• Log huts are coated in a fresh layer of snow

    Valley Forge

    National Historical Park Pennsylvania

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  • Upcoming Visitor Center Construction Projects

    Beginning April 22, improvements to the Visitor Center complex will be made and periodic closures will occur over a two-week period. Plan your visit with this information in mind. Further details and dates will be made available as possible. More »


Furry dog on leash.


Having a pet unleashed is prohibited everywhere in the park. You are also required to clean up after your pet.

Hot Weather Endangers Dogs!

No dog-owner would knowingly endanger his pet, but sometimes we don’t recognize all the dangers. With the onset of high heat, some dogs are needlessly suffering.

High temperatures and lack of hydration can quickly harm or kill your dog.

§ Never leave an animal in a closed car in the summer, even for a few minutes.

§ When walking or running with your dog in the summer, always make sure you carry water and a container he can use, and offer it to him frequently.

§ If your dog wants to slow down or stop, he may be overheated—stop and give him a break.

A condition called Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) affects Labrador Retrievers and some other breeds, and can be worsened by the effects of hot weather. Dogs may begin exercising as normal, but when highly excited or subjected to strenuous exercise and/or heat, they will begin to show signs of disorientation and weakness, and then may collapse.

Owners can avoid EIC by reducing exercise routines or lowering the level of difficulty. Keep the dog hydrated, allow breaks, and use common sense on hot days.

Did You Know?

visitors kayak on the schuylkill river

In 2008, readers of The Times Herald named Valley Forge National Historical Park "Best Family Attraction" for the newspaper's annual Best of Montgomery County reader's poll!