Collections and Exhibits

Museum Collections
The museum collections at Valley Forge consists of a diverse set of artifacts and documents from the 1777-78 winter encampment. The collection is organized into the categories of the George C. Neumann Collection, the John F. Reed Collection, preserved historic documents, archeology, and the photographic and postcard collection.

Exhibits Areas
Valley Forge has many permanent and temporary exhibits within the park that showcase artifacts, archeological finds, natural and cultural history.

Officer's Quarters:
Officers serving at Valley Forge often rented rooms in nearby houses sharing the residences with their owners. There was one exception, that of the headquarters. General Washington was able to locate his seat of operations in a rental property where the tenant was willing to move out.

Library and Archives
The library collection consists of approximately 7,000 volumes including books, reports, theses, dissertations, and periodicals related to the Valley Forge Encampment and the American Revolution. The archives contain the park's administrative and resource management records as well as donated manuscript collections.

Did You Know?