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    World War II Valor in the Pacific

    National Monument HI,AK,CA

U.S. Marine Corps Casualties

United States Marine Corps
Ewa Marine Corps Air Station, 4
USS Arizona, 73 USS California, 4
USS Helena, 1 USS Nevada, 7
USS Oklahoma, 14 USS Pennsylvania, 6

USS Arizona

BB-39, Battleship

USS California

BB-44, Battleship

John A. Blount, Jr., PFC Roy E. Lee, Jr., Pvt
Shelby C. Shook, Pvt Earl D. Wallen, PFC

USS Helena

CL-50, Light Cruiser

George E. Johnson, PFC

USS Nevada

BB-36, Battleship

Thomas A. Britton, Cpl Francis C. Heath, PFC
Orveil V. King, Jr., PFC Jack L. Lunsford, PFC
Edward F. Morrissey, PFC Keith V. Smith, Pvt
Richard I. Trujillo, PFC

USS Oklahoma

BB-37, Battleship

Marley R. Arthurholtz, PFC Waldean Black, Pvt
Walter L. Collier, PFC Alva J. Cremean, PFC
Elmer E. Drefahl, Cpl Harry H. Gaver, Jr., 2d Lt
Ted Hall, Pvt Otis W. Henry, Pvt
Robert K. Holmes, PFC Vernon P. Keaton, Pvt
John F. Middleswart, PFC Robert H. Peak, Pvt
Raymond Pennington, Pvt Charles R. Taylor, PFC

USS Pennsylvania

BB-38, Battleship

Thomas N. Barron, Cpl Morris E. Nations, Cpl
Floyd D. Stewart, PFC Patrick P. Tobin, PFC
Jesse C. Vincent, Jr., Cpl George H. Wade, Jr., PFC

Ewa Marine Corps Air Station

Marine Aircraft Group 21 Headquarters and Service Squadron 21

William E. Lutschan, Jr., Sgt

Scouting-Bombing Squadron 231

William G. Turner, Pvt

Scouting-Bombing Squadron 232

Edward S. Lawrence, PFC

Utility Squadron 252

Carlo A. Micheletto, Sgt

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Unlike the battlefields of Gettysburg and Antietam, the story of Pearl Harbor is alive in the memories of those who witnessed the attack. The Pearl Harbor survivors who volunteer at the USS Arizona Memorial tell their story to the public; they truly are living history.