• The Upper Delaware's mild rapids and quiet pools are ideal for canoeing, kayaking, or rafting.

    Upper Delaware

    Scenic & Recreational River NY,PA

Park Planning

The Final River Management Plan
(221 pages, pdf | 19.9 mb)

Design Handbook
(39 pages, pdf | 17.5 mb)

Project Review Workbook
(137 pages, pdf | 5.90 mb)

Delaware River Basin Wild and Scenic River Values
(42 pages, pdf | 4.94 mb)

Wild & Scenic Rivers Brochure
(4 pages, pdf | 1.24 mb)

Wild & Scenic Rivers Landowner Guide
(8 pages, pdf | 1.77 mb)

Upper Delaware's Environmental Management Plan
(36 pages, pdf | 153 kb)

Comprehensive Interpretive Plan
(67 pages, pdf | 383 kb)

Did You Know?

Mature eaglen incubating eggs

The Upper Delaware watershed hosts the largest inhabitants of wintering bald eagles in the northeast, and a growing year round population of eagles has made the area an ideal location for eagle watching.