Our Staff & Offices

The superintendent of World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument is the top official, responsible for managing and supervising all site operations and activities. Divisions within the site include: Business Services and Administration, Interpretation and Education, History Services, Maintenance, Cultural and Natural Resource, and Visitor Resource Protection. A division chief heads each division.

· The Business Services and Administration Division acts as the "business office" for the national monument. The Business Service functions include Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs), Special Use Permits (SUPs), Concessions and Real Property. The Administration side is responsible for human resources, procurement, property management, government vehicles, budget, accounting, travel (PCS/TDY), contracting, payroll, correspondence, official files and mail, and telecommunications (computers and telephones).

· The Interpretation & Education Division is responsible for information/education programs and services provided to Memorial visitors and neighbors. The division manages publications, interpretive exhibits, the park volunteer program, educational programs, and visitor center operations. Interpretive rangers provide a variety of ranger-led programs to the public. This division also handles media inquiries and special events. The Interpretation & Visitor Services division is also actively engaged in a variety of VIP visits and external and internal community relations.

· The History Services Division provides access to documents, photographs, oral histories, and research. The historians assist in interpretive development for talks and exhibits, in addition to handling interment ceremony preparations and requests. This division also provides information and access to the media and other professional organizations.

· The Maintenance Division maintains all roads, buildings, utilities, grounds, vehicles, and other physical facilities in the site to assure their safe use. The division also manages construction and rehabilitation projects to support the national monument's operation.

· The Cultural and Natural Resource Division provides scientific guidance to park management on all matters related to natural and cultural resources. The division conducts or oversees studies on physical, biological, and cultural resources. The division also maintains an extensive museum collection.

· The Visitor and Resource Protection Division is responsible for law enforcement, emergency medical services, search and rescue and security of park facilities and buildings.

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