• The Upper Delaware's mild rapids and quiet pools are ideal for canoeing, kayaking, or rafting.

    Upper Delaware

    Scenic & Recreational River NY,PA

Park Planning

The Final River Management Plan
(221 pages, pdf | 19.9 mb)

Design Handbook
(39 pages, pdf | 17.5 mb)

Project Review Workbook
(137 pages, pdf | 5.90 mb)

Delaware River Basin Wild and Scenic River Values
(42 pages, pdf | 4.94 mb)

Wild & Scenic Rivers Brochure
(4 pages, pdf | 1.24 mb)

Wild & Scenic Rivers Landowner Guide
(8 pages, pdf | 1.77 mb)

Upper Delaware's Environmental Management Plan
(36 pages, pdf | 153 kb)

Comprehensive Interpretive Plan
(67 pages, pdf | 383 kb)

Did You Know?

American Shad

The American Shad are a saltwater fish that migrate from the Atlantic Ocean up the Delaware River to spawn in the spring. Fish reach the upper portions of the river by early to mid May. After spawning many of the weakened adult Shad die, usually in late June and into July.