• The Upper Delaware's mild rapids and quiet pools are ideal for canoeing, kayaking, or rafting.

    Upper Delaware

    Scenic & Recreational River NY,PA

For Teachers

Cover Art by Abby Gaebel SWCS(2)

Drawing by Abby Gaebel, Sullivan West Central School

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River has significant natural and cultural resources that can serve as the basis for classroom or field trip learning. These pages detail the opportunities for learning through a visit to the park, or study about the park.

Water Snapshot
The water snapshot program was devised to allow students to get a "snapshot" of the health of the Delaware River basin and learn how they can make a difference in their own back yard.

The 2014 Water Snapshot Report is now available.

Traveling Trunks
Upper Delaware's traveling trunks cover a wide variety of environmental themes such as birds of prey, wildlife, bats, and animal tracks as well as several topics of interest including the National Park Service and the Lenape Indians.

For more information on these and other programs please contact the Education Coordinator at (570) 685-4871.

Did You Know?

Bluestone in Hancock

Known as “The Gateway to the Delaware River”, Hancock, New York, is famous for its bluestone and timber industries. Louisville Slugger baseball bats were made from Hancock timber for over 85 and years and its bluestone was used in building the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.