• Along the Washita - 1868 by Gene V. Dougherty

    Washita Battlefield

    National Historic Site Oklahoma

Stories from the Battle of the Washita


Steven Lang painting

Photo courtesy of Steven Lang

"The incident of a battle are so numerous and changing that the entire field may be regarded as an immense series of animated kaleidoscopes, the number of which is only limited by the number of observers, no two of the latter obtaining exactly the same view, and no individual probably obtaining the same view twice."

- Lt. Col. George A. Custer, "War Memoirs", Galaxy, March 1876, Pgs. 319-320


During the attack, a number of incidents occurred to, or were witnessed, by the members of Chief Black Kettle's village:

Moving Behind and Corn Stalk Woman

Mrs. Lone Wolf's narrative

Stacy Riggs' Mother's Narrative

Magpie's Narrative

Red Bird Black's Narrative

Wolf Belly Woman's Narrative

Mrs. B.K. Young Bird Narrative

Magpie's Narrative on the Death of Chief Black Kettle


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