• The front of the Carver Museum with a bust of Dr. Carver

    Tuskegee Institute

    National Historic Site Alabama

Frequently Asked Questions

Park FAQs...

What year did Tuskegee Institute open its doors for classes?

  • 1881

Who was the first President of Tuskegee Institute?

  • Booker T. Washington

Are Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver related?

  • No

In what year did George Washington Carver come to Tuskegee?

  • 1896

Did George Washington Carver ever marry?

  • No

What is the oldest building on Tuskegee's campus?

  • The Band Cottage

How many uses did George Washington Carver discover for the peanut and sweet potato?

  • Over 300 uses for the peanut and over 100 uses for the sweet potato

In what year did Booker T. Washington pass away?

  • 1915

In what year did George Washington Carver pass away?

  • 1943

What does the name Tuskegee mean?

  • Warrior--in the Muskogee dialect of the Creek language

Did You Know?

Carver and Ox

The name Tuskegee means "Warrior" in the Muskhogean dialect of the Creek language. It was the name of at least two Indian tribes, one living in central Alabama and the other in Tennessee.