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Crowning a desert hilltop is an ancient pueblo. A child scans the desert landscape for the arrival of traders. What riches will they bring? What stories will they tell? From the rooftop of the Tuzigoot pueblo it is easy to imagine such a moment. The pueblo shows us this ancient village built by the Sinagua people. They were farmers and artists with trade connections that spanned hundreds of miles.

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Do you tweet? So do we! Find out more and follow us at the link below; let us know what amazed you during your visit!

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Centennial in 2016


2016 will mark the 100th Birthday of the National Park Service! Check out all the events we have held to mark the path to this important event...

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Go Bird Watching!

Your park Biologist and the Sonoran Desert Network have finished a new Bird List. Check it out and then come on over and see which birds you can spot!

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Students stand inside an ancient pueblo with 5 foot high walls.

Free Field Trips!

We love to see students' smiling faces - and this Fall every 4th grader will get their own annual pass! Bring your class on a field trip!

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Virtual Tour of Tuzigoot

Can't make it in person?? Check out this snazzy, new virtual tour of Tuzigoot's museum and visitor center. And, check out those artifacts!

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Become a VIP!

Help out your national parks by becoming a Volunteer-In-Park. We love the company, and you get to have fun doing any number of jobs!

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