• Log huts are coated in a fresh layer of snow

    Valley Forge

    National Historical Park Pennsylvania


The Visitor Center (Tour Stop 1) is accessible. The restrooms within the building are accessible. A free wheelchair is available on request.

The Theater is accessible. The 18-minute film is closed captioned.

All field restrooms throughout the park are wheelchair accessible.

Accessible picnic tables are found at Betzwood picnic area and at the Visitor Center.

The six-mile Joseph Plumb Martin Trail is paved, although there are several steep hills on this loop trail. The slopes and lack of handrails means that most, but not all, portions of the trail are accessible.

Within the park, the Schuylkill River Trail (Philadelphia to Oaks) is paved and contains no steep areas.

The River Trail (Betzwood to Pawlings) is surfaced with packed fine gravel and contains no steep areas.

The huts at Muhlenberg’s Brigade (Tour Stop 2) are viewable from a vehicle and via a paved trail. There is no hard surface connection between the paved drop-off and the trail nor between the trail and the huts.

The National Memorial Arch (Tour Stop 3) is viewable from a vehicle on Gulph Road.

The Anthony Wayne Statue (Tour Stop 4) is viewable from the paved drive surrounding it.

In the Washington’s Headquarters area (Tour Stop 5), a paved path leads to each building. At the headquarters itself, the kitchen is accessible. Four steps lead to the main section of the building. A binder with photographs of the interiors of the building is available. The public restrooms adjacent to headquarters are accessible.

Redoubt 3 (Tour Stop 6) is accessible from the pedestrian platform that leads from the parking area to the redoubt.

Artillery Park (Tour Stop 7) is viewable from the handicap space by the restroom.

The von Steuben Statue (Tour Stop 8) is accessible via the paved walkway that links a ramp to the paved platform.

The Washington Memorial Chapel (Tour Stop 9) is accessible via a ramped entrance at the cloisters. There is no automatic door opener for that set of double doors nor is it marked.

Did You Know?

Photo of General Washington's Headquarters from the early 20th century

Following the Civil War, a patriotic organization worked to raise funds to purchase the Isaac Potts house as an historic site. By the 1880's, the house was open to the public, followed by the establishment of Valley Forge State Park in 1893.