENS (DDD)
Droske, Arno F., ACRMA (WIA)
Gevelinger, Paul A., ENS (DDD)
Nitchman, Louis O., ARM3 (DDD)
Pruett, Dennis D., ARM3 (WIA)
Stradley, Price R., LT (WIA)
Strunk, William E., ENS (MPD)

Lexington CVL 26
Jasper, Orville F., ARM2 (MPD)
Mitchell, Jack C., AOM2 (MPD)
Wendt, Charles E., LTJG (MPD)

MarCorpsAct AWS 2
Gehring, Robert H., PHM1 (WIA)

Dierking, William E., Lt (POI)

MinneapolisCA 36
Larson, Herbert V., ARM1 (DDD)
Parker, Dale R., LT (DDD)

Monterey CVL 26
Jackson, Maurice E., AOM3 (KIA)
Miller, John A., ENS (KIA)
Rogers, Graydon G., ARM3 (KIA)

Ormsby APA 49
Arnold, Raymond P., LTJG (KIA)
Coglianese, Frank J., SEAl (KIA)
Daugherty Sr., Winfield G., SEAl (WIA)
Walch, George J., COX (KIA)

President Adams APA 19
Brook, Herbert E., SEAl (WIA)
Dorman, Herman W., SEA2 (WIA)
Epply, Walter G., LT (DOW)
Fraher, Donald J., HAl (WIA)
Henning, William R., HA2 (WIA)
Rosier Jr., Steve G., SM2 (WIA)

President Hayes APA 20
Heredia, Manuel V., RM3 (KIA)
Huber, Rinald, CBMA (WIA)

President Jackson APA 18
34425, Aaron, PHM2 (WIA)
Cays, Glen W., SEAl (WIA)
Garcia, Donaciano, SEAl (WIA)
Ollie, John, COX (WIA)
Welch, Charles F., PHM2 (WIA)

SC 1326
Blanchard, Benjamin G., CBMP (WIA)
Bolek, Ludwig, EM3 (WIA)
Carlin Jr., William J., Y1 (KIA)
Cherry, Eugene T., ST3 (KIA)
Claiborne, Lindsey C., LT (WIA)
Economides, Jim T., SOM2 (DOW)
Graef, Billy E., SEA2 (DOW)
Johnson, William C., ENS (WIA)
Link, Raymond F., SEA2 (KIA)
Lowry, John O., MOMM1 (WIA)
Mason, Robert D., PHM1 (WIA)
O'Neill, Francis J., GM2 (WIA)

Warren APA 53
Wilcox, Henry C., CM3 (WIA)

Wasp CV 18
Godman, Robert, ENS (WIA)
Spence, Ellsworth L., ARM2 (WIA)

Wayne APA 54
Cornette, William H., BM2 (WIA)
Fellabaum, Cletis J., PHM2 (WIA)
Walters, Fred W., WO (WIA)

Wharton AP 7
Monahan, John H., CBMA (WIA)

William P. Biddle APA 8
Arrigo, Frank P., SEAl
Carlozzi, Rocco C., SEA2 (WIA)
Farrell Jr., George F., F1 (WIA)

Yorktown CV 10
Boutos, Nicholas J., ARM2 (DRO
Diem, Oscar W., LTJG (MPD)
Donahue, Edward C., ARM3 (DDD)
Hankins, Jack F., LTJG (WIA)
McCall, Joseph O., ENS (MPD)
Metzenbauer, Frank J., ARM2 (MPD)
Mullen, Paul, LTJG (KIA)
Rohde, Joseph H., ENS (MPD)
Sabol, Albert J., SEAl (DDD)
Smith, Owen L., PHOM1 (DDD)
Stevens, John D., ARM2 (MPD)
Woellhof, Lloyd R., ARM2 (DDD)
Wood, Leonard E., LT (DDD)

Zeilin APA 3
Johnson, Raymond M., MM2 (WIA)


Ninneman,M.E., SSgt (WIA)

Anderson, Roy E., Cpt (KIA)

Did You Know?

Fern - War in the Pacific

Within the seven park units there are coral reefs, limestone forests, wetlands, a mahogany forest, and tropical savanna ecosystems?