Civilian Casualties

At dawn on December 7, 1941, more than half of the United States Pacific Fleet, approximately 150 vessels and service craft, lay at anchor or alongside piers in Pearl Harbor. All but one of the Pacific fleet's battleships were in port that morning, most of them moored to quays flanking Ford Island. By 10:00 a.m., the tranquil Sunday calm had been shattered. Twenty-one vessels lay sunk or damaged, the fighting backbone of the fleet apparently broken. Smoke from burning planes and hangars filled the sky, while oil from sinking ships clogged the harbor. Death was everywhere.

The loss of life that day wasn't restricted only to military personnel, or even to Pearl Harbor. Civilians of very different backgrounds, ages, and locations on the island of Oahu also took a heavy toll. The list below contains the names and locations of the 49 civilians killed in the attack on Oahu.




Yaeko Lillian Oda, 6 Francisco Tacderan, 34


John Kalauwae Adams, 18 Joseph Kanehoa Adams, 50
Nancy Masako Arakaki, 8 Patrick Kahamokupuni Chong, 30
Matilda Kaliko Faufata, 12 Emma Gonsalves, 34
Ai Harada, 54 Kisa Hatate, 41
Fred Masayoshi Higa, 21 Jackie Yoneto Hirasaki, 8
Jitsuo Hirasaki, 48 Robert Yoshito Hirasaki, 3
Shirley Kinue Hirasaki, 2 Paul S. Inamine, 19
Robert Seiko Izumi, 25 David Kahookele, 23
Edward Koichi Kondo, 19 Peter Souza Lopes, 33
George Jay Manganelli, 14 Joseph McCabe, Sr., 43
Masayoshi Nagamine, 27 Frank Ohashi, 29
Hayako Ohta, 19 Janet Yumiko Ohta, 3 months
Kiyoko Ohta, 21 Barbara June Ornellas, 8
Gertrude Ornellas, 16 James Takao Takefuji, aka Koba, 20
Yoshio Tokusato, 19 Hisao Uyeno, 20
Alice White, 42 Eunice Wilson, 7 months

John Rodgers Airport

Robert H. Tyce, 38

Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station

Kamiko Kookano, 35 Isaac William Lee, 21

Pearl City

Rowena Kamohaulani Foster, 3


Chip Soon Kim, 66 Richard Masaru Soma, 22


Tomoso Kimura, 19

Honolulu Fire Department

Hickam Field

John Carriera, 51 Thomas Samuel Macy, 59
Harry Tuck Lee Pang, 30

Federal Government Employees

Hickam Field

August Akina, 37 Philip Ward Eldred, 36 Virgil P. Rahel, age unknown

Pearl Harbor

Tai Chung Loo, 19

Red Hill

Daniel LaVerne, 25

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