• Log huts are coated in a fresh layer of snow

    Valley Forge

    National Historical Park Pennsylvania

Current Conditions

Park Roads and Trails

  • The gravel parking lot on Yellow Springs Road is closed. On August 11, 2014 a new, larger parking lot on Wilson Road opened. Please refrain from parking along Wilson Road and use the new parking lot. A new paved trail extends from the parking lot to the Mount Misery Trails.
  • County Line Road is closed Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. due to heavy construction related to the asbestos remediation project. This closure applies to all vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian traffic.
  • Connecting Sidewalk from Meeting Room down towards North Outer Line Dr closed. On Monday, September 8, 2014, construction will start redoing the sidewalk that starts at North Outer Line Dr and leads towards the Meeting Room; formerly known at the Education Center. The sidewalk will be closed for apprioximately two days.
  • Penndot working on South Outer LIne Drive leading to PA route 252. Please use caution on the section of outer line drive from the connector road to rt 252 due to potential loose gravel from Penndot patchwork.
All other park roads and trails are open.
For more information about these closures, please view the Construction Projects page.

Parking at the Visitor Center

Bus Parking
All bus parking is located in the lower parking lot (keep right at the fork when entering the park). Buses may drop off and pick up passengers in front of the Visitor Center, however all buses must leave the drop off area while waiting for passengers. Please consult with your tour or tour director if you are scheduled to meet in the upper parking lot and arrange to meet at another location, such as the lower parking lot.

Passenger Drop Off and Pick Up
Passenger drop off and pick up is available in front of the Visitor Center, however all vehicles must leave the drop off area while waiting for passengers.

Accessible Parking
Eight accessible parking spots are available in front of the Visitor Center main entrance. Visitors can enter the Visitor Center at ground level and take the elevator to the second floor to access the Theater.

No Idling Policy
In an effort to improve visitor enjoyment and reduce environmental impact, Valley Forge has implemented a no idling policy for motor vehicles within the park. All motor vehicles that are parked for more than 30 seconds must turn their engines off. This restriction is to reduce public exposure to diesel, exhaust particulate matter, and other toxic air contaminants by limiting the idling of buses, trucks, and other motor vehicles. In addition, this restriction will limit the noise impact on visitors throughout the park. Learn more about park rules and regulations.

For further information on this project and questions about navigating through the park, please call the front desk at 610-783-1099.

Wooden roofed pavilion sits over top of a cement floor that is still wet.

The new Education Pavilion in one of its last stages of completion.


Construction Projects

The park has a number of ongoing projects that may impact your visit. Any closures caused by construction projects will be listed at the top of this page. To learn more about the current projects in Valley Forge, visit our construction projects page.

Did You Know?

Great Egret © Bill Moses

Valley Forge NHP is one of the largest open spaces in southeastern Pennsylvania with 3,500 acres containing habitats for hundreds of plants and animals including 200 species of birds.